Weapons and armor?

  1. Where can i get a good sword,bow,armor in the beginning of the game and other cool stuff ?

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    Blazin_Playa77 - 9 years ago
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    I want a semi-detailed answer like specific weapons that are good for starting and finishing for armor too.

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    Blazin_Playa77 - 9 years ago
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    It really depends on what expansions you have for the game, if you have the GOTY edition you have a lot more weapons available to you that are fairly good. If you have just vanilla Oblivion the best Sword in the game would have to be Umbra, which is in the elven ruin of Vin Dasel (sp?) which is located, i believe south west of the Imperial city, not too far from the water.

    For Armour, Glass is the best light armour, and can be found on most bandits once you reach a certain level. Heavy Armour the best would be Daedric, this is fairly difficult to find, some bandits and NPCs have it, sorry cannot tell you where to find it.

    The only other thing I can tell you is just adventure around, that is what i did and i got by very well, and make sure you do the missions because that can lead you to some extremely powerful weapons and armour as well as spells and accessories.

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    agentheliosmith - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. A good sword would be Umbra found SW of the imperial city in Vin Dasel some ladynamed Umbra has it careful she's the toughest boss in game took me 20 minutes on the hardest difficulty with potions.

    A good bow would be best found hunting bandit bowman or doing the Fighters guild and hunting the Blackwood Co.

    Armor is everywhere but you have to have good level for certain armor Heavy Armor ex. lvl 1-4=Iron+steel lvl 5-10 is Dwarven Lvl 11-14= Orcish lvl 15-19=Ebony lvl 20+=Daedric these are listed in order of Defense and Rarity for Light Armor ex.Lvl 1-4 Fur+Leather lvl5-10 is Chainmail lvl 11-14=Mithril lvl 15-19=Elven and lvl 20+=Glass

    Enchanted weapons and armor are rare and can only be found from foes,enchanted at the Arcane University, or by using sigil stone from Oblivion gates

    I'd Reccomend Glass weapons with Daedric Armor. Glass weapons for commonness and Daedric Armor for the Defense

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Other Answers

  1. Go into the caves and ruins around the country side and you should find bandits and other characters that have good armour and weapons. I believe that you can only get the best armour and weapons until you reach a certain level.

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  2. If you are still in the catacombs escaping from prison the only way you can get weopons and armor is to take them from assassins. If you are past that part head into the market district and find the shop "A Fighting Chance" they have good weopon that are pretty cheap.

    If you don't want to spend money on armor i would suggest 2 things.

    1) Wait until dark and try to pick-lock open a weopon or armor store and take the most expesive things you see.

    2) Go into the woods and look for caves, if there are humanoids in the cave kill them and take there armor, especially if you find bandits they have good armor, there weopons are decent.

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