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"Battlefield: Bad Company Review!"

The game Battlefield: Bad Company, nothing can be spared. You can destroy everything from trees to buildings. Being able to have anything from grenades, grenade launchers to tanks makes this one of the best shooters of the year, but not the best, not even close.

The sound is pretty awesome. The sniper's shots echo. The explosions are nice. The loudness of the gunbattles inside of buildings are loud and enjoyable. But on the other hand, The graphics are a little grainy and aren't the best.But I do not mean the graphics are bad, they just aren't the best.

When you want to get into a building and you think the enemies are watching the door just go around the side and blow a hole through it and walk through. Sounds fun because it is. The sad part is you can blow through a wall and but you can't destroy some wooden crates. Yes I know kind of lame. But this game gives you the first ever lawbreaking, "breaking and entering" you have ever seen. But the downside of it is you can't completely destroy a building. I know you expect from this game is a building crumble like a cookie. You can only destroy outside walls. You can't destroy destroy inside walls. The first thing I did was get on the roof of a building and try to shoot myself through the floors but nothing happened. You leave a building with only wall supports. I wish you could make it crumble to just bricks and ashes but you can't. But it is still fun to shoot buildings.

This is an alright campaign actually, but not really a great story. You are playing as Private Preston Marlowe who is assigned to the 222nd Battalion, Bad Company, which is a crew of idiots from their characters to the poor AI of them. They do nothing. They are composed of Sergeant Redford, a veteron who entered the war so he could retire early. Haggard, a country boy who loves to blow stuff up, and last of not least, Sweetwater who signed up to try to get help with college as in a scholarship who didn't know he would have to fight in a battle. So this crew is composed of a 4-member crew including you. Together, or should I say just you because the AI is pathetic, will have to fight your way into the Russian Territory to take out a number of enemies. The Army will leave you all behind enemy lines and you will spot a number of gold scattered throughout the maps in cases. You will rescue a dictator and then escape in a helicopter. This game is not a serious game. It is a type of comedy game with unlockables scattered throughout the map from new guns to gold like I said earlier.

You, Marlowe. will be able to control any all the vehicles which will be able to unleash hell on enemies. So also the enemies will be able to unleash a whole espionage of vehicles upon you as well. They are sometimes hard to destroy when you don't have any vehicle either, so overall more realistic. Also don't worry about your teammates because they can't die so you can try to use them but it is a waste of your time because they won't do anything to help you. Now to the enemies. They are just as bad as your teammates. They stand in the open and just let you shoot them. So the fights are not that intense like other games.

Do to the cheap health needle type thing that you stab your chest with is pretty weird. Like you would really stab your heart every second. During the game especially on harder difficulties, you will be using this like every second, especially toward the end.

Now to the Multiplayer, which is the best part. It has large maps and up to 24 players online with vehicles online as well. Their are 5 classes for online. It is a more realistic type of movement to the attacks. Say they blow your base (or gold crates up) your team moves back and more of the map opens up so it feels like your being pushed back into the map. So altogether the Gold Rush mode is fun. This is a fun game to have just for the multiplayer.

But altogether it is a fun game to enjoy by destroying everything in your path and have fun, and just go get it even if you don't like online. But if you're a fan of online it's a must have.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/12/09

Game Release: Battlefield: Bad Company (US, 06/23/08)

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