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    Multiplayer Guide by SiramiDensday

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    Author: Sirami
    Guide: Multiplayer Ė Battlefield: Bad Company - Class Guide
    This guide expresses personal opinions of the author.  The content presented 
    is not intended to be taken as fact.  The opinions expressed are simply the 
    advice of the author to the reader.  As such, please donít contact me if you 
    intend on flaming me for claiming that one weapon/class is better than another.
    If you disagree, and can express your views civilly and constructively, feel 
    free to contact me.  Otherwise, donít bother.
    This guide is intended to aid new players in multiplayer, primarily when it 
    comes to what weapons should be unlocked with unlock points, and also to help 
    them decide which class they want to play.
    First and foremost, I suggest playing each class a little to see what suits 
    your style.  Even if youíve played similar classes in other games, itís 
    probably worth it to check out the different classes, as playing a sniper, for 
    example, in this game can be quite a bit different than playing a sniper in 
    any other game.  Try it out first, to see if it still suits you.
    Save your unlock points, so that you donít waste them, and decide which class 
    you want to specialize in.  Choosing the right weapon will help you immensely 
    in multiplayer; as will unlocking the special items, so donít waste your points!
    Thereís no way to undo your choices later.  If you want to get a feel for the 
    special items, before you unlock them, play through the single player.  Every 
    special item makes a cameo in at least one part of the single player game.
    If you spend your points right, you should be able to play a maxed out class, 
    with the best weapons and equipment within a single session of playing, and 
    you might even begin working on a secondary class.  I canít overemphasize how 
    much specializing in one or two classes will help you.  Not only will you get 
    the better equipment sooner, but youíll learn how to play the class better.  
    You might consider downloading the demo to try outthe different classes, as 
    you would be able to unlock some things without having to waste your points 
    if you change your mind later.  If you do that, you should probably get their 
    special items first, so that you can get a feel for the class as a whole better.
    This guide offers a brief description of each class, what they are good at, 
    what weapons you should unlock for them, and a suggested order of unlocking.
    Hereís a key for if you want to jump to any one class, quickly:
    (copy the code, and paste it into your find function)
    Assault: 	(AC78483)
    Demo: 		(DM-78383228)
    Recon: 	(RE-782994)
    Special Ops:	(SP-09828385)
    Support:	(SU-989283496)
    I should note that I donít personally feel that any class is overpowered, or 
    more important than any other class, with the exception of the Assault class.   
    I find that the Assault class is currently the most underpowered class, and any 
    team can do fine without them.  All the other classes are almost always 
    necessary to make a good team, however.  A team broken into squads of Demo, 
    Recon, Special Ops, and Support is going to be the most versatile team, 
    capable of dealing with just about everything the enemy throws at you, or 
    tries to defend with.
    Assault Class:  Life-2, an94, M16	(AC78483)
    The Assault Class is a barebones class that doesnít excel in any one thing.  
    As already stated, Iím not a big fan of this class, however if you want a 
    jack-of-all, master of none, this is the class for you.  I suppose there is 
    one redeeming factor to this class.  They do make good front line advancement 
    troops, particularly in urban environments, as their grenades can take down 
    walls, and their needle can quickly regen their health, if your support is 
    too busy shooting, or you donít have a support in your squad.
    Their special item is a self heal needle, like in the single player, only 
    instead of instantly healing you, it will heal you over time.  This can be 
    good, as initiative usually determines who lives and who dies in a gunfight.  
    If you have room and time to dart around a corner and heal yourself, that can 
    make the difference between a won and lost match, due to your squad members 
    being able to spawn around you.  If you plan on specializing in the Assault 
    Class, you should definitely unlock the needle first.  
    The an94 is a reward for buying the Gold Edition of BF2:BC.  If you donít have 
    the Gold Edition, youíll have to rank up to 25 before youíll have access to the 
    gun.  This is a shame, as the an94 is the Assault Classís best close quarters 
    weapon.  I donít find it as versatile as the M16, however, so if you canít get 
    it, donít worry too much.
    The M16 has decent long range capabilities, though the max amo capacity is so 
    small, donít expect to be sniping for long.  You can unlock the M16 with regular
    unlock points.
    Youíll also have an under-barrel grenade launcher on your gun.  Donít be fooled;
    the grenade launcher is just a fancy, hand-held wrecking ball!  All itís good 
    for is blowing down walls, and opening paths for your squad.  Donít try to take 
    down a tank with this, unless itís got no visible life left in its health bar.  
    Donít try to take infantry out with this either.  A grenade to the head wonít 
    kill them, unless they are already hurt.  Itís lame.  The splash radius is also 
    pitifully small.  Even when two people are standing right next to each-other, 
    youíre likely to only hit one of them.  Seriously, donít use the grenade 
    launcher in combat.
    Demo:  NS2000, ATM-00		(DM-78383228)
    The Demo is a difficult class to get good with, but they are a great boon to 
    any team, especially when forced to deal with pesky tanks.  Some well placed 
    mines can completely stop a brigade of tanks coming to stomp on your base.  
    Even so, placement of the mines will rely on your knowledge of the map, and 
    will often rely on support from your team (keeping you alive long enough for 
    you to run out and place them), and as such I recommend getting a better 
    shotgun first.  Thereís not much to say about the different shotguns.  All 
    of them are good at killing up close, the NS2000 being the best, flat out. 
    Donít bother trying to kill anything more than 20 meters or so in front of you 
    though.  Even at that range, itíll take a barrage of shots to take anybody down.
    Demoís all come with a rocket launcher, which is good for taking out tanks, or 
    other vehicles if youíre either lucky, or if the pilot/driver is lousy.  Donít 
    expect to drop anything in one shot.  Odd as it is, tanks can take a barrage of 
    rockets before they are destroyed.  There are better ways to take out tanks, 
    but the rocket launcher can suffice, especially if your target is down to low 
    health, or if you have multiple people rocketing them.  The same is true for 
    gold.  A good rocket shot or two can mean the difference between victory and 
    defeat.  If gold health is low, donít be afraid to fire a rocket at it.  Also, 
    donít be afraid to use your rockets to clear paths for your squads!  This is 
    one of the main reasons for having a demo in an advancing party.  If an enemy 
    is ducked behind a wall, inside a building, blow down the wall!  If thereís a 
    big building between youíre squad and a vital location, open the wall for them!
    Thatís a large part of what youíre there for.  You can also use your rockets to 
    take out all kinds of troops.  Just be sure to switch to your shotgun after you 
    fire, unless you have cover to hide behind while you reload.
    A good tactic to use with the Demo, is to have your rocket launcher out when 
    making an approach, and if you see an enemy, fire a rocket, switch to your 
    shotgun, and finish them.
    Recon: M95, LZ937		(RE-782994)
    Reconís are snipers.  They should have just called them snipers.  Something 
    important to note, is that youíre never safe as a sniper.  Shooting a target 
    without killing them will often lead to your being marked on the enemy radar.  
    Walls arenít safe, as explosives will take them down.  This is something you 
    should keep in mind when playing a sniper.
    You might be tempted to get as far away from the combat as possible, but this 
    is also abad idea, as you are a spawn point for the rest of your squad.  
    Snipers are great when backed by the support class.  A sniper and support 
    can decimate a lot of people if placed in the right location.  If youíre 
    playing well, youíll soon find that the other team will be blowing down your 
    sniping spot.  Donít be afraid to retreat to a safer location, or to hold your
    position if you feel that you can live long enough to distractthem from an 
    advancing party aiming to take down some gold.
    The first thing you should get as a sniper is the M95.  It almost kills in one 
    shot and, like any other sniper rifle, will kill in one headshot.  The reload 
    speed is low, but unless youíre a crack shot and can land a headshot every time,
    the faster rifles will take up to three shots to drop a target.  The M95 is 
    especially nice when youíve got a support backing you, as one nick from an 
    M60 will kill a target thatís been glanced by the M95.  Two good players 
    working together can take out multiple targets very quickly, with this setup.
    After you get your good sniper rifle, you should get the LZ937.  This nifty 
    little contraption has one purpose: itís great at taking out tanks.  Target 
    the tank with the binoculars, and youíll soon be controlling a guided missile, 
    heading towards the ground.  Thisíll take a little practice, but itís important 
    to master it, as this is a primary reason to play a sniper.
    Special Ops: XM8c/UMP/UZI, DTN4	(SP-09828385)
    Special Ops should have been called Assault, because thatís what they are best 
    at.  Special Ops have the best sustained damage over time in the game.  In order
    of fastest killing gun to the slowest killing gun, itís the UZI, then UMP, then 
    XM8c. Each gun is different enough that youíll likely want two of them.
    First, the XM8c is probably the best gun for taking out targets at a distance.  
    Just like with the assault class, donít expect this to last all that long 
    though, as youíll quickly find yourself out of amo.  To get this gun, youíll 
    need the Gold Edition, or youíll have to wait until you max your rank.
    The UMP is probably the most versatile of the three guns.  It has great close 
    distance killing power, and can manage some long distance shots.  The main 
    reason to pick this over the XM8c is that your primary function probably 
    shouldnít be sniping as a special ops.  Thereís several classes that are just 
    better at this.  The UMP will allow kills from across a street, down a hall, or 
    on the other side of a parking lot, but will also mow down targets at close 
    range.  That said, even if you have the gold edition, the UMP is a sound 
    The UZI has the best damage over time in the game.  That said, itís horribly 
    inaccurate.  The UZI has an acquired taste to it though, and many will find 
    it more useful on certain maps that force a ton of close quarters combat.  
    To get the UZI, rank up to rank 4 on the downloadable demo.
    After you pick whatever gun you want, you should get their explosives.  Itís 
    basically C4 with a remote detonation.  This is good at taking out tanks, 
    though youíll likely suicide for trying.  Itís also good for opening up walls, 
    if you lack an Assault or Demo.  It can also be used when trying to escape.  
    Throw it down, run, turn around, and wait.  Donít expect to use that trick too 
    often though.  I recommend getting these after you get your first gun, and 
    before you get your optional second.
    I find that special ops are probably the most straight forward class, and 
    recommend it as a starting class, if you simply donít want to deal with the 
    less straight-forward classes.
    Support: MRTR-5, M60		(SU-989283496)
    The support class very much lives up to its name.  You can drop a near 
    infinite number of health packs on the ground.  When anybody runs over them, 
    their health regenerates as if they just got a heal needle plunged into their 
    chest.  Holding on to the health packs also regenerates the Supportís health.  
    The support class is vital as a backbone for a sniper, or any other group that 
    wants to hold down a position for any amount of time.  A single support unit 
    can sometimes keep a group alive, holding one spot, for as long as it takes 
    the enemy group to mortar/tank/demo the hell out of your position.
    Supports should also probably be the gunner or driver in your tank!  When the 
    tankís health starts to get low, hopping out of the tank and gunning down your 
    targets is a very viable option, so long as you have the M60.  After that, 
    you can repair your tank and get back on the road.
    The support classís best weapon is the M60.  The M60 will usually take down an 
    Assault class (actual Assault class, not the specialist), if you both see 
    each-other at the same time and unload into eachother, and will quickly drop 
    people that you spot first.  Itís probably the second most capable weapon in 
    terms of sniping capability, next to all the regular sniper rifles, when firing 
    in short bursts.  The clip on the gun is so large that youíll rarely need to 
    reload (though reloading takes so long that you better hope your squad is there 
    to back you up).  Basically, itís the gun to have for any situation when 
    playing the support class.
    That said, this gun will take you time to get.  You have to sign up for EAís 
    newsletter in order to unlock it.  
    Go to http://preferences.fun.ea.com/ea/mf_BattlefieldBC.asp and enter a 
    valid e-mail address.  Itíll take about 4 days for them to send you your 
    unlock code, that you can then use in the game to unlock the M60.  While 
    itís cool that you donít need to spend an unlock point in order to get the 
    best support gun, it sucks that you have to go 4 days or so without the 
    M60.  If you want to play the support class while you are waiting for it, 
    you can make due with the MG36.  It does just about as well at mid to close 
    range, as it fires faster, dealing less damage per shot.  Itíll hurt you if 
    you try to snipe with it though, as sniping with automatics is best done with 
    short bursts, and youíll need longer bursts to drop anything with the MG36.
    What I recommend doing, is getting the MRTR-5 first; a device that can call 
    down a mortar strike (great for opening up a building where enemies are 
    camping, for whatever reason; and also for taking out a stationary tank).  
    While youíre waiting, I would either play another class, or just make due with 
    your default weapon.  Itíll feel good to unlock the M60 after using the default 
    weapon for so long.
    And thatís all the classes.  I may decide to expand this guide at a later time, 
    possibly including map strats and/or squad tactics, also maybe detailing the 
    unique 5 guns that you don't get with unlock points, or rank ups.  Don't 
    message me asking how to get them though.  Honestly, I think that the means to 
    get them is simple enough not to warrant a guide, but we'll see.
    If you spot any errors in this guide, or would like to contest any information 
    presented within, feel free to e-mail me:  

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