Review by Flojomojo

Reviewed: 09/25/08

Polished to a fine gloss, but missed a few spots.

I'm playing it a little bit at a time on the PS3, and I'm finding it to be an odd mix of old + new.

The good!
The graphics are sweet. I love the shiny floors and warping effects when changing focus. The huge spaceship factory with cavernous drops everywhere sets a mood that is straight out of the first Jedi Knight game. Very few on-foot Star Wars games have captured that lately. The controls are OK considering it's really just a twitch fighting game at heart. I don't think you're supposed to think too deeply about targeting barrels. You can just lock + flick and get it more or less right.

The cutscenes showcase the game engine very well, and I don't think Darth Vader has ever had such a great wax job on his shiny, shiny helmet, and Juno Eclipse has a lovely cutaway uniform that is *almost* as cute as the jib worn by General Veers in The Empire Strikes Back.

The bad!
Apart from the silly gameplay (which is OK), I really don't like the menus, and the way it needs to pause at a loading screen to pull up
your upgrade menu, the sound options, or anything else. Then it pauses to load some more when you resume. WTF did it put 2.5 GB of data on my disk if it's going to perform like that?

The missed opportunities
The little databank with bios on people/places/things opened up as you defeat them is cute, but even TIE Fighter (1994!) let you rotate the holographic models. I think I got the Wii frontend mixed into my PS3 game somehow. Or maybe it's from the DS. How can a game with this much technical power skimp on the basics like that?

Online multiplayer would have been very, very cool. Alas, not this time around.

I'm so hungry for a quality Star Wars game, this was a no-brainer purchase. I'm satisfied but still feel it could have been much more. The Rogue Squadron games (1998, 2001, 2003 -- yipe they're old) still reign supreme as the best nerdgasm on consoles so far. The Battlefront games are the best online Star Wars games, but they're showing their age as well, especially since so many PS3 players can't run the PS2 version on their machines.

Maybe the codes or downloadables will bring us a nice 3D shooting game with this graphics/physics engine? So far, they're just costumes and other things we'd unlock on our own. :-(

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (EU, 09/19/08)

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