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"Nice game."

I've decided to skip over obvious remarks on graphics and decided not to speak of the music element either because the radio's in this game are a pretty fair range and give a wide variety of taste.

If you don't mind repetition then this game should be very enjoyable for you.

Gameplay: Repetitive, gets old pretty quick, constantly having to stock up on ammo and reusing bullet proof vests may get annoying for some, but it's pretty cheap to use so it doesn't really matter, and you can get ammo for free if you know where to look.

Cover system, good idea, terrible implementation, the game requires a bit too much in the precise department and you'll have to think quickly in most gun fights otherwise you'll get a bullet to the head and red health very, very quickly. Not fun.

The friendship system, repetitive, pretty boring too, not exactly great as people always call or text and whine about hanging out...and dating makes it...a lot worse...but, you get the perk of nailing hot ass with you long rod :D

It's not annoying to the point of it being excruciatingly frustrating but it's always present and may serve as an annoyance to put-up with throughout the entire game.

The "Kill or Ditch" people feature was awesome, I loved the execution style and some of the characters.

Story: It was okay, not exactly one with overflowing substance, but it was there, and it was quite good for what it presented. Lots of fun moments and epic scenes, plenty to keep the player interested in. I LOVED THE ENDING, IT WAS FREAKING SICK (in a good way! :p) NIKO BELLIC'S THE GREATEST BADASS EVER.

There is a lot to explore, especially later when you can explore the whole city and don't have to deal with dumb police road blocks. Stuff like the comedy club or TV are an enjoyable watch for a little bit of time, listening to the radio is a real blast though.

The shoot outs were the most fun aspect of this game for me. Chase missions were often, annoying, enormous in amounts, and just seemed to drag the game to a longer time then it would have been for me. I just hate car chases, boat chases I was good at but car chases...ugh, the game has a lot and you need to learn to get good quickly...or get a real fast car and learn to drive well enough so it doesn't blow-up before completing the mission assigned to you.

Overall, good game, I recommend it, fun if you want to play a game with a good story, or just shoot random crap. xD

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/01/09

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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