Review by RyanVG

"Abysmal basketball gaming at its worst"

College Hoops 2K7 is the worst basketball game that anyone can play. For starters, there is no "be-a-pro mode" so you have to control your entire team at once. Second, all the players are generic and play almost alike. At least they have Columbia University in the game and attempt to simulate all the events that occur in a typical college basketball season. There is a dynasty mode but it's tough to get any good recruits to come to your college. The game play is terrible with players having to play in an arena with 3D graphics that make the Mode 7 of a Super NES look great in comparison. At least the cheerleaders look realistic and do all the proper moves while you stumble on the basketball court.

If you want a good basketball sim, try NBA 2K11 instead. While you will play like a special needs student who smokes two cartons of cigarettes all day and weights 250 pounds, at least there is a "be-a-pro mode" to go to. You can substitute players in this game in dynasty mode but it's hard to tell the fresh players from the tired players. When you start the game for the first time, the game forces you to play an exhibition game. Like a true PlayStation 3 basketball game, the sounds are very loud and want you to reach for the menu to lower the volume internally. You could skip the original game to set up your options but you could always play to learn the controls. Once you do get in the game, passing and shooting are a two-button operation. A lot of second-rate colleges are there that don't appear in EA Sports games. I was just happy with being able to play as Columbia University (the college where all the cool people go to) until I realize that the camera angles were worse than NCAA Basketball for the old Super NES.

It was hard getting the main menu (like in all games in the 2K series) and I gave up playing this game after 70 minutes. With the camera angles being as awful as they were, it was hard enough trying to find a good passing partner or trying to figure out where to shoot the ball from. I had more fun playing Contra III: The Alien Wars than I did with this game. In fact, eating a soap sandwich topped with Quaker State battery fluid is more fun than this horrible game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/20/11

Game Release: College Hoops 2K7 (US, 03/13/07)

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