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"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. This game has become more than just a glorified tech demo for force powers.

The unique thing about this game, is that it ties into the actual canon of the movies. Most Star Wars fans were outraged when they heard this, others were very excited to be able to play the next installment of the epic saga. Rest assured, it fits in, and plays, very well. Exceptional in most parts, needs work in others.

Graphics - 9/10
These are well put together graphics, some of the best that I've seen that have come from lucasarts. From the shiny dome of Vader's helmet, to the shadows on the floor, everything is well done. Not to mention the Character animation is well done, especially with The Apprentice. But I had to take off one point because of Juno. Ever seen family guy? She has this kind of, reverse James William Bottom Tooth thing going on, its weird. But everything else looks great.

Sound - 8/10
Its just great, from the lightsaber igniting, to force push rumbling through a subwoofer if you have surround sound. Voice acting is great, Sam Witwer does a hell of a job bringing The Apprentice to life. The same cannot be said by Matt Sloan as Vader; his voice didn't have the same oompf as James Earl Jones. Palpatine isn't much better, but I can hear Witwer is at least trying to emulate Ian McDiarmid.

Gameplay - 9/10
Here's the toss up for most people, I for one think its great. You get 4 basic force powers and build upon those, Force push, Force lightning, Saber throw, and Force grip.
Now, force grip is the meat and potatoes, why, you ask? You can target a stormtrooper and toss them off a bridge, and do it again and again until your force runs out, and never have to touch the guys. Now, you can toss them in a full 360, any direction you want. The problem is the aiming, its a little wonky. Other than that, its great. Force push is your basic push, you can use it to knock enemies down, or open doors. Force lightning is great, eventually you will unlock combos that use lightning through your lightsaber (it's pretty neat). Saber throw isn't a power you start off with, but I consider it a core power because most Jedi use it. You also get extended powers, such as force repulse (Basically a force explosion from your body), and lightning shield. Which is useless.

Lightsaber combat is fun, but there's no dismemberment, so vets of Jedi Outcast and Academy will feel left behind.

Combat with the bosses is fun, there's one fight in particular near the end of the game that I wont spoil for anyone, but lets just say we've been waiting for a proper fight like this for a long time.

Camera - 6/10

Only reason I gave this such a low score, is because during most boss fights it zooms out really far, and you can barely see your character, let alone where the boss is.

Control - 8/10

Only complaint is the aiming for force grip, but I doubt it will ever be fixed, and it just takes practice.

Overall - 9/10

It's a great entry to the Star Wars Saga, and it takes its rightful place up there between Episodes III and IV. The story is compelling, not cheesy. This is a definite must buy, with all of the unlockable content , how could you pass it up? I don't regret dropping $60 at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (US, 09/16/08)

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