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"All the little flaws add up, but still a worthwhile play."

The latest game in the popular Battlefield series has arrived, and is quite literally more destructive then ever. However it doe's not meet all expectations but doe's a good effort.

Story - 9/10
You play as Preston Marlowe, an US army recruit dumped into Bad Company after an accident involving an army helicopter. Bad Company is where the misfits of the army are dumped and used as cannon fodder on the frontlines. Your new squad consists of Haggard: who loves to blow any and everything up, Sweetwater: the nervous and combat cautious radioman and Redford: the Sargent who transfered to Bad Company to get his time in the army cut short. The story takes place in Eastern Europe and later the Middle East, where B-Company go AWOL after learning of a gold fortune. I found the story to be quite interesting and humorous and overall pretty good.

Graphics - 7/10
The game takes place from first-person, as usual for the Battlefield series. There is a sort of hazy effect the gets annoying really quick, is this done on purpose? Things get worse with the usually dark and dreary environments this are the usual. On the good side however, the explosions or quite nice, on par with Mercernaries: Playground of Destruction on the PS2. Summed up, the graphics are OK, the good and the bad balance each other out.

Gameplay - 7/10
The best part of BF:BC is the brand new Frostbite engine, created from scratch by DICE, just for this game. What is so great about this engine you ask? Well it allows for destruction on a level never seen before in a FPS. Fire an explosive at a wall, it blows away. Run over trees in a tank, they snap like toothpicks. There's even more destruction, you can break fences with gunfire and strangely enough with your knife, you can also destroy the foilage with gunfire and explosives. This new engine adds a new dimension of gameplay, in pretty much anyway you can think of. The action is frantic and fast paced, you will often engage many enemys at the same time, this made me feel a little annoyed as you soak up millions of bullets but up live after a jab of a lifestick.

Seems like now is a good time to bring up the weaponry, which is decent enough. You have assault rifles (with grenade launchers), semi-auto and pump-action shotguns, SMGs, sniper rifles and LMGs. To add, gach weapon class has a gadget to aid with what you will want to do with the class, for example: a mortar strike for the support class or C4 for the specialist class. There's also light and heavy tanks, armoured and unarmoured cars/jeeps, boats, helicopters and artilery.

However here's the bad. Firstly, the AI of your squadmates is bad and the enemies is not much better. And the game gets repetive after a while. There's also mountains of little bugs and glitches that you'll most likely come across. A lot of the weapons are not well balanced, such as the SMGs and auto-shotguns. The game focuses a bit too much on destruction of the map, more memorable set-pieces would make this much better. But in all the gameplay is pretty good.

General Online - 7/10
This is pretty much the reason for buying Battlefield in the past, so would you expect it to be good? Well kind off.... It's pretty much the same Battlefield, with the good and the bad. Firstly, there's no decent lobby system, you chose weather you want a ranked or unranked match and you select the map. Pretty basic. Also there's a poor selection of game modes, 1 new one called Gold Rush while the classic Conquest mode is coming in a future patch. So how is this new mode? Well not that good. Usually the defending team attack while the attacking team defend. It pretty much turns into a team deathmatch. But when played properly it can be fun, which sadly doesn't happen too much.

Ingame is pretty much the same as in single player, the same guns, tanks, environments etc but with much more destruction. Don't be suprised if you find a whole village destroyed in the middle of a game. It is pretty fun and addictive until you come across what in some cases made Battlefield infamous: the team-killers, glitchers, stat-paddlers and cheaters. Yep they're back folks, stay on the artilery for more than a second and you get slashed by a teammate. "Steal" their kill/tank/sniping spot etc..... There's plenty of glitches aswell, which I rather not go into, but one now famous one is of great benefit to stat peddlers. I have come across cheaters and hackers which I'm definately not going into.There's also the mass of people who either just mess about like idiots or delibrately impair their team.

EA also decided to have a shameless marketing play with their Find All Five scheme. This is special guns which you can only receive by doing certain things. For example you get a LMG for signing up to EA's newsletter or they threaten to hold back that extra sniper rifle if you don't pre-order your game. Typical shameless money driven EA... Well if you get past the crappy community then you can enjoy this.

Playtime - 5/10
After the single player you will probably have no intention of replaying the story, it just gets too repetive. Even worse it will last 10 hours at the most, even after collecting all the gold and weapons and obtaining a 100% completion. The online is a bit better. It's very addictive at first, but when you uncover the amount of flaws like I have then you would get very tired of playing it. There's little incentive to keep on playing. But after a while you'll be egging to go back to it and blow up a house before putting the pad down again.

Final Recommendation
Battlefield: Bad Company was subject to a lot of hype, everyone expected a groundbreaking game but were left a bit short. Also the game tried to created a great single player but they should have scrapped it altogether and focused on the multiplayer. In my opinion I would say to give it a rent and try the online, and if you really like it then buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/21/08

Game Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (Gold Edition) (EU, 06/27/08)

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