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Reviewed: 05/05/08

GTA IV... A carjacking away from a perfect 10

Grand Theft Auto Four. It is finally here. Even though the whole two games between GTA 3 and GTA 4 still makes no sense to me... Its here! And the hype is unbelievable. Some people say it was way overhyped and some people say its living up to it. Im one of the people that say it has lived up to the hype. I split this review into sections for easier reading.

--LOCATION-- Wheres GTA located?
GTA 4 is located in Liberty City but based on New York City as we all know. Or is it? This is one of the few things I was disappointed about in this game. The 5 boroughs of New York City. 1. Manhatten (Algonquin). 2. Brooklyn (Broker). 3. Bronx (Bohan) 4. Queens (Dukes). 5. Staten Island... uh wheres Staten Island? What? First the Godfather Game has no Staten Island, now this? Well, you may be saying why? whats the problem? Staten Island sucks anyway! Well... yeah it does sort of suck, but I live in Staten Island and was uh well, I kinda wanted to find my house. Well, whatever, I guess New Jersey could be in. Jersey is (Alderney). The many Islands around these boroughs are in the game including Coney Island, where the first Nathans Hot Dogs were sold and the 100 year old roller coaster The Cyclone and Parachute Jump are. Oh, and I almost forgot. The statue of Liber-- uh Happiness located on Ellis-- uh Happiness Island.

--POINTS OF INTEREST-- Whats around the city?
If you are one of the people that dont do missions (weirdos) you can find yourself doing many things in Liberty City. You can play Darts, go Bowling, play Pool, go to Clubs, drink at Bars, go to a Cabaret Club, have fun at a Strip Club, or see a comedian at a Comedy Club. My favorite so far was the comedy club where I found Katt Williams and his animated self doing a skit. It was actually pretty funny and his jokes were about the actual game of GTA. My favorite joke was about-- nevermind. Find out for yourself, I might go on and on about it until I told you everything he said. There arent many services around the city but one you will probably find doing alot. The Internet Cafe! I found this new installment to the game very fun. You can check email. And go to different web sites. is the best. Actually a funny website. Its a message board but also informs you about secret things of the city. There is also another website to be found by one of the posters on that site (Posters as in people that posted on one of the topics). There are also Car Washes and the always useful Pay and Sprays.

--MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION-- How do can you get around Liberty City?
Uh. Every since GTA 3, I was waiting for a GTA that you can take a train and actually be on the train ride. Still hasnt happened. You can watch yourself on the train! But you cant do anything so.. no point, still. There is a subway now! But its pretty much the same as the train just gloomier. Also. So what do you do when you are sick of boring trains and carjacking? Take a taxi!-- Or call your stupid cousin!-- But I dont want to say anything you dont want to a taxi! Just sit back, relax, and watch your money disappear as your taxi driver takes the longest possible way (he actually says hes going to take the long way sometimes) and pray to god he doesnt get into one of those NPC caused traffic jams in the middle of intersections and everyone stops moving. Yes. You do not want to be in one of those. You can also get in a taxi and press X to be magically transported to you selected destination. But its going to cost you extra. Helicopters are open to you after about two or three days of gameplay. Boats also.

The graphics are amazing. When I played the game before I got it, I wanted the game ASAP for graphics alone. But three days into the game and I just reminded myself now about the graphics. You dont even notice them when you are playing. Also, the game is ALOT more realistic. I mean ALOT. Cars dont magically explode when upside down. Things around the environment can be destroyed. There are only 2 things that prevented this game from being as "real" as can be. 1. People take 2,3,4 shots before hitting the ground and sometimes it takes that 5th to drop them for good. 2. The glass Rockstar does not want you to be broken WILL NOT BREAK. It could be just me but growing up in the Bronx... Alot of people do not have bulletproof glass on their apartments. Hell, no one has bulletproof glass on their house. At least none that I know of. I brought my PS3 to a friends house (hes got a 360 and played the games on both systems. No graphics differences are noticable so its your choice if you want it for PS3 or 360. I would recommend the 360 simply because of the achievements, but I bought it for the PS3 because all the games I want for Single Player I buy on PS3 and multiplayer I buy on 360. Unless its exclusive of course but thats just me. Alot of people are pissed about the handling of the cars. It is hard at first but I have become used to it and it isnt so bad. The mobile phone installment is very cool and I use it all the time. A central park (In the middle of Manhatten) recreation is in the game called Middle Park. Cars with GPS will tell you where to go. And Niko doesnt get tired when running!

Thats all for my Review of GTA IV. I will see you in Liberty City.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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