Which shop/merchant has the highest gold amount?

  1. Assuming I'm a master in mercantile and can invest in a shop, which shop would have the highest gold allotment for me to sell stuff to? Thanks

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  2. Additional Details:
    The reason I'm asking is I'm a mage type so I created a spell that maxes out my stats in order to get 100% disposition for a transaction. I use this all the time when I'm selling/buying stuff, and it also allows me to invest in shops even though I'm not a master in merc. This way when I have stuff to sell I can make around 75-95% of item worth, based on shop.

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    KingPhill1234 - 9 years ago

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  1. There are several merchants throughout the towns that have 1000 to 1200 gold. Most of them are the weapons merchants except for the Gilded Carafe in IC and Mach-na's books in Cheydinhal. Most of these merchants are expert level however so getting max value will be difficult. Other than that the thieve's guild fence Fathis Ules in Elven Gardens district is the highest with 1500 gold but a master merchant.

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  1. (Please bear with me, I can't remember the names of the merchants to well, but I do know where they are).

    First off, let's just say to start off, I found that best place to sell stuff and get a decent return back when your not obtaining the BEST stuff is the little elf merchant in the Imperial City-Market District with whom you can sell anything to. He has a quest related to him, but his name escapes me right now. He is low with his merc skill, and his fairly easy to get him to like you and keep liking you. After you can invest, he becomes a better guy to sell the more expensive stuff to, but not the best.

    When you get to the point of investing, I found the best place is the "weapon" merchant in Anvil (it is the first shop on the right if you fast travel to the main gate). At first he will only buy weapons/armor, but after you can invest and sell anything to anyone, he will buy anything. I believe he goes up to 1800 once you invest. His merc skill is also quite low, which will allow you to get the most money from him. You can try others, but I have been largely unsuccessful in getting the better ones to give me more money.

    I tend to use the Anvil place when I'm wanting to get as much as possible from Daedric or magic items, but use the Imperial City guy for most everything else as it's habit to travel there. And just bear in mind also, that if your item your trying to sell is worth like 5000, try to sell it to the person with the highest max they will buy things for. This will get you the most money for the object.

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  2. The best Merchants with the most money are:

    Agnete the Pickled - Skingrad Weapons dealer, 1200 gold
    Morvayn - Morvayn's Peacemakers in Anvil, 1200 gold
    Mult. Owners - Three Brother's Trade, 1000 gold

    So they should be your targets with the charm spell you made.

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  3. Thoronir will take anything off your hands

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  4. Fathis Ulen, the Thieves' Guild fence in IC, has the most money at 1500, but Master Mercantile skill.

    Varel Morvayn at Morvayn's Peacemaker is the best for expensive goods, with 1200 gold and 40 Mercantile.

    The lowest Mercantile skill in the game without plugins is Sinderion's in Skingrad, but he at first only buys alchemical stuff and only has 400 gold.

    Also, if you AREN'T in the Thieves' Guild and just want to unload stolen food loot less than 50 gold worth, Manheim Maulhand at the Inn of Ill Omen buys stolen food. With a Journeyman in Mercantile, you can get him to buy anything, which makes him very useful for non-Thieves Guild members to launder stolen scrolls/potions, which are usually low value.

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