Can anyone recall a very strange oblivion gate?

  1. First off, [i mentioned this in a question i asked already so answer it there] Immediately after i teleport in, a goblin appears and attacks me. then there are 2 towers, both of them in the "style" of the ones with sigil stones but neither of them have the flames shooting all the way to the top. I went through them, thinking i could get to the third one by crossing a bridge but they were all broken. also, the enemies here spawned, which i havent seen anywhere else in the game. I know it wasnt just me not paying attention because one time when I went out to the wastes [up on the bridge] i walked to the end of the bridge where it was broken, turned around to go back, turned back around [for some reason, idk why] and there was a xivilai or whatever standing there. I killed it and it fell off the bridge. also, i'm level 29, and i admit I didnt level up very efficiently so the oblivion gates are pretty hard for me, but this one is really easy, the enemies are all really chill and dont hurt me much at all. ok last thing: i cannot find ANY way to get to the third tower, it seems to be totally surrounded by lava.

    so, what is this? is it beatable? is it a glitch? if anyone wants to try it for themselves its the one above skingrad exactly to the left of goblin jim's cave [on the map]

    ps: i dont know how you spoil this game exactly, but i'm going to tag it just in case.

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  1. Well, when you enter an Oblivion gate, its layout is randomly determined out of 7 possibilities. If you want to change the layout, save right before you enter, activate the gate, and see what you get. If you like it, continue. If not, reload. I'll put a link to the different layouts so you can see all the maps and such:

    It should definitely be possible to reach the main tower either on the main "roads" or through a cave system. As for the enemies not attacking, that sounds like a glitch, but I wouldn't think the whole Oblivion gate is a glitch.

    User Info: twingats6661

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  2. Go to the top of the first tower and hit the switch, this extends the bridge between towers 1 & 2. Go out the door and cross to the second tower, then hit the switch for that tower, the bridge will revert and 2 bridges at the middle floor of either tower will extend to tower 3. Cross and climb to the top of this tower and take the stone

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  3. While I haven't seen the gate you're thinking of, two things--

    It's possible the Xivilai saw you before and followed you through the door, and

    You should be able to cross the lava easily if you have 100 Fire Shield/Resist. There should be another way up, usually it's the extending bridge or an underground tunnel.

    User Info: Evil_Beaver

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  4. Well, if you want to cross the lava, and you are up on the broken bridge, do what I do. Cast a resist fire spell, and jump... in the lava. Quickly swim to the shore of the third tower, and heal. Depending on how quickly you did it, you should only have lost about a quarter of your health.

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  5. When crossing lava, the best idea is to have a resist fire thing and, more importantly, water walking. This allows you to jump across the lava, rather than sink into it and roast.

    User Info: Lady_Alessia

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  6. Get alot of health potions swin across the lava, use potions and its done

    User Info: itachiuchiha17

    itachiuchiha17 - 6 years ago 0 0

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