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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by RandomAznGuy

    Version: v0.99 | Updated: 11/05/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Golden Axe – Beast Rider Walkthrough
    Written by Henry Huang- "RandomAznGuy"
    Contact email - CompwizHH@aol.com
    Have Golden Axe FAQ in the subject line if you have any questions
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Tribute
    4. Controls
    5. The Island of Axir - Dogs of the Death Adder
    6. The Island of Axir – Ceremony and Aftermath
    7. The Island of Axir – Magic Run
    8. The Island of Axir – The Axirian Teleporter
    9. Diyar Highlands – The Incomplete Axe 
    10. Diyar Highlands – A Kingdom Overrun
    11. Diyar Highlands – Summoning Beacons
    12. Diyar Highlands – Diyar Outpost
    13. Highland Fortress – Fortress Gate
    14. Highland Fortress – Sacrifice Camp
    15. Highland Fortress – Captain’s Camp
    16. Highland Fortress – Fortress Keep
    17. Firstborn
    18. Titans Wastelands – The Mirigore
    19. Titans Wastelands – Wasteland Trials
    20. Titans Wastelands – The Undead Gate
    21. Titans Wastelands – Quest For The Three Pieces
    22. Grave of the Turtle Titan – Living Sacrifices
    23. Grave of the Turtle Titan – Undead Transformations
    24. Grave of the Turtle Titan – Lynth Run
    25. Grave of the Turtle Titan –The Turtle’s Shell 
    26. Secondborn
    27. City of the Dead – East Wing, Demon Wing
    28. City of the Dead – North Wing, West Wing
    29. City of the Dead – Queen’s Procession
    30. Queen of the Dead
    31. Fiend’s Path – Demon’s Lair
    32. Fiend’s Path – Sacrifice Bridge
    33. Fiend’s Path – Cloisters of Sorrow
    34. Fiend’s Pet
    35. The Last Titan
    36. Death = Adder
    37. Weapons
    38. Disclaimers
    1. Version History
    10/24/08 – Version 0.9 – Completed walkthrough. Only thing missing is the 
                             Golden Axe’s stats.
    11/05/08 - Version 0.99 - Fixed some of the spacing. Also added a PS3 
                              controls section (as requested by some people) 
                              and a tribute section (to tell you which 
                              chapters are the best for tribute gain.) 
                              Updated allowed website use.
    The Golden Axe Stats are taking longer than I thought (its boring to
    constantly rerun the same level to get tribute. Also I got some new 
    games so yeah...) Eventually I will get around to posting the stats. 
    That will most likely be the last update I will ever make to the 
    2. Introduction
    This is my first time writing a walkthrough. I figured that no one else has 
    written a walkthrough for this game yet so I would give it a shot so forgive 
    me if the walkthrough seems too plain, and the format is off or whatever. 
    Anyway, just a few things before I get to the walkthrough of the game. 
    Firstly, I believe the names of the enemies I have listed are correct. For 
    some of them I had to guess with the names from a list (off the glowing papers 
    in the game). Others I had to make up some names since they didn’t have any 
    given. Only for certain units do they tell you for sure what their names for 
    sure. I also made up names for a while until I found the real ones. I tried 
    to replace the made up names with the real ones but might have missed a few. 
    If you discover any of the names I have listed are wrong, feel free to let me 
    know and I might edit it when I get around to it.
    The difference between difficulties is that the enemies are a bit harder 
    between normal and expert whereas in brutal mode they do not show the color of 
    the attacks. You are left to remember what color corresponds to what attack 
    motion for each monster. Also, the tribute multipliers are different (X 1/3 
    for normal, X 1 for expert, X 2 for brutal). Brutal is also locked until you 
    beat the game at least once. Tribute helps you unlock things. The first 4 times 
    you fill up the meter at the end of the level, the “Gift of the gods” meter, 
    you will gain upgraded magic spells (do more damage but greater cost.) 
    Eventually the tribute you earn will unlock other swords to be used on replays 
    through the challenge mode. You can replay the same levels to get more tribute. 
    Later on in the walkthrough I point out what I think is the best level to get 
    Also remember that health and mana carry over from level to level (except after 
    boss fights). Try to replenish both whenever you get the chance. 
    I will try to explain each enemy the first time you encounter them. After that, 
    it’s up to you to figure out how to fight them. Also, I will often use shorten 
    names and different terms (i.e. kick instead of knockback). I’m also assuming 
    that you have a good idea of what the controls are (if not read the manual or 
    read the in game tutorials carefully) and that, unless otherwise stated, you 
    are holding down the run button at all times. When I tell you to steal a beast, 
    that usually means to jump and use an attack button near the beast. You should 
    knock the enemy off that way. Lastly, I try to tell you how many enemies there 
    are but I might be off by a few numbers. 
    **If there are enemies that you have problems with, BRUTAL COUNTERS will 
    kill them a lot faster for you**
    Let me know if there is anything you feel I left out or should add. I wrote 
    this for PS3 but I tried to make it as multiplatform as possible.
    Anyway, hope this guide helps so away we go…
    3. Tribute
    In my opinion, there are two levels that are the best for tribute. If people 
    can think of other ones, let me know and I may add it to this section. The 
    two best levels are Grave of the Turtle Titan - Living Sacrifices and 
    Fiend's Pet. 
    The differences in the levels are the risk and the amount of reward. The 
    Turtle Titan level is high risk / high reward whereas the Fiend's Pet is 
    low risk / medium reward. Assuming you can get all the multipliers on 
    brutal (which makes it x16), I've gotten around 1,090,000 on the Turtle 
    Titan level and at least 400,000 (usually more) on the Fiend's Pet level. 
    Since there is a Max Titan multiplier in the first part of the Turtle Titan 
    level, you can already make the amount of tribute you will collect in the 
    Fiend's Pet level in less time. Since you are not supposed to get damaged 
    to get the damage multiplier, you might as well use the Battler's Blade. 
    This will not only help you aim to not get hit but helps you kill faster. 
    However, since there are so many enemies here as well as well as only one 
    beast to ride at the end (which you can die / take damage if you get 
    knocked off) making the risk high.
    The Fiend's Pet level is low risk. Since you have to mount the beast to 
    play the level, as long as you keep it fed (which I describe how to), you 
    should never get knocked off and you should not have a problem with fighting 
    anything. However, you get half the amount of tribute you get from the 
    Turtle Titan's level for the same amount of time it takes to play the level. 
    Ultimately, the choice is yours. You can either play a risky, faster way of 
    getting tribute, or a slower but surer way. 
    Also, if you have the Death=Reaver sword and use it during your runs, odds 
    are that extra gnomes will appear during your run throughs.
    4. Controls
    These controls are for the PS3 (as some have requested.) Sorry if you 
    have this for the 360. Skip this if you do. 
    While on the ground - 
    X: Quick attack - A faster slash. Can be tapped 3 times to do a 3 hit 
    chain. If you time the X button and hit it at the end of a sword stroke, 
    you can pull off a brutal attack (sword shines, makes a noise and deals 
    more damage.)
    Square: strong attack - A slower but more damage dealing slash. Can be 
    tapped 3 times to do a 3 hit chain. If you time the Square button and hit 
    it at the end of a sword stroke, you can pull off a brutal attack (sword 
    shines, makes a noise and deals more damage.)
    Triangle: Jump
    Circle: Use selected magic. When the Fireball and Blast spells are upgraded, 
    tapping the circle button will use higher level magic at higher costs. 
    R1: Parry (block)
    R2: Mount a beast
    L1: Evade
    L2: Run
    Ground Combos - 
    Square + X = Knock back attack (looks like a kick)
    Triangle + X = Jump slash (does a horizontal slash)
    Triangle + Square = Jump slash (does a vertical slash)
    Triangle + (Square + X) = Jump Kick
    L2 + X = Running slash (does a horizontal slash)
    L2 + Square = Running stab (does a thrust attack)
    L2 + (Square + X) = Running Jump Kick (need it for a City of the Dead 
    While on a beast - 
    X: Normal attack - A tail attack for the Abrax, headbutt for Lynth, stomp 
    for Krommath, slash for Mirigore. For the Mirigore, X is a tail attack but 
    if you stun other beasts with Square, X allows you to eat them.
    Square: Special attack - A stream of fire for the Abrax, stealth for Lynth, 
    dash for Krommath (needs to be tapped), enrage for Mirigore, Roar for 
    Triangle: Jump
    Circle: Uses your regular magic while on a beast.
    R1: No use
    R2: Dismount a beast
    L1: No use
    L2: Run
    Square + X = Long range attack - Abrax shoots a fire ball, Lynth shoots 
    three lightning blasts, Krommath sends a ground wave, Mirigore summons a 
    tornado. The Megabrax is the only thing that does not have a traditional 
    long range attack. The roar can be considered that. This combo makes the 
    Megabrax eat anything that is on its tail. 
    3. The Island of Axir - Dogs of the Death Adder
    The first level of the game is a basic tutorial. 
    The first thing they teach you are the basic controls. While teaching you the 
    attacks, three grubbers who attack with green moves (can be evaded or parried) 
    come out for you to fight. They can be brutal countered by either parrying or 
    evading their green attack followed up by a strong attack counter. After 
    dispatching those three, Bogeymen Soldiers appear to illustrate evading and 
    parrying (until the 5 quota is met) then countering (again until the 5 quota 
    is met). If you parry or evade a soldier and follow it with a kickback counter 
    (timed just right), you can do a brutal counter and deal extra damage to him 
    as well as build up a titan bonus. 
    Get used to evading and parrying because these will be your bread and butter 
    moves if you want to survive in this game. Exit through the lowered gate to 
    finish this level. 
    4. The Island of Axir – Ceremony and Aftermath
    Continue forward until you see the two green food crates and a statue. The 
    foodin the crates will restore your health and the statute is a switch. When 
    you hit the statute, part of the face will fall off and the statute will light 
    up. The gate will open and an Abrax will appear. Mount him and break open the 
    chests with his tail. These types of chests can only be opened with beasts. 
    Attack the wooden gate with the Abrax and continue down the path. After the 
    cut scene, a group of grubbers will try to surround you. Use the beast to kill 
    them. Go down the stairs and you will encounter three soldiers. Again, use the 
    beast. Don’t worry too much about the beast’s health (unless it’s about to 
    die). There’s a health relic (healing point) after the gate when you kill the 
    soldiers. After healing, walk slowly down the path to avoid the spikes that 
    will pop out of the ground to damage you. 
    Continue until you are sealed in a tight space. Kill the grubbers to continue. 
    Pass the gate and familiar music will start up as green gnome will appear. 
    Attack it as much as possible to gain healing items. Continue down the path and 
    three grubbers will attack. After killing them, two more grubbers and two 
    soldiers will appear to attack. After that, two more grubbers and a Berserker. 
    If you kill the Berserker before the other units, the other units will be more 
    aggressive and deal more damage. They also attack with evadable attacks. 
    However, since you are on your beast this shouldn’t bother you. Kill them all 
    and obtain your first magic, the Dragon’s Fire. Walk up the path. On your left 
    will be a mana relic. The mana relic is a mana point to restore mana. 
    Use dragon fire on the torch, replenish your mana, and walk through the gate 
    to end the level. 
    5. The Island of Axir – Magic Run
    If you still have your beast, you may want to dismount if you want to build up 
    your titan bonus. Move forward and kill the Bogeymen Mage then remount when it 
    is dead. You can either reflect his shots back at him by parrying (and gaining 
    5% titan’s bonus each time) or just rush in and kill him. Otherwise continue 
    to use it until it dies. 
    Continue down the path and behind one of the pillars is a chest with money. 
    Go towards the bridge and 3 grubbers and a mage will be waiting for you. Kill 
    them and use the chests on the side to heal. Continue forward and go left 
    where 3 soldiers are waiting for you. Kill them to receive your new magic 
    spell, Dragon’s Blast. Kill the 4 soldiers that appear to continue. Walk up 
    the path and in an alcove to the left there is a switch. Step on it to lower 
    the gate. After going up the path there will be corpses on the ground. If you 
    walk to the left there will be a path leading to a green crate. Be careful 
    though. There a bear trap (for the lack of a better description) in the 
    ground. Try to hug the walls on your way in and out to avoid it. Go back to 
    the path and continue forward, avoiding the bear traps in the ground. When 
    you get to the mana relic, spam your magic for easy kills while standing on 
    the pad. There will be a grubber and two mages. Continue forward and two 
    soldiers will attack. Use your magic on them and go back to replenish it when 
    necessary. There should be a green crate near the gate if you need to heal. 
    Light the torch where the soldiers were and the gate will open, revealing a 
    berserker and two mages. Kill them and make sure you have full magic before 
    going on to the next level. 
    6. The Island of Axir – The Axirian Teleporter
    Follow the path and you will see two food crates. Use if needed. 5 mages will 
    appear. Kill them. Before going down the right path, there is another food 
    crate in the top left, hidden by the staircase. Use if needed. Afterwards, 
    follow down the path to obtain a dragon statue. There is also a mana potion to 
    the right of the gate. This area splits into 3 paths. I would suggest going 
    down the right path first if you are trying to build up a titan bonus. Two 
    mages and a berserker are waiting here. Ignore the Berserker and deflect the 
    mages' magic. It should pass through the berserker and kill him as well. Kill 
    them all then step on the switch. Return to the intersection and a green and 
    blue gnome appear. Go down the left path now and a berserker and two soldiers 
    will attack. Finish them and hit the switch. Return to the intersection and 
    abuse some more gnomes. Then go down the middle path to the teleporter. A 
    Bogeyman Tufur will appear. He uses blue and orange attacks. He also, has a 
    red attack that you cannot evade or parry. When you see his head start glowing 
    red, run away. There is also a green attack where he runs forward and grabs 
    you (but he doesn’t do it till later in the game). Otherwise just evade and 
    parry to finish him. Walk into the teleporter at the end to finish the level 
    and area. 
    7. Diyar Highlands – The Incomplete Axe 
    If you head back to the teleporter, there is a pot with a mana jar in it if 
    you need it. Go back to where you gain control of Tyris and switch to the 
    Golden Axe and target the two statues with it. From now on, any axe symbols 
    that are in the area (indicated by the noise and glow Golden Axe magic symbol) 
    will need to be broken by the axe to move on. Use the axe to break these 
    targets. Move forward and 3 stone mages will appear. Take them out but be 
    careful. You will notice rings underneath you as you attack. Try to avoid 
    standing in them as they indicate where rocks will be falling. As you move 
    forward and break the pots, there are some traps hidden in the ground so 
    be careful. 
    As you reach the gate, a mini cut scene appears, telling you to use knockback 
    to open the gates. Run towards the enemies and kick one into the unoccupied 
    spike. If you kill them without kicking them into the spike, they will 
    continue to respawn. You can kill the other one anyway you see fit (using the 
    spikes or just beating them up.) Break the four statues in this area to gain 
    access to the spawn pad. There is one to the left on a cliff, one on the left 
    on the ground, one on the right on the ground, and one more on the right, 
    slightly elevated. This will allow the spikes to drop and a Lynth to spawn from 
    the pad. Remember, if your beast is low on health or about to die, kill it and 
    try to go back to the spawning pad you got him from. That way it’ll minimize 
    the damage that you take. Mount the Lynth and head towards the gate, attacking 
    it with the Lynth. As you follow the path, you may notice a fork in the road. 
    If you follow the left fork, there is a pot with a mana potion for you if you 
    need it. If not, continue down the path. Here you will encounter a berserker, 
    two soldiers, and two grubbers. Take them out. If you notice, there are two 
    axe statues in this area. If you take them out, an Abrax spawning pad will be 
    here. That way you don’t need to run that far back for a beast. However, as 
    you try to leave, Crawlers (the bugs) will jump out at you. Kill them and 
    return to the path leading up. Use the beast and break down the wooden gate. 
    Two soldiers and a tufur. Try to focus on the tufur as the soldiers will just 
    respawn as long as the tufur is around. Finish them off and the gate will open. 
    There is a food crate opposite the gate if you need it. I would suggest getting 
    another beast if your beast is beaten up from the fight. After doing all this, 
    pass through the gate. The path splits into two. Take the right path but walk 
    slowly as spikes will pop out of the ground. Jump past the log and use your 
    beast to break open the two chests on the left. Opposite those chests are 3 
    torch switches that need to be lit. Use your fireball spell or an Abrax to 
    light them. If you do not have enough magic or would like to replenish your 
    supply before moving on, at the very end of the path there is a mana relic. 
    There is also an Abrax spawning pad if you would like to get a fresh beast. 
    Lighting these three torches opens the gate on the bottom left path. Return 
    to the fork and take the left path now and pass through the gate. You will be 
    greeted by 4 grubbers and a soldier on an Abrax. After taking out this wave, 4 
    more grubbers and a soldier on a Lynth will appear. After that wave, a 
    berserker, 3 mages, and a few more grubbers will appear. Take them all out to 
    lower the gate. There are some food and mana items near the gate. Pass through 
    the gate to end the level.  
    8. Diyar Highlands – A Kingdom Overrun
    Follow the paths and break the pots to unleash 2 blue gnomes and 1 green gnome. 
    You know the drill. After that a gate on your left will open. Go through that 
    gate. At the end there is a beast chest (a chest that can only be opened by a 
    beast) and two statues. Attack the statues and a mini cut scene reveals the 
    path towards the newly opened gate you should take. Be careful as the path back 
    to the main area now has spikes that appear in intervals. Take out the two 
    berserkers and two stone mages and go through the newly opened gate. Break 
    open the jar to reveal a mana pad. Move forward and break down the gate with 
    your beast (if you still have one) and kill the stone mage behind the gate so 
    you can easily destroy the statues without taking fire. Otherwise, try to take 
    out the statues on the move so you don’t get nailed by any rocks. After you do 
    that, go back towards the mana pad. A tufur will be there. Either use your 
    beast or spam your magic to kill him. If he’s still not down, either refill 
    your magic and kill him or go to the Abrax spawn pad and use that to kill him. 
    After that, go back to the other gate. Follow the path and break the two 
    chests on the left for some tribute. Continue down the path and four crawlers 
    will appear. Just keep using the Abrax’s tail attack and you should be fine. 
    Continue down the path and a tufur will appear. If you are having trouble with 
    him, just use the beast’s special abilities or your magic. You can run back to 
    where the spawning pad is and the mana pad if necessary. After taking him out, 
    dismount and kick the two mages onto the spikes. Use the Abrax or fireball 
    magic and light the four torches. Take the dragon statue to open the next gate. 
    Dismount the beast and break the Power Crystal to gain one hit kills. You 
    should probably kill the beast so no one else can mount it. Go just your quick 
    slashes on the enemies that appear and you should have no problems. If your 
    health starts to get low, there are pots that have food items for you to use. 
    Cross the bridge to end the level.
    9. Diyar Highlands – Summoning Beacons
    Continue down the bridge. There are statue switches in the area, one on the 
    right, one on the left, and on in the middle. As you approach them, enemies 
    will appear. One new enemy is the Knight. They’re just like your standard 
    enemy except you have to wear away at their armor before you can kill them. 
    They have a blue, an orange, and a green attack. Just attack and parry and 
    evade as usual. To brutal counter them, wear away enough of their armor and use 
    the knockback counter them to kill them. The right statue has one Knight, the 
    middle statue has a Knight and 2 grubbers, and the left statue has a Knight 
    and 2 soldiers. Behind the middle statue on the side of the building are two 
    tribute chests and a food crate. On the other side of that house is a pot with 
    a mana jar in it. After hitting all the statues, go through the gate. On your 
    left up a hill is a switch behind some fireball firing obstacles. Time the 
    fireballs and run through them and step on the switch to lower the gate. A 
    Knight will appear near the gate as well as a mage (when you approach the 
    Knight). Follow the path and there are more fireball obstacles. Past the 
    second one 3 soldiers will appear. Finish them and continue. There is a mage 
    on a pier across the river. You can wait for him to fire at you and deflect his 
    shots to kill him or just ignore him and go up the hill. There are two soldiers 
    guarding a spiked gate. Kick them into the spikes to open the gate. Inside 
    there are 3 pots, 2 contain mana potions and the other contains food. There is 
    also a Lynth spawning pad. Mount it and go forward on the path. Break down the 
    gate and 2 Knights and a tufur will attack. Finish them and then break the 
    next gate. In this next area there are three spawning beacons for enemies. 
    The enemies will continue to spawn as long as the beacons are there but the 
    spawned enemies will die if the beacons are destroyed. Focus on the beacons. 
    The first beacon spawns mages, the second spawns soldier and the third spawns 
    stone mages. 
    There are healing items on the side as well as in front of the opened gate if 
    needed. After taking out the third beacon, go back the way you came, hugging 
    the left wall. You should see a new gate that is open for you to go through. 
    Go that way. Along the path, two tribute gnomes, one blue gnome, and one green 
    gnome appear. Further down the path, two mages and a stone mages will appear. 
    Kill them and continue. Past the gate is a beacon. The beacon is blocked by a 
    spiked fence. To lower the fence, use the Golden Axe on the statues with the 
    axe symbol. There is one right where the fence is and one towards the other 
    gate. As you take these down, be careful as mages and grubbers are spawning 
    and attacking you. Destroying the beacon kills all the enemies in the area and 
    lowers the next gate. Go through the gate to finish the level. 
    10. Diyar Highlands – Diyar Outpost
    Get a new Lynth and continue forward. The pots contain food and mana items so 
    heal up if needed. As you go forward, two soldiers and a tufur approach. Feel 
    free to abuse the Lynth’s special abilities as the Lynth spawn pad was where 
    you started. Continue forward, breaking the pots for healing items and break 
    the gate. Two tufurs and two mages will attack. Break the pots near the gate 
    afterwards for healing items. After passing the gate, mages and soldiers will 
    appear. Just keep killing them and the next gate will open. When you move 
    towards the gate it will close again and 2 green, 1 yellow, and 1 blue gnome 
    will appear. Enter the next gate and go towards the other one. A Knight will be 
    waiting for you. As you go near him, grubbers will start to spawn. Finish him 
    and the grubbers off and a Knight on an Abrax will appear. Kill him and the 
    Abrax or just steal his from him and kill him. After that a Knight on a Lynth 
    will appear. Do the same. Try to have a beast and keep him alive since there 
    will be chests that need beasts to open. A tufur will appear as well as 4 
    stone mages and 4 soldiers. The stone mages and the soldiers appear in 
    intervals of two. Finish them all then go to where the cut scene shows. There 
    are 4 beast chests and one regular one. Step on the switch and go through the 
    gate. Enter the teleporter to end the level.
    11. Highland Fortress – Fortress Gate
    From the teleporter, move forward and you will encounter a new type of Knight, 
    a Pikeman. He only attacks with evadable attacks. He either charges at you from 
    a distance or swings his pike. Both are evadable. Just wear away at his armor 
    to finish him. His brutal counter is also a knockback counter. Near the 
    building there are two mages. Finish them and the spikes lower. Go down the 
    right staircase and slash at the rock on the rope. When you go back up two 
    Pikemen will appear. Kill them and go down the left stairs. Slash at the same 
    rock on the rope to open the door. After passing through the door, quickly rush 
    towards the Abrax spawning pad as a Knight on an Abrax and two soldiers will 
    rush towards you. Finish them off and two more knights and a soldier will 
    attack. If you are running low on health or mana, there are items near the 
    spawning pad, the rocks near the gate you came through, and between two tents 
    on the left (facing the locked gate). After finishing the enemies, step on the 
    switch near the spawning pad and the one on the other side of the cart (where 
    the first switch is). You need to be on a beast to uses these switches. Now go 
    through the newly lowered gate. A mage, a Pikemen, and a swarm of grubbers 
    will spawn and need to be taken out before the spikes lower. Luckily you are 
    in an enclosed area and the walls on your left and right are spikes. Just run 
    into them with the Abrax or use its tail and you should be able to knock your 
    enemies into the spiked walls for easy kills. Afterwards hit the statue switch 
    and break the 3 chests. The next gate will open and a Berserker on an Abrax, 
    two Knights, and a soldier will attack. Try to lure them into the spiked wall 
    area and kill them that way. Go through the gate into the next area. There is a 
    food crate on the right and pot with tribute on the left right when you come 
    out of the gate. Two soldiers on Abraxes will come at you followed by a Pikemen 
    when you finish them. 
    On the right a little further down is a pot with tribute in it. Near the other 
    gate is a stone mage. After you kill him the gate will lower. There are two 
    food crates on the right as well as a chest. There is also another pot on the 
    left of the gate that has tribute. The pot on the other side of the gate on the 
    right has food. There are two stone mages near sacrifice switches and a Pikemen 
    between the two. Knock the mages into the switches to open the gate. Enter the 
    gate and two knights and a knight on a krommath attack you. Try and steal the 
    krommath as it is much more powerful than your Abrax. A green and blue gnome 
    will appear. If you have the krommath, just use the groundpound to attack as it 
    will most likely hit the both of them. After that, use the Golden Axe and 
    destroy the Axe symbols that are floating in the sky above the enemy spawn 
    beacons while killing the bogeymen and spell casters that attack. After 
    destroying the symbols, destroy the beacons to open the gate.
    After the gate opens, a knight and a knight on an Abrax appear. Try to make 
    sure the krommath survives (use the healing items in the area) or if anything 
    else, steal the enemy Abrax. In the next area, a Berserker, grubber, knight, 
    and soldier appear. Try to knock them into the spiked barriers for easy kills. 
    There are two food crates near the next gate on the left as well as one right 
    when you go through the gate. On the right side there is a chest with tribute. 
    Go left and a Pikeman is waiting for you. Follow the path but be careful as 
    there are mines waiting for you. If you still have your krommath, just stomp to 
    explode them. If you had an Abrax, either use your flames or try to use your 
    tail to blow them up. Otherwise just try to run through without touching them. 
    Cross the small bridge to end the level. 
    12. Highland Fortress – Sacrifice Camp
    As you cross the larger bridge, two Pikemen will attack. Aside from normal ways 
    of kill them, you can also try to knock them off the bridge. Regardless of how 
    much damage they have taken, if you successfully knock them off, they’re dead. 
    In the next are there will be 4 stone mages. However, as you approach the first 
    one, be careful or you will be caught in a cage trap. The trap does no damage 
    but you have to break out of it to continue forward. It is straight on the path 
    so try to walk to the right or left around the path. There is also a mana 
    potion on the way to the first mage. Also there is a trap slightly right in 
    front of the mage that does do damage After killing the 4, the gate will open. 
    Collect the food if you need it in front of the gate. In this next area, there 
    are two sacrifice switches, one before the mana pad and one after it. Knights 
    will continue to spawn until you trigger both switches and lower the gate. Use 
    magic to help you wear away at the knights’ armor then kick them into the 
    switches or if you can, use your magic attacks to launch the knights into the 
    switches. In the next area there is a health pad. You will have to face about 
    9-10 Pikemen (three at a time). Finish them then walk through the new gate to 
    end the level.  
    13. Highland Fortress – Captain’s Camp
    Use a fireball to destroy the mines around the Abrax spawn pad. You can recover 
    the mana with the mana potion near where you started. Use the Abrax to destroy 
    the gate. There is two stone mages and a regular mage on this bridge. They are 
    standing behind the mines. You can try to kick them into the mines, off the 
    bridge, kill them with the Abrax or ignore them. In the pots are mana potions 
    so if you want to use fireballs to blow up mines, you can replenish the spent 
    mana. You can also just use the Abrax to shoot fire and replace the Abrax when 
    it’s almost dead. At the end of the bridge use the Abrax and break open the 
    gate. If you walk in the middle of the road after the gate, you will be caught 
    in a trap. Break your way out or just make sure not to trigger it. On the right 
    is some food. Three soliders and one soldiers on a krommath will attack 
    followed by a berserker and two pikemen. On the right there is a pot that has 
    a cage trap. There is also a food crate. Near the gate there is pot with a mana 
    potion in it. Go back where you came and take the right path towards the wooden 
    gate. Break it down. Head forward as two grubbers, two bogeymen, a berserker 
    and a spell caster attack. Make your way to the health relic. A cage trap will 
    capture you but you can just break out. There will be mines, two mages, and a 
    rock mage on your way up. Also, if you do not have a beast, bear traps that 
    can hurt you will pop up so be careful where you walk. Go back and use the heal 
    as much as needed. If you are damaged, go back and use the heal before passing 
    through the gate. One of the hardest enemies you will have faced to this point 
    is coming up. 
    After going in the gate does not close immediately. Try walking towards the 
    barrier that is blocking your path then walk back to the door. The door will 
    start to close and a berserker and two stone mages will appear. Kill them and a 
    dragon statue will appear. 
    After taking the statue a Knight Captain will appear. He has the usual blue and 
    orange attacks but can heal himself (he turns green). He also can summon units 
    to the battlefield (turns purple). Stay close to him and parry and evade his 
    attacks. Also, if you can time it correctly, his brutal counter is a quick 
    attack. Finish him and activate the statue switch and make your way back to the 
    newly opened gate. Be careful on your way down as spikes now pop out of the 
    ground, along with the traps from before. 
    Past the gate are two mana potions. Take them quickly as a Shielded Knight on 
    an Arbax attacks. This enemy is the same as a regular Knight just that it has 
    another piece of armor to knock off (the shield) before you can kill it. As you 
    walk down the path, be careful because there are spikes that pop out of the 
    ground. Also, there are statues that are blowing wind on the side and that wind 
    can blow you off the cliff. There are also mines as well. Past the first two 
    wind statues are two stone mages and a beast chest. There are 5 statues after 
    that and the pattern alternates. It alternates between statue into mine and 
    statue into spikes. However, at the third one where the mine is, there is a 
    cage trap so be careful otherwise you might get hurt by the mine while in the 
    cage. As you make your way to the fourth wind statue, another Captain appears. 
    Be careful not to fall off as you fight. When you finish him, the gate opens. 
    As you enter there is food to your left. As you make your way to the Abrax 
    spawning pad, another Captain will appear. Try to take him out as quickly as 
    possible before he starts to spawn units. Also, there is a stone mage on the 
    top left on a hill. You can’t reach him yet so try to dodge his attacks for 
    Use the Abrax the break through the gate. The pot on the right has a cage trap. 
    Use the Abrax to break the three beast chests. Turn 180 and go on the right 
    path leading up. Break open the gate and you can finally kill that mage. Open 
    the chest and hit the switch. Kill the two pikemen that have appeared and go to 
    the newly opened gate. As you approach the gate, a green, blue, and yellow 
    gnome appear. The easiest way to hit them would be to use the Abrax flame 
    attack. If you run out just kill the old Abrax and get a new one. When you go 
    through the gate and approach the mana pad, 4 mages and 2 soldiers will attack. 
    Just spam your magic since you can replenish it for free. 
    Go forward towards the first wind statue and two Shielded Knights will attack. 
    Just spam the magic and go past the wind statues. At the entrance to the next 
    gate, another captain will appear as well as two mages. Try to kill the mages 
    by deflecting their shots and hopefully hitting the captain as well. Finish the 
    captain afterwards. The gate will open but before entering, go to the 
    staircases. The right staircase leads to a tribute chest whereas the left 
    staircase leads to a pot with tribute in it as well as a mana potion. Continue 
    past the gate, get the heal items, and go forward to end the level.
    14. Highland Fortress – Fortress Keep
    Make your way past the wind statues. After the second statue you can use the 
    Golden Axe and destroy the Axe symbols on the statues to open the gate. 
    Continue past the third wind statue. At the fourth one you see 5 chests behind 
    the wind. Approach the statue from the left and go all the way towards the 
    statue. Then try to run to the right side. You will get pushed by the wind but 
    end up on the right side. Be careful not to run off the cliff though because 
    the wind will push you towards the cliff. Use the same strategy to get back, 
    coming from the right side this time. Enter the gate. There are two mana 
    potions on the right. Continue to the left and you will see spikes popping out 
    of the walls. Try to dodge them. When you reach the middle, stop and try to 
    reflect the mages’ attack back at him. Also claim the chest on your left. 
    Continue forward. 
    When you reach the end a new type of knight appears, a shielded mace knight. 
    He only uses heavy attacks, has a shield, and is pretty much a faster version 
    of the pikeman. Use knockbacks for a brutal counter. After his death, two 
    pikemen appear. Finish them and the gate will open. When you enter and approach 
    the health pad, a mage and two Mace knights appear. Afterwards a mage and two 
    pikemen appear. Then two mages and a pikemen followed by two mages and a 
    berserker. 6 gnomes appear (3 green, two yellow, one blue) and when they leave, 
    2 captains appear. Afterwards the spikes around the ramp will drop. Go up that 
    way and follow the path to the statue switch. Hit it and go to the newly raised 
    platform. Jump across and kill the stone mage. Go towards the gate and two 
    shielded knights will appear. Finish them then go through the gate. There is 
    food on the left if you need it. Ahead there is a mana relic. Go towards it and 
    light the torch that is next to it with a fireball. This shuts down the wind 
    statue. Continue down the path lighting torches, returning to the pad whenever 
    mana is needed. There are two chests on your way to the second wind statue. A 
    mage appears. Either use a fireball on him or just deflect. Light the torch. 
    The same thing for the third torch as well. For the fourth torch, there are 3 
    chests on the way and a stone spell caster. Light the torch behind the fourth 
    wind statue. There is also a torch where the chests were. Light that one 
    as well. There are a pile of chests beyond the fourth torch. Break them all 
    open and approach the door to end the level.
    15. Firstborn
    The firstborn uses only his arms to attack. He basically only has 4 attacks:
    -He chases after you and uses either a light attack (parry-able) or a heavy 
    attack (an evadable attack).  
    -He constantly pounds the ground as rocks come falling on top of you. Only 3 
    drop and you can tell where they are going to fall (there are rings on the 
    floor). Can’t be parried or evaded. Run to avoid it.
    -He throws a huge rock at you. Can’t be parried or evaded. Run to avoid
    -He runs after you and slams the ground. Can’t be parried or evaded. 
    Run to avoid. 
    Not that hard of a boss. After he uses each attack, run in and use your quick 
    attack to slash him. You should be able to get 3-4 slashes in before he jumps 
    backwards. Rinse and repeat until he is on his knees. Use a knockback strike 
    to knock him into any of the towers. Stand clear as fire comes down from the 
    towers and burns people nearby. After the 2nd  time of doing this, various 
    knights will appear to aid him. However, the strategy stays the same. Just 
    try to dodge and ignore them since many of Firstborn’s attacks will damage 
    and kill the Knights. Repeat these steps and he should go down easy. There 
    are food and mana potions scattered about the place in case you need to heal 
    or want to attack with magic. Remember to get the 6 chests (3 on each side) 
    in front before collecting the new piece of the axe. 
    16. Titans Wastelands – The Mirigore
    Right where you start there are three mana potions for you to take. 
    Take them then follow the path down. There will be a Mirigore spawn pad on your 
    left. Mount one and break down the gate. Further along the path two soldiers 
    and a soldier on a Mirigore will be waiting for you. I would suggest using a 
    Tornado on the mirigore since it will be enraged. If it hits you, it has a high 
    chance of instantly killing the Mirigore you are on. Move along the path and 
    break open the pots for food. 5 Bogeymen will appear. As you take them out, 
    more will spawn to take their place (for a total of around 10 or so). Also a 
    Captain will appear and a soldier on a Mirigore. Easiest way to take all of 
    them out is to use Enrage and just attack. If the beast starts to wear out, 
    run back and get another one or just finish them yourself. Take them out and 
    proceed. As you advance a soldier on a krommath will attack. You can just kill 
    them or steal the krommath. Both beasts are good for this area so it’s up to 
    you who to use. Further down on this stone bridge are two Sorceresses (one 
    before the arch and one after). They have 4 attacks. One spell you can reflect 
    like the mage’s spell. One is a wave that splits into three in the air and 
    falls down. Its range is limited. Another spell is a ground wave. It has a 
    long range. Lastly, if you get close to her but do not keep up your assault, 
    she has a close range spell that she uses. You can dodge the second and third 
    spell but the fourth spell almost always hits you.   
    A blue gnome and a green gnome appear around the fire statues. You know the 
    drill by now. Keep moving past the 2 sets of fire statues and another two 
    Sorceresses will be there. Finish them to advance. 
    In the next area there are soldiers on a kromath and a mirigore patrolling. As 
    you take them out, more will spawn in their place. There are a total of 3 
    krommath and 3 mirigore with soldiers riding them. You only have to deal with 
    one of each kind at a time. After those are taken out, 6 crawlers will appear. 
    If you are having a hard time with these guys but want to save mana for future 
    use, don’t worry. This level is about to end and the beginning of the next 
    level has a mana relic so feel free to use all your mana. Two out of the four 
    pots are filled with food near the top right where the tents are. Take it if 
    you need it. Finish the enemies and continue down the path to end the level. 
    17. Titans Wastelands – Wasteland Trials
    Move ahead to the pad. From here, fire a fireball at the torch and quickly run 
    through the arch before the barrier reappears. If you are on a beast you may 
    need to dismount in order to be fast enough. After entering, do not go forward 
    towards the fire just yet. Go right from where you are and you should see a 
    path leading to a Lynth spawn pad. Kill the soldier on the Lynth. If the Lynth 
    has full health you can proceed. Otherwise try to weaken and kill it to get a 
    new one before going ahead. After you have a Lynth, go back to the middle area 
    and break open the three chests. Afterwards, use stealth to fool the fire 
    towers and move forward. Do not use the dash or else the stealth will go away. 
    Slowly make your to the gate and break it open and continue. As you move 
    forward, there will be two yellow gnomes that appear. However, be careful as 
    there are two bear traps in the middle of the road. Move forward and in the 
    alcove on the right, there will be a power crystal with the power to give you 
    mana potion regen. Use your magic along with attacks to fight of the enemies.  
    The numbers are enemies are about 5 captains, 5 Sorceresses, and 6 soldiers. 
    The captains and the sorceresses fight together. After you finish them two 
    gnomes will appear. Then the soldiers will appear. By the times the gnomes 
    appear the mana potion regen should have worn off so be careful.  
    Continue forward and break open the chest for some tribute. Pass through the 
    arch and you will have completed the level. 
    18. Titans Wastelands – The Undead Gate
    Move forward and make the first right you can. At the fork go to the left for 
    a Lynth spawn pad. There are two mana potions in this area. Return to the last 
    area where the Titan Gate is. Go left and follow the remains of the spinal cord 
    of a titan. The pots all have bear traps so ignore them. Use the Lynth’s 
    stealth and go around the fire towers. After passing through, go right at the 
    fork, making sure to jump between the gap in the rock bridge. Follow the path 
    and ignore the glowing rock for now. When you reach the next fork, there will 
    be a mana relic on the right. Recharge and go in the other direction. There 
    will be two soldiers on Lynths near another Lynth spawn pad. Take them out. 
    Make sure you have some mana then go stealth past the fire statues. There will 
    be two pots with food in them and a torch. Light the torch and go to the newly 
    opened area. There is a krommath spawning pad here. As you approach it, two 
    captains on krommaths will appear (one at a time). After taking them out, step 
    on the nearby switch. Now make your way all the way back to the beginning on a 
    krommath. As you approach the mana relic, three soldiers will appear on the 
    bridge. Take them out. Go to where the glowing rock is and there will be 4 
    solders. While fighting them you should break the rock automatically but in 
    case you don’t, just stomp and the rock should break, creating a new path for 
    you to take back to the beginning. There will be two soldiers right around the 
    fire towers. Return towards the first fork area. Two green gnomes will appear. 
    When you reach the fork this time, take the right path. While dashing, use 
    the beast’s special ability (square on PS3) to break the gate. Behind the first 
    and second gates there are chests (one behind the first, two behind the 
    second.) After the third gate, there are 2 soldiers and a pikeman waiting for 
    you. There are also 4 mana potions in the area to your left. Be careful as 
    you cross over the bridge. There are 3 Sorceresses waiting for you as well as 
    a cage trap. In the next area you will need to take out 6 pikemen and 2 
    sorceress (3 pikemen and 1 sorceress at a time) to activate the switch for 
    you to step on. Step on it and return to the fork. 
    I suggest going to the Lynth spawn pad because the next part is going to be 
    longer without one. However, you have to fight a captain to regain access to 
    the pad so the choice is yours. Before going through the gate, two gnomes 
    will appear followed by a green gnome, a blue gnome, and 2 yellow gnomes. 
    Get what you need and go through the opened Titan gate to end the level. 
    19. Titans Wastelands – Quest For The Three Pieces
    Run down the path to activate the cut scene. There are three pieces of the 
    Golden Axe in this area. To beat this level you need to collect all three and 
    use the teleporter at the end. However, there are also 3 statue switches in 
    this area. If you hit all three, you will unlock the gate to the area in the 
    back of the map, near the right side of the titan, which leads to a dragon 
    statue and 7 chests. Since this level is big, I am not going to detail where 
    all the heal items are. If you need to find some, there are usually some 
    around the Golden Axe pieces as well as others scattered about the level. 
    There are crawlers that are all over the map as well as skeletons. The 
    skeletons only attack with evadable and parryable attacks. Their brutal 
    counter is a quick attack. After collecting the 3 shards of the Golden Axe, 
    the skeletons and also, any spikes that surrounded treasure chests (which also 
    disappear if you kill all the skeletons surrounding them) will no longer be 
    there. There are also gnomes scattered around. I’ve never tried getting the 
    Dragon statue before getting all the shards of the axe so I don’t know if you 
    have to fight any additional people in the area when the gate comes down. I 
    always collect it afterwards so I would suggest the same (unless you really 
    need a dragon statue right away.)
    The pieces of the axe are located around where there are towers of smoke. 
    There is one piece straight ahead of where you start, one to the left, and one 
    to the right. Each piece has a different number of smoke towers. The middle 
    one has one, the left has two and the right has three. I will refer to the 
    pieces by the number of smoke towers.
    The one tower piece has skeleton warriors and two summoners. Try to ignore the 
    skeletons and take out the summoners. Otherwise the skeletons will come out 
    with no end. After taking out the summoners, their skeletons die as well. 
    After taking out the two summoners, a head summoner summons two summoners. 
    Focus on the head as the rest will fall when he falls. None of the summoners 
    will attack. They will just keep summoning skeletons. After he falls, collect 
    your shard of the axe. Just take note that some skeletons might still be 
    around after the summoners fall (if you only took out the head). 
    The two tower piece is just skeletons warriors and a Head sorceress. If you 
    have a beast, I would suggest leaving him outside the arena before fighting. 
    It’s easier without the beast. After killing all the warriors the head 
    sorceress will appear. She has the same moves as a normal sorceress except 
    her arched attack does not split into three. It’s more concentrated and deals 
    more damage. Also, she tends to use the reflectable shot more often. Just 
    dodge all her other attacks and reflect her shots back at her for an easy 
    The three tower piece has a few waves of skeletons and a Demon Dog. Just kill 
    the skeletons and you’ll go one on one with the Demon Dog. He is not that hard, 
    just keep wailing away at him and he should fall. My first run through he kept 
    coming back to life but while writing this, he died when I kept attacking him. 
    I’m not sure if it has to do with the order of the axe pieces or something 
    else but that is just a heads up in case he does not go down in one try. 
    After collecting the pieces of the axe, you should go look for the statues. If 
    you got the pieces of the axe in the order I have it, the first statue is near 
    the two banners that lead to the piece of Golden Axe on the right side. As you 
    leave the isolated arena and return to the main area, make a right and you 
    should see it. The second statue is located to the immediate right of where 
    you start, near what looks like a rhino’s skull. The third statue is located 
    in the back of the map. If you go behind the titan and go to the left of where 
    all the buildings are, that is where the second statue is. That building is 
    also where you will be exiting from. Collect your rewards from the opened area. 
    Now make your way to the exit building. As you approach, a Captain and a 
    pikeman appear. Take them out to lower the gate. After passing through the 
    gate, take out the axe and aim at the Golden Axe symbol above the next gate. 
    Pass through and break open the chests, one on your left and one on your right, 
    before heading up the stairs and ending the level.  
    20. Grave of the Turtle Titan – Living Sacrifices
    This level is good for building up tribute on a later run through but is harder 
    to do so since it is easier for you to get hit. Since there will be a MAX Titan 
    Bonus, you can earn a lot of tribute right off the bat. If you can also get all 
    the multipliers at the end of the level, it will be a lot. It’s a high 
    risk / high reward situation. There’s another level that I suggest you do a 
    tribute run on. The reward may or may not be as high but the risk is far lower.
    From where you start, there will be a pot behind you where the teleporter is 
    and one to the right of you, both containing tribute. Don’t break them open 
    yet because there will be a sacrifice switch ahead (looks like a dragon head.) 
    Run forward and a solider will approach you. Ignore him and run to the switch. 
    Kick the mage that appears into it and you will get a MAX Titan Bonus. Now try 
    to kill all the units here (and go break those pots) before the Titan bonus 
    wears off. Including the solider from before there will be 6 soldiers, 
    3 knights, 2 shielded knights 3 mages (aside from the one you kicked into the 
    switch). You can probably average somewhere around 20-30K depending on how 
    fast you are. If you’re worried about dealing with mages and fighting other 
    enemies at the same time, either target the spell casters or lure the rest of 
    the enemies back to the teleporter in the beginning. That way you have less 
    to deal with. The first mage appears after you kill 4 solders. After killing 
    the last two, 3 knights appear, and then 2 shielded knights after you kill 
    the 3. Only one mage is out at a time so if you want, you can try to ignore 
    them for now. Jump down from the sacrifice switch. There are two pots that 
    have tribute and a mana potion. There is another pot with tribute and another 
    mana potion on the next level down. Pass through the arch and there will be 
    5 pots. The closest pot has food and will fully heal you and the pot on the 
    left has tribute. The third pot has nothing but behind the bone opposite it 
    (on the left) is a mana potion. The last two pots have tribute. As you 
    approach the last two pots, two soldiers and a mage will appear. Either kick 
    all three into the spike on the gate or try to lure the two soldiers away and 
    kill them. The mage will not follow and will not attack. After that, kick the 
    mage into the spike and he will respawn. Do this until there are 3 bodies on 
    the gate. The gate will lower. 
    In the alcove there are three pots. The left and right pots have tribute. 
    Ignore the middle one as it has a mine in it. Step on the switch to activate 
    a timed gate. As you approach the gate, a yellow gnome and a green gnome 
    appear. If you want tribute and food, attack them and reactivate the switch 
    when they vanish. Otherwise just run through the gate before it closes. 
    Jump down into the next area. As the title of the level suggest, there are 
    going to be a lot of sacrifices going on. Run into the middle area and kick 
    the stone mage into the switch. Ignore the two soldiers that appear and run 
    forwards toward the other stone mage and do the same. Turn around and run 
    towards the sacrifice switch near where you jumped down from and kick the 
    stone mage into the switch as well. These switches are timed and so all 
    three must be activated before time runs out. When you activate all three, a 
    gate will lower and a krommath will appear, followed by a shielded ghost 
    knight. Try to beat him to the krommath or just beat him off of it. Run back 
    towards the middle and try to take out the skeletons that throw shields at you. 
    These can easily knock you off the krommath. Take out the skeletons and the 
    additional shielded ghost knight. Don’t worry about the krommath’s health. 
    There is a krommath spawning pad in the gate where you first got him. There 
    will be a total of 4 shielded ghost knights, 2 shield throwing skeletons, and a 
    bunch of regular skeleton warriors (didn’t bother counting). These shouldn’t 
    be a problem as long as you use the krommath. You can also kick these guys 
    onto the sacrifice switches if you prefer to fight them yourself. There is 
    one food crate and mana potion crate in this area if you need it. After 
    eliminating everyone, use the krommath and break through the door (right next 
    to where you get the krommath) using the dash move. There is a chest and two 
    ghost pikemen as well. 
    After killing the pikemen the barrier on the other side is now down. Make sure 
    you have a fully healed krommath and go down that path to end the level.
    21. Grave of the Turtle Titan – Undead Transformations
    From where you start there will be two mana potions on your right. Go towards 
    the glowing paper and the bodies on the road will come to life. Take out these 
    skeletons and move forward. As you proceed, 4 crawlers and a ghost pikeman will 
    appear. Just stomp your way through this area and you should not have a 
    problem. At the bend, there will be 3 food crates and a mine. Just stomp to 
    break open the crates and destroy the mine. Your krommath might take some 
    damage but it can be healed with all that food. Follow the bend and three 
    skeletons will attack from the front while a pikeman attacks from the back. 
    Take them out to lower the gate. When you go through, 3 skeletons, you will 
    have to fight a total of 3 skeletons, 4 Shades, and 4 shielded ghost knights. 
    The shades just float around and occasionally fire at you. You can’t parry 
    their attacks. Just evade or run past the attacks and attack when they are 
    close enough. Take them out and the sun will come out. Afterwards, a yellow, 
    a blue, and a green gnome will appear. If you still have your krommath, stomp 
    away and you should be able to hit all three of them easily. When they vanish, 
    go down the newly opened path. The left pot has tribute and the right has 
    nothing. Jump down to the bottom and take out the three spawning beacons. These 
    are mage and soldier spawning beacons. After you destroy the beacons, the sky 
    changes back again. Activate the Golden Axe and use it to destroy the symbol 
    above the gate. If you still have your old krommath, do not get a new one yet. 
    There is a food crate behind him if you need it though. Destroy the three beast 
    chests. Go behind the four bones and destroy the wooden gate. Ride down this 
    path and there will be a beast switch. You must leave a beast on the switch 
    for it to remain active. There are also two food crates here. 
    Abandon your old krommath on top of the switch. and  try to return back to the 
    main area. A summoner will appear and summon some skeletons. Run back to 
    the krommath and kill all these enemies. When they are gone, leave the krommath 
    on the switch again and return to the middle. Get a new Krommath and go through 
    the gate. It will close behind you and the level will end. 
    22. Grave of the Turtle Titan – Lynth Run
    Go forward and eliminate the two shielded knights. If you don’t have a krommath 
    and don’t want to bother getting into a full out fight with the knights, use 
    the Golden Axe and aim for the two symbols in the back. This will bring back 
    the sun, free the Lynth and a Lynth spawning pad and kill the knights for you. 
    There is a food crate in the back if you need it. Unfortunately you have to 
    abandon the krommath here as he is just too slow. Take the Lynth and break the 
    gate and move forward. All pots in this area contain tribute. Step on the 
    switch and quickly run forward before the spikes reappear. Do this for three 
    switches and you will see two wind statues on a stone bridge. Time the wind 
    and run through. There is a Lynth spawning pad if you want to replace him. 
    The next switch leads to two paths before the spikes. The right path has no 
    visible mines but the pot closest to the spikes has a mine. The left path has 
    two mines and three pots with tribute between them. As long as you run through 
    the mines and don’t touch them, they won’t go off. Worse comes to worse, set 
    them all off and get a new Lynth. The next area has pots between mines again 
    but there are wind statues that try to blow you into mines. Try to time them as 
    you run through. Towards the end there will be stone blocks that you need to 
    jump to get over. If you get knocked off at any time due to a mine explosion, 
    you might as well go back to the switch because you won’t make it in time. 
    When you reach the next switch, 4 yellow gnomes will appear. After you deal 
    with them, replace your Lynth with a new one if it is really damaged or just 
    activate the switch and run ahead. You may notice a second switch on the right 
    side (three pots lead up to it). If you want to try, you can try to run through 
    this switch to get to the end. It’s easier just to ignore it as you past the 
    spikes and come back later. When you do come back, step on this switch, 
    then go back to the first switch (you need to step on both to activate the 
    eyes on the gate at the end) and run to the end. 
    There will be mines along the path so be careful. You only need to jump the 
    first set of stone blocks on the way to the gate. The second and third set 
    have a gap on the right that you and run through if you choose. Go through 
    the gate to end the level. 
    23. Grave of the Turtle Titan –The Turtle’s Shell 
    As you enter, there are three shielded knights and three sacrifice switches. 
    The obvious thing is to knock the knights into the switches. However, the issue 
    is that there are spikes that pop up and prevent you from taking the shorter 
    paths between the knights and there is a timer for activating all three 
    switches. You should still have your Lynth so all you need to do is attack 
    them and they will fly onto the spikes no problem. However, if (for some 
    reason) you no longer have it, run around the path, breaking the shields on all 
    the knights. Then go back around the path, kicking each knight onto a spike. 
    The sky will turn dark and two shielded knights on krommaths will appear. 
    Take them out and a set of stairs will arise. Don’t worry about losing the 
    krommaths as there is a krommath spawning pad in the middle. Collect the 
    food, mana potion, and two pots of tribute near the stairs, then take the 
    stairs up. The pots on the top also have tribute in them. Follow the path and 
    a colorless gnome, a green, and a blue gnome will appear. Continue forward 
    and on the bone bridge, two pikemen will attack, one from behind and one from 
    in front. Take them out. As you enter the area, destroy the shades. You will 
    notice two statues holding the Golden Axe symbols. Be careful when you break 
    them as ghost captains will appear. They are like regular captains except they 
    don’t heal. Also if you get impaled by their green attack, they will absorb 
    all your magic a little bit of health. It is best to destroy one statue at a 
    time unless you like the challenge of fighting two captains at once. Finish 
    them both and walk through the teleporter to end the level. 
    24. Secondborn
    The secondborn uses only his legs to attack. He basically only has 4 attacks:
    -He chases after you and uses either a light attack (parry-able) or a heavy 
    attack (an evadable attack).  
    -He stomps on the ground and sends waves through the ground at you. Only 3 
    waves come at you.
    -He summons a tornado around himself and chases you down
    -He chases after you and does a butt stomp.
    The strategy is the same as the firstborn, just slightly different techniques 
    to avoid as well as skeleton warriors instead of knights. Refer to the 
    firstborn strategy in case you forgot.
    25. City of the Dead – East Wing, Demon Wing
    Right behind you on a ledge there are 4 mana potions. Take them then head down 
    the staircase. Walk towards the gate on the right and a ghost captain will 
    come chasing after you. Finish him and that gate will open. As you walk a 
    maze of fire appears. There will be two streams of fire to your left followed 
    by two to the right then one left, one right, and one left. Two food crates 
    will be here at the end. Be careful as you cross the bridge as a ghost 
    captain appears. He can knock you off the bridge and instantly kill you. 
    If you want, you can run all the way up to fight him but if you do, two ghost 
    pikemen will also appear. I find that its easy to just lure him into the 
    archway leading from the fire maze to the bridge is the best place to fight 
    him. After finishing him and the pikemen off, the gate will lower. In the 
    area where the pikemen appear, there are 10 pots. Some of them have poisoned 
    potions that damage you. Refer to my diagram for the contents of each:
    X=empty  X=poison  X=empty X=poison X=empty
    X=food  X=poison  X=empty  X=poison  X=poison 
    Obviously the only thing that you would want is the food so get that and ignore 
    the rest. Continue forward and there will be a mana relic in an area of 
    crisscrossing fireballs. Recharge your mana. There are also 5 pots here. 
    X=food	X=empty
    X=food	X=food
    Unless you’re hurting now, I would suggest getting the food after you kill 
    the enemies a little further down and come back for a mana refill.
    Two summoners will appear. Take care of them and another summoner will appear 
    along with a Demon Wing. Easiest way to kill all of them is to spam your 
    magic, refill, then do it again till they are all dead. They don’t follow 
    you up the stairs towards the pad so you should be safe. Eliminate them 
    and go through the next gate. Two sorceresses will attack you on the bridge. 
    Quickest way to kill them is to either use magic or try to kick them off. 
    Continue forward. In the next area a swarm of skeletons will attack you, 
    never more than 5 at once. After you finish them off, two ghost pikemen will 
    attack. After they’re gone, a Head Sorceress attacks. Just dodge her arch 
    spell and ground spell and reflect her other spell to kill her. Eventually 
    a green gnome will appear in the upper right of the map, up the stairs. 
    After he vanishes, a blue gnome runs around in the main area and when he 
    vanishes, a yellow gnome runs around in the area the green gnome did. When 
    they are all gone, the gate lowers. Go up the stairs and a ghost knight and 
    two ghost pikemen will appear. As you fight, another two pikemen will appear 
    and when they are all gone, a ghost captain. The pots in this area contain 
    food but are surrounded by mines so be careful. Before going through the 
    lowered gate, go to your left. There is a glowing statue there. Use a 
    knockback counter on it to activate it, lowering the barrier. There are 7 pots 
    down there:
    X=tribute	X=poison 	X=tribute
    X=tribute	X=poison 	X=tribute
    When you go back up, there will be two shield throwing skeletons waiting for 
    you. Try to kick them into the mines in order to gain access to the chests. 
    If you end up killing them and the mines are still there, slowly walk around 
    the mines to get to the chests and you should be able to get in and out 
    without taking damage. There are two chests on each side of the stairs with 
    a mine in front of each. Run back and go to the other gate to end the level.
    26. City of the Dead – North Wing, West Wing
    For the record, let me state that this level is annoying. It’s not that hard 
    but there is one point that, unless you use an otherwise useless move you 
    probably have not used, you will get stuck. It took me a while to figure it 
    out but lucky for you, you have me. 
    When you start the level, go down the stairs. As you reach the bottom, mines 
    will appear as well as shield throwing skeletons. The easiest way to take them 
    all out is to wait at the stairs for a second for them all to appear, then wait 
    for one to throw a shield at you. When you reflect it back at him it should 
    pass through them and hit one of the mines, blowing all the mines and skeletons 
    up. Follow the path to the left and take the right fork. You can either try to 
    take the shielded knight out yourself or use your Golden Axe and hit the 
    symbol in the huge statue ahead of you. Go back to the fork and get a Lynth 
    from the spawning pad and then take him out. After he is down, leave the Lynth 
    on the beast pad and go to the statue switch in the middle. Hit it then 
    quickly run back to the Lynth as two skeletons will come to attack and one will 
    ride the Lynth if you are too slow. Take them out and then break the wooden 
    gate with the beast. 
    On the left and right are mana potions. There are cage traps but since there 
    are no enemies around, it is ok to get caught in them. Move further along the 
    path and there will be a spawn beacon for skeleton warriors. Destroy it to 
    lower the barrier and move on. There will be 6 pots in the next area. 
    X=poison	X=empty
    X=tribute	X=poison
    X=food	      	X=poison
    Continue forward, ignoring the locked gate on your left. At the end, turn right 
    and leave your beast on the beast switch and go towards the left path. Before 
    entering, as the path dips down, go right and break the pot for tribute. Now 
    continue back towards that gate and go through. Two shield throwing skeletons 
    are there along with a shade. Take them out and the back gate will lower. 
    This is the part that I (and I assume some other players) had trouble with for 
    a while. If you try to run and jump across normally, you won’t make it. If you 
    have made it across, then you are lucky. In order to get across you have to 
    run, jump, and do a knockback attack. Running and jumping gets you close enough 
    whereas the knockback attack makes you do a jump kick and will get you over. 
    One of the only real uses for this move in the game since you can knock enemies 
    off beasts just by jumping and slashing. 
    Anyway… after you get over, get the food if you need it and move down to where 
    the beast chests are. Follow the stairs down and on the right, there will be a 
    sacrifice switch. Kick the sorceress into it and it will lower a gate directly 
    opposite the platform you are on. There are two mana potions to your right. 
    Go up the newly opened gate and you will fight two shield throwing skeletons 
    and a sorceress. Take them out and the gate will lower. There are food crates, 
    on one both sides of this gate if you need them. Remember the gate I told you 
    to ignore? This gate is that gate. Go over and get your beast and go back 
    through this gate. On the level where the sacrifice switch is, on both sides 
    of the stairs leading to where you jumped over to, there are beast chests. 
    Break them open and head up. There are also two beast chests in this area. 
    Continue up the stairs and break down the wooden gate. A Demon Wing is here 
    waiting for you. Just attack it normally with the Lynth. If you are lucky, you 
    can kill it without any problems but most likely it will teleport away and you 
    will have to use the Golden Axe on the symbol above his head to finish it. If 
    you do not do it in time, he will regenerate. After that two shield throwing 
    skeletons will attack you. Take them out and a bunch of skeletons will attack. 
    Defeat them to lower the gate. Jump down and there will be two skeletons and 
    a set of mines, set up in a bowling pin formation. The easiest way to take out 
    the mines and kill the skeletons is to try to knock them into the mines. 
    Hopefully you will be far away and be able to kill them and get rid of the 
    mines blocking your path. 
    Jump down again. The right leads to a set of spikes and on your left there is a 
    statue switch. Use a brutal attack, (you time or slashes just right and the 
    sword will glow as you swing) and you can activate the switch. Head toward the 
    spikes and break the pot. As you walk back 6 gnomes will appear. Two green, 
    two blue, and two yellow. Head towards the activated switch and follow the 
    stairs up, jumping across the buildings. Mines will be surrounding the area 
    and a sorceress appears. Try to avoid the mines (by running and jumping into 
    this area) and kick the sorceress (or knock it into if you still have your 
    Lynth) into the sacrifice switch. This will not only open the gate into the 
    next area but give you invincibility as well. Although these bonuses don’t 
    usually affect your beasts, for some reason the Lynth seems to be invincible 
    as well so try to make sure your Lynth is still alive at this point.
    Enemies first come in waves of 6-7 skeleton warriors followed by another wave 
    of 3 skeleton warriors. A shielded ghost knight will appear then a shield 
    throwing skeleton with 3 skeletons will attack. Lastly a ghost captain will 
    appear. Take him out and the gate will open. Enter the gate to end the level. 
    27. City of the Dead – Queen’s Procession
    When you enter there will be two spawn pads. On the left is one for a Lynth and 
    on the right will be one for a Mirigore. I would suggest the Mirigore since 
    your enemies will have them and using the enrage ability helps you fight them 
    quicker. Break down the gate back into the main area where the city of the dead 
    level started. Two ghost knights and a ghost knight on a mirigore will attack. 
    After you take out the knight on the mirigore, another knight on a mirigore 
    will attack, along with two more ghost knights. After taking them all out, you 
    need to find the statue switch. However, it is hidden in a glowing statue. 
    Using the view from the start of the level : 
    X=Switch		X=Mine
    New gate		Teleporter 
    X=Empty		        X=Mine
    Destroy the statue with the switch in it, then activate the switch. Leave the 
    Mirigore (or get a fresh one) near the gate. Go back and get a Lynth now and 
    go through the new gate.  There are chests to the left and right of you when 
    you walk through the gate. Use stealth and go step on the switch. Leave the 
    Lynth on the switch . You have the option of just going forward or running 
    back and getting that Mirigore from before. Go forward, killing the 4 summoners 
    and the 6 shades (never more than 1 summoner and two shades at a time). Past 
    the next gate, 4 blue gnomes will run on the right of the building and 3 green 
    gnomes will be running on the left. When they are gone, go to the front where 
    the glowing statues are. Destroy them and 3 yellow gnomes appear. When they 
    leave, they will leave behind a dragon statue. Move forward down the path. Here 
    you will fight a Head Sorceress and 4 ghost pikemen (intervals of two). When 
    those enemies are gone 2 ghost captains will appear. There are 8 pots in this 
    area in this type of shape:
    X=mana 		X=food
    X=tribute 	X=tribute
    The four top ones all have tribute in them but there are also mines in them. 
    Go forward up the stairs to end the level.
    28. Queen of the Dead
    She has a normal parryable and evadable attack when you are hitting her up 
    close. If you start to go far away from her, she can summon a rock to hit you. 
    She also has a lightning spell where lightning falls around you. You can tell 
    by the glowing circles where these two will fall. She also summons shades to 
    fight. She can also create a clone. A few hits to the clone and it will vanish. 
    If you hit the real one enough the clone will also vanish. 
    She has a tendency to teleport into the ground and reappear in another spot. 
    If you damage the queen enough, she will teleport back to her throne to heal. 
    Quickly use your Golden Axe and destroy the two axe symbols that appear on the 
    columns near her throne. She’ll stop healing and come back down Just repeat 
    this and eventually she will fall.
    Remember to collect the 6 chests around her piece of the axe and collect it 
    to end the level.
    29. Fiend’s Path – Demon’s Lair
    Right when the level starts, walk towards the tree in the back left. There will 
    be a path that you can go through. This is for an optional dragon statue so if 
    you don’t need/want it, skip to the next paragraph. If you want the bonus, go 
    through this path. The two pots on the left closest to you have nothing. The 
    pot on the right has some tribute and the pot to the back left of the sacrifice 
    switch has tribute as well. When you reach the back, try to kick the summoner 
    (who summons red gnomes that explode and leave behind poison potions) into the 
    sacrifice switch. This will give you instant kills. When you gain this ability, 
    3 Demon Mace Knights will appear. The only difference between the Demon 
    versions of any of the Knights and regular knights is that when they die, they 
    leave behind red gnomes. After you take them out, 15 Tufurs will attack and 5 
    demon dogs after the tufurs all die. After that, return to the beginning. There 
    will be two chests, a food crate, a dragon statue, and three mana potions 
    waiting for you. After that, continue down the path.
    Move forward and you will see a summoner summon a red gnome. An easy way to 
    kill the gnomes is to slash at them as they run towards you. When the get 
    knocked back, they will blow up on their own. Kill the summoner to lower the 
    spikes. If you notice a glowing paper to your right up a hill (near the spikes) 
    there will be two green gnomes up there as well as a chest. As you move past 
    the gate, a demon dog and two red gnomes rush you. Spikes start to pop out of 
    the ground. Try not to stand on any of the triangle shaped markings on the 
    floor or you will get hit. Fighting these guys will be a little hard since you 
    can get hurt while moving around as well as the poison potions that are all 
    over the place. Do your best to avoid both. Keep hitting the demon dog and 
    eventually use the Golden Axe to put him down for good. When you take him down, 
    two summoners will appear. After that, two more demon dogs. When you take then 
    down, two green, one blue, and one yellow gnome appear.
    Ignore the wooden gate for now and continue forward. A swarm of Keshtun will 
    attack. One of them will be riding a mirigore. Try to take it and kill the 
    keshtun. The keshtun teleport around. They have evadable and parryable attacks. 
    They also use a green attack that you can evade or parry. Lastly, they use a 
    self buffing spell that helps allies. It reduces the damage that they take. 
    Their brutal counter is a quick attack. Now go back to the gate and break it 
    open. There are 4 chests in this area and also a bunch of mines. Either use 
    magic from a distance to set of the mines or use the mirigore’s tornado to set 
    them off. Claim the chests. Regardless of taking this side path to its end or 
    following the path from before, both will lead you to the end of this level.
    30. Fiend’s Path – Sacrifice Bridge
    Go forward and 4 Keshtun and two Keshtun on Lynths will attack. Try to steal a 
    Lynth and kill them all.  Move forward towards the 4 statues. To the right of 
    the statues are two platforms. One contains two food crates and a beast chest 
    and the other contains two beast chests. I would suggest breaking open the 
    chests if you still have a Lynth and save the food unless you are hurt bad from 
    the Keshtun. Break them one at a time as each one spawns a demon knight and a 
    red gnome. The top right spawns a Shielded Demon Mace knight. The top left 
    spawns a Shielded Demon Knight. Bottom left spawns a Demon Captain. The bottom 
    right spawns a Demon pikeman. 
    After defeating them all, 2 green gnomes and 2 blue gnomes appear. Go through 
    the next tree and a yellow gnome will appear. However, be careful as red gnomes 
    are storming down the hill. Go up the hill and approach the stairs. If you 
    need health, there are food crates on both sides of the stairs. Otherwise 
    proceed up the stairs, dodging red gnomes along the way. A Keshtun will be 
    riding a Mirigore. Steal the Mirigore, as it will make everything easier. There 
    are also two demon dogs up here. Become enraged and take them out easily. Also 
    a demon captain will appear on a mirigore with two Keshtun. While enraged, 
    beat them up. Afterwards all three switches will light up for usage. Step on 
    the one in the top left corner (from the viewpoint of the stairs) as the other 
    two will set off mines on you if you step on them. Go down the stairs and go to 
    the newly opened path. There will be a Mirigore spawning pad here. There are 
    also a bunch of shiny spikes in this area. Just try to stay on the Mirigore 
    near these spikes and attack. Any attack should knock any enemies that appear 
    into them and kill them instantly. If they steal the Mirigore that you had 
    earlier (if you stole it), go to the pad and get a new one. There are Keshtun 
    and Tufur in this area. When you have killed enough of them, the bridge will 
    drop, allowing you to move forward and end the level. 
    31. Fiend’s Path – Cloisters of Sorrow
    When you land, there are three food crates behind you. When you move forward, 
    two demon knights on a mirigore and lynth and a Demon Mace Knight will appear. 
    Enrage and engage them. After you take them out, near the left part of the 
    bridge, there will be a chest. When you move forward, the spikes around the 
    demon dog and mana potion will drop. The next spiked cell has a summoner, a 
    demon dog, and two chests. The last one has two demon dogs and two food 
    crates. Move forward and a wave of red gnomes will appear. You can tornado 
    them if you want. After they die a wave of Keshtuns will appear. Take them out 
    and go through the gate. A green and blue gnome will appear, being chased by 
    4 red gnomes. When the four red gnomes are gone, a Demon Wing and a summoner 
    will appear. Don’t bother with the Demon Wing. Once you take out the summoner 
    the demon wing will vanish. In the next area, there will be 4 summoners. Try 
    to kick them all into spiked swords before they summon a demon wing. If they 
    do, just go around killing them, ignoring the demon wing. There will be a chest 
    near both statues. Get them and go to the newly opened path to end the level.
    32. Fiend’s Pet
    This level is one of the easiest levels and also one of the best ways to earn 
    tribute, regardless of difficulty level. As long as you can stay mounted on 
    the new beast and keep him well fed, you can make it to the end without a 
    sweat. The trick is to delay eating your enemies for as long as possible, 
    while moving forward. Also, impaling enemies that you can eat to quench the 
    bloodlust with enemies that don’t help negates anything that those enemies 
    will do to you. You can replay this in challenge mode to earn tribute to 
    unlock swords. On average, you should earn at least 400,000 as long as you 
    make sure to get all the multipliers. 
    Start off by walking towards the Megabrax that has appeared. She will turn her 
    head towards you and charge. Start running towards the wall and the second 
    that the beast is about to hit you, run to the left. She will collide and 
    stun herself. Mount her and hopefully this will be the only time that you 
    will have to do this. If you get thrown off later, its harder to get back on 
    since there will be bad guys as well as the Megabrax (or Meg as the game 
    refers to her) trying to eat you. While mounting her, try to mount her around 
    her arms, somewhere above the legs as the game has problems recognizing other 
    areas when you try to mount. Anyway, dash towards and across the bridge, 
    running through the chest to open them. When you get to the Abrax, Roar and 
    then use a tail attack to eat it. When the barrier comes down, use your tail 
    attack to impale the Shielded Demon Knight, Keshtun, and Demon Dog. Rush 
    towards the barrier and eat the enemies. Run through the gate and continue 
    forward. Impale all four soldiers on your tail and go to the next barrier. Eat 
    them there. A swarm of Keshtun and two of them on Abraxs will appear. Try to 
    run over at least one of the Abraxs. That way you can reach the dismemberment 
    goal of 1 (you can check the status in the pause menu). Use your tail attack 
    on the rest and eat them all to lower the barrier. Smash through the gate.
    Move forward and three demon dogs, two shielded demon mace knights and two 
    shielded demon knights will run towards you. Impale them all on your tail. 
    Turn back towards the gate you just came through and take a few steps in that 
    direction. Eat the enemies on your tail then do a roar. This will stun 
    everyone that appears. Use the eat button to eat the two stunned Lynths. 
    Then just use your tail attack on the two demon wings and the keshtuns. By 
    attacking the demon wings with your tail, you avoid having to use the Golden 
    Axe to finish them off and you also have a high chance of impaling all the 
    keshtuns on your tail. Move forward to the next gate and then get the 
    keshtuns, breaking through the gate when the barrier comes down. Move forward 
    and a Demon Captain, two shielded demon mace knights, and two shielded demon 
    knights on krommaths appear. Use your roar attack. Afterwards, try to impale 
    all the knights. Try to eat the second krommath after you have all the knights 
    on your tail. After eating the second krommath, eat the knights then move 
    forward. A bunch of yellow gnomes will be running around. Use your roar to try 
    to hit them all. Afterwards, when the gnome music is gone, walk to the right a 
    little and roar. Although there might not be any units when you start roaring, 
    by the time you are done, all the units will have appeared and will be stunned. 
    There will be 4 demon captains, 3 of which will be on mirigores. By roaring 
    before they appear, it allows you to quickly eat a mirigore before Meg throws 
    you off her. Impale and eat the captains and the level will end. 
    33. The Last Titan
    There are four mana potions right behind you. As you move forward, a swarm 
    of Keshtun will appear. Take them out to advance. In the next area there 
    are more Keshtun and a Shielded Demon Knight. Two demon dogs appear when you 
    take them out. There is also a mana potion and two food crates nearby if you 
    need it. Walk towards the dragon and there will be two food crates before the 
    boss fight. Pass through the gate to start it up. 
    You will be fighting two bosses at the same time, a firstborn and a secondborn. 
    The strategy for fighting them both is the same as before except there are no 
    other enemies that get summoned and chase after you. Also, you have to pay 
    attention to the other boss while attacking to make sure you don’t get hit. 
    In order to damage them, you need to kill the two keshtuns in the front that 
    are attacking the dragon. The dragon will then spit out fire, lighting the 
    towers (that you can’t light with magic so don’t bother.) Quickly beat the 
    bosses up and kick them into the towers before the fire goes out and the 
    keshtuns reappear. Repeat this until both bosses are dead.
    There is a health relic in the bottom right corner. You can use it to heal back 
    to full health each time you use it. However, you are only allowed to use it 
    for each pair of keshtuns that arrive. That means if you first enter the area, 
    kill the keshtuns, and use the heal, spikes will pop up around the heal. Until 
    the next keshtuns appear to attack the dragon, you can’t access the heal.
    The bottom left corner has 4 mana potions and the top two corners each have 3 
    This battle isn’t that hard, especially with the heal in the corner. If 
    anything, its just a longer version of the first two boss fights. Try to 
    collect all the chests in the area before killing the bosses. Otherwise you’ll 
    lose them.
    34. Death = Adder
    All hail the mighty Golden Axe! With the completed axe, normal enemies can’t 
    even approach you without exploding. There are 6 mana potions in the area. 
    Two right behind you where you start, one to the left and one to the right 
    of where you are when you pass that tunnel. Also there are two more, one on 
    each side. Ignore throwing the Golden Axe as all the targets will just 
    explode without any action from you. Follow the path all the way down till 
    the boss battle with Death Adder begins. 
    There are chests in the alcoves of this arena. However, be careful if you 
    want to collect them because if you stray too far, Death Adder fires 
    multiple fireballs at you. Also, keep in mind that this is a two form boss. 
    Don’t go wasting all your dragon statues on the first form if you are 
    having trouble. 
    This fight should not be that bad as long as you close the distance between 
    yourself and Adder. The Golden Axe drains Adder’s health as it hits him and 
    you gain health back. He attacks with a parryable and evadable. He also has 
    a move where he spins around while charging up green particles before he 
    stabs the ground, releasing them. Move away from him when you start to see 
    him charging. 
    When you get his health down to around the halfway point (maybe a little less), 
    he steals the axe from your hand. He still has the same attacks but you don’t 
    have your healing powers anymore. Keep damaging him and eventually the axe will 
    fly from his hand into one of the near by torches. Kick him towards the axe 
    and he will take damage. Repeat this a few times and eventually you will have 
    taken down his first form. 
    You once again face off with Adder with the Axe. He has almost the same 
    attacks as before except his charging move releases two waves around him 
    instead of one now. Also, he fires different types of fireballs (rarely) in 
    addition to the other ones he fired. He also has a red attack where he 
    grabs you and throws you.
    Anyway, when you attack him enough, he will head to the center of the arena 
    to regenerate. Attack the Axe symbols with the axe to stop it. Rush up to 
    him and slash. Eventually you will be able to ride him for a brief amount of 
    time. Steer him towards the columns that have glowing snake heads on them. 
    When you reach one, attack it. If you are fast enough, you should be able to 
    attack two of these heads. He will then throw you off, climb into one of the 
    snake heads, and fire fireballs at you before coming out another head. Parry 
    the fireballs and repeat these steps. After a while he should fall.
    Congrats. You have completed the game and paved the way for… peace?
    Nope, only a sequel.
    35. Weapons
    Most of these weapons abilities are self explanatory. Just read the game’s 
    description of the sword to figure out what it does. For the ones that are 
    unclear, I will give an additional description. 
    Axirian Blade – The common sword of an Axirian warrior.
    Default sword, has no bonuses 
    Diyar Sword – A deceptively light blade, suitable for traversing the Highlands. 
    Multiplies damage dealt by 10%.
    Wastelands Blade – It is said that this carved blade was drawn from the bones 
    of the Great Turtle. Multiplies damage dealt by 20%
    Fiend Slayer – Forged with the breath of the great Dragon Titan himself. 
    Multiplies damage dealt by 30%.
    Battler’s Blade – The weapon of legendary swordsman Tarik, the Axe Battler. 
    Amazing power with a price… enemies will die in one hit, but so will you.
    Wraithsbane – Stolen from the body of an undead solder. Damage dealt is 
    enhanced by your current Titian Bonus value.
    Long Beach Special – The classic blade returns from yester-year to once 
    again defeat Death Adder. Tyris and her beast replenish health over time. 
    Mauler’s Mace – The Bitter Knights have crushed many skulls with this 
    nasty bludgeon. Damage dealt multiplies by 50%, but magic costs double! 
    Tyris can also break beast objects. 
    Unholy Steel – Render of choice for Death Adder’s Demon Knights. The damage 
    dealt by Tyris increases as her own death approaches. 
    Death=Reaver – Death Adder’s blade still drips with the blood of the slain 
    Titans. Great damage on Brutal Attacks, but has a hidden cost.
    From what I can tell, the “hidden cost” is that gnomes will appear randomly 
    when you kill enemies. I tried going through some levels with the sword 
    and gnomes appear in places that they never have after killing enemies 
    (even if there are still other enemies around)
    Legendary Golden Axe - ??????
    (Still trying to get it. Will try to get it within the next few days to let 
    you know what it does)
    36. Disclaimers
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    Copyright 2008 Henry Huang

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