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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/31/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     HH   HH  EEEEEEE     A     VV   VV  YY  YY   RRRRRR     A     IIII  NN    NN
     HH   HH  EEEEEEE    AAA    VV   VV  YY  YY   RR   RR   AAA    IIII  NN    NN
     HH   HH  EE        AA AA   VV   VV  YY  YY   RR   RR  AA AA    II   NNN   NN
     HH   HH  EE       AA   AA  VV   VV  YY  YY   RR   RR AA   AA   II   NNNN  NN
     HH   HH  EE       AAAAAAA  VV   VV    YY     RR   RR AAAAAAA   II   NN  NNNN
     HH   HH  EE       AA   AA   VV VV     YY     RR   RR AA   AA   II   NN   NNN
     HH   HH  EEEEEEE  AA   AA    VVV      YY     RR   RR AA   AA  IIII  NN    NN
     HH   HH  EEEEEEE  AA   AA     V       YY     RR   RR AA   AA  IIII  NN    NN
    				*Heavy Rain*
    * Game:	        Heavy Rain                *
    * Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
    * For:		XBox 360, PC              *
    * Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
    * Email:	lunatic_252000@yahoo.com  *
    * Web:		www.herostrike.com        *
    * Twitter:      TheGum25                  *
    Version 1.0 - completed the guide which covers fully at least all bronze
    	trophies, as well as covering the "Four Heroes" trophy
    Version 1.2 - fixed up some things and added some bits from readers
    Table Of Contents
    Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 
    	Section:		Code:
    1. A Brief Foreword
    2. Controls			( CON2222 )
    3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
    4. The Guide			( FAQ4444 )
    	*Spoiler Warning: My job is to tell you what
    	happens. If you think otherwise, you're in the 
    	wrong place. But I do try to to keep your
    	experience pure if you read and play first try.
    	Prologue			( AA11 )
    	Ethan Mars			( AA12 )
    	Scott Shelby			( AA13 )
    	Norman Jayden			( AA14 )
    	The Park			( AA15 )
    	The Station			( AA16 )
    	Right Place, Right Time		( AA17 )
    	Madison Paige			( AA18 )
    	The Box				( AA19 )
    	The Sword and the Cross		( AA20 )
    	Suicide Blues			( AA21 )
    	The Bear			( AA22 )
    	The Nurse			( AA23 )
    	The Chase			( AA24 )
    	Party Animal			( AA25 )
    	The Butterfly			( AA26 )
    	The Lizard			( AA27 )
    	Fugitive			( AA28 )
    	Under Arrest			( AA29 )
    	Jayden Blues			( AA30 )
    	Manfred				( AA31 )
    	The Shark			( AA32 )
    	Doctor's House			( AA33 )
    	Mad Jack			( AA34 )
    	Getting Warmer			( AA35 )
    	The Stripper			( AA36 )
    	Confrontation			( AA37 )
    	Heavy Love			( AA38 )
    	Bring the Pain			( AA39 )
    	Ann Sheppard			( AA40 )
    	The Rat				( AA41 )
    	Jayden's Puzzle			( AA42 )
    	Cornered			( AA43 )
    	The Warehouse			( AA44 )
    5. Endings			( END5555 )
    6. Trophies			( TROPH66 )
    7. Author Info / Copyright
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    Heavy Rain is a game about being a nearly completely interactive drama. You
    may think "why not just film a live action movie rather than make them
    virtual", but there are so many different endings to see that make this
    game far more than just a simple play-by-numbers interactive movie (which
    is what people are fearing the worst of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII). 
    But while trying to be like a popcorn thriller, game, and imitate life with a
    variety of choices, this title falls short of one area: the gaming. Technically
    it is a game, you do push buttons, but you could also buy all the scenes and
    outcomes on a DVD and hit play for a similar effect. 
    It boils down to three concepts: cutscenes/graphics, gameplay, and interaction.
    And here is where I think a few recent/upcoming titles strongly showcase a
    few of these concepts:
    Interaction - Heavy Rain
    Cutscenes - FFXIII
    Gameplay - Mass Effect 2 (the level design is what people harp on, but 
    	perfect gameplay like World of Warcraft and RE4 don't feature chat
    	or choices)
    *NOTE: I know I'm leaving out "chat" as a concept, but when I replay ME2 
    the chatting is only a way to increase paragon or renegade, while Heavy Rain
    allows all choices to be open at all times - you're just not talking to 
    someone all the time.*
    Someone could say Heavy Rain fails at gaming, some will probably say FFXIII 
    will be too linear and too much like a movie, and choices in ME2 don't really
    affect the story until the final act with the truly different endings being
    Games that offer no choices from here on may be looked at as "classic" or 
    boring kinds of games. Games that are too heavy on cutscenes will be seen as 
    movies with buttons. And a state of perfect gaming will be meaningless without
    a great story to draw us in (Crackdown 1 comes to mind).
    Heavy Rain succeeds at showing that interaction, choices with impact, and 
    wildly different endings are very much possible in games. And that they can 
    make a game with poor gameplay still very much enjoyable.
    If interactivity with the unfolding story in games becomes a gold standard for
    greatness, we'll have Heavy Rain to thank.
    * 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *
    R2 - Walk forward
    LS - Look/change direction
    RS - Main "use" control
    START - pause the game at any time but the loading screens
    SELECT - look at control help at any time
    Really that's all you need to know. 
    The game is half investigation of items and half QTE's (quick time events).
    Investigation is just you finding the places you are supposed to find.
    QTE's are the chase, fight, and action moments.
    * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *
    #1. Never let go of the controller unless the game is paused.
    #2. Walk by holding R2, but you don't need to hold the stick in the direction
    you are walking. Though, the game does seem to be very keen on when you do and
    the camera changes. Think of walking as a kinda rail that you can alter.
    #3. Know how to change camera angles (L1).
    #4. Subtle motions and slow taps are fine. Just like the Wii, you don't need to
    flail the Dualshock around or mash X a million times (though you may want to
    for some of the more dramatic events). For the motions, it's all in the wrists,
    your elbows don't need to move.
    #5. For trophies, you can replay scenes from the main menu, rather than start
    a brand new game. Just keep in mind you can only have three games saved. Like
    if you do good but fail at the warehouse, just finish on your messed up game
    and then reload from before the warehouse for a completely new set of endings.
    #6. Always take a second, a full second, to identify the action on the screen,
    then execute. Only a few choice actions (possibly helped by shotty camera
    placement) require faster reaction. I'm saying that it's always bad to go with
    your first instinct when you see an action on screen.
    #7. You may have to press five buttons down at the same time, and not in an
    easy order of progression always.
    #8. Almost anything you consider a mistake can usually be corrected in a 
    "second chance" sequence not long after. So just play on, there is not one 
    correct way to complete this game.
    #9. Let go of the stick after completing a motion or action. Just to help in
    the next action.
    #10. Press SELECT to help learn the control motions.
    * 4. The FAQ  ( FAQ4444 )                                                     *
    I played the game on "hard" first, didn't take notes, and made this guide while
    on normal.
    As far as the difficulty, I really couldn't tell a difference. Maybe a few of
    the combo presses are shorter, maybe your window to press is wider, or maybe
    your fails don't hurt so much.
    But there are no trophies for difficulty, so feel free to go easy, no one
    Prologue		( AA11 )
    Before the game, you may want this game a little darker than usual. And 
    dispite what the "difficulty" is asking you, just go normal for your first
    game (the middle option).
    Get up and feel free to do a little walking and exploring, but the first thing
    you must do is take a shower. Then brush, shave, and look at the mirror. Then
    go back to your room for clothes.
    Head downstairs and head for the upper right, past the stereo and into your
    studio where you can practice some of the more taxing commands on the drawing.
    Just keep using your tools until you can no longer draw, then get up and wait
    for the family to show, maybe by walking toward the kitchen.
    Help her set the bags down, then go to the left of the table for the plates.
    Setting them down slowly is not hard until the fourth one, so careful. Then go
    to the backyard. Spin one and use the balance motion to do a lap around the 
    yard. First game I let the kid beat me, then I owned him second game! And 
    finally, go upstairs to get Shaun. 
    Follow Jason up to the clown. You must use all four pockets to pay him, then
    go up the right wall. Down the escalator, run to the  back, run to the car,
    and then run to the street. Should be a command to look up if you get lost.
    Ethan Mars		( AA12 )
    Look at the chalkboard to see the schedule:
    4:30 Snack
    6:00 Homework
    7:00 Dinner
    8:00 Bed
    What a tool. Check the clocks on the walls and adhere to the schedule. Be sure
    to talk to Shaun first, and the snack is as soon as you get home.
    4:30 Fruit from countertop
    6:00 Make him do his homework at table
    7:00 Make him some pizza, and we cook our food (1 fucking slice! with a fork!
    and who leaves exposed food in their fridge?! just gave that kid mold)
    8:00 Bed, but you can let him stay up a good bit longer, for whatever reason,
    and get him his bear from the laundry room
    And feel free to explore the house in between. Especially locating the bear to
    the left of the kitchen for when you put him to bed. Do all of this some time
    shortly after the set times and you will get the trophy. The time between 
    snack and homework is you best chance to explore and talk, especially locating
    the letter by the door.
    There is a touching bit in your studio upstairs, which is best to see before
    sending him to bed or while Shaun is in the bathroom.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Happy Birthday - drawing, set table, and played
    Interactive Drama - automatic
    Good Father - followed schedule + made him happy
    Scott Shelby		( AA13 )
    Talk to the guy and then pay him off with a Lincoln. Last door on the left,
    knock and hold the door open to get in the first time. Feel free to put money
    on the table, then approach her. Go Compassion, convince, and trick to get her
    to talk. Choosing Buy is a bad choice.
    Save yourself from the asthma attack, then follow the guy back into Lauren's 
    room. Now you get your first "don't blink" segments that goes on for almost
    a good minute. Fails don't count against you so much, but you do want to hit
    as many correctly as you can.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    White Knight - save Lauren
    Private Eye - get her to talk before the fight
    Norman Jayden		( AA14 )
    Head into the field and talk with Blake to the left as you enter. Walk and 
    talk with him, then put back on ARI. 
    Now you must find all of the following critical clues:
    (4) on the body near where you met Blake, with the name being the fourth
    (4) Blood down the train tracks, pollen between body and tracks, footprints
    	downthe tracks on the side, and blood on the fence near the hill.
    (2) Up the hill by the highway
    You know you find all 10 when he says so.
    Climbing the hill is 3 sets of four buttons to hold, two at a time. The trick
    is that you only need to hold down two at any given time and time to failure
    starts with the filling of button you are holding - basically, this is a timed
    Returning down the hill is just a few buttons that may vary, so pay attention
    if you played before. Feel free to remove ARI.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    FBI Investigator - find all 10 critical clues
    The Park		( AA15 )
    Inkblots and answer three questions.
    In the park, you have four games to play (at least do two):
    Boomerang in backpack (don't miss the catch)
    And buy the kid some candy. Then get him on the carousel to end the segment.
    Well, don't miss the truck... I mean DO miss the truck.
    Run to the carousel and pick up the backpack. Then walk out.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Good Friend - 2 games and candy
    The Station		( AA16 )
    Feel free to bust out the shades for some bounce-the-ball, seriously.
    Follow the chief and tie his tie. The trick is to hold the first two buttons
    the entire time. And the press conference is entirely optional.
    Feel free to talk to Blake and the secretary. In your office move the desk and
    have a seat. Put on ARI and go with one of four backdrops.
    Tire Tracks - Analyse
    Origami Figure - Geo.
    Orchid - both
    Modus Operandi - kinda pointless
    Victims - everything you can
    Then close it out.
    Norman goes on a trip. Reach the door and CAREFUL go not choose the Take It
    option. Just exit, hold the two buttons to stop shaking, and enter the left 
    door nearby.
    If you take the drug, you'll miss out on a good bit upcoming. Jayden won't be
    It goes:
    4:15 PM
    Beige Coat
    Green Pants
    From there it's whatever you think sounds best.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Got to Remember! - correct choices about the park
    Hassan's Shop		( AA17 )
    Talk with the clerk, then go to the back corner.
    Returning is with one option, the aisle by the window.
    HOWEVER, for a trophy you may want to fail at catching the box that drops so
    you can negotiate. Otherwise just catch it, slowly put it back, and slowly
    approach so you can bash the guy as soon as you see the command on screen.
    But failing allows you the chance to talk. Just choose to calm him down,
    tell him your name, reason with him, and ask him to lower his weapon. 
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Negotiator - get the robber to flee
    Madison Paige			( AA18 )
    Straight to the shower! You think I'm kidding? And no, don't touch that stick,
    seriously, pressing down turns off the water. I'm a free woman, if I want to 
    walk around the house naked then that's my business!
    Anyway, you can do a bit of stuff around here, but after being away from the
    fridge for a bit you will have to go to it to close the door. From there, the
    event should be in place, then try for the door.
    Really not much I can add other than don't suck. Do watch for the string of
    buttons near the bed if you go that way.
    The Box			( AA19 )
    Read the letter and then you must reach your car. Thing is, there are a ton of
    paps outside. The best solution is to go out the backdoor, hop the fence, and 
    take the alley to your car for the clean getaway.
    Move up and do the combo press to hit the dream state. The trophy requires you
    to knock over 50 bodies. You pretty much need to bolt for the lower corners and
    just run into people. And unless you are counting it's impossible to know if
    you should restart or not. It's not nearly as hard as you may think - thought I
    didn't get it but I did.
    After, just go down the middle of the locker room, go left at the end, and the
    18's are on the corner. Move down a bit while touching the 18 wall and you'll
    eventually see the option to pick up or down - choose up.
    Just open up the bear origami after you open the box, then load the chip into
    the phone, and finally put the box under the bed.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    VIP - leave your house unseen
    Agoraphobia - knock over 50 bodies while in the nightmare state
    Lucky Locker - Find the right locker first try
    The Cross			( AA20 )
    You can press TRI to move the slides if you want. For the chats, choose the 
    calm or aggressive ones throughout, but it doesn't matter.
    *SPOILER: I feel it's safe to put a spoiler tag here because either way you
    resolve it you get a trophy, and it's non-critical, so it doesn't really
    matter to the story. So it's your choice if you want to read the section.*
    At the apartment, just walk around as you wish. When you meet Nathaniel, 
    just don't choose the Arrest option. 
    When he draws his piece, just choose the calm options if you want to resolve 
    this with him alive. 
    But you can easily and at many times choose to pull the trigger.
    Blake will not die. And FYI, you can input no actions and the scene will
    resolve. Jayden is in no danger either, being over 50% of the game left to go.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Blunder - shoot Nathaniel
    Self Control - don't
    Suicide Blues			( AA21 )
    You can check the front door, but you enter through the back. Read the note and
    go save her in the bathroom in her bedroom. Place her on the bed and then 
    return to the bathroom for supplies in the right side cabinet. Then treat the
    Now you must care for Emily in this order:
    Clean hands in kitchen sink (maybe the bathroom sink too)
    Change her diaper (hold first button for entire first half, then use other hand
    	if needed for the triple combo press)
    Get her bottle warm in the kitchen
    Feed her (hold up and let go when blinking)
    Burp her (tap a button)
    Rock her to sleep (four swings, and the key is to let go as you complete a
    	motion, else you'll be screwed for the next most likely)
    Place her down, slowly
    The feeding and putting down parts require extreme caution. And for the trophy
    you want to have zero error during this. Yes, even small fails like on burping
    her do count.
    When Emily is calm, return to Lauren, sit on her bed if you like, and then go
    grab the phone from the drawer near Emily as you leave.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Baby Master - zero fails while caring for Emily
    The Bear		( AA22 )
    Talk to the guy repairing the car, then pick up the key from the booth so you
    can take the elevator down. Your car is the last on the left. Check the three
    spots for the GPS.
    Now you don't have to do this trial. There are five in total and Ethan only 
    needs three. But this is not one you want to miss.
    Tilt twice and balance (??? I don't really get it either)
    Tilt AWAY from cop car
    And the "crashing" presses seem to be just filler, as I've heard many have
    failed those and still got the trophy.
    Somewhere in there is a tilt when the cop car shows up. I hear that there is a
    timing issue, maybe after a full second, because you must avoid the cop and 
    not crash into the wall. I don't know, I did it right but people keep saying 
    that part is trouble.
    Anyway, after the crash you just follow the upside-down prompts, I think choose
    left when exiting, and that's that.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Kamikaze - don't mess up on the road (will require probably all your scheduled
    	playthroughs and then some to register)
    Good Driver - complete the Bear
    The Nurse			( AA23 )
    You can watch TV and book a room. Taking any stairs but the right side ones 
    will have you run into Ethan, and using the right stairs still forces you to
    help him.
    Help him into his room and the bed, then go into the bathroom for medicine. 
    Grab the disinfectant up top, then go treat him. Three slow presses, and again
    be sure to let go as you complete one. Then grab him the painkillers (down)
    and give them to him. Be sure not to fail at giving him the right stuff and
    not failing at the cut. Otherwise Madison's role here will be done.
    If you get the shower bit, you can peek and respond with X a few times, but
    you can also snoop around. When he's almost done that means you should sit
    in the chair and wait or whatever (don't want to be in his jacket as he comes
    As Ethan, pick up the box from under the bed and that's it.
    The Chase			( AA24 )
    Very simple here, don't fail so much.
    Beyond that, watch for the taps of multiple buttons at the frozen fish, and 
    be ready to fight off a chicken.
    In the freezer, move to the back and follow just a few buttons to win.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Cat and Mouse - beat Korda
    Party Animal			( AA25 )
    In what is one of the worst ideas for someone who is tired, watch him toss and
    turn in his bed. Thankfully, no shower scene for Scott. 
    After looking around a bit, answer the door. Take her coat and offer some a
    drink - you know, like you do in real life because we're all naturally so 
    polite. Glass is in the lower cabinet.
    At the mansion, walk in and then go left to find both a girl and some guards
    that know Gordi is upstairs. Then go speak with Lauren and let her act as a 
    decoy - she's on a couch nearby.
    She'll do her thang, so go around and up the stairs. Through the door is 
    Gordi Jr. so talk to him. The fight is much harder than you think because it
    only takes a few fails and you're done.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Tough Guy - beat up Gordi's thugs
    The Butterfly			( AA26 )
    Head left down the street and find the hole in the fence. Head up to the corner
    of the wall to find the door. Open the hatch and climb on in.
    Move up to the glass and from there just use the slowest speed you can, which
    should be a decent pace, and proceed without much harm. At the fork, use the
    match to tell the direction of the wind. It should go: right, left, left, and
    right. You should still check the wind at intersections.
    Slide down to the final test here. 
    You have the option to leave through the door, and that is a trophy. And you
    only need 3 trials for Ethan at the least.
    Doing the trial is fairly easy. There are five columns, four rows, and each
    point is a box. The map goes like this:
    	      *loot           aka, sad video of a drowning kid
    	 __ __ __ __ __ 
    	|  |  |^ |  |  |
    	 __ __ __ __ __
    	|  |  |^ |  |  |
    	 __ __ __ __ __
    	|  |  |^ |< |  |
    	 __ __ __ __ __
    	|  |  |  |^ |  |
    	 __ __ __ __ __
    	          0<}->        you if you were an archer start here
    And of course they change the presses with each difficulty, but even on medium
    there is a five press with TRI, SQU, and X and it is hard to do without prior
    knowledge. Luckily you have about three or four fails until you die. And if you
    must just exit, reload, and take the door.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Coward! - use the door to exit the trial
    Electrified - complete the trial
    More Nurse
    Pick him up and place on bed, remove clothes, and go get supplies from 
    bathroom. Go ointment, disinfectant, anti-fever, and then bandages.
    Chat it up and back to the box.
    Pretty simple, stop Blake from beating the doc to get a trophy. Or press NOT 
    A SINGLE button once he's beating him up for another trophy.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Good Cop - stop Blake
    Bad Cop - let him have at it (don't press anything)
    Golf Weather
    Three swings and you're done.
    The Lizard			( AA27 )
    Notice the porcelin lizards, and the second one you can shake and then toss
    for the key. Use it on the door.
    Touch the screen to get the five minute timer going.
    You have many ways to do this, but with the two trophies in mind let's do this
    in only a few ways. First, let's just find the objects in question:
    Butcher: (either, and feel free to use a healing item too)
    Saw - right of table
    Scissors - in bathroom sink
    Gold Finger: (one cutter and one "healing" item)
    Pliers - behind table by TV
    Axe - floor near TV
    Knife - sticking in wall in kitchen
    Disinfectant - in bathroom cabinet
    Burn - use the metal bar left of the table and heat it up at stove in kitchen
    Place all objects that you want to use on the table. Sit down, use a cutting
    tool, then feel free to patch yourself up a little if you want.
    When you go through with it, breathe once and then tell yourself to do it. It
    most likely takes two cuts, and after be sure to use one of your healing items
    if you want. 
    The reward is under the table.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Gold Finger - use the axe, knife, or pliers, and burn or disinfect the wound
    Butcher - use saw or scissors
    Fugitive			( AA28 )
    Do everything with urgency.
    Leaving Building:
    Get off the bike
    Enter the building to the right
    Right of couch, start pulling down boards
    Then go grab the red box in front of the couch and start pushing it
    Climb up and slide over window
    Then help Ethan up
    Entering Station:
    Move up to street
    Move up and left to navigate cars
    Take your time on the turns
    Take steps
    Boarding Subway:
    Go to the right side turnstyles (I haven't tried the middle or left ones, but
    	these ones work)
    Real simple, just move to the left, hop down, quickly cross the tracks, pull
    	him up, and that's it
    The mistake is trying to stay on your side of the tracks to start. And that's
    honestly the only hard part about this, realizing you can cross the tracks.
    Of course getting caught is a trophy too, and slightly changes the order of 
    events to follow.
    Assuming you evaded capture, just open up the box for the fourth origami.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Hands Up! - get caught
    Fugitive - board the subway
    Under Arrest			( AA29 )
    *NOTE: Ha ha, I didn't take notes in my first game, so I don't remember the
    exact order of events in this segment, but I did do it.
    *This happens now if you were caught in the previous segment. If you were not,
    then read on.
    Nothing you can do to stop the beating. But you can cry to the chief in his 
    office nearby. I think you have to end up in your office.
    I believe the segment "Jayden Blues" will kick in now, so read that and jump
    back here.
    Now we are trying to get Ethan out. In the room behind the glass, turn off the 
    camera, either before or after telling the guard with Ethan to leave. The keys
    to Ethan's cuffs are on one of the desks on the left, from the side going to 
    the interrogation room, and it's like the second one. Then you simply find a 
    police poncho from outside the chief's office or maybe the one in the camera
    *My biggest question is what happens if you do not turn the camera off? My gut
    says nothing, but I have seen a few topics about it online, none of which seem
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Wise Guy - turn off the camera before helping Ethan escape
    Jayden Blues			( AA30 )
    *This segment happens eventually, but will happen after the subway escape if
    you didn't get caught. It will happen DURING the police station bit if Ethan
    is in custody.
    You start with a short piano sequence, and it's not that hard to fail. Just 
    remember to hit them in order and not to rush yourself too quickly.
    Open up them clues and analyse the new video. Then a new clue pops up, so 
    analyse that. Which brings up a third clue, so analyse the ID to finish close
    You will either be in your office or a hotel room. You'll be in the office if
    Ethan was caught and is still at the station, and hotel if he's still at large.
    I forget what happened, but I believe you can just choose an option not to 
    take it.
    Shake yourself up, wake around the bed, pick it up, choose "Throw Away", and
    then flush it down the toilet. 
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Ludwig Von - don't miss a note
    Detox - if you do not take the triptocaine
    Manfred			( AA31 )
    He's toward the back, sitting in chair on the right. The phone will ring so 
    answer it. Then go have a drink and pull out the letter for him. Get him his
    magnifying glass by the phone, and ask him about all of his options. And after
    a short bit, go check on the old man.
    Now is the fun part of what to clean:
    Phone in back
    Phone up front
    Magnifying glass
    Drinking glasses and bottle
    Front door
    *and the bathroom or anything else you may have done on accident
    Then choose the leave option and you should be good.
    Missing anything lands you at the station, but you do get out, the only problem
    is you miss out on a possible trophy.
    But this next bit kicks in eventually.
    A few chats, a few swerves, then some thinking twice before getting out of the 
    car to get her back.
    *I do wonder if missing these swerves means anything.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    none, but preserving "Perfect Crime"
    The Shark			( AA32 )
    Knock twice, then hold down four buttons to pull the gun within the time frame.
    The "chase" sequence is just about 12 or so presses and turns, not hard at all,
    just maybe hard to see them onscreen.
    Once in the child's room, you have the choice to make. FYI, R1 is to shoot, 
    it's like the shoot button the whole game.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    I'm a Killer.... - shoot him
    I'm Not a Killer! - don't
    Doctor's House			( AA33 )
    Don't drink it. Come on, do I really need to tell you that? Just watch for
    when he asks "You're not drinking?" and which button is "No".
    Get up and enter the left room, SLOWLY! The crucial clue is on the desk to the 
    left of the bed. Then leave, SLOWLY!
    The BEST option is to GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! But you will miss one trophy.
    So if you want it, wander around, like to down the hallway.
    The best way to ensure survival is to leave once you found the Blue Lagoon
    Let's Play Doctor
    I believe one of your feet will come untied, then you can move the saw around 
    with your feet and cut the ropes.
    Then he will return and you enter another long series of actions to fend him
    off. You can fail some, but not a lot more.
    Yes, Madison can die here, obviously.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Smart Girl - don't drink
    Queen of Ropes - get caught, but escape the restraints before he returns, and
    	also live (that's kinda important too)
    Mad Jack			( AA34 )
    Either go speak to him in the crane or enter the garage.
    After speaking, whip out ARI and start looking for clues:
    3 segments of blood, but DO NOT look at the place they lead to
    Orchid pollen
    Paint on ground
    Tire tracks of the car, think there are two spots for it
    And anything else you can scan
    When ready to move on, look at the acid bath the blood leads to. Get ready to
    slide the thing on the ground, then a few presses, and eventually race for the
    Impress (O) is your best option.
    Now you have a choice, though the game doesn't state it. If you press the four
    button combo it takes to use triptocaine you will subdue Mad Jack and go on 
    your little way.
    But much like the last segment with the Doc, you will miss a trophy by skipping
    the fight.
    There may also be some consequences for triptocaine use, but I don't know 
    how many you've done or how many it takes IF there is an effect on an ending
    for Jayden.
    It is a four button press and you hold them for a long time. I think both 
    times for me it was R1, X, L1, and then O; just be ready for something that's
    not easy to press.
    Jack Attack
    Don't use the drug when you start tripping out, or fail while trying.
    I forget how you get out, but just be sure to grab the gun from the glove 
    box. You don't have to but it helps.
    Then you either: fight him with fists, or use your gun at some point. Either
    way he will die.
    Failure at many parts of this fight means no more Jayden.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Goodbye Mad Jack - escape your car before crushed and get away
    Getting Warmer			( AA35 )
    Your only option is to make eggs, so get them from the fridge, then the pan,
    and start cooking. I guess you stir constantly or not at all or just twice and
    no matter what you should get it. She said "That almost looks good enough to
    eat" but I still got it.
    In the cemetery, go up and to the right to speak to the caretaker. And from
    him it should be three to the right; a sorta white-ish grave.
    The '77 Blues
    Head to the corner and get up. Left are some bars you navigate then slide down
    before doing a hold and tap (L1 R1) to get through a pipe. Then do the hold and
    jump before taking the stairs.
    Climb up and then do a bunch of left/rights to get across the beam. Down the
    stairs and slide down the pipe. 
    A series of presses to climb the scaffolding. To balance, just try to follow
    the icon and how it moves, that worked for me. Then another hold and push, 
    which is most likely a controller push upward. Finally, a difficult four 
    buttons to hold (like 3 shoulder buttons included) and a final jump. Taking 
    the easy way down will not let you get the trophy.
    *NOTE: People say keep the controller level for the balance, but either my
    sense of balance while sitting is horrible or that just doesn't work.*
    Count however you wish, then go find John. He's in the center of the area. Try
    to help him out.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    I'm Not Scared! - no fails while following John around
    The Stripper			( AA36 )
    Head up and left to meet one of Paco's goons. Then go lean on the pedestal 
    nearby as you see Paco's taste in women.
    The girls room is left of Paco's location, around the wall. Set up at the 
    middle sink:
    Ruffle hair
    Rip skirt
    Open shirt
    Check gun
    Be sure to do the makeup slowly.
    Then go dance on platform the first lady of questionable intent was on. Follow
    the dance presses and be sure to shake your money-maker. Get down when called
    over and go meet Paco. Then follow him upstairs and into his room.
    After he pulls the gun, feel free to start. You only need to do one thing,
    then you can go for the lamp. OR you can avoid the lamp as long as possible,
    the choice is really yours. And yeah, you have to pick in eventually, but you
    can save it for last. Going for the lamp first is a trophy.
    When you do go for the lamp, it's a sorta rocking of the controller to swing
    your hips, then just knock him out.
    Slap him around a bit, and choose "Busy..." when someone comes to the door.
    Then do a long and drawn out four button hold.
    Then make your escape by walking out.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Pride Saved - psh, least popular trophy/achievement EVER! if you really want
    	it, start unbuttoning shirt and reach for the lamp /sigh
    Confrontation			( AA37 )
    Nothing you can do about what is unfolding on the other screen, so just march
    to the office.
    Through the door and turn Paco to start the fight. Just don't fail too much,
    and be sure to grab at him when you're on the ground, it's kinda the most
    important part here. You'll end up outside, so squeeze the guard and go back
    Your glasses are in front of the fish tank, then put them on:
    Look for the gas station receipts by the fish tank if you tore his pocket
    	at the end of the fight
    Gun and bullet casing by door
    Papers behind desk
    Pollen in front of desk
    You can also recover your gun in the middle and see a few clues about Madison
    lying about. And that's it, make your exit.
    Heavy Love			( AA38 )
    Hands don't fail me now! Actually, you don't have to make the nasty. 
    But you do need to if you want the trophies.
    Slowly get up, put on your pants (you and Ethan, lol), open up the last 
    origami on the table, and then go grab your coat under her coat on the chair.
    Eventually the option to Forgive or Reject comes up, and either option works
    and is a trophy.
    As Madison, just head toward the front desk, then go use the phone on the wall.
    Very important to choose 207, which you should know, the game shows you, and
    I'm telling you - so you have no excuses.
    As Ethan, it's another long chase sequence. Key points: when you have a choice,
    go right and then up to the roof; tap a button at two points soon after; and
    the hardest part is just seeing some of these.
    When cornered, it's a trophy to jump, along with like the best option by far.
    Get yourself up and pull the driver out to end.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Lover Boy - forgive her
    Unforgivable - don't
    Escape Master - escape capture and jump
    Bring the Pain			( AA39 )
    Enter your apartment and that's it.
    To escape the car the best option is to break the speedometer glass and use it
    to cut your ropes. And it's optional to free Lauren.
    To free her, slap her around a bit and untie her ropes - just DO NOT hold R1
    or whatever it may be to break open the window. She ONLY needs to be untied
    if you want to save her.
    Either way, hold down the buttons as you hit the window a few times (most 
    likely hold both shoulder buttons as you throw down the controller twice).
    If you untied her then she will be saved, and if not then she won't.
    Kramer's Due
    Run into the mansion, and step out. 
    All I can really say is to be ready at any moment for the screen to cut to the
    next enemy to shoot, and at other times you'll see the guy but have to wait 
    for a button to press. It's only the four shape buttons, no others. Don't
    be patient, just precise. I know you can get shot at least 3 times, but 
    probably not wise to go more than that.
    Once you kick down the door, slap him around a bit and at some point you'll
    be holding him down on the desk. But you can either fail or let go to hear 
    his side of the story. And it's best to let him go for a trophy upcoming.
    Otherwise I guess you just kill him and that's it.
    If you let him talk, then you can ask two questions, then he will have a heart
    attack. It's a trophy to get his pills in his desk, otherwise it's justice.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Swimming Instructor - save Lauren
    Invincible Scott - don't get hit
    Kind Hearted - get Kramer his pills (obviously you can't choke him to death)
    Ann Sheppard			( AA40 )
    Talk to the receptionist, then go to the far right room down the hall.
    Ask her as many questions as you want, it doesn't help.
    Do the following:
    Grab an orchid from the vase in the hall, then put it in her vase
    Open the drawer under the vase and pick up the picture
    Grab the origami on the table opposite her bed, not by the window
    Then stand in front of the window and look to the book. Open it and flip to 
    the dog page. A somewhat difficult combo push, then come closer, and that's it.
    The Rat			( AA41 )
    Simply move up, hear the tape, and make your choice.
    FYI, walking out is an option, and offers a chance for a trophy.
    Taking the poison along with doing all the other four trials is a trophy as
    Not taking the poison and doing very few (like 2) trials is almost a dead-end,
    but even that can kinda be fixed if Madison is still alive.
    If no one is alive, somehow, then doing all the trials or at least THREE 
    counting this one for or against that number, then Ethan can still find 
    Ethan's Puzzle
    You will be in your car without all five trials completed and must figure 
    out where to go.
    Like I said, it takes at least three trials to be able to find the correct 
    location, otherwise Ethan is going nowhere.
    In the car, check the phone for what should be a big clue, a foghorn and/or
    seagulls. That narrows it down to near water.
    Then look at your paper to bring up the GPS. Your cursor is on the map and you
    can scroll through the choices. If you can pick 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road on
    the east side, then you are set to go.
    Otherwise, Ethan will not get there by himself. You'll just have to pick one
    and go with it.
    Trophies Unlocked: (I think these unlock a little later, but oh well)
    Sacrifice - take the poison
    Clever Dad - figure where Shaun is without all five trials complete
    Jayden's Puzzle			( AA42 )
    What is required to solve the case:
    Found all 10 clues at first crime scene
    Found the three clues at Jack's garage
    Found the receipts, gun, and other items at the Blue Lagoon
    Open up the clues:
    Gas receipts needs geoanalysis
    Gun needs analysis
    Video from Blue Lagoon needs to be played until the Origami Killer is choking
    	Jayden on the desk, then pause and analyse the watch
    Stop to get out of the video
    Flip to the question mark
    Choose "Investigate Further"
    Geoanalyse this option and Jayden has solved the case
    The Prestige
    You will get a quick scene if Lauren is alive
    Run all the way back to the trailer and that's it.
    Back at the office, light a fire and start tossing in stuff
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Nerd - Jayden solves the case and killer is identififed
    Cornered			( AA43 )
    Turn the knob then pull out your pick. Hold the shoulder buttons as you go 
    up and down, side to side, and then tilt.
    *NOTE: Feel free to look around in this room and the next, I just won't cover
    any of the extra stuff.*
    Head for the dresser on the right wall, then move the clothes, examine the 
    back, push it open, and go through the door.
    Inside, look at the laptop and type in any two passwords before the option to
    pick "Max" appears - that is the password. Then exit.
    Now tap the wall by the door to hear that it's hollow. Grab the blue thing 
    on the desk and pull it up. Use it on the left side of the hollow wall to get
    climb out.
    *NOTE: Moving to wrong areas means you have to shake the fire off of you 
    Do the three button hold and jump out. Flip over the chair and walk to the 
    door to get out. Circle around the desk, flip over the cabinet, hold, stick the
    landing, and enter the kitchen. 
    For the trophy, and what may be the only way to survive, clear out the fridge
    and get in. The timer will finish once you do, because you're safe.
    *NOTE: Many users have pointed out that you can move the microwave and crawl
    out to some stairs as another way out.*
    Last Call
    This is important, and depends completely on who is alive, who has solved
    the crime, and could affect endings. If everyone is alive and knows where to
    go, then this is not so important.
    This is who to call and why:
    Ethan - If you did not send him to the right spot, and/or he did not complete
    	enough trials.
    Jayden - If he did not figure out the killer's identity.
    I think if Ethan is at the right spot, he won't pick up, but you can correct
    him otherwise.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Cold As Ice - hide in the fridge to live
    The Warehouse			( AA44 )
    Who Dead?
    Clearly the progression of this is different if certain people are dead.
    Everyone can die before this point, or at least be prevented from reaching the
    warehouse. You can also pick and choose who makes it. 
    What I do here is just cover the "Four Heroes" possible progression of this
    Just know that there is options to: get the three good heroes out alive, get
    Shaun out, and kill Scott.
    *NOTE: Change of format, we'll just flip-flop characters as their parts play
    I am fully aware that this could be wildly different if characters are dead,
    but let's keep it simple for now. This assumes everyone made it to this point
    in the game.
    Ethan - Move up to the back, and shake during the scene.
    With Scott gone, shake again, then find the bar to the right on the ground
    and keep using it until the lock is broken. Now a couple of taps, a push,
    another tap, and Shaun is out.
    Jayden - Just a series of presses to fight and avoid some debris thrown at 
    Madison - Nothing to do now.
    Jayden - This is a super fast cut to, so be ready to press something about
    when Madison is being taken away by Ash. You fail a few of these first ones
    and Jayden will die, so please be ready.
    Ethan - Start saving Shaun (mostly holds).
    Madison - Push down to get free, get on bike, start it up, then about four 
    tilts to decide Ethan's fate. If you want to think of them more like flings,
    then fling away. Failure means Madison does not get into the warehouse.
    Jayden - One final fight with Scott, so again be quick or he may die. You'll
    eventually get the choice to save Scott or not. It's a trophy to save him, 
    just be ready to keep fighting. Think of this choice as choosing either Jayden
    or Scott. You could have made it earlier, but now is one of your last 
    chances to send Jayden to his death. Jayden's victory ensures Scott's death.
    Ethan - Only if Madison failed, you will open the door.
    Trophies Unlocked:
    Heavy Rain Hero - complete the game, in any way
    So Close... - all four characters make it to the warehouse, but Jayden dies,
    	Madison is arrested, and Ethan is shot to death; this is the ultimate
    	example of an "everybody is a winner" trophy
    Four Heroes - four characters alive; I believe it means get all four main
    Trial Master - finish all five trials (I don't know when this unlocks, as I've
    	yet to down the vial)
    Perfect Crime - clean Manfred's shop; Lauren, Hassan, Kramer dead; Madison
    	and Jayden dead; Scott free (lol)
    All Endings - see every ending - you can only have 3 games, but from those
    	three you can load them up and replay the scenes from a certain point
    	to change the story you've already completed
    Heavy Rain Master - get all trophies
    * 5. Endings ( END5555 )                                                      *
    I may need help filling these out.
    Ideally this would be from easiest/worst to hardest/best.
    *I'm doing these by memory at the moment, will certify later
    Also, I really haven't confirmed the requirements for any of these. They may
    be more broad than I specify.
    And clearly I only have two as that's my number of completes. You can tell
    I got the "So close" and then the "Four Heroes" trophies, lol.
    Some I am purely guessing about. 
    Madison's Grave - Madison is dead. Not sure what would happen here.
    Book Signing - She fails to catch the killer.
    New Beginning (with Ethan) - She succeeds in reaching the warehouse, you
    	"made nasty" with her, and forgave her.
    Madison Alone - She is last left to save Shaun.
    Blake and ARI - Jayden has died.
    Detox - Jayden is not a junkie.
    Interview - Jayden solves case.
    Addict - Jayden abused Triptocaine and pays for it. I imagine there are 
    	variations on his success or failure in catching the killer.
    Saviour - Jayden is last left to save Shaun.
    Ethan's Grave - Ethan has died.
    New Beginning (with Madison) - She succeeds in reaching the warehouse, you
    	"made nasty" with her, and forgave her.
    Failure - Maybe there is a way for Ethan to live and Shaun to die?
    Start to Finish - Ethan solos saving Shaun.
    Helpless - I know that getting caught at the hotel really means the end of the
    	road for Ethan (I think, maybe you can still get out).
    Unpunished - Scott survives, but not the perfect crime. There may be Shaun
    	alive/dead variations on this.
    Scott's Grave - Something must happen if he and Lauren are dead, if Lauren
    	is alive, or maybe if he dies before the warehouse.
    Perfect Crime - get the trophy, which is Hassan, Lauren, Kramer, Madison, and
    	Jayden dead, as well as Manfred's shop left clean, and Scott alive.
    Anti-hero? - I really doubt there is any way for Scott to be the last left,
    	much less save Shaun.
    * 6. Trophies ( TROPH66 )                                                     *
    Biggest note, be aware that you can replay the individual segments.
    I believe you can either change or keep your original game by choosing to
    turn on/off the autosave feature.
    I do not know if starting from an earlier point would like change the rest of
    the segments. I would think the scenes and your autosave are separate, but I
    could be wrong.
    Basically, I would keep track of what trophies I had (use your PS button to
    check) and choose the furtherest back scene you need to play in order to start
    working on the rest.
    You would be surprised how little you would need to change to unlock one set
    of trophies/endings different from your first ones.
    *NOTE: I don't list where or when exactly you get these, but they are in order
    and if you can't tell where they go, then you haven't played the game and 
    should not be reading this anyway you trophy whore you!*
    Happy Birthday - drawing, set table, and played; drawing table in corner of
    	"living area"
    Interactive Drama - automatic
    Good Father - followed schedule + made him happy; schedule on kitchen counter
    White Knight - save Lauren
    Private Eye - get her to talk before the fight: compassion, convince, trick
    FBI Investigator - find all 10 critical clues: 4 on dead body, 4 around train
    	tracks, 2 up slippery slope
    Good Friend - 2 games and candy
    Got to Remember! - correct choices about the park: 4:15 PM, Beige Coat, 
    	Green Pants
    Negotiator - get the robber to flee in chat: calm, name, reason, lower gun
    VIP - leave your house out the back
    Agoraphobia - knock over 50 bodies while in the nightmare state
    Lucky Locker - Find the right locker first try
    Blunder - shoot Nathaniel
    Self Control - don't
    Baby Master - zero fails while caring for Emily
    Kamikaze - don't mess up on the road (should be the last trophy on your to-do
    Good Driver - complete the Bear
    Cat and Mouse - beat Korda
    Tough Guy - beat up Gordi's thugs
    Coward! - use the door to exit the trial
    Electrified - complete the trial
    Good Cop - stop Blake
    Bad Cop - let him have at it (don't press anything)
    Gold Finger - use the axe, knife, or pliers, and burn or disinfect the wound
    Butcher - use saw or scissors
    Hands Up! - get caught
    Fugitive - board the subway
    Wise Guy - turn off the camera before helping Ethan escape
    Ludwig Von - don't miss a note
    Detox - if you do not take the triptocaine
    I'm a Killer.... - shoot him
    I'm Not a Killer! - don't
    Smart Girl - don't drink
    Queen of Ropes - get caught, but escape the restraints before he returns, and
    	also live (that's kinda important too)
    Goodbye Mad Jack - escape your car before crushed and live; can't leave after
    	just the fight in the garage
    I'm Not Scared! - no fails while following John around
    Pride Saved - unbutton shirt, grab lamp, regret decision immediately :)
    Lover Boy - forgive her
    Unforgivable - don't
    Escape Master - escape capture and jump
    Swimming Instructor - save Lauren
    Invincible Scott - don't get shot
    Kind Hearted - get Kramer his pills (obviously you can't choke him to death)
    Sacrifice - take the poison
    Clever Dad - figure where Shaun is without all five trials complete
    Nerd - Jayden solves the case and killer is identififed; need all clues from
    	previous crime scenes
    Cold As Ice - hide in the fridge to live
    Heavy Rain Hero - complete the game, in any way
    So Close... - all four characters make it to the warehouse, but Jayden dies,
    	Madison is arrested, and Ethan is shot to death; this is the ultimate
    	example of an "everybody is a winner" trophy
    Four Heroes - four characters alive; I believe it means get all four main
    Trial Master - finish all five trials (I don't know when this unlocks, as I've
    	yet to down the vial)
    Perfect Crime - clean Manfred's shop; Lauren, Hassan, Kramer dead; Madison
    	and Jayden dead; Scott free (lol)
    All Endings - see every ending - you can only have 3 games, but from those
    	three you can load them up and replay the scenes from a certain point
    	to change the story you've already completed
    Heavy Rain Master - get all trophies
    * 6. Author Info / Copyright                                                  *
    Q: Differences in "difficuly" settings?
    A: Nope, other than making the game slightly harder on yourself. As well as 
    lacking anything to do with trophies. I played on hard first game, then medium,
    and I couldn't tell a difference - I did some things on hard that I messed up
    on medium. Play on easy for all anyone cares. Oh, and I guess it's the response
    times for the QTEs, which seem to be equally hard at the end of the game.
    Here is my website:
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    Follow me on twitter @ TheGum25
    You'll find all my other guides here too and perhaps something else you may
    Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to thank me, if you want
    to talk, or if you want to ask a question. Efforts to get in a guide need to
    be exceptional as I dislike updates unless it's absolutely necessary, and I
    don't think I've updated an older guide.
    The golden rule: keep it short. If I see a wall of text I'm probably moving 
    on. I've gotten real bad with emails lately. And flamers don't even bother, it
    won't work.
    My email: 				lunatic_252000@yahoo.com
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