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Review of Battlefield: Bad Company
By: Samehadamaru & A Simple Fox

Battlefield: Bad Company is a new first person shooter game out the new consoles PS3 and the X-Box 360. We will be reviewing the PS3 version in this article. Battlefield: Bad Company has a single player mode and an on-line multi-player mode and does NOT include split-screen or CO-OP play but that isn't too big of a deal. The on-line multi-player is the real big hitter of the game and is why you probably would buy the game in the first place. We will be talking about the elements of this game including Story, Controls, Graphics, On-line, Re-playability ,and our Overall score.

Story Score: 6/10

In battlefield: Bad Company we follow a group of Misfit U.S soldiers called, you guessed it, “Bad Company”. This group of soldiers is basically sent out on suicide missions in the name of the U.S government however during one of these missions Bad Company runs into a group of mercenaries and changes their entire perception of the war all because of one little piece of gold.

Single-player is great and the humor is pretty good, but the single-player is way to short (7 levels to be exact) and you can probably complete it in 6 hours. There are collectible guns and gold you can collect throughout the game, but they don't unlock anything so its not like your really accomplishing anything. The game has amazing enemy A.I ,but your squads A.I eh... not so impressive. The enemy seems to know where you are at all time, they are accurate to the point where they are like a laser, and they work together to bring you down. Your squad mates however are the mere opposite and are as dumb as a rock, they can't hit anyone, they watch as people shoot you, and they move in your line of fire. This game wants you to be stealthy like a ninja and infiltrate the enemy base unnoticed but your squad doesn't allow that to happen, which then turns the game into a “run and gun” kind of shooter. Luckily, your squad mates can't die because if they did they would be dead in the first minute of the level. If you do die, at least when you redo the section you failed in, the enemies stay dead so you don't have to grind your way back to where you died in the first place. With so little check points, this is very helpful. The humor in the game carries it along nicely especially between Haggard and Sweet-water (2 soldiers in Bad Company). The single-player has promise but feels very under-developed and rushed. Basically single-player is there to help you learn the controls and to get you ready for on-line multi-player.

Controls Score: 9/10

The controls in this game are smooth in comparison to other First Person Shooters out on the market today. At first the first the control feel loose like you can't really get a lock on an enemy but then as you start to play and get comfortable with the game it becomes easy. The control patterns are a bit different from the shooters out today, as you have to switch to the weapons/items that are equipped to you and it can become disorientating at times. However once you get use to the switching then it becomes very fluid, allowing for quick tactics to be implemented. You may also be a little confused when first using your knife(melee) in this game as it is a button but once you get use to it will become your favorite weapon. The knife in this game is less of a reflex and more of a tactical weapon. Vehicle controls such as the Tanks, jeeps, boats is pretty simple to control and can be switched to first-person if that is your preference. The helicopter is a different story and is truly a love it or hate it kind of relationship. Piloting a helicopter takes true devotion and mastery in order to be able to use it effectively on-line. There are also emplacements such as Anti-Air guns, turrets, and Anti-tank rockets which very easy to use. They are really just point and shoot. All in all the controls are smooth and are easy to get the hang of with a couple of games.

Graphics Score: 8/10

The graphics in this game are good for the scale of game that it is. In other words the graphics are good considering virtually everything around you blows up anyway. Even though the game designers meant this effect to happen, the grainy war-time movie effect is a little annoying and I wish it could be cleared up. Another thing is this game is from a telescopic view meaning that everything seems further away then it really is to give it the appearance that the level is bigger but it also makes it a lot harder to see the enemy. The level designs are very well put together and really make you feel like your apart of the war scene. This not the kind of game you would like if your a graphic addict because it may not be up to par with some other FPS by now, however we feel that the graphics are nice considering that you'll just be blowing it up anyway.

On-line Score: 8/10 (until issues are fixed, otherwise it could be a 10/10)

The on-line element of this game is really what you want to buy the game for. Like I said earlier, the single-player is really a tutorial for on-line play. There is only one mode in this game as of now and that is “Gold Rush” but in the future more will be coming according to E.A. Gold rush is a mode where there is defenders and attackers and they are fighting to defend/attack these gold crates, the defender have a base where the crates are and the attackers try to infiltrate and destroy these crates, there are about 3 to 5 bases in a map. If the defenders lose the all crates then it is game over and if the attackers die to much then they lose. "Gold Rush" may sound boring but it's a lot of fun.

The really appealing element of this game is the class system. You get to choose to play as either Assault, Demolition, Specialist, Reconnaissance and Support, and each of these classes have 7 weapons to choose from with there own unique items. This really brings out the element of using tactics and teamwork for the classes to work together. For example: a Specialist would tag a tank with a tracer and then a demolition's rockets would become homing. There is many unlocks to choose from on-line as well as 120 awards to be earned, dog-tags to collect and 25 ranks to achieve. This gives the game a nice amount of re-playability. Also in this game you are rewarded for not only killing enemies but doing what your class is meant to do. For instance: a support player giving out a health pack will give him 15 points, where just going out and killing enemies only gets you 10 points, this encourages teamwork which we find very important.

However, at the moment on-line play is limited because of several issues. The first problem is the servers are really unstable which means lag runs rampant every once in a while and the servers go down at times as well. Next problem is the voice chat issue, talking with a headset doesn't work nearly as well as it should, half the time the game doesn't realize you have a headset or your headset will cut off while playing. The voice chat issue makes it really hard to communicate with friends and teammates and this makes organization difficult which just leads to everyone running around aimlessly instead of using tactics. There is also a lack of clan support and you can only invite 4 of your friends to play with you at a time. Now even though a lot of these issues are bad E.A has said that they are working on these issues, supposedly.....

Re-playability Score: Single-Player 5.5/10 & On-line 9/10

The single player run through was entraining and amusing, I can't see myself playing it more then once. You can go back to collect the collectibles and gold bars you miss the first time but there is really no drive to do that. There is no class system like in on-line multi-player so it feels like the same old grind when you go back to play it. Definitely a one time play though one each difficulty.

As for the on-line multi-player, that's where it's at! Even though, at the moment, there is only one mode. It is surprising very re-playable without becoming too repetitive. The sandbox shaped levels allow for multiple ways to attack and defend the bases without becoming too liner. The unique tactics from different classes allow for new gaming experiences every match you play. With the ability to switch classes mid game, it allows you to also adjust your strategy as the level progresses. Well rounded players will love being able to switch “kits” (classes) left behind from fallen players to fit their needs without having to wait to re-spawn to change classes. The opportunity for class switching keeps the game from getting stale and with backup from other classes, makes for a very entertaining experience. If the issues we talked about earlier are resolved, this would defiantly get a 10/10. but until then it stands as a 9/10.

Overall Score: 8/10

Great game with a lot of potential that provides many hours of entertainment. It unfortunately feels rushed and underdeveloped. If the issues concerning the on-line multi-player are addressed then the game would easily get a 9/10. but until then, it will have to settle for a 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/14/08

Game Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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