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"Though not the best, this game deserves more than it is due."

One day, I got a call from my friend who asked me to spend the night at his place. Needless to say, I was extremely bored so I agreed. My friend owned a PS3, which I proceeded to play all night long. What did I play? Why the game I have always wanted to play since it's release, spite of all the poor reviews this game received. That game of course, was Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Luckily for me, I was able to complete the games good ending before dawn broke, and here is my opinion of it.

Graphics: They weren't all that extraordinary, however much worse is out there, so I say this game falls in the middle in the graphics category. However I will say that it's pretty fun watching a force push blast five guys off a bridge and into oblivion. It is also fun watching the lightsaber do its dirty work on the varoius baddies you encounter. What this game does also quite well is convey very realistic facial expressions, so you can almost always tell what the character is feeling. For graphics, I give this game a solid..

Sound: Though there are some new tunes you can listen to in this game throughout the various levels, much of it are the old orcehstrated music we all love and joy, but however, I do think that they are starting to show their age. As far as sound effects goes, they are outstanding. Nothing is left out, from the sound of a blaster, to the howl of a Wookie, and to the hissing of the lightsaber. it engulfs you into the world of Star Wars. Lets also not forget the voice over, which was done quite well. You might notice some differences where at some point you might say to yourself, "That is definitely not the original Darth Vader", but besides that, everyone does there part quite well, and there is not one awkard moment. For sound overall, I give it..

Gameplay: Lets get the bad out of the way, The camera sucks. Period. Geeze, at some points in the game, I think I am playing Ninja Gaiden where death comes at you from off the screen. Now thats over with, lets get to the good stuff. Force Unleashed has some, what I think, amazing gameplay. Lightsaber combat is smooth but fierce, and your various force powers always offer a splendid show of sheer destruction. Some argue that the game is to repeitive, but with various of enemies to fight and various ways to dispose of them, I disagree. The boss battles, which are probably the best aspects of the game, are many times larger than life and present quite a challenge. The most fun of these fights however, are those against different jedi and sith, which much of the same powers you do. All in all, gameplay is fun and strangely addicting, so this game's gameplay gets an easy..

Story: The story is actually quite interesting. It tells of a young boy that was the son of a jedi, who was taken in by Darth Vader as an apprentice. Hoping one day to kill the emperor, Vader sends the apprentice aka "Starkiller" to kill some remaining jedi to sharpen his strength. To avoid spoiling anything else, I will just say that the story leads into a much bigger plotline, eventually revealing on how the Rebel Alliance was founded. All in all, the story is very engaging,so I give it a..

Lasting Appeal: The game itself is short, but there are tons of things to do. Things such as find all the Jedi Holocrons, which are big squares of light placed with different sections of each level and are often hidden. These levels give different lightsabers, force points(which are used to level up), force spheres(which are used to get different force powers), etc. Not only that, but there are different difficulty levels and multiple endings. However, once the game is beaten the first time around, something in the game sort of just prevents you from doing this. I really don't know what it is, but this game is like a really great movie that once you see, you really don't want to see it again. Despite all of this, there is defenitely replay value to be found here, so I give it a..

Lasting Comments: As far as Gamespot's nad G4's review for this game is concerned, they should have given this game a higher rating. It is really fun to play and is just a great game overall. Sure the camera sucks pretty bad, but that is easily forgivable due to the outstanding story and gameplay. Anyways, if you own a PS3 or even a PS2 who happens to love Star Wars games, give this game a shot. You won't be dissapointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/23/09

Game Release: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (US, 09/16/08)

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