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"This Game is Amazing, Great Job by Rockstar!!!"

This Game is Amazing, Great Job by Rockstar!!!

***General Info That Makes the Game Great***
I must start by saying that I thought this game was amazing. Rockstar did a great job at giving us a new game with many different features encompassed within. The layout of the game was done quite well. There are a lot of places that you can explore and a lot of places that have places underneath to explore; can make some missions interesting. The graphics for this game are nothing short of amazing; the detail that they went into is highly impressive. As you are driving, all you have to do is look at the ground to find the detail. The roads show wear and tear that looks highly realistic and even the crosswalks look real. The damage that shows up on the cars will make you smile. Hitting a certain spot on your car will result in the appropriate damage in the spot that you hit. Even scraping a wall or another car will result in damage. If you roll your vehicle, you will even end up with scratches and dents on top of your vehicle. You can crash vehicles in ways that will completely mangle the car, and even make it so that you cannot start the engine. In some areas, shooting at someone and hitting a pillar or other part of a building will cause it to start falling apart. The explosions in the game look so realistic you will wonder how they did it. Heck, if you run over a barrel with fire in it and leave your car on it, you will see your car start to catch fire until it explodes beautifully.

***Beauty of the Physics***
Another great thing about the game is the physics of the game. If Niko (the main character) is in a helicopter and jumps out while the chopper is in motion, his flailing body will fly not straight down but at an angle. When he hits the ground, he will actually bounce off and into another direction, successfully illustrating the physics in the game. If you crash a car going fast enough, your body will fly out through the car windshield and bounce around rolling until you come to a stop a couple hundred feet down the road. If you hit another car head on hard enough, the people in the other car will fly out in the same fashion. If a bomb blows up with you next to it, your body will fly in a way you would expect in real life.

***Mini Games Add Some Enjoyment to the game***
Another great thing I can think of is the mini games in the game itself. You can play games such as bowling, darts, and pool. You can invite your friends to go play a game with you by dialing them on your cell phone and picking them up. You can even go for a good night at the bar where you have to navigate yourself back in a drunk manner. If you are seen driving by the cops, they will attempt to arrest you.

***Realism of Pedestrians and Actions They and You Can Take***
Pedestrians in the game are awesome. They will cuss at you or just say random things to you. If you attempt to hurt one, they will even plead for you to leave them alone. If you kill one, you will even have other pedestrians call the cops on you. Some peds will even open fire on you in an attempt of public justice. Likewise, you can call the cops on peds that you see doing something wrong. If you see someone is hurt, you can even call an ambulance. Same thing goes if you see a fire, just pull out the trusty cell phone and call the fire department.

***Relationships in the Game***
The relationships in the game are also pretty cool. You can have several girlfriends that you take on dates and they are even critical of the clothes you are wearing and the car you are driving. Some girlfriends like going certain places and some don't like going to others. You might have one girl that likes strip clubs and bars; yet other girlfriends that will chastise you for taking them there. You have to figure out there likes and dislikes. After a couple dates, if they like you, you might even get lucky enough to score. Then again, some bad dates can go so bad that the girl will not want to go out with you for a couple days, and she makes sure that you know she is mad.

***Missions; One of the Greatest Parts of the Game***
The missions also create a great amount of fun. There are a lot of missions that will keep you busy for a while. One great thing in this GTA is the ability to start a mission over after death. In previous Grand Theft Autos, if you died or failed a crucial part of the mission, you would have to drive all the way back to where you accept the mission and start over. In GTAIV, if you fail or die, Niko receives a text message that gives you the ability to start over right away. It brings you back automatically to where the mission starts, and you go from there. You get missions that go from a basic car tailing to assassination missions. It even goes as to the extremes of mid air battles and bank robberies. Missions are one thing you will definitely look forward to. The one thing missing is the ability to replay missions.

Certainly another great thing about this game is the cars. There is a great variety of the vehicles that you can use in the game. Some vehicles even have modded versions that you can find throughout the game. They are not easy to find, but they are certainly worth the trouble of locating.

All in all, I think you will thoroughly enjoy this game just as much as I did as well as most people did too. It is certainly not a perfect game, but it comes pretty close. Great job Rockstar, you did us proud!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/27/08, Updated 05/28/08

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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