What does the Leyawiin secret room key open?

  1. I am very curious about this key if you know what does please help me!

    User Info: jakenlucas

    jakenlucas - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

    Yes i know what it does. If you go into the basement, theres a barrel without a lid. If you look inside, theres a lever. Pull the lever, gointo the wall that will open. Theres a door at the end of the tunnel. The key is for the door. It opens to a torture room for the Count to torture Argonians. You use this room in a Thieves Guild quest later, If you need anything else, ask me at "pinkfloydmcgee@aol.com" Im also on FaceBook. Any of you can use this, I'm Pretty much an expert on the game.

    User Info: LeD_Zepllin

    LeD_Zepllin - 7 years ago 1 0

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