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    Quest Guide by WhoGuru

    Version: .95 | Updated: 06/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion
    Misc. Quest Guide for the PC
    Version .80  May 27, 2006
    Written by: WhoGuru
    Copyright 2006 Karen Hoyt
    INTRO:  This guide will cover all the misc. side quests throughout Cyrodill, or
    atleast all the ones I've come across.  I'll add to it as I find them.  If you
    find one I've missed, please e-mail me and let me know.  
                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1:  Hints, Tips and General Info
    2:  Imperial City
      2.1  Imperial Corruption
      2.2  Unfriendly Competition
      2.3  Order of the Virtuous Blood
      2.4  An Unexpected Voyage
      2.5  Do You Need Couriers? ##
      2.6  Go Fish
      2.7  Origin of the Gray Prince
      2.8  Buying a House
      2.9  A Venerable Vintage
    3:  Bravil
      3.1  Forlorn Watchman
      3.2  Caught in the Hunt
      3.3  Through a Nightmare, Darkly
      3.4  Buying a House
    4:  Anvil
      4.1  Ghost Ship
      4.2  Siren's Deception
      4.3  Where Spirits Have Lease
      4.4  When the Vow Breaks
    5:  Bruma
      5.1  A Brotherhood Betrayed
      5.2  Lifting the Vale
      5.3  Two Sides of the Coin
      5.4  Buying a House
    6:  Cheydinhal
      6.1  A Brush With Death
      6.2  Corruption and Conscience
      6.3  Buying a House
      6.4  Not a Quest, of interest to dungeon divers
    7:  Leyawiin
      7.1  Whom Gods Annoy
      7.2  Tears of the Savior
      7.3  Mazoga the Orc
           Knights of the White Stallion
      7.4  Raid on Greyland
      7.5  Buying a House
    8:  Chorrol
      8.1  Buying a House
      8.2  Canvas the Castle
      8.3  Seperated at Birth
      8.4  Legacy Lost
      8.5  A Shadow over Hackdirt
      8.6  The Killing Field
      8.7  Sins of the Father
    9:  Skingrad
      9.1  Buying a House
           The Rosethorn Cache
      9.2  Paranoia
      9.3  Seeking Your Roots
    10:  Random Quests
      10.1  Zero Visibility
      10.2  No Stone Unturned
      10.3  The Potato Snatcher
      10.4  Bear Season
      10.5  Goblin Trouble
    SAVE, SAVE, and SAVE again.  Always keep a save from before you take a quest.
    Many are the tales of woe I've been told by those who will not listen.  But
    seriously, you never know when your game may hiccup and leave you up a creek.
    I suggest keeping a standard save at the beginning of the quest and using the
    Quicksave feature during if you are a compulsive saver, like me.
    If you're not sure you're in the right place or doing the right thing, check
    your journal.  If you need a direction, make sure the quest you're working on
    is your active quest.  This usually provides a map marker.
    Talk to everyone, you never know who will give you a hint or a new quest.
    ##Most rewards are leveled.  So, the higher your level the more gold you will
    recieve and the more powerful enchanted items will be.
    ##ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR JOURNAL.  If it tells you to speak to someone, speak to
    that person.  If it tells you to go somewhere, go there.  Skipping actions
    specified in your journal can preclude certain things from happening and quest
    items and events from appearing.  The only exception to this is the 
    "Imperial Corruption" quest which is bugged, see the quest entry for details.
    Your map markers are your best friends.  Always make sure the quest you're 
    working on is your active quest and you'll generally have a map marker to lead
    you on your merry way.  Repeated because people often forget this. =)
    Keep your armor and weapons in good repair.  They will not do as much damage or
    offer as much protection if they're in need of fixing.
    REWARD:  None, except the knowledge you have done a good deed.
    At 8pm in the Market District by the entrance to Green Emporer Way, look for
    an Orc named Luronk gro-Glurzog.  He may also be found wandering the Market
    during the day, this was simply when I came across him.  Talk to Luronk.  Seems
    there's a corrupt Imperial watchman in the city shaking down the local shop
    owners.  While Luronk and his wife were in Jensine's, the watchman accused him
    of theft and took all his money.  The Orc doesn't have his name but Jensine
    might.  Head over to Good As New Merchandise and see what she has to say.
    Jensine is less than happy to tell you about this.  She believes in keeping her
    head down, avoiding trouble.  Butter her up enough and you'll get the guard's
    name, Audens Avidius, the Watch Captain for the Market.  He extorts money
    from all the shopkeepers in return for 'allowing' them to do business.
    Head back outside and find one of the guards.  Ask about Corrupt Imperial
    Watchmen.  He wont help you but he will tell you to see Heironymus Lex. Now,
    VERY IMPORTANT, you'll see Audens Avidius in the Market, I wouldn't ask him
    about Imperial Corruption.  He tells you you're stupid, decides you've just
    'attacked' him and promptly arrests you.  Avoid him and follow your map marker
    to Heironymus Lex.  He's usually hanging out in the waterfront indulging his
    obsession with the Gray Fox.
    Lex doesn't have time for you, he's too busy tracking his arch nemesis, the
    Gray Fox.  He suggests you try another Guard Captain, Itius Hayn.  Follow your
    map marker again.  
    Captain Hayn is willing to arrest Audens Avidius, but only if you can find two
    witnesses willing to testify against him.  Head back to Jensine's in the Market
    District.  She's unwilling to testify.  She doesn't want to cause trouble and
    can't be persuaded.  On to your next witness.
    Luronk lives in the Temple District.  You'll find him at home in the mornings.
    He will agree to testify, once you raise his disposition enough.  If you were
    lucky, you found a redguard named Ruslan with Luronk.  He's your second
    witness.  If he wasn't there, never fear, his house is right around the corner
    from Luronk's.  Ruslan will also agree if he likes you enough.
    Your journal will now update, telling you to keep an eye on the witnesses thru
    the night to make sure they reach Itius Hayn in the morning.  Ignore it.  Your
    journal is wrong.  You'll notice that, though it tells you to watch them, you
    have a map marker in a different district.  The marker is for Captain Hayn.
    Follow this.  
    To get the completion, follow Captain Hayn when he leaves the guard tower
    around 9am.  Sometime around 11am, the map marker for him will disappear.  Talk
    to him and he'll tell you he got the testimony from the witnesses, even though
    he never saw them.  He'll now lead you to the Market District where you'll get
    to watch him arrest Audens Avidius.  Don't lose him after the map marker 
    vanishes, don't fast travel to the Market thinking to beat him there, you wont
    see him if you do.  Be patient and follow him.
    Shortly after you witness the arrest, your journal will update and the quest
    will complete.
    There is no reward for this quest.  There is a surprise.  Sometime in the two
    weeks following the arrest, you'll receive a surprise visit from one of the
    interested parties, wherever you happen to be:  In a city, in a dungeon,
    dueling daedra in Oblivion.  Enjoy.
    REWARD:  Weatherward Circlet - Resist Fire 15%, Resist Frost 15% 
                                   Constant Effect
             200 gold
    Some of the shop owners in the Market District want you to go see Jensine at
    Good as New Merchandise.  They're having a problem with a fellow merchant.
    Jensine wants you to investigate a new shop, The Copius Coinpurse.  The owner,
    Thoronir, is undercutting the other shops and Jensine is convinced his goods
    are stolen.
    Head over to the Copius Coinpurse and ask about his inventory.  He'll refuse
    to tell you where it comes from, citing mysterious sources.  Now for a little
    private eye work.
    Find yourself a comfy spot outside his shop.  At 8pm, Thoronir will close down
    for the day and head over to the Merchant's Inn for an evening drink.  Nothing
    to do here but watch him knock back a few tasty ales after a hard day's
    standing around.  He'll be here until 11pm.
    When he leaves the Inn, follow him to the garden behind his shop where he meets
    up with an unsavory fellow named Agarmir.  Go ahead and sneak right up to them.
    Their conversation wont activate until you're close enough.  I know, I stood
    behind the well all night thinking I was being sneaky and nothing happened. =)
    You'll overhear Thoronir wanting to know when the next shipment will arrive.
    Agarmir is his supplier and very secretive about where he's getting his goods
    from.  He tells Thoronir he has another shipment coming in tomorrow.  
    Your new mark is Agarmir.  When they're done talking, follow Agarmir back to
    his home in the Talos Plaza District.  Now get comfy.  You need to get into his
    house but you can't do that when he's home.  He should leave the house around
    4pm.  Make sure the guards aren't looking when you pick the lock.
    Inside, head for the basement.  Here you'll find evidence that the merchandise
    he sells Thoronir is looted from the graves of the dead.  On a table at the
    back is a book titled "Macabre Manifest".  Take this and confront Thoronir with
    it.  Be sure to give it a read before you hand it over, the second to last
    entry is an easter egg of sorts.  Any good with anagrams?
    Thoronir is shocked, in disbelief that all his goods were robbed from the dead.
    Once you show him the manifest, he's willing to help you catch Agarmir in the
    act and tells you where to find him.
    Head over to Green Emporer Way.  In the graveyard, Agarmir and a friend are
    in the act of robbing yet another grave.  Enter the Trentius Family Mausoleum.
    Agarmir has been waiting for you.  Kill them at your leisure as the penalty for
    grave robbing is death.  When you're done, BE SURE to pick up Agarmir's shovel
    before you leave.  Once you leave the mausoleum, you wont be able to get back
    in, so don't leave without the shovel.
    Once you show Thoronir the shovel, he is crushed.  He vows to turn all his
    profits over to the temple and to join the merchants society, having buried the
    hatchett with Jensine while you were gone.  He will reward you with the 
    Weatherward Circlet.  Head over to Jensine's and she too will reward you a
    a small sum of gold for your help.
    REWARD:  Ring of Sunfire - Resist disease 15%
                               Reflect Spell 11%
    Go to the Temple District and wander around at various times until you find a 
    Dunmer woman named Ralsa Norvalo.  She should initiate conversation with you.
    Her husband has sent her to look for you and wants you to meet him at the home
    of a man named Seridur.  Seridur's house is here in the Temple District, just
    follow your map marker or find it on the map.
    Seridur will greet you as you enter and have you follow him to the basement.
    He reveals that he and Ralsa's husband are members of a secret society, the
    Order of the Virtuous Blood, dedicated to ridding Tamriel of Vampires.  But,
    they're old and no longer able to fight vampires.  They need you to track down
    a vampire they've discovered operating in the city, Roland Jenseric.  Seridur
    himself says he saw Roland murder an innocent woman and then escaped.  Your job
    is to hunt him down and kill him.
    Head over to Roland Jenseric's house.  It's on the other side of the garden
    from Seridur's house.  Time for a little breaking and entering to hunt for
    clues. As you enter his home, you'll see a dinner table.  On the table is a
    book, on top of the book is a letter from Roland's lover, the woman who was
    killed.  It's kind of hard to see.  Read it and you'll find they were planning
    on going out to his cabin.  You should have a new map marker now.  His cabin
    is due East of the sewers where you exited at the beginning of the game.
    Make your way to the cabin during the day and confront Roland.  He pleads with
    you not to kill him and tells you you're after the wrong guy.  It was he who saw
    his lover murdered, by Seridur in the garden that night.  Seridur allowed him 
    to escape so he could cast the blame away from himself, hiding the fact that he
    is the true vampire.
    Roland doesn't know where to find him, but tells you to visit the First Edition
    bookshop in the Market District.  The owner might know more about Seridur's
    whereabouts.  Now, you can kill Roland if you want, however, you'll be missing
    out on a steady source of gold later.  
    At the First Edition, the owner, Phintias, has some information about Seridur
    he'll share if he likes you enough.  It seems Seridur makes regular trips to a
    place called Memorial Cave, to supposedly pay his respects to an ancestor.
    Phintias will give you a map marker if you ask him.  The cave is SW of the city
    on the shore, just across the lake.  Go prepared to heal and a detect life spell
    can save you some headaches in there.
    Memorial Cave is a vampire den.  There are nine or ten of them in here, 
    including Seridur.  He's at the very back of the cave system.  Make sure to grab
    the Vampire dust from each one you kill.  It will come in handy later, if you
    left Roland alive.  You can easily tackle the vampires one at a time as they're
    spread out.  Take your time and be sure to check your status menu when you
    leave to see if you've been infected with Porphyrric Hemophilia.  If so, just go
    to a chapel and get a blessing from an altar to remove it.
    Return to Roland at the cabin and tell him of your success. He's relieved to 
    know Seridur wont be coming for him in the night and asks you to meet him at 
    Seridur's house later.  Head on over and you'll find Roland in the cellar with
    the other members of the Order.
    In gratitude for killing Seridur, they make you a member of the order and will
    pay you 250 gold for every vampire dust you turn in.  They also reward you with
    the Ring of Sunfire to help you in your fight against the undead.
    REWARD:  Blackwater Blade - Absorb Fatigue 20 pts. for 5 sec. on strike
             Gold - leveled reward (the higher your level, the more gold you make)
    The Bloated Float is located on the Imperial City Waterfront.  Don't confuse it
    with the Pirate ship also moored there.  If you step on the pirate's deck, they
    will attack you.  The Bloated Float is on the other side.  Talk to Ormil, the
    owner, get a bed and sleep for atleast twelve hours.  When you wake, you'll find
    the boat has mysteriously put out to sea with you aboard.
    Open the door to your room and you'll find a brigand, Lynch, standing guard in 
    the hall.  He's a little surprised to see you there.  They've hijacked the
    Bloated Float.  The bouncer has been locked in the storage room down the hall.
    After you've dealt with Lynch, take his orders and the key from his corpse.
    Head down the hall and free the bouncer, an Orc named Graman gro-Marad.  Graman
    tells you the Blackwater Brigands stormed the boat, taking him and the owner,
    Ormil, hostage.  He needs you to clear a path to the helm for him so he can 
    steer the ship home.  There seem to be four brigands.
    On the Tavern deck, you'll find Minx.  After dealing with her, take the key from
    her corpse and head to the top deck, the door above the bar.  Wrath awaits you,
    wanting to know if his cohorts have found something called the Golden Galleon
    yet.  End his pirating days and remove the key from his body.
    Back on the Tavern Deck, let Graman know the coast is clear.  He'll head up to
    the wheel, but not before refusing to move the ship until Ormil is safe.
    The Captain's cabin is the door behind the bar.  Use the key you got from Wrath
    to get in.
    Here you'll find Selene, the Blackwater Brigands leader.  You have two choices 
    A:  Tell her to Free Ormil or that you took the key from Lynch and you're the
        ship's cook.  She'll attack and you can kill her.
    B:  Tell her you took the key from Wrath and you're here to join the gang.
        Use these conversation choices:  Three months ago, to find the Golden
        Galleon, You mean in Bravil.  
        Realising you know everything and have killed the rest of her gang, she will
        surrender and give you her blade.
        Speak to Ormil again and he'll tell you to lock her up.  Lead Selene back 
        to the Inn Deck and the locked room you can't enter.  She'll go into the
        room, updating your journal.
    Speak to Ormil after Selene is dealt with, one way or the other.  He'll tell 
    you he created the myth of the Golden Galleon to give his business a boost.  He
    never imagined anyone would hijack his ship to find it.  He's very grateful and
    tells you to go back to your room and rest while they return to port.
    Head on back to your room and take another twelve hour nap.  
    When you wake, go back to the Tavern Deck and talk to Ormil.  He thanks you
    again for your help and offers you a share of the reward for Selene's capture
    or death.  The amount of gold is leveled.  You'll receive more at a higher
    level.  The ship is now moored in the Imperial City again.
    This quest isn't actually in the game.  You'll notice you get a topic update for
    this at some point.  There is no quest.  It doesn't appear to have made it into
    the finished version of the game.  Just ignore it.  Maybe we'll get it in the 
    next update.
    2.6  GO FISH
    REWARD:  Jewel of the Rumare - Water Breathing on Self
                                   Fortify Athletics 4 pts.
    In the village of Weye, outside the Imperial City, across the bridge from the
    Chestnut Handy Stables, talk to a man named Aelwin Merowald.  You'll find him in
    his house, on your left as you come off the bridge or wandering the street or
    his garden.
    Don't laugh.  He needs the scales from twelve Rumare Slaughterfish for a well
    paying alchemist.  He's looking to retire after almost losing a leg to the 
    slaughterfish.  You're going to do the legwork for him.  Lake Rumare, of course,
    is the Lake the Imperial City sits in the middle of.
    You're going to be doing a lot of swimming on this one.  Lake Rumare is big and
    the fish spawn all over the place.  Remember to take the scales from each one
    as you kill them.  That is the point after all.
    Each time you kill one, it takes a few seconds for the next to spawn.  Just
    follow your map markers to the next fish.  A decent Life Detection spell or
    enchantment makes spotting them in the water ridiculously easy.
    ##Keep a save from before you took this quest.  Some people have had issues with
    one of the slaughterfish spawning inside a rock out in the lake, making it
    impossible to kill and glitching the quest.  If this happens to you, reload and
    start again.
    When you have all twelve, your journal will update, telling you to return to
    Aelwin with the scales.  He's very grateful and rewards you with a ring, the
    Jewel of the Rumare.
    REWARD:  Gray Prince's Training - Permanent +3 Blade, Block and Athletics
    Go to the Arena and speak with the Gray Prince, Agronak gro-Malog.  He needs you
    to help him find proof of his noble birthright.  His training regimen doesn't
    allow him the time to do it himself.  His mother died recently and gave him a
    key, telling him it would unlock the secret of his birth.  He gives this key 
    to you, wanting to know the truth about his father, Lord Lovidicus.  
    You'll be travelling to Fort Crowhaven.
    The ruin of this Fort is NW of Anvil, located almost directly above the "A" in
    Anvil on your map.  You should have a map marker.  
    In Crowhaven, follow the corridors to the very back of the first floor.  You'll
    find Lord Lovidicus walking the halls of his bedchamber.  The key will gain you
    entry.  Speaking with him is impossible.  He's gone mad.  You'll have to kill
    him.  On a table in the alcove to the right of his bed, you'll find his
    journal, detailing his love of Agronak's mother and how she became pregnant
    with his child.  After telling her he was a vampire, she fled with her unborn
    son, sealing Lovidicus in his chamber.  Lack of blood has driven him mad.
    The journal is the evidence you need to bring back to Agronak.  After you 
    return, Agronak bestows his training on you and then has a bit of a breakdown
    after reading his Father's journal and discovering he's half vampire.
    ##NOTE:  If you do this quest and later challenge the Gray Prince for the title
    of Grand Champion of the Arena, he will accept but he WILL NOT FIGHT.  The
    knowledge of his birth has broken him and he only wants to die now, believing
    himself to be the spawn of evil.
    You'll have to murder him, as he'll just stand there and take whatever you
    throw at him.  You wont get a bounty, but you will get a murder added to your
    statistics.  Some people use this to enter the Dark Brotherhood.  It's a great
    way to rack up a murder without a bounty.
    Go to the Office of Imperial Commerce in the Market District.  Talk to Vinicia
    Melissaeia.  She'll offer you a shack on the waterfront for 2,000 gold.  It's
    small but very handy and relatively inexpensive when you're low on cash and
    need a place to safely stash your goodies.
    Go visit your new house.  When you enter, your journal will update telling you
    to go to Three Brother's Trade Goods in the Market to furnish your house.
    Talk to Sergius Verus.  He has all your furnishings.
    Total cost of all Furnishings: 3,630 gold
    ##Average price based on a disposition of 64 with no haggling.  You can of 
    course get the prices to go lower.
    REWARD:  1,000 Gold
    In Weye, across the bridge from the stables, go to Wawnet Inn and speak with
    Nerussa.  She is a collector of rare wines and is looking for six bottles of
    Shadowbanish Wine.  It was created by an Alchemist for soldiers and only in a
    very small quantity.  The Wine can usually be found in the ruins of old Forts.
    Fort Carmala:  Due South of Chorrol's North Country Stables.  2 bottles in a
    chest next to the Vampire Matriarch.
    Fort Magia:  East of the Imperial City Arboretum, across Lake Rumare.  2 bottles
    in a chest in the Fort Magia Garrison Blocks.
    Fort Irony:  SE of Bravil, directly across from the Mouth of the Panther River.
    2 bottles in a chest on the first floor.
    Fort Grief:  East of Bravil, across Niben Bay.  2 bottles in a chest within the
    outer wall of the Fort.  ##You'll need to do the "Caught in the Hunt" quest in
    Bravil to gain entry to this Fort.
    Take your spoils back to Nerussa and she'll reward you with a 1,000 gold.  She
    also offers to pay you for any additional bottles you come across in your
    travels at 100 gold each.
    3:  BRAVIL
    REWARD:  Grantham's Treasure map - random, leveled loot.
    In Bravil, ask the locals about Rumors.  They'll mention a ghost near Bravil and
    refer you to Gilgonderin at Silver Home on the Water for more information about
    the Forlorn Watchman.
    Gilgonderin tells you the Watchman's ghost appears every night at 8pm on the
    shore of Niben Bay at Bawnwatch Camp.  he'll even give you a map marker for it.
    Make your way to the camp, just outside and SE of the city, on the shore of the
    bay.  I suggest being there on time, at 8pm.  You need time to complete this
    portion of the quest before the ghost disappears at dawn.
    When the Watchman arrives, keep your distance and sneak.  If he's aware of your
    presence, he'll just stand there and stare out at the lake all night.  After a
    minute or so, he'll begin walking south along the coast.  Follow him discreetly.
    When he stops, at a point across from where the Panther River empties into Niben
    Bay, then approach and speak to him.  He names himself Grantham Blakeley and
    asks you to look for him in the Mouth of the Panther.  He'll tell you of a 
    mutiny aboard his ship and that he needs you to release him.  This is all he has
    to say at this point.
    Return to Gilgonderin and ask him about the apparition.  He'll tell you the
    Mouth of the Panther is an old nautical term for where the Panther River meets
    Niben Bay and give you a map marker.
    Make your way there to discover the wreck of an aged ship, beached on the rocks.
    The Emma May.  The entrance is a hole in the hull of the ship on the landward
    side.  You'll find ghosts and wraiths in here.  Come prepared with magic, silver
    or enchanted weapons.  
    In the Cabin across from you as you enter, you'll find a log book detailing 
    the mutiny aboard ship and the subsequent jailing of two of the officers below 
    decks.  Make your way to the lowest deck.  You'll run into the wraith of Gable, 
    the traitor who began the mutiny.  Kill him and take the key from his body.
    Use it to open the locked door and release the skeleton inside.  Grantham's
    ghost will appear and thank you for freeing his spirit.  As payment, you're
    given a map to Grantham's treasure chest and a map marker for Black Dog Camp.
    The map is on the floor behind the skeleton.
    Black Dog Camp is NE of the Mouth of the Panther.  Grantham's chest is in the
    water just off the pier.  Hopefully, you find better loot than I did.
    REWARD:  A copy of the Wolf Queen - reading this raises your speechcraft.
    Either wander the town or find the home of Ursanne Loche.  Her husband, Aleron,
    is missing.  Aleron has a gambling problem and owes about 500 septims to a 
    userer, Kurdan gro-Dragol.  Kurdan sent for Aleron yesterday at the Lonely
    Suitor Lodge.  He hasn't been seen since.
    In the Lonely Suitor Lodge, you'll find Kurdan on the second floor, get his 
    disposition above 80 and he'll talk to you.  Kurdan knows where Aleron is but
    wont tell you unless you retrieve a family heirloom for him, a battleaxe that
    belonged to his father.  It was lost on Fort Grief Island.  Speak to him again
    when you're ready to go looking for it.  He has a boat waiting at the dock
    behind the magic shop.  You'll see it as you cross the bridge.
    Click on the boat and it will take you across the bay to Fort Grief.  At the
    Fort, the switch to open the main gate is too the right of the gate.  Inside,
    you'll find Aleron.  Like you, Dragol tricked him into coming to the fort.
    There never was an axe to find.
    Kurdan doesn't just make money as a userer, he supplies victims for hunters who
    prefer human prey.  The main gate has closed behind you.  The only way out of
    Fort Grief now is to beat the Hunters at their own game.  Kill them and take
    the keys from their bodies.  Aleron, not being a warrior, will wait for you
    Enter the Hunter's Run.  You'll find the first Hunter just inside the door.
    Kill him and take his key.  Follow the passage to a bridge over a flooded
    chamber.  Watch out, three spiked barrels will drop down to try and knock you
    off into the water.  If you fall, just follow the underwater passage back out.
    This fort is a maze of dart traps, tripwires and gas vents.  Watch your step.
    The second hunter can be found at the very back of this floor.  Once you've
    killed him and taken his key, enter the Hunter's Abyss.  You'll find the final
    hunter in the large chamber.  Get his key and your journal will update.  Return
    to Aleron.
    As you come out, you'll see Kurdan murder Aleron, while you're unable to stop
    him.  Kurdan laughs at you.  The key you found is a fake and he has no plans
    of letting you leave and ruin his operation.  After you've dealt with him, and
    the Khajiit archer he brought with him, take the real gate key from his corpse.
    Go back inside the fort and turn the switch in the room to the left as you 
    entered, opening the gate.  Time to give Ursanne the bad news.
    Ursanne thanks you for trying to save her husband and gifts you with a copy of
    the Wolf Queen.  Reading this will raise your speechcraft a point.
    REWARD: Scroll of Commanding Touch - Command creature to level 3/30sec.on touch
    To get this quest, go to the Bravil Mages Guild and speak to the Argonian woman,
    Kud-Ei, about her freind Henentier.  He's a fellow mage who, against guild rules
    has been experimenting in his own home without supervision.  Henentier has been
    trapped somewhere.  Speak to Kud-Ei again and she'll lead you to his house, just
    down the street.  He's asleep upstairs, trapped in a dreamworld of his own
    He has created a dreamworld amulet, used to enter one's own mind and experience
    dreams.  He has somehow become trapped and you must go into his dream and rescue
    him.  When you're ready, speak to Kud-Ei again and she'll give you the amulet
    and your instructions.  Put on the amulet and go to sleep in the bed next to
    When you arrive in the dreamworld, you arrive naked and unable to use any of 
    your magic.  Your inventory is empty except for the amulet.  Don't panic.  It is
    just a dream after all.
    Henentier is beside you and wholly confused about what's going on.  Pieces of
    his mind seem to have gone missing.  There are four and you will need to collect
    them.  You'll find four doors or portals in his little dream house, each leading
    to a different test.  If at any point you need healing, there are various foods
    scattered throughout the house and a cabinet on the lower floor labeled "Heal
    Yourself" with four or five heal potions inside.  Use them sparingly, it's all
    you get.  On to the tests.
    TEST OF PATIENCE:  There are three pressure switch mazes in here.  Step wrong
    and die.  As you enter, you'll see an Ayleid cask.  Inside is a scroll, take
    this, it's your map, showing you the safe paths through each maze.
    Look carefully and you'll see a path of similar symbols on each map.  This is
    your safe path.  Check it often and you'll reach the other side safely.
    Once through, you'll find the Element of Patience.  Take it and you'll be
    returned to Henentier's room.  Next.
    TEST OF PERCEPTION:  In here is a path of traps.  Watch your step.  On the first
    path which begins to your right, run to avoid the rockfalls and reach the 
    swinging blades.  Jump carefully to land on the stone ring under the blades
    without falling through.  Avoid the blades and make another quick dash across
    the second area, dotted with gas vents.
    Always watch your feet for pressure plates.  Stepping on these will trigger a
    rockfall that will kill you.
    On the third path, carefully avoid the blades dropping from the cieling.  At the
    end you'll find the Element of Perception.  Take it and again be returned to 
    Henentier's room.
    TEST OF COURAGE:  As you enter, there's an Ayleid cask on your right.  Take the
    weak potion of the sea inside.  You'll need it.  Time for a swim.  Follow the
    twisting tunnel.  You'll find a second cask with another weak potion of the sea
    inside.  Take that and continue on.  You'll come to a door.  Go through and
    you'll find the Element of Courage.
    TEST OF RESOLVE:  In the Ayleid cask in front of you is a set of heavy armor, 
    light armor, a sword, warhammer and a staff.  Take whatever you're most 
    comfortable with, equip yourself and head into the Arena.  You'll find two or
    three dreamworld minotaurs, depending on your level.
    Defeat them and a set of stairs will raise up allowing you to reach the Element
    of Resolve.
    Return to Henentier and give all four elements to him.  He will remember where
    he is and return you both to the real world.  He is very grateful for your
    rescue and rewards you with the Scroll of Commanding Touch.  Yay.
    Go to the Castle and talk to the Count.  If he likes you enough, he'll offer you
    a house.  Actually it's a shack but we're not picky.  The cost is 4,000 gold.
    Hand over your hard earned wealth and you have purchased your own rickety
    little castle.  Head over to your new palatial residence and get a journal
    update letting you know where to go to get your furnishings.
    Head over to the Fair Deal and talk to Nilawen to buy your furnishings.
    Total cost of all Furnishings: 6,528 gold
    ##Average price based on a disposition of 67 with no haggling.  You can of 
    course get the prices to go lower.
    4:  ANVIL
    4.1  GHOST SHIP
    REWARD:  Redwave - Drain Health 15 pts for 6 sec. on strike
    Go to the Anvil docks.  Aboard the Serpent's wake, speak to a high elf named
    Varulae.  The ship was bringing her a crystal ball.  Shortly after arriving at
    port, the crew was mysteriously murdered.  Their ghosts now haunt the ship.
    Varulae was unable to retrieve the crystal ball herself.  She needs you to
    retrieve it for her.  The crystal ball is located in the ship's hold.  Take the
    key she gives you and head on in.
    Inside, the door across from you is the Captain's cabin.  Grab the keys from his
    corpse and deal with his ghost if you wish.  Head back out to the entry hall
    and take the hatch to the mid deck.  Two more ghosts wait for you here.  Deal
    with them and head for the cargo hatch on your right.
    In the hold, the last two ghosts are floating around waiting for you to send
    them on their way.  Do so and grab Varulae's crystal ball from the chest.  Head
    back out and return it to her.  
    She's ecstatic to finally have it and rewards you with the Captain's enchanted
    REWARD:  A leveled amount of Gold.
    To start this quest, ask anyone in Anvil about rumors and they'll tell you about
    am all female gang of thieves preying on the men of Anvil.  Ask about the gang
    and you'll be told to speak to Maelona and Gogan, who is a recent victim.  You
    should have a map marker for them now.  Head over to their house.
    Talk to Maelona.  She'll ask you to help get her husband out of hot water.  The
    all female gang lure men out to a remote location and rob them.  She offers her
    savings, 100 gold, to find and get back the family heirloom wedding ring her
    husband lost during his little misadventure.  The Flowing Bowl seems to be the 
    best place to make contact with these women.
    After talking to Gogan, you'll find two of the gangs members are a Nord and an
    Imperial.  The women lure men out to their farmhouse, convince them to strip and
    while they're helpless, rob them blind.
    Head over to the waterfront and the Flowing Bowl.
    There are two possible conversations here, depending on your sex.
    MALE:  Signy Home-Wrecker will approach you and entice you into coming out to
    their farmhouse for "A night of fun you wont soon forget."
    FEMALE:  Faustina Cartia approaches you and offers you a job in the gang.  With
    your pretty face, you could make good money luring fools in.
    Either way, you'll be asked to meet them at the farmhouse at 11pm.  You should
    have a map marker now.  Gweden Farm is SE of Anvil.  It's a short hike.
    Wait until 11pm and then enter the farmhouse.  Again, your sex determines the
    conversation to a degree.
    MALE:  Faustina will try to entice you to remove your clothes, armor and weapons
    when you refuse, the girls get feisty.
    FEMALE:  Faustina tries to convince you to join the scheme.  When you tell her
    no, she calls the rest of the gang down on you.
    Once they're dead, Gogan and Maelona arrive, suprisingly dressed as guards.
    The ring they sent you after is a fake.  They needed a stranger, one the gang
    wouldn't recognize as a guard, to infiltrate them and give them the opportunity
    to take them all down at once.  Congratulations on your short career as a patsy.
    Maelona rewards you in gold.
    #If you go into the cellar, you'll find the stolen belongings of the victims.
    Other than a good chuckle, taking them is pointless.  You can't return them.
    REWARD:  Your House in Anvil
    Find and speak with Velwyn Benirus.  He's usually in the castle or at The
    Count's Arms Tavern.  He'll offer to sell you his grandfather's house, Benirus
    Manor, for 5,000 gold.  Take him up on the offer and head over to your new
    The place is a bit run down but it's furnished.  Okay, the furnishings look like
    the homeless special.  In the cellar you'll find a Sealed Portal.  Ignore it for
    now.  Head up to your bedroom and take a nap.  When you wake,  you'll find a few
    ghosts have invaded the house.  Deal with them carefully as you may find two
    and three of them at a time waiting to ambush you.  Head downstairs where you
    heard a crash, the main floor, not the cellar.  In front of one of the cupboards
    on the floor, you'll see a broken vase.  Next to it is a skeletal hand and
    Velwyn's Grandfather's journal.  Pick up both of these as you'll have need of 
    them.  Seems Lorgren Benirus was a very bad boy, dabbling in necromancy in the
    hope of discovering immortality and a means to wipe out his fellow citizens.
    The Mages Guild put a stop to him, permanently, but his body was never found.
    The journal tells you you'll need a true-blooded Benirus to open the sealed
    portal.  Time to find Velwyn and have a little chat about lemons.
    Outside, ask one of the townspeople about Velwyn.  He's skipped town for the 
    Imperial City, just after selling you the family home.  You can find him at the
    King and Queen Tavern in the Elven Gardens District.  Make sure to bring the
    skeletal hand and the journal with you.  Raise Velwyn's disposition a bit and
    he'll apologize for tricking you and volunteer to open the door for you.  Meet
    him back in Anvil at the Counts Arms Tavern.  Head back to Anvil and look him 
    In the Counts Arms, if you have the same trouble I did, the map marker for
    Velwyn is there but he is nowhere to be seen.  Wait for 24 hours and then look
    for him on the first floor.  I found him up the stairs 30 feet from where the
    marker said he should be.  Once you've found him, follow him back to Benirus
    Inside, the ghosts are in high spirits.  Ahem.  They've respawned.  Though
    Velwyn carries a blade, he wont help.  Make your way to the sealed portal in the
    cellar.  Watch your swings, Velwyn follows very close.  Once you've cleared out
    all the ghosts, Velwyn will open the portal, it takes a minute.  After, he
    bravely runs away, leaving you to deal with what's inside on your own.  You've
    found Lorgren's necromancy altar, complete with his corpse lying atop it.  Click
    on the altar and Lorgren will speak to you.  He claims a need to atone for his
    past and make peace with the nine.  All you have to do is return his hand, 
    completing his remains and you'll put an end to his madness.  Right.  Click on
    the skeleton.  
    Lorgren's spirit will rise from the remains, praising your gullibility.  Put him
    down to end the curse on Benirus Manor.
    Return to the Counts Arms and Velwyn is grateful you've cleared the family
    name.  The Manor is yours.  You'll find it was given a major face lift, inside
    and out, while you were gone.  It's one of the nicer homes and certainly the 
    most affordable as there are no furnishings for you to buy.
    REWARD:  Leveled amount of gold.
    Speak to Maeva the Buxom at Whitmond Farm.  It's just outside the Anvil Main
    Gate.  Her husband, Bjalfi the Contemptible, has stolen her family heirloom and
    run off to join a band of marauders living at Fort Strand.  Maeva wants you to
    recover it, the Rockshatter Mace, and return it to her.  Fort Strand is just 
    East of the Anvil Castle Main Gate.  You should have a map marker.
    Inside Fort Strand, you'll have to deal with several marauders on your way to
    Bjalfi.  The least complicated way to reach him:  When you enter, turn right at
    the T junction.  Follow these corridors until you find a door the Fort Strand
    Great Dome.  Enter the Dome and you should find Bjalfi in the first large 
    Kill him and take the mace.
    ##If you kill him and find two maces, RE-LOAD YOUR LAST SAVE.  Maeva wont accept
    the mace if you found two.  Even if you only pick one of them up, you still wont
    be able to complete the quest.
    Return to Maeva at Whitmond Farm and give her the Mace.  Though she's sorry her
    husband had to die, she rewards you with her dowry.
    5:  BRUMA
    REWARD:  Phylactery of Litheness - Fortify Speed 7 pts. on self
    To start this quest, ask one of the townsfolk about Raynil Draylas.  He blew
    into town claiming to be a vampire hunter and slew Bradon Lirrian as a vampire.
    As something smells fishy about this, head to Bradon Lirrian's home to
    investigate the crime scene.
    In Bradon's house you'll find several guards, Bradon's body and his wife.  Speak
    to Carius Runellius as he seems to be the one in charge.  He'll tell you the
    events leading up to Bradon's death:  How they found the corpses of two beggars
    outside town with puncture wounds in their necks, Raynil showing up to save the
    day.  He tracked down and killed Bradon, alone, later telling the guards Bradon
    was their vampire.
    Speak with Erline, Bradon's wife.  She's very upset and doesn't believe her
    husband was a vampire.  She needs you to find Raynil and prove he was lying and
    murdered her husband.
    Best place to start looking is Olav's Tap and Tack.  Speak to Olav.  Make sure
    his disposition is atleast 80 or he'll tell you nothing.  Olav doesn't believe
    Bradon was a vampire either. Now that you're there, he hopes you can find the
    truth.  He gives you the key to Raynil's room, last door at the end of the hall.
    As Raynil is nowhere to be seen, search the room.  Behind the drawers as you
    came in, you'll find a book called "Gelebourne's Journal".  Take this and talk
    to Olav again.  Raynil mentioned Gelebourne as being the last vampire he killed,
    over in Skingrad.  Head back to Bradon's house and tell Carius what you've found
    out.  When he sees the journal, he's shocked and rouses the city guard to search
    for Raynil.  You're to meet him in Olav's in one hour.  
    Back at Olav's, Carius tells you Raynil was seen leaving Bruma, headed west 
    toward Boreal Stone Cave.  You must get there before he flees for good.  Deal
    with him in whatever manner you see fit.  Follow your map marker to the cave.
    When you enter, Raynil will see you even if you're sneaking.  What's a bad guy
    without a final monologue after all?  He refuses to surrender, forcing you to
    kill him.  Take the keys from his corpse and use them to open the water-logged
    chest at the back of the chamber.  Inside, you'll find a seemingly ordinary
    ring.  Bring it back to Erline and see what she wants to do with it.
    Erline comes clean.  She knew Raynil and Gelebourne years ago as friends of her
    husband.  The ring was a treasure they found.  Bradon had a strong enchantment
    put on it to hide it's true nature.  Erline speaks the secret word to release
    the rings true nature and gifts you with the Phylactery of Litheness.  She wants
    you to keep it as a token of her thanks.
    REWARD:  Ring of the Vipereye - Fortify Agility/Resist Magic % - Leveled
    If the Countess' Herald has sought you out, you already have this quest.  If not
    go to the castle and speak to Countess Carvain.
    The Countess collects Akaviri Artifacts and is after a particular item, the
    Draconian Madstone, an amulet said to protect the wearer from poisons and magic.
    It's last known location was the Akaviri Stronghold of Pale Pass.  The Countess
    provides you with a rough map, a key and a translated diary written by an
    Akaviri messenger.  Ask her about the Diary and she'll provide you with a map
    marker for the first landmark, Dragonclaw Rock.
    You're headed due NE of Bruma.  There is a vague road, follow this to your first
    landmark.  Your journal will update when you reach Dragonclaw Rock.  Check the
    messengers diary for the next landmark.  Turn west at the rock and follow the
    cave icon in your compass until you find the Serpent's Trail.  It's very close.
    The Serpent's Trail is an underground passage that will lead you to Pale Pass.
    Beware of Ogres, you're going to see alot of them.  In the tunnels, you'll find
    the skeletal remains of the messenger who penned the diary.  Near his hand is
    a clay tablet with Akaviri writing.  Take this, you'll need it later.  Follow
    the tunnel through to the entrance to Pale Pass.
    Once again, watch out for Ogres.  They're all over the place here.  Follow the
    trail to the fort.  It leads you right to the front door.
    At the fort, enter the Mouth of the Serpent.  The ruins are infested with Dead
    Akaviri Soldiers.  You need to locate the Commander of the Fort who should have
    the Draconian Madstone.
    Head straight back to the Fangs of the Serpent.  This is a maze of dart traps.
    You can dodge through them or take your time and find the safe path.  Make your
    way to the bridge and pull the lever to the left of it, dropping it so you can
    cross.  On the other side, enter the Venom of the Serpent.
    In here, you'll find the Akaviri Commander.  Don't kill him, talk to him.
    Remember the tablet you took off the Messengers corpse?  Give this to the
    Commander.  It contains the orders the dead soldiers have been waiting all this
    time to receive.  He thanks you for finally laying their spirits to rest and 
    opens a door as he leaves.  The Madstone is on a pedestal in this room.  Pick
    it up and return to the Countess.
    On your way out, you'll only have to worry about traps.  Giving the orders to 
    the Commander has laid all the soldiers to rest.  
    The countess is excited to finally have the prize of her collection and rewards
    you with the Ring of the Vipereye.
    REWARD:  Jorundr's Loot - 2 Skill Books and various leveled loot.
    Ask one of the townspeople about Jorundr.  He's a thief who stole his wife's
    life savings, stashed it somewhere and was about to leave town when the guards
    arrested him for murder.  Go talk to his wife, Arnora.  You'll need to raise her
    disposition before she'll talk to you.  
    She and Jorundr are thieves.  After robbing a tax shipment, where Jorundr killed
    a guard, he was caught, but not before moving the loot where Arnora couldn't
    find it.  She needs you to find the location from Jorundr.  Head over to the
    castle dungeon.
    The guard will let you in where Jorundr wont talk, convinced you're working for
    a corrupt guard.  If you want to find the location, you're going to have to get
    yourself thrown in jail.  I nicked the inkwell off the guard's desk and went to
    Once inside, Jorundr is much more friendly.  Ask him about the stolen gold and
    he'll give you a much different story than Arnora.  Robbing the shipment was her
    idea.  She killed the guard and, when they were onto them, turned in Jorundr
    to save herself.  Not before Jourundr was able to hide the gold however.
    Jorundr wants Arnora dead.  As proof, you're to bring him the amulet she always
    wears.  You can handle this two ways:
    1:  Tell Arnora Jorundr's plan.  She'll give you a key to the chest containing
    her true amulet to convince Jorundr she's dead.  The amulet she actually wears
    is a fake.
    2:  Kill Arnora.  Loot the keys from her body, take the amulet she's wearing and
    the true amulet in the chest by her bed to Jorundr.
    Either way he will tell you the location of the treasure once he believes she's
    gone.  The treasure is just outside the city walls, by the North Gate, in a 
    chest marked "Jorundr's Loot".
    #If you killed Arnora yourself, simply go take the loot.
    #If you left her alive, you'll find a corrupt guard, Tyrellius Logellus, is
    already there waiting for you.  He heard Jorundr telling you the location and
    wants the gold for himself.  He says he's already dealt with Arnora and you're
    the last loose end to deal with.  Kill him and take the loot for yourself.
    Return to Arnora's cabin to see that she is truly dead and the quest will
    complete in your journal.
    At the Castle, speak to the Countess.  She has a quaint little house just off
    the Main Gate she's willing to sell for the paltry sum of 10,000 gold.  Now that
    you've parted with all those shiny coins, go visit your new home where your
    journal will tell you to part with even more.
    You'll find everything you need at Novaroma, talk to Suurootan.
    Total cost of all Furnishings: 16,857 gold
    ##Average price based on a disposition of 70 with no haggling.  You can of 
    course get the prices to go lower.
    REWARD:  Apron of Adroitness - Fortify Agility and Intelligence
                                   Strength leveled to match you.
    Ask a townsperson about rumors and you'll be told about Tivaela.  Her husband,
    Rythe Lythandas, is a famous painter and he's missing.
    Head over to Tivaela's house.  Her husband had been in his studio all day.  When
    she got worried and checked on him, she found him gone with the door locked.
    She'll give you the key to his studio and ask you to please find him.
    Inside, you'll find the painting Rythe was working on when he vanished.  Click
    on the painting and you'll be transported into it.  Rythe is waiting for you,
    happy someone finally showed up to help him.  A Bosmer thief broke into his
    studio, attacked him and stole his Brush of Truepaint.  The thief then escaped
    into the painting.  Once inside he created trolls to protect him, which turned
    on him and killed him.  Rythe, not being a fighter, is unable to retrieve the 
    brush.  You need to kill the trolls and get back the brush so Rythe can paint
    a door out for you both.  He'll give you six bottles of Turpentine to help you
    fight the Trolls.  Click on the bottle and you'll get one hit with the effect
    active on your weapon:  Damage Troll +100.
    As you set off on your troll hunt, be sure to enjoy the scenery.  This is one
    of the more beautiful and original realms in Oblivion.
    The trolls are tough, as trolls are.  The Turpentine makes them easy kills.  Be
    sure to loot the Painted Troll Fat from them as this is the only place you're
    going to find that ingredient.
    Once you've dealt with all the trolls, get the Brush of Truepaint from the body
    of the Bosmer thief and return to Rythe.  Quicksave here just in case.  Rythe
    will paint a doorway back to the real world.  Click on it to leave after your
    journal updates.
    I had a bit of a glitch with the door.  The first time he painted it, the door
    didn't actually appear.  If this happens to you, just reload and try again.
    Once back in the real world, Rythe gratefully rewards you with the Apron of
    Adroitness.  It fortifies your Agility and Intelligence.  The amount that is
    fortified depends on your level.  At level 9, mine was fortified 9 pts. each.
    REWARD:  350 gold
    To get this quest, speak to one of the beggars in town and ask about Fines.  The
    guards of Cheydinhal have been imposing outrageous fines for even the smallest
    infractions since they got a new Captain, Ulrich Leland.
    The beggars will send you to speak with Llevana Nedaren.  She's the most 
    outspoken against the guards.  Llevana's house is on the south side of town.
    Llevana's good freind, Aldos Othran, was rendered homeless by Captain Ulrich 
    after being fined six times for being drunk.  She believes that Ulrich's second
    in command, Garrus Darelliun, may be sympathetic.  He can usually be found in
    the castle or the guard barracks.
    You can track down Aldos if you want, but he's too drunk to talk.  Head over to
    the castle.
    Garrus believes Ulrich is on the take and would love to take him down.  He can't
    go before the Count without a witness however.  You need to bring him Aldos
    Othran, that is if you can sober him up for five minutes.  With Aldos' 
    testimony, the Count will have no choice but to relieve Ulrich.  Garrus cautions
    you not to speak to Ulrich as he'll surely arrest you on the spot.
    You can find Aldos boozing it up at his campsite by the south wall.  Aldos is
    drunk and mad, never a good combo.  He wants you to follow him and leads you
    back to his house where he picks a fight with the guard outside the door.  There
    isn't anything you can do to stop this.  The guard kills him when Aldos attacks
    him.  Return to Llevana and give her the bad news.
    Like Aldos, she too flies into a rage and asks you to convince Ulrich to follow
    you back to her house so she can deal with him.  Instead, go talk to Garrus who
    may have a less bloodthirsty way out of this.
    Garrus is fed up with Ulrich after the death of Aldos and has a plan to take 
    him down.  With the key he gives you, sneak into Ulrich's quarters in the guard
    tower.  On top of his dresser, there's a book.  Look carefully on top of the
    book and you'll see a suspicious letter.  Take this and bring it back to Garrus.
    After he takes the letter, leave and meet him at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in
    two hours.
    Garrus, the newly appointed Captain of the guard, informs you Ulrich has been
    stripped of his rank and thrown in the dungeons where he will spend the next
    several years.  Garrus rewards you with gold for risking your life and jail
    time to take down Ulrich without bloodshed.
    Speak Count Andel Indarys at Castle Cheydinhal.  He's a bit of a self-important
    fop but if he likes you enough, he will gladly sell you a house for meager
    price of 15,000 gold.  You can find everything you need to fill your new,
    small but tidy home at Borba's Goods and Stores.
    Total cost of all Furnishings: 23,760 gold
    ##Average price based on a disposition of 88 with no haggling.  You can of 
    course get the prices to go lower.
    6.4  Not really a quest.  If you ask Borba gra-Uzgash about Cheydinahll, she 
    will update your map with three new map markers:  Quickwater Cave, Rickety Mine
    and the Ayleid ruin of Kemen.
    Just for all you treasure hunting dungeon divers out there.
    7:  LEYAWIIN
    REWARD:  Ring of Eidolon's Edge - Fortify Block/Fortify Blade (Leveled)
    Find ROsentia Gallenus' house in the center of town.  You'll have to pick the
    lock to get in as she's locked the door and wont come out.  Inside, you'll find
    her in the company of four Scamps, consider them daedric versions of the Adoring
    She bought a daedric staff off a traveling merchant.  When she spoke the word
    carved into the staff, the Scamps appeared and now, as it seems to be cursed,
    she can't drop it, sell it or get rid of it.  She needs you to speak to her
    friend, Alves Uvenim, at the Mages Guild.  ALves may know how to break the
    Head over the the Mages Guild where ALves does indeed have information for you.
    It's called the Staff of Everscamp.  The only way to be rid of it is for someone
    to willingly accept the staff.  The only way to fully break the curse is to take
    the staff to DarkFathom Cave and drop it by the statue of Sheogorath you'll
    find inside.  Yes, another amusing moment of madness brought to you by our
    favorite mad hatter.  Head back to Rosentia's and tell her the good news.  She
    will gladly hand over the staff.  You and your entourage must now make your
    way to Darkfathom Cave.  Don't worry, the guards will ignore your vertically
    challenged companions.
    The cave is just East of Leyawiin, across the river.  Inside you'll find Scamps.
    Lots of Scamps.  Make your way to the chamber containing Sheogorath's statue.
    Drop the staff near the altar.  When you drop it, your journal will update,
    telling you the scamps are happy in their new home.  Return to Rosentia for
    your reward.
    Unfortunately, you can't pick the staff back up.  That would have been too much
    REWARD:  Leveled amount of gold - at Level 10 I recieved 1200.
    In the Mages Guild, speak with the Khajiit, S'Drassa.  He's looking for crystals
    called Garridan's Tears and will pay in gold for each tear you recover.  He'll
    send you to the Arcane University to speak with Julienne Fanis.  She has studied
    the legend and should know where to find them.
    You'll find Julienne in the Arcane University's lobby.  She'll refer you to the
    First Edition in the Imperial City Market District to find a copy of the book
    "Knightfall", the story of Garridan.  You'll have to buy a copy from Phintias
    as he doesn't appear to have one out on the shelves, it's not expensive.  You'll
    get a map marker for Frostfire Glade, in the mountains near Bruma.  You'll also
    need refined frost salts to get in.  Head back to the Arcane University and talk
    to Julienne.  She has five of them for sale.  Buy these and head out for Bruma.
    Follow your map marker to the glade, south east of Bruma.
    ##Save at this point.  There is a potential glitch here.  You'll need to reload
    if this happens.
    If you have any armor or items that protect from frost damage, bring them and be
    prepared to heal often.  Enter Frostfire Cave.  Follow the tunnels to the 
    entrance to Frostfire Glade.  Straight ahead of you is the Glade.  You can't
    miss it.  It's covered in snow and ice.  BEWARE:  Every moment you spend on the
    snow, your health is being drained by frost damage.  Watch your health, heal
    often, run back up on the grass if you need a minute to let your magicka
    There is a Frostfire Atronach Glade Warden here.  My advice, lob an arrow or
    spell at him and run back up to the grass.  Let him follow you up there, away
    from the center of the glade.  You wont take damage while you fight him and
    you wont risk blowing away the tears across the glade with magical damage.
    They're hard enough to find.
    Once he's dead, begin your search for the tears.  You'll need five.  The first 
    four can be found on the ground around the statues.  Look carefully as they're
    small and difficult to spot.  They appear as bluish-white and tear shaped.
    The fifth tear is actually on the ice statues.  You'll need to cross the log
    to get up to the statues.
    ## I, and many others, had an issue with the last tear.  Instead of being on top
    of the ice, it was actually inside and unreachable.  If this happens to you, 
    reload and try again.  If you're on pc, you can use the console code to give
    yourself the fifth tear, but reloading works just as well.
    Garridan's Tear - player.additem 00025B33 1
    Return to S'Drassa in Leyawiin for your reward and maybe a nice cup of hot
    REWARD:  See Knights of the White Stallion Below.
    Speak to Leyawiin's Count, Marius Caro.  There's an Orc, Mazoga, hanging around
    the County Hall claiming to be a knight.  He wants to know what it is she wants
    in Leyawiin.
    Mazoga is standing just outside the throne room.  Play along with her to find
    out why she's there.  She'll send you to find Weebam-Na and bring him to her.
    His house is just around the corner from the castle.
    If Weebam-na likes you enough, he'll agree to meet Mazoga at the castle.  Before
    you go, ask him about Leyawiin for a hysterical review of a failed local
    resteraunt.  Follow him back to the castle and listen in on the conversation.
    Mazoga wants him to lead her to Fisherman's Rock.  She wont say why and he
    refuses to take her and leaves.  Speak with Mazoga again.  She now wants you to
    take her to Fisherman's Rock so she can talk to someone called  Mogens
    Wind-Shifter.  You're not to interfere until she's had a chance to talk to him.
    Fisherman's Rock is just north of Leyawiin on the other side of the river.
    Follow your map marker.  When you reach the camp, Mazoga accuses Mogens of 
    murdering her freind, swears revenge and jumps him.  Take out the other members
    of Mogens' gang so Mazoga doesn't get wasted.  Afterward, Mazoga tell you how
    Mogens murdered her freind Ra'vindra to keep her from turning him in.  Mazoga 
    then swore a Knight's oath to avenge her freind's death.  She thanks you and
    will return to the castle.  Loot the bodies and head back to the Count to give
    him the news.
    The Count appreciates Mazoga's noble intentions and your assistance.  He offers
    to make both you and Mazoga Knights-Errant of the White Stallion
    REWARD:  Knights Commission, Key to Lodge, Leyawiin Shield, 
             Bounty of 100 Gold for each Black Bow returned.
    The Count's proposition is simple:  If you and Mazoga will find and eliminate
    Black Brugo and his Black Bow Bandits, he will make you both Knight's-Errant
    of the White Stallion.
    Mazoga should be back in the County Hall by now.  Go tell her the Count's offer
    and ask about Black Brugo.  She's had dealings with him in the past and knows
    he hides out in the ruins of Telepe.  It's just NW of Leyawiin.  You can find
    him there between midnight and six am when he comes to pick up his take.
    Take Mazoga and head to the ruin.  Follow your map marker.
    Telepe is a single floor.  At or after midnight, enter the ruin and you'll find
    Black Brugo in the room to your left at the bottom of the stairs.  Kill him and
    his bandits.  Make sure to loot the black bows from their bodies.  In the room
    where you killed Black Brugo is a blue switch.  Hit this to open the gate at the
    back of the hall.  Inside you'll find a coffer containing 300 gold, Brugo's take
    for the month.
    Once you're done, head back to Leyawiin and the Count for your reward.  He
    thanks you for your service, rewarding you and Mazoga with the titles of Knights
    Errant of the White Stallion, Keys to White Stallion Lodge, a shield bearing 
    the arms of Leyawiin and a bounty of 100 gold for each Black Bow you turn in.
    Head back to Mazoga and give her the good news.  She thanks you and leaves, 
    saying she's off to find some more Black Bows and you're welcome to tag along.
    I wouldn't unless you're in the mood to be led in a giant circle out of
    Leyawiin, across the river, up past Nocturnal's Shrine, back across the river
    then south all the way back to the ruin of Telepe.  You can walk there in two 
    minutes on your own.  Skip the cross country trek.
    White Stallion Lodge is North of Leyawiin, west side of the river on the road,
    just NE of Telepe.
    REWARD:  Leveled amount of gold.
    Outside the West Gate of Leyawiin, at any time of day or night, you'll find
    Lerexus Callidus loitering by the stables.  He's been trying to cut off the
    Skooma trade into Leyawiin.  He's found a dealer at the Greyland settlement and
    has gone after him several times.  Each time he gets close, a lookout spots him
    and the dealer, Kylius Lonavo, escapes before he can reach him.
    Lerexus needs you to find him and deal with him, permanently.  The Greyland
    Settlement is just SW of the stables, a very short walk.  Sneak and head over.
    Feel free to do away with the lookout quietly if you come across him.  In the
    large house, you'll find Kylius Lonavo.  Don't bother trying to speak with him
    as he's not the type for conversation.  Bring back his ring as proof he's been
    dealt with and Lenexus rewards you for your service to Leyawiin in gold.
    In Castle Leyawiin, speak with Count Marius Caro.  Raise his disposition and
    he'll agree to sell you a home in the center of town, small but tidy, for the
    price of 7,000 gold.
    You'll find your new luxury shack devoid of furnishings.  Head over to Gundalas
    at Best Goods and Guarantees to furnish your home.
    Total cost of all Furnishings: 11,158 gold
    ##Average price based on a disposition of 100 with no haggling.  You can of 
    course get the prices to go lower.
    8:  CHORROL
    Speak with Countess Ariana Valga.  She has a lovely home for sale for the
    bargain price of 20,000 gold.  Your new home is just across from the Main Gate.
    Head over to Northern Goods and Trade.  Seed-neeus has everything you need.
    Total cost of all Furnishings: 28,347 gold
    ##Average price based on a disposition of 73 with no haggling.  You can of 
    course get the prices to go lower.
    #The furnishings for this house include a servant's quarters.  I haven't yet
    discovered if there actually is a servant to go with them.
    REWARD:  Leveled amount of gold  ##A portrait for your home
    Speak to the Countess.  Her prized painting of her husband has been stolen from
    her locked bedchamber.  She needs you to speak with the suspects and 
    witnesses, gather clues, and discover what has happened to her painting.  There
    are three witnesses and two suspects.  You'll receive a map marker for each.
    They are:  Captain Bittneld, Laythe Wavrick, Orok gro-Ghoth, Orgnulf Hairy-legs,
    and the resident Mage, Chanel.
    We'll start with the witnesses.
    Captain Bittneld:  He wasn't in the castle that night.  He has noticed Chanel
    spending time in the West tower.  When asked, she said she was performing magic
    Herald Laythe Wavrick:  He has observed Orgnulf having a drinking problem and
    asking people for money to support his new habit.
    Steward Orok gro-Ghoth:  He saw nothing as he stayed in his room all night due
    to the heavy rains that evening.  He has recently caught Orgnulf drinking in the
    West tower.  Orgnulf apparently stopped when Orok confronted him about it.
    Now for the Suspects.
    Porter Orgnulf Hairy-Legs:  Orgnulf says he argued with a delivery boy that
    night in the dining hall about a shipment of wine that had been damaged during
    the heavy rains, then spent the rest of the evening in his room, reading.
    Resident Mage, Chanel:  She says she spent the evening in the courtyard taking
    star readings, then drank some wine in the dining room off the great hall before
    going straight to bed.
    You should have an idea by now.  Now for the evidence.  
    First, head to the West tower as both suspects have been seen there.  Go through
    the hatch in the floor behind the crates.  Below, you'll find an unusual
    painting, suggesting someone in the castle is an artist.  Click on it to get the
    journal update.
    Now head to the dining room off the Great hall as again, both suspects have
    claimed to be there.  There is a rug beneath the table.  On the far left corner
    as you entered, you'll find paint stains and a footprint.  Click on these for
    another update.
    Head back upstairs to the private quarters.  A search of Orgnulf's room yields
    Head back over to Chanel's room.  On a table in her room is a lectern.  Inside
    the lectern you'll find painting supplies suspiciously hidden.  This is your
    last piece of evidence and you should know who it is by now.
    Confront Chanel with the evidence.  You'll need to raise her disposition before
    she'll confide in you.She had a great love for the Count and she was the artist
    responsible for the painting.  When he died, she became jealous of the time the
    Countess spent with the painting and stole it back.  She gives you the painting
    at this point and will wait for the Countess's judgement.
    Now you have two choices when you speak to the Countess.
    1:  Accuse Chanel.  The Countess strips her of her duties and banishes her from
    Chorrol.  In gratitude for returning the painting of her husband, she rewards 
    you with gold and gems.
    2:  Accuse Neither suspect.  The Countess is crushed and dismayed to have
    suspected anyone in her household.  She rewards a small sum of gold.  Now, head
    back up to the Private Quarters and speak with Chanel.
    She is overjoyed that you didn't turn her in.  She vows to keep the painting
    with her for the rest of her days and asks you to return in three weeks, at
    which time, she'll have painted a portrait for you.  Chanel is also an
    Apprentice Level Destruction Trainer.
    #Keep in mind, the gold reward from the countess is substantially larger if you
    turn in Chanel but you wont get the painting.
    REWARD:  50 gold
    Speak with Reynald Jemane.  You can find him at the Grey Mare in the evenings.
    It seems someone in Cheydinhall is impersonating him and besmirching him and 
    his good name.  As he says, drunkenly, he can besmirch his own good name without
    help.  He'll give you fifty gold to go to Cheydinhall and find the impersonater.
    Make your way to Cheydinhall.  Speak with Guilbert Jemane.  He's staying at the
    Newland's Lodge and you'll most likely find him wandering the hall upstairs.  My
    he does look familiar, only more sober.  Guilbert thought his twin brother was
    dead.  Upon hearing your news, he'll immediately leave for Chorrol, asking you
    to meet him there.
    Head back to Chorrol and the Grey Mare.  Listen in on the conversation, then
    speak with Guilbert.  This will complete this phase of the quests.  There's a
    total of three.
    8.4  LEGACY LOST
    REWARD:  Leveled Gold.
    Guilbert and Reynald want the family estate back.  It was over-run by Ogres when
    they were children and they aren't sure where it's located now, except south of
    Chorrol.  You're job is to find Weatherleah.
    Before you leave the Grey Mare, stop and ask one of the patrons about
    Weatherleah.  They'll refer you to Sabine Laul at the Fighter's Guild.  She's
    explored the area surrounding Chorrol and will give you a map marker.
    Make your way south to Weatherleah where you'll find the place infested by
    Redvalley Ogres.  Head back to the brothers and give Guilbert this information.
    He will, of course, send you back out to cleanse the Ogres from their home, 
    making it safe for them to return.
    Back to Weatherleah we go.  Find and kill the Three Ogres wandering the area
    around the house and return to Guilbert.
    Now that Weatherleah is safe, Guilbert wants you to escort him and his brother
    back to their home.  Either walk the long away or fast travel.  They'll follow.
    Once you've led them to the house, Guilbert will reward you in a leveled amount
    of gold.
    Now go do something else for a few days before heading back to Chorrol.
    REWARD:  Mercantile Training
    Speak to the townspeople about rumors and eventually you'll hear about the
    missing daughter of a local merchant.  Head over to Northern Trade and Goods to
    speak with Seed-neeus about her daughter.
    ##If you go to the shop and Dar-Ma is still there, talk to her about her mother
    and then give it a couple days before going back, at which time you'll find her
    Dar-Ma has gone missing while delivering goods to the village of Hackdirt.  She
    needs you to find her daughter.
    Hackdirt is just south of the city.  When you arrive, head over to Moslin's Dry
    Goods and speak with Etira Moslin.  She says Dar-Ma never arrived with the
    delivery.  As she's obviously lying, search around the derelict buildings on the
    edge of town.  You'll find Dar-Ma's horse, Blossom.  Go back to Etira and
    confront her with her lie.  She still denies having seen Dar-Ma and claims the
    horse as her own.  More town searching for clues.
    Head over to Moslin's Inn.  Vlanhonder Moslin is as helpful, and evasive, as
    Etira.  Sneak upstairs and search the lavishly appointed guest rooms.  In the
    right hand room, in a chest of drawers, you'll find Dar-Ma's diary.  Seems she
    found the inhabitants of Hackdirt as warm and fuzzy as we have.  Confront
    Vlanhonder with this and his amnesia breaks.  He does remember Dar-Ma.  He says
    she must have gone crazy and run off into the woods.  Since we don't believe
    him, head over to Jir Hiriel's house on the edge of town.
    Raise his disposition enough and he'll agree to talk to you, but not until after
    dark.  Wait until after ten pm and go back into his house.  Jiv tells you 
    Dar-Ma is being held in the caves beneath Hackdirt to be used as a sacrifice to
    to bring back, what he calls, the Deep Ones.  Don't get excited, you don't get
    to see them.  He'll give you a key and suggest you use the trap door in Moslin's
    Inn as it's closest to where she's being held.  Go in now, as the entire town
    is at the chapel for evening sermons, makes your job a lot easier.
    The trap door in Moslin's Inn will put you right next to her cell.  Deal with
    the Brethren in the cave and free Dar-Ma.  Don't worry, she knows how to sneak.
    Take her back up through Moslin's Inn.
    Doing all this between ten pm and one am will assure the villagers aren't
    around to attack Dar-Ma on your way out.  Lead her to her horse and take her
    back to Chorrol.  She will fast travel back with you if she's on her horse.
    Make sure Dar-Ma is actually in the house, then talk to Seed-neeus.  She has no
    money but should raise your mercantile skill to the next level of mastery.  
    Atleast mine did, so I'm making an educated guess.  
    REWARD:  Chillrend - Frost Damage/weakness to Frost: leveled.
    In the Grey Mare, speak with Valus Odriil.  Creatures have overrun his farm and
    his two sons have gone to find the source of the creatures in the Great Forest.
    He needs you to meet his sons at Weynon Priory and help them in the fight.
    Head over to Weynon Priory.  You'll find Antus and Rallus waiting for you. 
    Rallus seems capable enough but Antus is spoiling for a fight and jeapordy
    freindly.  Head out, following Rallus and try not to let them get dead.  If one
    or both of the sons dies, you'll get no reward.
    When you reach Odiil Farm, the creatures attack.  Hope you like Goblins, they're
    out in force.  Try to get as many as you can before they reach the boys.  But
    more important, keep an eye on Antus's health.  He's not much of a fighter and
    will go down quickly if you don't heal him often.
    Once the goblins are dealt with, and hopefully you've kept the sons alive, head
    back to the Grey Mare where Valus thanks you for keeping his sons alive.  He
    rewards you with a sword, the Chillrend.
    REWARD:  Escutcheon of Chorrol - Fortify Endurance/Reflect Damage: Leveled
             Four Grand Soul Gems with Common Souls
             1,500  Gold
    Several days after completing the Legacy Lost quest, Fathis Ules will approach
    you in Chorrol with an offer.  The twins father was actually a master thief
    and stole something from Castle Chorrol he was supposed to turn over to Fathis.
    He didn't, instead hiding it away and dying shortly after.  Fathis offers to
    pay you well if you'll find and return it to him.  He believes it can be found
    in Redguard Valley Cave, which he gives you a map marker for.  It's just East of
    Head out to Redguard Valley Cave.  Inside, at the very back of the cave system,
    you'll find the Redguard Valley Ogre Chieftan.  Kill him and loot his body to
    find the Honorblade of Chorrol.  This is the item you were sent for.  You have
    two choices now.  You can return the sword to Fathis Ules or return the sword
    to Chorrol Castle.
    FATHIS ULES:  Return the blade to Fathis and he'll reward you 1,500 gold.
    ##  Fathis Ules is the top Fence for the Thieve's Guild.  If you finish this
        quest, with either outcome, you WILL NOT be able to fence anything after
        this point.  Call it a programmer's fubar.
    CASTLE CHORROL:  To return the Honorblade to Chorrol, speak to Laythe Wavrick
    in the castle.  He will reward you with the Escutcheon of Chorrol Shield.
    Return to the twins at Weatherleah and speak with Guilbert.  If you gave the
    blade to Fathis, leaving no evidence of his father's life as a thief, Guilbert
    wants nothing more to do with you.
    If you gave the blade back to Chorrol Castle, Guilbert happily accepts his 
    father's past and rewards you with four grand soul gems.
    9:  SKINGRAD
    9.1:  BUYING A HOUSE
    Make your way to Castle Skingrad and speak to the Orc Butler, Shum gro-Yarug.
    You'll need to have a fame rating of atleast 20 to get this house.  He will
    offer to sell you Rosethorn Hall for the paltry sum of 25,000 gold.  The current
    owner, Vandorallen Trebatius will be turned out with all his belongings.  Don't
    worry, you can find him wandering the street or staying at one of the Inns.  He
    didn't have anything to say about it when I found him.
    Head over to your your new house and recieve a journal update.  Now head over to
    Colovian Traders, just down the street, and talk to Gundar.  He has everything
    you need.  Also in this shop is a servant for your house.  Speak to Eyja and she
    will agree to work for you for 150 gold.
    Total cost of all Furnishings: 39,860 gold
    ##Average price based on a disposition of 70 with no haggling.  You can of 
    course get the prices to go lower.
    ##Shum gro-Yarug has a nasty habit of falling off the bridge behind the castle
      and dying.  If this happens to you, as it happened to me, and you're on PC, it
      can be fixed.  First, make sure he's actually dead and not just wandered off.
      Talking to the Argonian in the castle about buying a house will give you a map
      marker for Shum.  Follow this.  If you reach the marker and find his body or
      find nothing at all, he's probably dead.
    ##If his body is there, open the console, click on his body and type: RESURRECT
    ##If his body is gone, open the console and type: PLAYER.PLACEATME 00028FB6
      This will drop him right in front of you.
    REWARD:  Ring of the Gray - Fortify Sneak, Security, Marksman, Acrobatics 5 pts.
                                Detect Life 50 feet
                                Resist Poison 50%
             2 Flawless Emeralds
             2 Flawless Saphires
             2 Flawless Diamonds
    Now that you have your palatial home in Skingrad, head up to your bedroom.  As
    you enter, walk around to the other side of the door.  Jump onto the chest and
    then on top of the bookshelves.  Now, look toward the door.  You'll see a Long
    Forgotten Note on the lintel.  In the note, written by an escaped prisoner, is a
    riddle that will lead you to Rosethorn Hall's secret treasure.  The answer, of
    course, is an hourglass.  If you want to keep the note, pick it up now.  You 
    wont be able to read it again if you don't.
    Now head down to the basement.  You'll see one of the pillars is hung with
    garlic.  Look in the rafters of this pillar and you'll find an hourglass.  Pick
    this up and recieve your prize, several flawless gems and the Ring of the Gray.
    9.2  PARANOIA
    REWARD:  Leveled amount of Gold
    While wandering the streets of Skingrad, you'll find a woodelf named Glarthir.
    If you don't find him, he WILL find you and follow you until you talk to him.
    He has a proposition and wants you to meet him behind the Chapel of Julianos
    after midnight.  He promises to make it worth your while.
    Wait until midnight and and meet Glarthir bahind the chapel.  He believes 
    several people are following him and he wants you to follow them.  You're first
    mark is a woman named Bernadette Peneles who lives across the street from
    When you leave Glarthir one of the guards, Dion, will stop you.  You can tell
    him what Glarthir is up to.  He wont do anything about it yet.  He'll just ask
    you to tell him if Glarthir asks you to do anything strange.
    Find a spot across the street from Bernadette's house and wait until 6am.  Now
    begins the first of several boring daily routines.
    Bernadette's Routine:  Chapel 6am-7am, working in the vinyard 9am-11am, lunch
    11:30am-1pm, working behind Tamika's house 2pm-7pm, dinner 7pm-9pm then home.
    Notice the distinct lack of spying.
    Now fast forward to midnight and meet Glarthir to give him your report.  He'll
    reward you in gold.  There are three conversation options.  If you tell him you
    have nothing to report he'll yell, tell you to do your job and come back the
    next night.
    The other two options, telling him he is or is not being followed, you'll get
    paid either way.  Be aware, telling him he's right each time will lead to that
    something strange Dion was talking about, a request for murder.
    You're next target is Toutius Sextius.  Find his house and wait until 9am.
    Toutius' Routine:  Wandering Castle Skingrad County Hall 10:30am-1pm then back
    home by 3:30pm.  Later in the evening around 7pm he goes riding.
    Again, a distinct lack of sneakiness here.
    Return to Glarthir at midnight and recieve your reward and your next job.  He
    believes he has identified the ringleader of those spying on him, Davide
    Surilie.  His house is just behind Glarthir's.  Be there at 6am.
    Davide's Routine:  Working in the vinyard 7am-noon, home by 1pm.  Notice the
    so called ringleader isn't very ringleaderish.
    Now back to Glarthir at midnight behind the chapel.  Now, there are two outcomes
    of this converation:
    A:  If you lied and told Glarthir they were all following him, he'll reward you
    with gold and a List of Death.  That's right, he wants to kill everyone you 
    followed and return to him the following night for your final reward.
    #You can, if you wish, show the List of Death to Captain Dion.  He'll thank you
    and the guards will promptly kill Glarthir;  Or, you can enjoy a little 
    killing spree.  This makes a great way to get into the Dark Brotherhood by the 
    As it's midnight, all your targets are in their homes and most likely asleep.
    Go kick their buckets for them and return to Glarthir the next night.  He's
    overjoyed to be free of the spies and gratefully rewards you 1,000 gold.
    B:  If you correctly inform Glarthir none of suspects were watching him, he
    suddenly decides you are in on the plot and attacks.  Kill him yourself or let
    the guards whack him for you.
    ##On a side note, you don't actually have to follow any of the suspects.  
    Glarthir will never know the difference.  I'm just thorough.
    REWARD:  Elixir of Exploration - see below for details.
    Go to the West Weald Inn.  You'll find Sinderion in his room in the cellar, the
    door to your right as you come in.  He needs you to bring him Nirnroots so he
    can create the rare Elixir of Exploration.  He will give you a missive with
    important information about where to find Nirnroots and a map marker for 
    Shadeleaf Copse, a good place to start your hunt.
    Your first task is to collect ten of the Nirnroots.  Each time you return he 
    will up the ante, requiring more to make the next level of the potion.  Twenty
    four hours after you give him the required amount, he will have a sample of 
    that level of the potion to give you and you'll be able to buy more from him.
    Nirnroot will always be found near water.  While you're wandering the country
    on quests, keep your eyes on the shores of lakes and rivers.  You'll be
    over loaded with Nirnroot in no time.  You'll also, on occasion, notice them in
    pots in houses and shops.  If you're sneak skill is decent, feel free to make
    off with these too.
    10 Nirnroot:  Weak Elixir of Exploration
                  Fortify Health 20 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Night Eye 300 sec.
    20 Nirnroot:  Moderate Elixir of Exploration
                  Fortify Health 20 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Fatigue 20 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Night Eye 300 sec.
    30 Nirnroot:  Strong Elixir of Exploration
                  Fortify Health 20 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Fatigue 20 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Night Eye 300 sec.
                  Fortify Blade 5 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Blunt 5 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Destruction 5 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Restoration 5 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Sneak 5 pts. for 300 sec.
    40 Nirnroot:  Grand Elixir of Exploration
                  Fortify Health 20 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Fatigue 20 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Night Eye 300 sec.
                  Fortify Blade 10 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Blunt 10 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Destruction 10 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Restoration 10 pts. for 300 sec.
                  Fortify Sneak 10 pts. for 300 sec.
    Sinderion will buy any further Nirnroots you collect, ten at a time, for the 
    bargain price of 250 gold.
    Raiden says - "By following the shore of Niben Bay and the rivers that start
    from it, basically going around the whole of Niben Bay and rivers, you can find
    more than enough Nirnroot."
    REWARD:  Free Bed at the Aleswell Inn
    You're looking for the village of Aleswell.  You'll find it North of the I.C.
    on the Red River Road, directly between the words "Red" and "River" on your map.
    You're going to want a detect life spell or enchantment for this one as all the
    inhabitants of the village have been rendered invisible.  
    Speak with Diram at the Aleswell Inn.  A wizard named Ancotar has been playing
    pranks on the villagers for years, this is just the latest insult.  They've
    been invisible for weeks and need you to find the wizard.  He's hiding out in
    Fort Carctacus just SE of the Village.  
    At the Fort, you'll find the cranky wizard outside on the second level.  If you
    answer him correctly, this is very simple.  He claims he was unaware the village
    had been affected by his experiment.  When prompted, reply "Not at all.  Tell me
    more."  Happy to find a fellow mage, he gladly offers up a Reverse Invisibilty
    scroll.  If you ask him about the reverse invisibility spell, he'll also give
    you his Ring of Protection which he warns you to wear when youcast it.  Just in
    case of any side effects, not that he thinks there will be any.  Uh huh.  If you
    don't wear it, your Luck attribute will take a 45 point hit.  Wear the ring.
    You'll need to cast the spell in the center of the village to hit everyone.
    Stand in the middle of the garden, wearing your ring, and free the villagers.
    Once the spell is reversed, speak to Diram again.  He gratefully offers you free
    lodging at the Aleswell Inn whenever you need it.
    REWARD:  3 Potions of Insight (Restore Intelligence)
    You'll need to find the Imperial Bridge Inn.  The best way to do this is to
    start at Bravil.  Jump into Niben Bay and swim East up the Silverfish River.  
    The Inn is on the North shore of the river, just past the second bridge.
    Speak to Lithnilian, an Altmer Sorcerer.  While researching Welkynd stones in
    Bramblepoint Cave, he was attacked and ran, leaving his notes behind.  He wants
    you to get them back and warns you that all manner of creatures now infest the
    Bramblepoint Cave is WNW of the Inn, back near the mouth of the Silverfish.
    Inside, follow the passages to your left and you'll find a trap door to Inner
    Bramblepoint Cave.
    Once again, bear left through these tunnels and you'll come to a large chamber.
    Down below is a door to Deep Bramblepoint Cave.  Enter and turn right.  Head
    through the first cavern and into the next.  You'll find Lithnilian's notes in
    a chest at the back of this cave, to the right of the Welkynd formation.  Grab
    the notes and return to Imperial Bridge Inn.
    Lithnilian is overjoyed and rewards you with a few potions.
    REWARD:  2 of S'jirra's Famous Potato Breads
    Find the Faregyl Inn.  Leave Bravil on the Green Road and follow it North.  The
    Inn is on a small side road, due North of the word "THE" in The Green Road.
    A Khajiit named S'jirra has had her Jumbo Potatos stolen.  She set them to give
    them a little sun and something huge made off with them.  She saw it heading
    west.  You should have a map marker for it now.
    Head outside and follow this to the NW.  It will lead you to an Ogre with a
    fondness for spuds.  Kill him and take the six Jumbo Potatos from his corpse.
    Return to S'jirra for your reward, two loaves of her famous Potato Bread.
    Mmm.  Trail munchies.
    10.4  BEAR SEASON
    REWARD:  The Argonian Account, Book 1
    You'll find the small sheepfarm of Shardrock NE of Kvatch and WNW of Skingrad,
    dead center between the two.
    Thorley Aethelred, the Sheep herder, is having a problem with a group of West
    Weald bears.  They've gotten a taste for Mutton and he needs you to thin out
    the herd so they'll leave.  You'll need to find and kill six of the bears and
    bring back their teeth as proof.
    Detect Life will make this easy as the bears are spread out around the farm and
    hard to see in the brush.  Remember to take the teeth from each one you kill.
    Bring all six back to Thorley and he'll reward you a skill book that raises 
    your Athletics Skill.
    REWARD:  A Goblin Totem, basically.
    South East of the Imperial City, where the Yellow Road meets the Cerbele River,
    you'll find Crestbridge Camp on the West side of the River.
    At the camp, speak with Barthel Gernand.  He and his family are trying to build
    a settlement, but it was overrun by goblins.  Ask him about Cropsford and you'll
    recieve a map marker just North west of the camp.
    Speak to Mirisa for more detailed information about the Goblins.  There are two
    rival tribes of Goblins.  Their lairs are on either side of the settlement so
    their raiding parties pass right through it.  One clan has stolen the other
    clan's Totem.  There are two ways to stop the war.
    1:  The direct approach.  Go to Cracked Wood Cave and find and kill the Shaman
    of their tribe.  The clan will fall apart and the war will be over.
    2:  The Stealthy approach.  Sneak inside Timberscar Hollow and find the Cracked
    Hollow Totem.  Steal it and escape.  So long as the rival clan doesn't have
    their totem, the Cracked Wood mob wont care anymore.
    I reccomend the stealthy approach, unless you're battle hardened and tough to 
    kill.  Both Caves are crawling with goblins.  I counted around twenty-five in
    each cave and they tend to mill around together.
    We're going to steal back the totem.  Head to Timberscar Hollow.  Inside, check
    your map every few seconds.  The Goblin currently in posession of the Totem will
    be heading for the door shortly after you enter.  Wait by the door, where there
    are no Goblins and he'll come right to you.  Easy kill.
    Try to leave the Shamans alive for Fun with Totems later.
    Now, head back to Crestbridge Camp and give Barthel the good news.  He'll thank
    you and ask that you return to Cropsford in a few weeks when they've had a
    chance to finish the settlement.  There is no reward, unless you count the 
    Goblin Totem.
    In theory, if the Shaman that owns a Totem is still alive, you can drop that 
    Totem anywhere and Goblins should 'eventually' show up to recover it.  That's 
    the theory.  Mirisa will give you this information if you ask her.
    Q:  Where is the Ayleid Collectors quest for the Imperial City.
      A:  The collectors quests are extensive so I made a guide just for them.  You
          should see it as "Ayleid Statues Guide".  However, you can start them by
          getting the Ayleid statue from the lowest floor in Vilverin and then 
          taking it to Umbacano manor in the Talos Plaza District, IC.  For more
          detailed info, see the statues guide.
    Q:  Is there an easier way to find Nirnroots?
      A:  Well, I don't know about easier but you can try this.  Nirnroots actually
          have a sound signature.  If you go into controls and turn off both the
          music and footsteps sounds, you'll be able to hear the hum of the roots
          when you get near them.
    Many thanks to my husband for testing all my directions and instructions.  He
    keeps me from sending anyone off a cliff.
    Many, many thanks to the Avid Alchemist's Alcove, who's wonderful Obliv-O-Map
    keeps me from wandering the countryside for days.
    Thank you to Tones12 and Kaidian from the A.A.'s Alcove forums for helping me
    find some side quests I missed.
    Thanks to the ElderScrolls forums.  A great bunch of ES addicts that can answer
    just about any question, no matter how stupid.
    Thank you to Dougjevon.  There are two codes for Garridan's Tears.  I had the
    wrong one.  Thanks for catching it.
    Thanks to Raiden for his thoughts on Nirnroot hunting and for finding the "No
    Stone Unturned" quest.
    Please contact me at whoguru@hotmail.com with any questions, corrections, 
    suggestions, additions, etc...  When you send an email, please put "Misc Quests"
    or "Side Quests" in the heading so I'll know it's not spam.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.

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