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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VampireHorde

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    Authored by VampireHorde
    What it do, party peoples? If you downloaded the Demo back in May, then 
    you've probably already defeated it numerous times. But for those that 
    have just started playing it for the first time, read on!
    The new Dual Katana weapons have the same combos as the Dragon Sword 
    (almost). If you know all the combos for the DS, then you'll have no 
    problems using the DC&LF (except against Murai).
                     +++   CHAPTER 1: WAY OF THE NINJA   +++
    After the cutscene, collect an Elixir from the dead body. Two ninjas 
    will appear from both sides, so be ready to eliminate them. Test out 
    your weapons and combos on them and then move on. At the other end of 
    the cliff where you started is a hard-to-see chest. Open it for an 
    Elixir and then head down the other path towards the fortress. Further 
    down the path is a large closed doorway. It can't be opened, so just 
    take the rocky ledges to the top. Jump past the open gap and grab 
    Ayane's first Kunai scroll.
    Run up against the wall to grab the ledge and then shimmy to the right 
    and climb up. Open the nearby chest for an Elixir and then climb up the 
    next wall and jump up. Go up the large tree bark onto the ledge to 
    encounter two more enemies. Slice them down with some easy combos and 
    then use a Wall Run to the next ledge. 
    Open the chest to receive a new item. Now jump towards the branch and 
    swing and jump to the next ledge. Use a Bird Flip to the upper ledge 
    and prepare for battle. As you enter the pathway, three more enemies 
    will emerge from above. You can either cut them down or avoid the 
    battle by using a Bird Flip out of the cave from the area the ninjas 
    came from.
    Enter the fortress to encounter two more enemies. Cut them down with 
    some fancy combos and then enter the fortress. As you enter the first 
    room (brown room), you will encounter three enemies. Eliminate them and 
    then open the lone chest for the NINJA FORTRESS MAP and then exit this 
    ++  AREA: YELLOW ROOM  ++
    This area will be your first real test of combat. About 6-8 enemies 
    will drop from the ceiling above and swarm you. Prepare the blood feast 
    by testing out more combos and the counterattack. Be sure to be evasive 
    and this room will be too easy. Once the room is cleared, exit out from 
    the newly opened doorway to the next room.
    ++  AREA: STORAGE HALL  ++
    As soon as you enter this hall, three enemies will be waiting on the 
    right side. Eliminate them to clear this area. Before you exit this 
    room, head to the opposite area of the hall to see a large Samurai 
    statue holding a Key Item. Ignore it for now and collect the Elixirs 
    next to the statue. Exit the hall to the opposite doorway to the next 
    ++  AREA: DOJO ROOM #1  ++
    As you enter into this room, open the hard-to-see chest right next to 
    the door for an Elixir. Enter inside and be prepared for more enemies 
    to jump down from the ceiling. Now is a good time to try out the On-
    Land Charge move on these guys. Use the On-Land charge (jump and press 
    the Triangle Button when you land) and some fancy combos to clear this 
    area. Once the room is cleared, open the lone chest to obtain a FLYING 
    SWALLOW Scroll. Exit the room by cutting open the scroll on the wall 
    next to the large pot.
    ++  AREA: DOJO ROOM #2  ++
    There is a large trapdoor in this room. Avoid falling into it for now. 
    This room will test your patience and the skills that you've learned so 
    far. About 10-12 enemies will appear from out of the rotating walls to 
    swarm you. Outdo their tactics by being on your guard. Use evasive 
    rolls and attack them from behind. Be sure to use the essence they 
    leave behind for Ultimate Techniques. Once the room is cleared, fall 
    through the trapdoor to fall into a cave below the fortress. 
    As soon as you land on the ground, turn the camera 180 degrees to spot 
    some pots. Destroy them to find a hidden chest with an Elixir inside. 
    Use the Shurikens on the bats to gather essence if you need to. Just 
    before you exit the cave, open the chest just near the exit to find the 
    SAMURAI FANGS Key Item. Now exit outside by destroying the fire posts 
    and then jumping back to the upper ledge. Grab Ayane's Kunai if you 
    want and then continue up the ledge.
    Destroy the two enemies and enter back inside to see an open ceiling 
    gap that leads back down into Dojo Room #1. Before jumping down, open 
    the lone chest to find an Elixir of the Devil Way. 
    On harder modes, the Fangs Of The Samurai are located in the room where 
    you find the Elixir of the Devil Way item.
    Go back to the Storage Hall and place the Fangs onto the Samurai statue 
    to obtain the KEY OF COURAGE Key Item. Now make your way back to Dojo 
    Room #2. Across from the trapdoor is a wall scroll. Cut open the wall 
    scroll to reveal a doorway leading outside. Now its time to meet up 
    with the boss man!
    Head up the stairs towards the walkway. As you head up the walkway, 
    eliminate the two ninjas in the way and then use the Key Of Courage on 
    the next door to unlock it. Enter inside for another battle.
    Six to eight ninjas will jump down from above to swarm against you. Use 
    hard combos and evasive rolls to clear out the room. Once the room is 
    cleared, the exit door will re-open and the entrance to the boss's lair 
    will open up. Head inside the door to face off against the first boss!
    +++   BOSS BATTLE: MURAI   +++
    Murai is NO pushover. Although he may only have puny Nunchukus as 
    weapons, he can still kick your stupid little ass like nothing. Murai's 
    main strategy is that he likes to get in close to you in a slow way. If 
    you approach him, he either attacks with a three-hit combo or a grab. 
    These are his main attacks:
    Getting caught by Murai is not a good thing, so you must stay on your 
    guard and equip the Dragon Sword! If you try to spam the wall attack 
    against him, he immediately grabs you. If you try the Square, Square, 
    Square, -->, Square combo, he'll just block it. This is what you should 
    do if you want to defeat him in an advanced way:
    Stay at mid-distance from Murai and let him come closer. Roll away with 
    a Reverse Wind to get farther back. When you are a good distance away, 
    Murai will either somersault or use a Rush Attack to get closer to you. 
    If he somersaults closer, immediately attack him with a Square, 
    Triangle combo. As soon as Ryu lands on the ground, quickly roll back 
    and Murai will retaliate with a Rush Attack or another somersault. If 
    he uses the Rush Attack to get closer, quickly roll away and then smack 
    him with the Square, Triangle combo. But you MUST be quick with the 
    Reverse Wind after the combo or Murai will grab you! 
    After you do the two-hit combo, roll away to let Murai retaliate. When 
    he repeats the attack (or somersault), use the same combo again. The 
    main point here is to let him get closer by baiting him to do an 
    attack. Block his melee attacks and continue to roll away. If Murai 
    blocks the two-hit combo, press Triangle again to do a downward strike. 
    This will allow you to roll away while he blocks the third hit. 
    Continue this simple tactic and you can defeat Murai in less than 30-40 
    seconds. It's the Master Ninja way, BEE-YITCH!
    On harder modes, Murai uses the same methods but will have ninja 
    lackeys to distract you. Unless you are an expert at fending off 
    numerous ninjas, focus on killing the ninja lackeys first and then 
    focus on Murai when the room clears. After a few seconds, the ninjas 
    re-appear so defeat Murai as fast as you can!
                              MISSION COMPLETE!
    If you need visual help, copy and paste this link to watch an HD 
    demonstration of how to defeat Murai the old-fashioned Xbox way 
    (recorded by yours truly):
                 +++  EXTRA MISSION: DESTROY ALL ENEMIES  +++
    Once you finish the demo, a special "Extra Mission" is unlocked with 
    none other than the busty Rachel! Boobs, blood, and FUPA! All you have 
    to do in the level is use counterattacks and Ultimate Techniques to 
    kill the baddies. Hold the block button and then counter when they 
    attack, simple as that.
    Once all the smaller enemies are gone, a couple of red dinos will jump 
    out. Use quick evasion and hard combos to kill those suckers and to 
    complete the mission!
    On harder modes, the smaller enemies' attacks break your guard, so be 
    prepared to evade so that you don't get attacked in a cheap manner.
    For visual aid on this Mission, copy and paste this link to watch a 
    High Def vid on completing the mission the easy way (also recorded by 
    yours truly):  
    The PS3 demo is virtually the same thing as the original Xbox demo. 
    It's the same level with the same enemies, and the same boss. But in 
    essence, the PS3 demo is a lot faster and has a huge visual kick than 
    the old Xbox demo.
    In terms of gameplay, the Counterattack animations are still a little 
    slow to pull off (just like in the Xbox demo) and Ryu has little to no 
    frames of invincibility when he does a Reverse Wind. Also, during 
    certain combos (like the Izuna Drop) the enemy can attack you WHILE you 
    are doing the Izuna Drop on another enemy. It's frustrating as hell and 
    that's just on Normal Mode! As for the extra Rachel mission, I found it 
    to be a fun diversion but not a really challenging one. She controls 
    differently and is more prone to using powerful attacks, which is a 
    good thing, but it doesn't make her a well-balanced character.
    Other than those small gripes, the PS3 demo is a MUST download. If you 
    can't afford the full version, the demo is a good way to spruce up your 
    skills. Whether you're more about style and speed or lots of Karma, 
    there's something for everyone to enjoy.
    Yeah, I'm about two months late with this FAQ, so what?
    So how was your progress? Did you have your ass handed to you? Or was 
    it too easy? I'll tell you this, the demo is NOTHING compared to the 
    full version of the game. Once you purchase the full game, beating the 
    demo is only the beginning. The FAQ above is only a small glimpse of my 
    full walkthrough. When the game is released, give it a read won't ya?
    Remember, if you can't see through the lies, it's because your head's 
    up your ass.
    This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS. You may not copy, reproduce, or 
    link to this FAQ without permission. If you want to use this FAQ on 
    your website or publication, please e-mail me at kroqjock@gmail.com. 
    I have no problems with anyone who asks. June 2007.

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