Review by The_Dude_Sam

Reviewed: 05/08/08

Grand Theft Auto 4, worthy of its 10/10?

Ok first off this game is awesome, and it has had great reviews from many sites, they all seem to think of this as a 10/10 game which basically means its perfect and can't get any better.

I disagree, there are alot of features missing from the old grand theft auto that should have made it into this one, such as planes, car customization, getting a tattoo, lots of minigames etc etc.

But first lets start with the.


The graphics for this game are so good, they are easily the best in the GTA series, they are so smooth with no aliasing issues, theres no pop-in like the old versions, loading time is slashed thanks to the PS3's hardrive install, and the textures are wonderfully done.

The bloom effects are amazing, the weather effects are near real and the draw distance is fantastic on a clear day in liberty city you could see the other cities as clear as anything. The car damage is so well done too from minor details such as scratches to the reflections of the nighttime lights, all the way to the big dents from driving like a noob :D

But however there are some bad things such as some buildings still look like pictures without any depth, some shops its just a picture of a whole shop and you can't actually go inside, and the player models can be a bit iffy sometimes, but other than that its really nice



Brilliant music, brilliant sound effects, brilliant voice acting and amazing theme song. Perfect.



The gameplay is the main strongpoint of GTA games, there is a very engaging story that will keep you occupied for easyily over 30 hours, and then theres lots of secrets to be found, lots of side missions and lots of vigilante and taxi missions.

The gameplay is smooth and the game is seamless it never fails to please, such as the cleverness of the AI to the effectiveness of the police. It never lets up.

The minigames such as darts, bowling, pool and getting drunk are extremely well done and could be a whole game on there own without too much effort.



9/10, it left many of the great features from the other grand theft autos behind, so in some respect its not really an improvement as a sequel , more of an outstanding stand alone game on its own, GTA fans and Non GTA fans will definitely get fun out of this!


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (EU, 04/29/08)

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