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Reviewed: 07/07/08

Multiplayer, How Does It Compare?

Introduction --

So, you've been playing Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Haze, or Metal Gear Solid 4. You beat them, it was fun, you're looking for a new challenge. Well, Battlefield: Bad Company is a perfect game for you. I pre-ordered the Gold Edition about a month before this game came out and I was very glad for having done so, I would recommend purchasing the Gold Edition as it gives you a leg up on all the other people online, more on that later. As a veteran of other Battlefield games, I can tell you this is by far the best. And yes, I have played single player but found the multiplayer to be much more entertaining so my review will focus on that aspect of the game. I will score each aspect of online play and discuss them in detail

Controls -- 7/10

It is beyond me why the develpers at DICE decided to make L1 accelerate and L2 reverse while in vehicles. It is a very awkward control setup for driving and I found it to be quite difficult when I kept on forgetting L2 was reverse and hitting R2 by mistake, deploying the smokescreen. Needless to say I soon overcame that difficulty, but it is somewhat of a problem for new players. However, while on foot, the controls are reasonably well mapped and it flows smoothly. A minor problem however, is the fact that triangle is knife which I find sort of out of the way and difficult to press during a heated gun battle. Other than that, everything is where it should be and it is quick and easy. Now, for what everyone was waiting for. The Helicopter. Probably the most difficult vehicle to control in video game history, the DICE Developers CLEARLY wanted to make it so in Bad Company. And granted, in singleplayer, the Russian Hind you get to pilot is like flying a dream. You could even land with out it exploding! Now why they changed the controls for multiplayer is again, beyond me. Maybe to make them more difficult for inexperienced players so only the veterans would fly them? I do not know. I DO know that it is a flying deathtrap for anyone without reasonable expierience. Moving on, driving a boat is simple and intuitive. No complaints there.

Unlockables -- 7/10

Pretty good idea, makes sense, great layout, it should work fine? Right? Wrong! I unlocked every single special weapon, (C4, Laser Designator, Mortar Strike, etc.) I come back to play the next day, Bam, all gone. Same thing happened in the demo. I do not know whose fault it is that this happens but it is pretty darn annoying. Moving on from that, there are also two weapons from every class that can be unlocked with the unlock points you receive after gaining a level. One level, one new unlock. Pretty simple. Also, there are three more weapons you unlock by leveling up, or by participating in the "Find All Five" event, (Details on that in the "Cheats" section) OR by purchasing the Gold Edition. Each gives you one weapon from each class. Pretty simple and intuitive, it works well enough.

Playing With Friends -- 4/10

There is no online splitscreen like in Warhawk or Halo. Making the only way you can play with friends is by inviting them into a game. I am not sure if this feature even works. (it never has for me) You can invite them into your squad, (the squads are typically 4 person teams within your team. Squad member's names show up in a lighter shade of blue than your other team mates. You can only talk with a Mic with the members of you squad. You may choose to respawn at your home base or with your squad.) but it is very difficult to connect and usually doesn't work for any number of reasons. There is no lobby system and you cannot create custom games. This makes it nearly impossible to play with friends

Weapons -- 6/10

Now don't get me wrong, there is a great selection of weapons in this game, but many of them don't even exist in real life, and are incredibly nerfed (weakened) in this game. It takes TWO direct hits from a grenade launcher to kill some one, at least three or four hits from a sniper, and more shots then are physically possible for even an armored elephant to survive from when using an assault rifle. Some of the guns look cool and a few are even real, but compared to Call Of Duty, it is a major let-down.

Vehicles -- 10/10

Aside from the controls, all the vehicles function well and are very fun to use. No complaints here, it seems as though they worked every thing out perfectly for this area of the game, aside from the helicopter (roflcopter) of course. Not many online games use vehicle, or use them well, Battlefield: Bad Company does. Not much else to say.

General Online Play -- 8/10

It is relatively good and I find it to be enjoyable. Compared to Call Of Duty 4, it seems as though everyone has really slow reaction times in this game. It also seems as though no one can see you until you are right next to them, and even then. Just last night I was at an enemy base and got 5 kill streak with a knife and a 3 kill streak with a pistol, all within 30 seconds, in full view of their entire team. I don't know maybe it is just my skill (lol) but this game seems relatively easy online. And only about 25% of the people playing try to defuse the bomb in Battlefields ONLY online game mode, "Gold Rush". One team must defend their gold crates while the other team attempts to destroy them. A new game mode "Conquest" should be released soon as a free update. A major let-down compared to other online games.

Summary --

Overall a pretty good game with lots of minor flaws, but few, game changing major flaws.
A good game. A must buy. I hope to see you out there and remember, "Stay out of the chopper!"

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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