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    Combat Guide by TommyGuner

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    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Combat Guide
    Written by: TommyGuner
    V 1.0 - 3/7/06
    Copyright Tom "TommyGuner" Danes
    This is my first attempt of a guide so please don't flame me, email 
    me for any extra information and I will give you the credit
    - -
    I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this guide.
    I: Introduction
    II: Equipment
    III: Combat Methods
    Pure Melee
    IV: General Tips
    V: Combat Trainers
    VI: Weapon Facts
    Combat is the basic feature of survival and is the thing that you 
    will use the most (unless you're a pure mage – since Magicka is not 
    under category of Physical Combat). This guide helps you boost your 
    knowledge of Combat in Tamriel and soon have the apex of advantage 
    against your foes! I am playing with OOO.3 which means if you also 
    have you must take me tips seriously but if you haven't got it you 
    make take the advice less seriously.
    If you play without OOO.3 you can turn the difficulty all the way 
    across, but a person with a warhammer can kill you in three hits (yes 
    I DID count the number – in the Arena) even when you are blocking.
    Let's say you're raiding through a dungeon, nothing can end your 
    trekking faster than looking in your inventory and finding that you 
    have forgotten an incredibly important item e.g. Potions, secondary 
    IMPORTANT: Before you walk through the door leading to the dungeon, 
    take a quick-check on your pack to see if everything is here. DON'T 
    ASSUME, don't wait until that item is needed and finding you don't 
    have it. If you check and you have actually forgotten something, you 
    can fast-travel to a nearby city to properly equip since you have not 
    entered the dungeon (in which case you can't fast travel).
    Here is a list of what steps you should take for a journey to a 
    dungeon or any other place and survive.
    - Bringing the proper weapon is the most important thing of dungeon 
    survival; bring the weapon corresponding to your type of Combat. 
    If you actually forgotten to bring your PW, (We shall use this 
    abbreviation for Primary Weapon), which is pretty retarded, you would 
    be pretty damned lucky if you found a weapon before you come in 
    contact with Combat.
    IMPORTANT: Encumbrance is vital this could cost how much fatigue is 
    drained from you while fighting, and how much loot from the dungeon 
    you will be able to carry. 
    - Daggers are light and are VERY fast weapons and also lets you carry 
    a shield, but their reach is short (I measured that it's about as 
    long as a punch).
    - Bow is for people that think properly before they act, they are 
    fairly light. They can be deadly if you shoot from the shadows (we 
    will discuss about ranged combat in a future chapter). If you are a 
    ranger, you should bring about 75 arrows, be sure to pick them back 
    up if you don't have lots of money to re-buy them.
    - ALWAYS check that your armour, weapons and shield are in pristine 
    condition, a few dungeons with monsters can't bring any notable 
    change to your equipment condition, however, most of the dungeons can 
    pull a clean polished steel cuirass to a broken one. 
    Bring a few (about 10) repair hammers with you so you can repair on-
    the-spot, you can hotkey it for quick repair. An expert Armourer can 
    repair over the 100% condition to give the item extra efficiency (the 
    maximum condition you can have is 125%) for example, I have the Umbra 
    which now currently gives 32 Damage, after pimping it up, it can now 
    attack 36, so this is useful. NB: "a Master at Armoury never breaks a 
    hammer; one hammer lasts for a lifetime". 
    - Bring some effective poison (drain health, damage health etc.), if 
    you're an archer and you plan to use stealth shots you should put 
    some poison on those arrows to give it the extra stealth punch.
    - Bring magicka restoring potions, even if you aren't the mage type 
    you will need this to restore magicka you will use for restoration 
    III--------Combat Methods--------III
    Different opponents have different ways to defend themselves; you 
    need to learn ways to neutralize them fast and as effectively as 
    possible. Combat methods are vital in survival and you must think on 
    your feat or plan it quickly before hand. There are two strategies 
    that are broken into two groups: Marksman and Melee
    Pure Melee
    … Is the guy that runs in the frontline and fights under the enemies 
    noses. Your aim is to do more damage than to receive it.
    ----The Softies----
    - If you're fighting an opponent that is not strong (e.g. Goblins, 
    Skeletons, Bandits) you can stand close to them so they're easier to 
    reach and when they attack you they hardly make a dent in your health 
    or armor. Most of these opponents have high agility to balance their 
    combat so they will run around a bit, use third person view to keep 
    them in your eyesight.
    - Blocking is essential in any kind of combat, never be afraid to 
    block an attack, the opponents (above) aren't strong enough to 
    degrade your shield
    ----The Big 'Uns----
    - These opponents are the ones you should be careful of. These are 
    where monsters such as Ogres or Trolls come under. It is quite easy 
    to learn how to fight these ones, the rule is: Dodge/Block and 
    Counter. When the opponent is about to strike (you can tell by 
    watching him raising his fists or weapon) you quickly dodge/block the 
    attack, it is really not that hard because they are very slow and 
    then you quickly squeeze in a few quick slashes with your blade or 
    other weapon.
    - The shields do really help stop really powerful blows, blocking 
    sometimes makes enemies recoil giving you free hits. Kill the 
    opponent before he kills you.
    They're the type of opponents that have low protection; however they 
    are incredibly manoeuvrable and can summon pretty decent monsters or 
    cast powerful spells.
    - Never ever let these people get out of your vision, a lightning 
    bolt in the back is not the best feeling in the world, again, third 
    person view helps and if you're in a cave, use night-eye and/or life 
    - Due to their lack of armor, forget about using power strikes just 
    use the normal ones; you don't want to waste fatigue do you? If you 
    strike with a power attack and miss, the enemy will take the chance 
    to run away somewhere else. You could also force them into any corner 
    and keep attacking him and so he can't run away.
    - However, lots of spellcasters have touch spells as well and some of 
    them are much nastier than their ranged ones so you should bring any 
    reflect spell or silence potions with you.
    - Hint: If a summoner dies, his summoned creature will die with him.
    	One of my favourite fighting skills as it is stealthy 
    (sniping); this is a skill where you keep away from your opponent and 
    send him a barrage of arrows. Marksmen are usually athletic and 
    acrobatic; they also wear light armour to maximize their agility. 
    Just because they have weak armor doesn't mean they can't pack any 
    ----The Softies----
    Like the ones you fight if you're a melee warrior; the first attack 
    you should use with the bow is a stealth shot and maybe accompanied 
    with poison, this is probably all you will need to finish a weak 
    opponent, if not, fire a few shots afterwards then take your 
    secondary weapon out (preferably a light weight blade), this will 
    prevent you from wasting arrows on weak enemies.
    ----The Big 'Uns----
    ALWAYS open with a poisoned stealth shot (if the terrain lets you). 
    Don't let them get close to you, back off if the enemy does and send 
    him a piece of sharp metal in his chest. Don't be afraid to run away, 
    or use any Chameleon or Invisibility enchantments, this gives you the 
    chance to heal yourself and poison another arrow. Trying to switch to 
    your secondary weapon and melee them is suicide, you're light 
    armoured which means you WILL die if you try to face big guys off 
    with melee. Hotkey health potions and watch your foes attacks!
    Due to their incredibly low armour, one stealth shot should be all 
    you need to finish one guy if you nail your arrow right through a 
    caster's head. However, if you didn't kill him on the first shot, 
    prepare for a long battle. If you're in open terrain (a field for 
    example), try strafing to dodge the mage's spells and counter with 
    arrows. If a caster summons a creature, you can use it as an 
    advantage as a meat shield. Line up in front of the summoned so when 
    the caster fires a spell at you, it will hit the summoned creature, 
    then you can return an arrow back at him.
    In dungeons the "summoned meat shield" technique also works, if not 
    better. When fighting a mage in a cave or dungeon, look around you 
    and see if you can find any obstacles you can hide behind from the 
    spells. The space is pretty tight in caves so try finding a 
    stalactite to hide behind and once every so often, jump out and send 
    the mage an arrow, when hiding behind something, use this time to 
    poison an arrow or drink a potion.
    Other skills help melee and ranging significantly. Some skills when 
    levelled up help.
    ---->Skill Levels<----
    -When you obtain Journeyman in melee weapons (Blade, hand to hand, 
    blunt) you get the disarm function. To use it, press the left or 
    right strafe button and then hold the attack button, the will make 
    your fighter perform a sideways attack with your weapon or hands and 
    there is a 60% chance that you will disarm your opponent, unless he 
    is already unarmed.
    -When obtaining expert in melee weapons (as above) you get the 
    knockdown technique, you will need to time it carefully as you will 
    have to move BACKWARDS to use this technique. Try positioning 
    yourself on a wall so you're still in place when moving backwards. 
    And if done successfully, there will be 90% chance you will knock 
    your opponent down. When your opponent is on the ground quickly get a 
    few hits on him/her since damage is dealt more when an opponent is on 
    the ground. I recommend using a claymore with the backward power 
    attack, since they are long and powerful, so you will have a better 
    chance. But don't get yourself cornered going backwards in a multi-
    fight. Thanks to Havok's real time game physics, it WILL effect where 
    you hit, so if you get a knockdown blows to the legs of your foe tend 
    to knock them higher into the hair then they would if you hit them by 
    the chest, enemies take the same falling damage as you would so try 
    using the knockdown near an edge of a cliff and watch the rag-doll 
    physics- hilarious!
    -Master perk of melee weapons is the paralyze skill. This is the 
    Forward Power attack and can be easily used on an opponent. When you 
    manage to paralyze a foe, it is as good as dead. Like the knockdown, 
    when the opponent is on the floor, keep hitting it, just slashing, 
    and no power-attacks. However if you miss with the forward power 
    attack, you are vulnerable for a few seconds, giving time for an 
    opponent to hit you. 
    It depends how hard or easy to use these melee perks on opponents, 
    i.e.  Monsters with large body mass (e.g. Ogre, Troll) can easily be 
    hit by them because they have more Area.
    - Getting Journeyman level on Acrobatics earns you the Dodge Ability. 
    Personally this is highly used by my melee fighter – never 
    underestimate this move, always useful for any paladin or knight. To 
    dodge, you hold Block then whilst holding it you jump whilst also 
    pressing the direction you want to dodge (forwards, backwards, side). 
    If you time your ability right, you can dodge all sorts of spells and 
    arrows and including melee attacks
    ---Melee Dodging---
    This is simply using the Dodge move against foes that use melee.
    You need to recognize what types of melee attacks an opponent will 
    use on you. You can tell when they will use a power attack on your 
    because they will raise their fists/blade/hammer/axe etc. – this is a 
    signal for you to dodge it, either sideways or backwards (don't be a 
    idiot and roll forwards). However, if you are low on fatigue, don't 
    dodge, it takes a bit of fatigue, also, it takes a bit more if you 
    have wielded/unsheathed your weapon.
    1)	If you rolled sideways you might want to unleash a power 
    attack from the side of your opponent, but I recommend doing 
    some quick attacks.
    2)	If you dodged backwards you can then run and cut your opponent 
    up, if you a Master at Blade then why don't you try to use the 
    forward attack?
    - Getting Expert at Block gives you the Shield Bash skill – for those 
    who use sword-and-shield. If you managed to block an attack fully 
    with a shield, you automatically counter by bashing it into your 
    enemy, this causes him/her to stagger giving you enough time to give 
    them a few quick attacks
    - A Master of Sneak can ignore an opponent's armour if they hit them 
    You know might want to combine skill perks to deliver ultimate 
    Below are useful tips on how to neutralize enemies effectively with 
    your trusty bow.
    - When arrows hit any kind of surface, the impact picks up debris or 
    sparks at the point where the arrows landed use this to judge your 
    shots. – Thanks to a very good friend for this!
    - In caverns you will come across wide open areas of the cave, 
    commonly filled with nasty creatures. If you don't have night eye, 
    just look in a direction where you think an enemy would be hanging 
    around and wait for him/her to move – they will stick out like a sore 
    thumb. You should also do this even if you have night-eye. Third 
    Person View helps a lot in these situations
    - Most people forget this, YOU CAN BLOCK WITH YOU BOW, never be 
    afraid or forget to use it – sure it lowers the bows condition but it 
    could save you life. Always use this; I can't stop telling you how 
    many times to use it!!
    IV-----General Tips-----IV
    - This might be the difference between life or death, if you in the 
    middle of nowhere, your health is low and you feel as there will be a 
    battle ahead, check your environment and see if there are any 
    mushrooms, plants or even non-aggressive animals, you can get them 
    and there might be a chance they will heal. REMEMBER THIS!!
    - Enemies also sometimes stagger when they try to hit you when you 
    are blocking, use this time to deliver a few quick strikes.
    - Every opponent have different weights, some are faster than others, 
    so you should act accordingly with the correct weapons.
    - Enchanting armor and weapons can become very useful, if you have a 
    mod that adds a free usable enchanting maker use it. If not, complete 
    the first 7 Recommendation Quests for the Mages Guild and you will be 
    able to use the enchanter at the Arcane University
    - Don't bother trying to hit a moving opponent with your bow and 
    arrows, you'll only miss and waste your arrows- wait for them to 
    stop, or get them with a melee weapon.
    - As clearly said in-game, I recommend all people who melee, select 
    Agility when they level up, you will stagger and get knocked-down 
    less if you have a higher agility level.
    V-----Combat Trainers-----V
    So you decide that you should want to train your skills faster than 
    normal? This sections shows you where the trainers for COMBAT (also 
    armor and agility skills) so you will be ready to face the game's 
    difficulties. This part of the guide took forever to do, but 
    contributors helped a lot! In master trainer levels you may have to 
    raise a person's disposition in order for them to tell you were the 
    master trainer is.
    Acrobatic Training
    Low levels: 
    Quill Weave – Lives in Anvil, an Argonian roaming street at day, 
    you've probably seen her if you've done the first Fighter's Guild 
    Ida Vlinorman – Lives in the Elven Gardens in the Imperial City, if 
    you hear conversations some people talking about her climbing tall 
    buildings and jumping off them, if you ask her personally she does.
    Medium Levels:
    Tsrava – Lives with J'Bari in Leyawiin
    Ganredhel – Lives in Cheydinhal, at her own home
    Master Level:
    The medium trainers will tell you to speak to Master Acrobat Torben, 
    he lives at Aerin's Camp between the Jerall and Valus Mountains, 
    basically under Dive Rock, and he's probably gotten used to falling 
    down the mountains, that's why he is good at acrobatics. No 
    difficulties here, talk to him and he'll train you.
    Armourer Training
    Low levels: 
    Tadros Helas – Bravil Fighters Guild smither.
    Eitar – Lives in Leyawiin, The Dividing Line, or at his house.
    Medium Levels:
    Rohssan – Imperial Market District, A Fighting Chance.
    Rasheda – Owns Fire and Steel in Chorrol.
    Master Level:
    After you hit 70 they will tell you to go speak to Gin-Wulm. The 
    Argonian is the smith at The Best Defence but he doesn't stay there 
    almost at all (only for nights). You'll find him walking about the 
    Market District in mornings and possibly the Elven Districts 
    afterwards. Go to the First Edition book store and buy *The Armourers 
    Challenge*. Talk to him and ask him to train you, he will ask you a 
    question: "What does Hazadir mean to you?" if you followed what I 
    said and bought the book you will answer the question correctly – "He 
    won the Armourer's Challenge". He will train you when you answer it 
    Athletics Training
    Low levels:
    Uuras - lives in Skingrad
    Mahei – lives in Leyawiin
    Medium levels:
    Hauls-Ropes-Faster – stays in The Fo'c'sle in Anvil waterfront in 
    mornings and walks around at night.
    Honditar – Lives southwest of Chorrol (basically Hackdirt village).
    Master Level:
    When you reach 70 Athletics, both guys will send you to Rusia Bradus 
    in Anvil, she lives with Silgor Bradus next to the Abandoned house in 
    Anvil. Rusia will only train you if you have discovered over 30 
    places (I discovered around 40 or more places before I went to her 
    for training so I don't know if its FOUND or DISCOVERED).
    Blade Training
    Low levels: 
    Naspia Cosma – A steward at Cheydinhal Castle
    Right-wind (LOL!)- Stays at Bruma Fighter's Guild
    Medium Levels:
    Sherina – Leyawiin Fighters Guild
    Rhano – Anvil Fighters Guild
    Master Level:
    At a Blade skill of 70 you will be directed to Alix Lencolia, he is a 
    traveller and he is staying at the Faregyl Inn which is south of the 
    Imperial City. Alix will only train you when your Fame or Infamy is 
    around 20-30, do quests and you could also close Oblivion Gates for 
    Block Training
    Low Levels:
    Fadu Calidius – Lives in Skingrad Fighters Guild
    Huurwen – Lives in Anvil Fighters Guild
    Medium Levels:
    Lum gro-Baroth – An orc that lives in Chorrol Fighter's Guild
    Ambrose Canne – Lives in Southwest Skingrad
    Master Level:
    At 70, go to centre Bravil, Andragil lives above an Argonian(forgot 
    his name). The Elf will want to test your skill before training you, 
    basically she'll try to beat you to death with a warhammer and you 
    have to stay alive, put your weapon away and keep your shield, do not 
    attack back, and also do not have any reflect damage enchantments on 
    you, you don't want a dead trainer in your hands do you? Try getting 
    obstacles between her and yourself, you have to last around 45 
    Blunt Training
    Low levels:
    Bugak-Bol – Merchant at Leyawiin, Southern Books
    Vigdis – Anvil Fighters Guild
    Medium Levels:
    Christophe Marane – Owns Brina Cross Inn, NE of Anvil
    Azzan – Anvil Fighters Guild
    Master Level:
    At 70 you should head to Irene Metrick, she normally stands at the 
    Imperial Market District all night and she has a house in the Elven 
    Gardens District. Irene Metrick asks you to kill 50 people (that's 
    around her body count) before she trains you. People count as 
    civilians, bandits, marauders, conjurers, basically things that don't 
    look like monsters (not sure about Necromancers or Vampires). A good 
    place to start is the arena; the game accepts the people killed in 
    Hand 2 Hand Training
    Low levels:
    Nahsi – Bravil Fighters Guild
    Rufrius Vinicius – Anvil Fighters Guild
    Medium levels:
    Davela Hlaren – Owner of the Imperial Bridge Inn (need location)
    Ra'qanar – Castle Cheydinhal
    Master Level:
    The trainers will tell you to go to Helvius Cecia who stays in SE 
    Bruma. Helvius will ask to test you before he trains you, you must 
    attack him with bare-hands until his health goes past under 50% in 30 
    seconds, keep punching until he stops you, be careful though, if you 
    attack after he has said stop it will count as assault. If you have 
    battered him enough then welcome aboard!
    Heavy Armour Training
    Low levels:
    Brodras – Leyawiin Fighters Guild
    Bumph gra-Gash – Bruma Fighters Guild
    Medium levels:
    Valus Odiil – Chorrol's Grey Mare
    Varnado – Co-owner of The Best Defence in Imperial Market District
    Master levels:
    The two trainers will direct you to Pranal who lives northeast of 
    Lake Rumare in the Roxey Inn. Pranal fancies Malene who owns the 
    Roxey Inn and wants you to buy her a few little gifts before he 
    trains you. The gifts are: a silver pitcher and four silver glasses. 
    Any silver pitcher will do, however, nobody sells them, you have to 
    either steal one of find one in loot (levelled), most rich or fairly 
    rich people have them in their houses, start off at the Imperial City 
    and go in house after house. 
    Now you may think glasses as in the ones you wear but it's the ones 
    you drink out of. Fortunately, a lot of people sell silver glasses, 
    The Copious Coinpurse in the Market District along with Three 
    Brothers Trade Goods, Quality Merchandise in Anvil and basically 
    every other shop that basically sells miscellaneous items. After you 
    have the FOUR silver glasses and the pitcher talk to Pranal again and 
    he will tell you to give them Malene, she will take them but sadly 
    she doesn't really want to start a serious relationship with Pranal. 
    Go back to Pranal and he will train you. Phew!
    Light Armour Training
    Low levels:
    Dul gro-Shug – Lives in Imperial City Elven Gardens
    Olfand – Nord Winds in Bruma
    Medium levels:
    Luciana Galena – South Bravil, lives above of the house for sale
    Ahdraj – Leyawiin, Southwest of the castle
    Master Level:
    At 70 they will direct you to J'bari, a Khajiit who shares a place 
    with Tsrava in Leyawiin. And of course there is a little task the 
    master wants you to do. You must bring him an Elven Cuirass before he 
    trains you, you'll need to be Level 15 or higher for it to appear in 
    loot. You could avoid having to level by doing a far off Fighters 
    Guild Mission, ipso ergo. Azani Blackheart, the redguard has an Elven 
    Cuirass whatever level you are. If you are already level 15: it 
    appears in most bandit ranger loots, lots of vampire loot, Black Rock 
    Cavern. When you obtained a cuirass, the Khajiit will train you.
    Marksman Training
    Low levels:
    Edla Dark-Heart – Lives in Regner's place in South Bruma
    Shameer – Lives in Skingrad, west of the chapel
    Medium levels:
    Reman Broder – Southwest Skingrad
    Pinarus Inventius – Lives in Anvil.
    Master level:
    At 70 both guys will tell you to go to Alawen, an adventuring Bosmer 
    who stays at Troll Candle Camp which is east of Anvil. The Bosmer is 
    almost never home in the day because she likes to hunt but around 
    11pm to mornings you will find her there. Alawen will only train you 
    if you have an Elven Bow, she will not train you if you don't. Elven 
    Bows normally show up in loot at level 9 or 10 and in shops at level 
    13, most bandits and marauders are archers so they will have them.
    Sneak Training
    Low levels: 
    City-Swimmer – Southwest of Bravil's city gate on the second floor
    Glistel – lives with Malintus Ancrus in Southwest Chorrol
    Medium levels:
    Othrelos – Imperial City Elven Gardens
    Mirabelle Monet – Owns the Fo'c's'le in Anvil Waterfront
    Master level:
    At 70 you will head to Marana Rian, she has a home in the Temple 
    District of the Imperial City. This is a simple test which requires 
    no dungeon trekking; steal a coin she has in her pocket, when you 
    succeed she will train you.
    VI----------Weapon Facts----------VI
    Here is a nice little section about the main weapons you would 
    encounter in Cyrodiil, my personal opinion on them, what levels until 
    they appear, their reach, damage, their stableness (how fast or slow 
    they degrade), value. 
    Blade Weapons
    Very fast and light, but that's really it for this weapon since you 
    could still use a longsword as a better sneaking weapon and also its 
    reach is.....devastating. They have quite low value (except Glass, 
    Ebony and Daedric), the only reason I would buy a dagger is because 
    it's quite cheap and fast and it also has reasonable damage for a 
    cheap weapon.
    Fine Daggers (Iron-Steel):-
    Basically a lighter dagger that deals a bit more damage.
    The all-rounder of course, this basically the best type of weapon to 
    have. Fast, good reach, deals good damage and worth the money. Medium 
    levellers should keep a Silver Longsword (favourite sword weh!)handy 
    in case of any encounters of ghosts, wraiths and Will'o wisps (you 
    will HATE these when you meet them if you don't have a Silver, 
    Daedric or Enchanted Longsword). The second best weapon to use when 
    The large two-handed blade of the family, Claymores cost quite a few, 
    the large swings deal a lot of damage which almost makes up for its 
    speed which is only a bit slower than a longsword, but having a two-
    handed weapon comes a penalty, you will not be able to carry your 
    shield which means a vital defence bonus is gone so keep your head 
    down. Now these are best when using the backwards knockdown power 
    There are 3 Katanas and 2 Enchanted Ones. The 3 normal ones(each more 
    powerful than the last) is an Akaviri Katana, an Ancient Akaviri 
    Katana and an Akaviri Dai-Katana, the Dai and normal Katanas can both 
    be obtained at Cloud Ruler Temple, the main place to get an ancient 
    akaviri katana is Sancre Tor which is not available until later in 
    the Main-Quest when you are told to go in there, you can get one from 
    killing an Undead Blade.
    The two enchanted katanas are Mishaxhi's Cleaver and Akaviri 
    Warblade, you can buy the Akaviri Warblade in the Imperial Market 
    District (forgot which store) for 4000 septims. To get the Cleaver 
    you must be doing Lifting the Vale quest, in the late part you will 
    encounter a Ghost Akaviri HQ Commander none other than Mishaxhi, kill 
    him and you will get his weapon.

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