Review by dead_assassin

Reviewed: 12/06/11

Rockstar Takes Several Steps Backwards

The fourth of the series....well, not really. Technically there are many more than just for. Let's see... Grand Theft Auto 1, 2, 3, Vice City, Vice City Stories, San Andreas.... okay this is not the fourth but it bares the number 4 and its the most recent and the first on the PS3. So how does this stand up? Oh yeah, Grand Theft Auto on the PS3, this should be great! Let's find the jetpack. Wait, no jetpack? Oh darn. Well lets go find the secret Hydra and... oh, no Hydra. Well shoot, let's customize our character and.... oh, you are given a limited selection of clothes. Hmmm. Well let's hit the gym and.... oh, no gym. Wait a second, this is supposed to be more advanced than the previous games? I remember in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you can bulk up, get a cool haircut, get some tattoos, make yourself fat, make yourself thin.... you can't do that in this game? Nope, guess not. Okay, so seriously, how is this game advanced?

Realism. That's how the consider this game to be advanced. You drive 100 MPH and slam into a wall and you don't just hit the wall, back up and keep driving with a smashed up car. No, you fly through the windshield, screaming, and sometimes die... if not, you come very close to death. The scenery is exceptionally good. The buildings look real. The sidewalks, the streets, the cracks in the road, the car details, that's where the game is advanced. The mechanics of the game, the gameplay itself and the realism factor, from taking bullet damage, fall damage, running up and down stairs, falling out of a car at high speeds.... it depicts what would happen it it really happened to a person. If realism is your thing, you'll enjoy this game. If you are looking for a follow-up to the other GTA games and wish to see advancements, look elsewhere.

Graphics: 10/10. This is where the game is at its best. The graphics are remarkable, as they should be, being a Playstation 3 game. Everything looks wonderful and flows smoothly. A few times I actually thought I was watching tv or a movie, and you forget you're playing a game because everything looks so real at times. The city of New York.... oops, I mean Liberty City is gorgeous. Its like taking a trip to the big city, absorbing the atmosphere, taking in all the sights and scenery. If anything about this game is great, its just free roaming around in Liberty City, exploring and looking at the different sights the game has to offer.

Sound: 8/10. Nothing too exciting here, and its pretty much what you would expect, but the reason I did not give the game a 10 was because I can't stand the radio stations. I don't remember any good songs playing. Most of it is strange techno beats, German whatever it is you wanna call it and oldies. Vice City, by far, had the best songs. San Andreas had some great early 90s rap songs that were great, but this game's music really sucks.

Replay/ Fun Factor: 7. Sorry, but once you beat the game, nothing really is fun about it, other than just roaming around and looking at things. That also gets old really quick and being the game only has 2 endings, the story mode isn't really worth going all the way through and many of the missions are so frustrating that you probably wouldn't want to complete the game more than once anyways. Online Multiplayer is fairly decent, and you can get together with some friends and do some drive-bys, explore and kill your enemies. That's about it for multiplayer as well.

Overall, this game took huge steps backwards, lacks all the features the previous Grand Theft Auto games had, and just went for realism and a graphically superior game. That is not what I wanted in a GTA game. I loved the cartoony type gameplay of Vice City and San Andreas, and the crazy, over-the-top mayhem and destruction that GTA once had, is all pretty much gone. So in all honesty, if you are a Grand Theft Auto fan, don't get this game. Get Saints Row 2 and 3. They follow the GTA formula perfectly, with the graphics of San Andreas and more features that will keep you entertained for a very long time.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Grand Theft Auto IV (US, 04/29/08)

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