Review by PunknXenoG

Reviewed: 05/05/08

Niko's has a call. Will you take it?

Graphics: They look really good, but you do see some problems now and then. For example, when driving at absurd speeds, sometimes the road will "Melt" and you will get instant pop-ups. This does not happen often, but it can be a bit annoying when trying to become the next speed racer. Besides that, the city is beautiful and the scenery is nice. Weather in Liberty City changes constantly, from overcast, to rain, to sunny and bright. Models and people in the game look quite good, and often you really will never see slow down. The graphics are pretty great compared to most other games on the market at the moment. 9/10

Sound: Liberty City is a pretty vile place. Chances are every second of driving you will hear the f-bomb about every ten seconds. One of the many characters in the game, Little Jacob, is impossible to understand. Sorry, chances are unless you were born in Jamaica you will never understand a word. The radio is fun to play with, Punk like Bad Brains to Jazz, you can find a bit of everything. It does get a bit old though and the song selection is a tad short. Chances are to hear instructions and calls, you will constantly switch off the radio though. Niko's only has so many lines too, and it gets old hearing them after about ten seconds of play. 6/10.

Gameplay: Not much has changed from the previous GTA's, but there is a new cover system. Is it fun? No. The cover system is pretty much horrible. The cover system constantly gets you stuck, and it just feels "Clunky" to use. You can apparently slide between cover and cover, but good luck on trying to do that. I have only done it once in game without getting stuck, shot, or stuck then shot.

The cellphone will be the bane of this game. Imagine this, you are about to do a mission and get further in the game. Suddenly a call comes. You pretty much have to answer it, otherwise who ever called will dislike you, and lower their like/respect rating for you. So, you answer it....

Someone: Hey Niko, can we hang out? Go play pool?
Niko: I can't, sorry.

Now imagine that 100x times a hour. The call system is annoying. It's worse then Otis in Dead Rising.

The minigames are pretty fun, except some seem just are long and boring, while some are too easy. Darts is the most easy game to win. Pool is boring and takes forever to even sink one ball. Pick your poison.

The missions are normal. Grab this, shoot that. There is a couple of fun missions that stand out, but most are the same old same old.

Multiplayer is fun, but it gets old quick. It's best with a best friend on a boring night.

Driving is the most complicated thing ever in this game. Be prepared to crash into every single object and person due to the amount of traffic and people on screen. It's hard to get anywhere in this game without killing thousands of people or crashing against every single car on the road.

Overall: It's fun, and it does take quite a bit of hours to complete. Is it worth the money? If you are a previous GTA fan, sure. If not, I would look else where.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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