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"Star Wars The Force Unleashed Review"

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed provides a new storyline in the Star Wars saga by creating a new mysterious and powerful figure, Starkiller, the secret apprentice of Darth Vader. The fact that Vader containing a secret apprentice is probably already enough to entice gamers to pick up their wallets and purchase the game. The purchase of the game will not disappoint players for it is sure to bring a new perspective of apprentices and Siths. The opening in the game unravels the background of Vader's apprentice, Starkiller. A little boy whose was forced to watch his father perish in the hands of Vader, showed great potential in the force and caught the attention of his future master. It is not a secret that the apprentices of Siths usually betray and overthrow their masters but the fact Vader having a secret apprentice behind the Emperor's back can only bring trouble.

The plot and gameplay brings a new perspective to the game by actually providing players an immersive experience, primarily through cut scenes and gameplay. The cut scenes in the game are by far the best so far in the Star wars games as the cutting-edge graphics really show the true colors of the characters and environment. No, the game does not portray the Star Wars figures as meaningless objects since now practically the whole environment is susceptible to the power of the force. The force is now in your control, literally! The abundance of objects as well as choosing where you want the object to be thrown at or what you interact with brings on a whole new dimension. The force, naked to the human eye is no longer invisible as it is now being controlled by the player. You will need all the powers you can get as you pursue your path as a Sith, and to proving yourself to your master. In the world of Starkiller, there is no such thing as allies as everyone is your enemy since the concealing of your identity is a priority and a must. Only with the assistance of your personal pilot, Juno Eclipse, do you see the protagonist make a real human connection as their feelings grow stronger and develop over time.

The game is filled with mesmerizing battles, powerful enemies, and obstacles that determine just how deep you really are in the Dark Side. The decision is in your hands as you decide whether to take vengeance against Vader for his betrayal and become the Emperor's new apprentice or take on the Emperor and perish as a martyr to the rebel cause. The choice of deciding how to finish the storyline is anyone's to make but no matter the outcome, the game itself provides a different aspect of Star Wars gaming from what has been seen before.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/19/10

Game Release: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (US, 09/16/08)

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