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"Top of the Scrolls?"

So far, all the Elder Scrolls have been amazing games, being both detailed and fun. But in my opinion, this one takes the cake.

Gameplay 10/10
Oblivion has mastered the kind of action RPG gameplay we all like. It hasliterally hundreds if not several thousands of quests to do, which are always fun, even if they can get a tad repetitive. The game has no solid absolute game path whatsoever, and you may choose not to bother with the main story until the end, or the other way round. There are guilds to join, people to meet and basically, things to do. And normally this is not worth a mention, but they really have mastered the camera with both 1st person and 3rd person views. Controls are pretty basic, and you'll find a learning curve of 1 hour maximum to grasp the game.

Graphics 9/10
What do you expect? A next-gen game on a next-gen console equals win. It has stunning views, wonderful detail and bright/dark colours depending on the occasion. But as always, there are a few glitches. Sometimes the scenery loads a bit late and you only see it when you're already too close to jump it or gracefully run around it. But apart from little hick-ups like that, it has wonderfully pleasant graphics I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

Sound 10/10
Want to know the best part of the game? This. If I was being real, this deserves a 100/10 score. Why? I hear you ask, because it's music is graceful, it fits the mood and there is plenty of variety. But the biggest bonus is dialogue. Every single part of any speech is voiced, which is amazing considering just how much of the speech there is. Even the little chitchats with the locals have voices, and not only that, they're ear-friendly, meaning the dialouge is understandable and nicely said.

Things such as AI are constructed ingeniously, as even things like your fame level and speechcraft skill affect if the character is going to like you/help you, or maybe it'll prefer to chase after you when they see the guards doing so.
Replay value is huge, as there are different races and starsigns to choose from, as well as customizing your character. But best of all is that you can not only choose from a big variety of classes, you can make your very own! I can say that this feature does wonders if you are into RPG roleplay.
Now, this game can last a few weeks, or it can last months on end. And by this I mean you can make one character, complete the main quest, level a bit, do maybe one or two guild quests and there you have it. Or, you could indulge in everything this game has to offer, from the rare items to collect, to making your own challenges and training the skills the way you like to.

Overall 10/10
I'm not going to spend too much time on this section, as I'd be repeating what I wrote earlier. But to sum it up, this game is as close to perfection as we're going to get for some time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/16/07

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