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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Misfit119

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    Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Version 1.0 - 9/18/2007
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    Written by: Daniel Acaba 
    GameFAQS ID: Misfit119
    Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com
    System: PlayStation 3
    Version 1.0 - 9/18/2007
    This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba
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    1 - Update History
    2 - About This FAQ
    3 - Controls
    4 - Weapons
    5 - Ninpo
    6 - Walkthrough
    7 - About the Author
    1. Update History
    v.1.0 - 9/18/2007 - FAQ Completed
    v.1.5 - 9/18/2007 - Two sections of the FAQ were accidentally cut out. They
    have been put back in.
    2. About This FAQ
    I have wanted to do a FAQ for Ninja Gaiden for quite some time now, me and this
    series have a storied and bloody history. I have played, and beaten, each and
    every game in the series dying horrendously as I tried to do so. Ninja Gaiden
    Sigma is the third iteration of Ninja Gaiden and it isnt as good as the two
    that came before but its an enjoyable game. I am going to start my FAQ writing
    on the series here and work backwards.
    3. Controls
    Left Analog Stick: Move Ryu
    Right Analog Stick: Control Camera
    D-Pad Up: Close Inventory
    D-Pad Left / Right: Toggle Healing Item
    D-Pad Down: Activate Chosen Healing Item
    Square Button: Regular Attack
    Triangle Button: Strong Attack / Hold to charge
    Cross (X) Button: Jump
    Circle Button: Projectile Weapon
    L1 Button: Block
    L2 Button: Karma
    L3 Button (press in left analog stick): N/A
    R1 Button: Center Camera
    R2 Button: Map
    R3 Button (press in right analog stick): Toggle first and third person camera.
    Select Button: Map
    Start Button: Menu Screen
    Left Analog and L1: Roll (Reverse Wind)
    Circle & Triangle Buttons: Activate Ninpo (shake controller to power up spell)
    4. Weapons
    The following is a list of all the weapons in the game and their uses. I am not
    going to get into the combos since this is easily accessed from within the game
    itself, so its redundant to print it here.
    Dragon Sword (Plasma Saber/True Dragon Sword)
    The Dragon Sword (or Plasma Saber) is the default weapon and it is probably the
    best weapon in the game. It is useful in almost all situations and you will
    very rarely be unable to use it to beat any regular enemies or even bosses. It
    is very useful for blocking attacks and hurling off quick counter attacks to
    decimate groups of enemies. If you can charge it up it is even more useful and
    more than capable of wiping out even the harder enemies with ease.
    Nunchuku / Vigoorian Flails
    While ridiculously weak these weapons are great for fighting smaller enemiesa
    dn some certain bosses. You can rack up some serious combos with these weapons
    and juggle enemies with a fair amount of ease. If you know how to use it and
    where, and when, the enemies are most vulnerable you can even use it on the
    stronger enemies and certain bosses. These weapons are hard to control however
    and you are just as likely to pull off the wrong combo as you are to do the
    right one. Also it is sometimes hard to judge your attacks until you get very
    used to wielding these.
    The Lunar is essentially a combat staff, bladed and ready to kill. Even though
    it can hit the enemies rapidly it isnt very powerful. You are just as likely to
    combo an enemy and have them survive the attack to get up and attack you. The
    weapon needs to be powered up to level 3, in the least, before it does damage
    that is comparable to the other weapons. Its slower than the nunchuku type
    weapons and weaker than the swords until then.
    Your best bet is to use it to counter attack the enemies. Dodge them, pound
    them down and then unleash a combo. Thats the best way to use it.
    Dragon Claw & Tiger Fang
    Right here are the new weapons added into Ninja Gaiden Sigma and they are some
    really awesome weapons. They can unleash more hits than the regular katanas,
    they do more damage and they just look awesome doing it. However the problem is
    in the recovery time; recovering from a combo can take awhile especially if you
    miss. Its not a good idea to use these on the bosses or the larger enemies,
    the delay can cost you some serious health.
    Second only to the Unlabored Flawlessness in sheer power, the Dabilahro is the
    powerhouse weapon of choice for most of the game. You shouldnt simply try to
    attack enemies out of hand with this bad boy, you will get hit for your trouble
    and likely get hurt bad. You need to use its sheer power and range to your
    advantage. Use it for counter-attacks and to hit enemies at a distance who
    arent trying to close in on you at the moment. Otherwise its not worth the
    trouble of using it. Its Ultimate Technique is really awesome though.
    Due to the loss of its life-draining abilities the Kitetsu is essentially one
    giant paperweight now. It used to be the rapid fire attack version of the
    Dragon Sword, with the same combos but doing more damage (due to it splitting
    into two swords). It has a really cool Ultimate Technique but other than that
    it isnt really all that good. Just wait for the True Dragon Sword.
    War Hammer
    This weapon is worthless. For the short time that you have it (and not the
    Dabilahro or UF) it is useful for just powering through enemy defences. Sadly,
    that is about its only usefulness.
    Wooden Sword / Unlabored Flawlessness
    The Wooden Sword is worthless, lets get that out of the way right now. But the
    end result of upgrading it the required seven times is the most powerful, and
    slowest, weapon in the game. The Unlabored Flawlessness is essentially a giant
    boat oar that is a more powerful version of the Dabilharo. The only major
    difference between the two (other than combos) is that the UF will get powered
    up when you are about to die. At less than 10% of your health it will start to
    do around two times the normal damage to enemies per hit. This is basically a
    guaranteed kill for minor enemies and some serious damage to bosses.
    Dark Dragon Blade
    For me, this replaced the Dabilharo and Unlabored Flawlessness since it comes
    to you fully upgraded and super powerful. While it is slow, and seriously hard
    to get, it is more than capable of wrecking hell on the enemies that get in
    your way. There isnt much else to say about it, get your hands on it and see
    what havoc you can bring down on your foes.
    Projectile Weapons
    Small and barely damaging, the Shuriken are mostly good for stunning enemies
    before you hit them with a melee combo. They are thrown in groups of three and
    you can hurl them to your hearts content just dont expect them to do much in
    the ways of damage.
    Windmill Shuriken
    While you can use this the same as the regular shuriken but you can only throw
    one at a time and you have to wait for it to come back before you can fling any
    more. It is a fair sight more powerful than the regular ones but it will still
    be pretty useless against bosses anyways.
    Incendiary Shurikens
    Think of these as shuriken bombs. If you hit an enemy with them they will do a
    fair amount of damage but you really cannot afford to miss. You cant carry all
    that many with you at once so use them sparingly.
    Bow / Strongbow
    The bow is the means of firing arrows at your enemies. The basic arrow is kind
    of weak but it will get the job done. You can snipe off enemies at a range with
    it and, new to this game, you can fire arrows while jumping. This gives you
    some dodging abilities while trying to ranged attack the enemies.
    The Strongbow is simply a more damaging version of the bow. Your arrows will do
    more damage when fired from this upgraded bow.
    APFSDS Cores
    These are the rocket launchers of Ryu's arsenal, only use these against bosses
    or very specific enemies since they are hard to come by and are overkill in
    most situations. Simply fire and expect things to die.
    Explosive Cores
    While weaker than the APFSDS Cores, the Explosive arrows are still quite a bit
    more powerful than the normal arrows. These are good for use on regular enemies
    or weaker boss monsters. You should be careful in how you use these though as
    you cannot carry all that many of them.
    Spear Gun
    This is used for very particular sections while underwater. Since its your
    only choice at the time go ahead and use it. Its not useful otherwise.
    5. Ninpo
    Ninpo is the ninja magic that Ryu can use to make his life, and fights, easier.
    It is activated by the Circle and Triangle buttons pressed together and you can
    power it up by shaking the controller up and down. Ninpo is selected from the
    inventory screens. For the most part it all serves the same purpose, protecting
    you while you cast and doing damage. So use it when it seems necessary or if
    you are hurt and need to reach a save point.
    6. Walkthrough
    Chapter 1
    Search the dead body for an elixir and then eliminate the two ninjas that come
    out. Continue up the hill towards the fortress. Jump the gap and open the first
    of many Kunai scrolls. Grab the ledge and shimmy across. Now run up the tree
    and you will come across two more enemies. Cut then down and then wall run
    across the pit. Snatch the item out of the chest before you jump towards the
    branch that is sticking out of the mountain. Swing across to the next ledge and
    use the wall leap (Bird Flip) move to reach the top of the shaft. You will have
    enemies to fight up here as soon as you head for the pathway.
    Enter the fortress. As soon as you are inside you will have to fight two more
    enemies. Go into the next room and you will be locked in with three enemies.
    Kill them, take the item from the chest and head into the next room. This next
    room is a bit tough, a group of enemies will come out from the ceiling. This
    is a good opportunity to test out your charge up attacks. Go through the door
    into the next room (there are some items to be found here, but ignore the 
    samurai statue for now). Exit through the door opposite you.
    Continue into the new room and search nearby to find a Lives of the Thousand
    Gods item. Go into the room and ninjas will come down and attack you. Kill the
    lot of them and open the chest to obtain the Flying Swallow Scroll. Exit by
    destroying the wall scroll next to the pot. 
    This room is a pain in the rear but also a good place to harvest essence. Avoid
    the trapdoor in the back of the room and take out the enemies. They will come
    out in pairs from the rotating doors on the sides of the room until you have
    fought about 12 of them. Once they are all dead avoid the trapdoor and head to
    the back of the room and cut down this wall scroll. Go through, save your game
    and then drop down through the trapdoor.
    Kill the bats using the shurikens while you destroy the pots until you find the
    items hidden down here. There is a chest down here that has the Fangs of the
    Samurai item in it, dont leave before getting it. Bust the lanterns and head
    out, grabbing the next kunai scroll and continuing upwards. Two enemies will
    burst from around a corner, kill them and then enter the room. Grab the item
    from the chest and drop back down into an earlier passage. From this room head
    back to the Samurai statue and use the fangs on it. This will give you the Key
    of Courage.
    Head back through the room with the revolving walls (the enemies will be back)
    and dart through or fight the enemies as you please. Go into the next room and
    save your game before going up the stairs. Head along the walkway and kill off
    the two ninjas that try to intercept you. Use the Key of Courage to unlock the
    door and youre almost to the boss. You will have to fight about 6 ninjas in
    here although they come out in groups of 2 to start with. Kill them and head on
    into the next room to fight the boss.
    Stage Boss: Murai
    For a first boss, who looks like a doofus, Murai is incredibly difficult. You
    cant afford to let him combo you or grab you, so you have to keep moving. There
    are two ways to go about this; one is to keep moving and use wall run attacks
    paired with diving slashes to weaken him slowly but surely, the other is more
    dangerous but less time consuming.
    If you keep your distance from Murai he will attempt to pull off a three hit
    combo or charge you. You can use the roll maneuver to avoid the worst of his
    attacks and then retaliate with a two or three hit combo. Essentially stay just
    out of reach of his grab (about a sword strikes distance plus a little more)
    and wait for him to try any form of attack. If he tries a combo dodge him and
    return fire. Should he charge you instead, bolt away with a roll and then try
    a combo. You should be able to lock him into this his attack, you dodge and
    counter, repeat, over and over again.
    Dont try getting behind him for an attack or he will mule kick you in the face.
    Just keep your patience and you should be able to take him down slowly but
    safely enough.
    Chapter 2
    Go back to the svae point and save before you head out of the Fortress. You are
    heading towards the giant locked doors you couldnt get through before. Go on
    through and kill the bats. Grab the scroll off the altar to get the Fire Wheel
    Ninpo. Ride the elevator in here to the bottom and head on out. You will be in
    a grassy area, you need to use a wall run to get to the next ledge. There is a
    chest here, grab the smoke bomb from it.
    When you move to leave three samurai will come out. You will need a different
    strategy to fight these guys since they will block a lot more often than the
    ninjas did. Your best bet is to kill one of them using whatever means you so
    choose and then charge up using his essence to wipe out the other two. All you
    need to do is to get used to doing this and these guys are no problem.
    Head down the path and slide down the slope, leaping before you fall off into
    the water and grabbing the branch. Go from there, leaping along the branches
    until you get to land where you will fight some more samurai. Kill them and
    keep moving.
    You have reached the village and are going to be greeted by a group of samurai.
    Kill them off and then climb the watchtower ladder where you will find a chest
    with the Hayabusa Village Map in it. From here you need to head towards the
    broken bridge where you must either water run across, or swim, to the next
    As you enter the village continue heading straight forward and you will be
    attacked by a group of samurai with warlocks accompanying them. The warlocks
    are you biggest priority right now so dodge the samurai (rolling works) and
    kill the warlocks with a combo. Use the essence they drop to kill the samurai
    off. Doing this repeatedly will clear this area out easily. 
    Search the area to find a Jizo Head, return to the entrance and place it on the
    statue there (the one without a head obviously) and you will be given another
    Life of the Gods. Head back down and save your game. Move towards the middle of
    the village and jump up to the window ledge along the left side. Cutscene time!
    You will get the bow from Ayane now. Go down from here and you will be in a
    small supply depot with a Muramasa Statue in it. Use your essence how you like
    and then head on out.
    Exit the supply area and more samurai will come after you. You can find arrows
    on a dead body here (kind of morbid...). Use them on the three targets above
    the fence and you will get red, blue and yellow essence. I suggest you save the
    game right now as youre about to fight an obnoxious mini-boss.
    Mini-Boss: Mounted Samurai
    You will be attacked by a pair of samurai, one wielding a naginata and the
    other using a bow. They are going to attempt to circle around you will picking
    at your health until you are dead. The key to surviving this fight is in your
    nearly unbreakable defenses.
    What you want to do is to keep moving after one of the horsemen, trying to cut
    them off and wait for them to attack you. Move to hit the horse in the rear and
    pull off a two or three hit combo. If you hit it hard enough the horse will
    rear up and neigh loudly. This is a great chance for you to beat on it yet once
    again. You should be able to hit it with at least three or four combos before
    it moves away from you. Repeat this until you knock him off his horse (thats
    the end of the horse) and then use the essence from the horse to maul the now
    ground based samurai.
    Once he dies another is going to come out from over the rocks, but this should
    not be a problem. Simply use the same strategy to take out the rest of them.
    You will have to contend with a total of four horsemen so prepare to spend some
    time here.
    Fight over!
    Alright now that the mounted bosses are done for head for the save point. Use
    it and jump over the rubble to find a dead body with an Elixir on it. Head for
    Muramasas statue and restock before saving yet again. Once youre done head for
    the Central Bridge to fight the boss.
    Stage Boss: Masakado
    This dude scared the living hell out of me the first time I fought him. He
    uses the same attacks as the naginata weilding horsemen (your block should be
    more than enough) but the warlocks are a problem. They will keep hitting you
    with fireballs while you try to fight Masakado, so you cant just focus on him.
    The best way to beat him is to wait for him to be at the other end of the
    bridge, preparing to come after you before doing anything. Once he is there, go
    after the warlocks and kill them. Now face Maskakado and pull in the essence
    as you charge for an Ultimate Technique. Wait for him to near you and unleash
    the attack on him. You only need to do this four or five times to kill him.
    Its simple as that.
    End battle!
    Grab the scroll and head through the doorway to enter the next area. Save your
    game as soon as you can. Go into the burning courtyard and defeat the warlocks
    here. Head into the house and kill the samurai here, you will find them behind
    the paper walls. Warlocks will be coming out as well, so make sure you get to
    them. Head on out of the house into the backyard and prepare to fight one of
    the hardest fights in the game.
    Stage Boss: Doku
    Yes this stage has two bosses but thats for a very good reason. If you so much
    as get hit, this fight is over. Now if you really dont care simply let him hit
    you and proceed with the game. But if you want to unlock Mission mode you are
    going to need to be very careful when fighting him.
    Realistically this fight is pretty direct. None of his moves should be too hard
    to avoid especially if you are good at rolling away from attacks by now. The
    bulk of what you need to do here is to let him attack you and then you roll out
    of the way, then move in and pull off a three hit combo. As soon as  your third
    hit connects roll away. Repeat this as necessary but do not let him get even
    a single hit in or this fight is over.
    It will take a long while but this is really the only way to win this fight.
    Chapter 3
    Search the room to find an Elixir before you save the game. Head into the
    hallway and you will see a number of other rooms. One room has an Elixir of the
    Devil Way inside while the other has Map in it. When you grab the map two of
    the soldiers will burst on into the room via the windows. They are basically
    the same as the samurai except they can grab you for a pretty painful hit. Go
    on out into the hallway and head for the double doors. As before the windows
    work as doors for these soldiers so more are going to come in. Once they are
    all dead, grab the key and exit through the double doors.
    Kill off the soldiers and use the right staircase (going down) and use the left
    staircase to reach a Muramasa Statue (he has some new items and upgrades). Now
    head down the right stairs and you will reach a save point, so use that. In the
    office to the left is a Life of the Gods but to the right is where you need to
    go, so head there. Take the door in the office to a fight, you should enter the
    room holding the block button to ensure no cheap shots. Take out the soldiers
    and then use the now opened door.
    You will be in a hallway now. Head for the double doors and unlock them so that
    you can use them to get back to the initial hallway (right outside the cabin
    you started in). Go back to the door you came into this hallway from and use
    the door across from it. Grab the scarab and Map of Tairon from near the desk
    and use the elevator.
    You are now on the main flight deck of the ship, run across to the other side
    of the room to find another elevator. Use it and go down, being ready to beat
    down on some more soldiers. Kill them and the commander who follows to find
    the ID Card. Open the door next to the elevator and get the dual katanas from a
    chest in there. Now go back up to the flight deck and go through the door near
    to you to fight two more soldiers. Use the exit to reach another save point, so
    use that. Go through the door across from you to head on outside.
    Go across the bridge and use the ID card to enter the Container Room. Destroy
    the crates to clear the way and get some more arrows. Head to the other end of
    the room and use the turnstile switch. Turn it three times and soldiers will
    come into the room (via the windows again). Kill them off and then rotate the
    handle until the door opens.
    Run towards the ledge and take out your bow. A group of soldiers will come out
    and try to blast you with guns and a rocket launchers. Use the bow to take them
    out and then use the zipline to get to the other side. Follow the walkway until
    you find a commander soldier and kill him. Now bust the window here and jump on
    into the engine room. Bust up the room until the engines are down. All of the
    locks will open now so you can move freely through the ship. Head back to the
    room that Ryu started off in killing the soldiers who dare get in your way. If
    you want to, take a detour through the double doors and save the game (and use
    the Muramasa statue again if you like).
    Head back to the Storage Room that was near your starting point. Go on into it
    and fight off the enemies in here. This challenge will get you a Lives of the
    Gods item, as well as there being a Golden Scarab in here. Now head through the
     double doors and save the game (and use the Muramasa statue again if you like).
    Go to the main cabin and use the previously locked metal doors to reach the
    boss. Head up the metal stairways and defeat the soldiers that are in your way
    and start making your way up to the top of this area. Soon you will reach a
    ladder. Use the wall jump to reach a small side room with a switch that will
    open the rooftop access. Now you can climb the ladder to fight the Dynamo. If
    you want to save or use the Muramasa statue do it now.
    Stage Boss: Dynamo
    Lets just get one thing out of the way, you desperately need him to not use his
    medium or long range attacks. They are powerful, hard to dodge attacks whereas
    his melee attacks arent. In reality beating him is pretty easy so long as you
    stay close enough to avoid him using these attacks but not close enough to be
    grabbed by him.
    By doing this he will attempt to bash you with melee attacks. His attack will
    likely break your block and cause him to try and grab you. ROLL away as soon as
    your block is broken and then do a three hit combo. He will start another melee
    attack as youre hitting him, so quickly block and then roll away before you try
    to repeat the melee combo. Keep this up and its like nothing.
    If this is too risky for you, you will need to keep your distance and run in
    circles around him. Wait for him to exhaust his laser cannon blasts, rolling to
    help you dodge them and jumping to help avoid the last, and then do a dashing
    attack (or a leaping attack). As soon as you hit him pull off a two or three
    hit combo before quickly retreating and going back to that. This is dangerous
    because if his cannon hits you youre going to lose most of your health in one
    or two hits. Pick your poison.
    Chapter 4
    Save your game and head down to fight a group of soldiers. Follow the alley and
    you will end up in Twin Serpents Plaza. Pretty monument, but totally useless
    right now. Head towards the open alleyway and kill off the soldiers before you
    use the open door.  Search the dead body here to find the Guillotine Throw
    scroll. Approach the Red Jeweled door ti trigger an ambush.
    Kill off the soldiers and the red door will open up so head on through. You are
    now in Dworku alley. Kill off the soldiers in here and head towards the other
    end of the alley. Follow the winding alley to reach a large pot with the Lunar
    in it. Grab it and double back, taking the stairs downwards. Go right and keep
    heading that way towards the next staircase. Two soldiers will pop out on you
    when you approach the stairs so pull out your bow and knock them off.
    Head up the stairs and read the kunai. Now wall run up to the blue ledge, move
    along it to the left and drop down onto the balcony. Grab the zip line from
    here and take it across. Kill off the soldiers that come from the staircase and
    grab the nunchuks from the dead body. Save your game and then head out through
    the yellow jewel door.
    You will end up in the Clock Tower plaza. Head through the blue lined door and
    head up the stairs to run into some soldiers. Kill them off and head towards
    the balcony. Time to handle some Black Spider Clan ninjas. These guys can be
    tough until you get used to fight them, counterattacks are your most reliable
    way of taking them out.
    Now head down through the Sqare past the multi-jeweled door and you will get a
    cutscene. Go on into Muramasas shop and do whatever business you have to do
    there. Move towards the Green Jeweled door outside to trigger another ambush.
    Kill them off and head through the door. 
    Move into the middle of this area to trigger a ninja ambush. Wipe them out and
    then head to the metal door, unlocking it. Now head up the stairs and kill off
    the ninjas that attack. Move through the alley the ninjas came out of and use
    the wall jump to get on top of the ledge here. Wall run across the blue lined
    wall to get to the other side. Go through the door and follow the ledge to find
    a dead body, grab the diary off the body. Move to the end of this walkway to
    reach a level and chest. Grab the items from the chest and flip the switch. You
    will have unlocked the multi-colored door with this one. Hop off the ledge to
    fight some soldiers. Kill them and then head through said multi-colored jeweled
    door to reach Pleasure Street.
    As you head through the area, kill off the ninjas that try to ambush you and
    continue towards Hans Bar. As you near it you will be attacked by a group of
    motorcycle soldiers. These guys are annoying but its not too bad if you are any
    good with the Flying Swallow. Use that attack repeatedly to unseat all of the
    riders and then take them out while they are on the ground. Grab the Lilly Key
    off the ground and head to the bar.
    Chapter 5
    Time for some Rachel action. All I have to say to this is meh. She is slow and
    clunky to use although she makes up for it with sheer power. Meh I say! I want
    my Ryu! Well anyways, its time to use her for a bit.
    Save your game and proceed forward. Wipe out the soldiers who come out and use
    the gate to leave. Kill off the soldiers who come out here as well and take out
    the Chopper through whatever means please you. Keep moving towards the
    Monastary Plaza. 
    Kill off the soldiers in here before heading up the stairs to take out yet some
    more soldiers. Grab the Dworku Monastary key off the ground and head back to
    Monastery Plaza. Use the Muramasa statue now to restock and then head into the
    plaza. You will be ambushed by a group of shadow fiends. Since Rachels best
    strength lies in her counterattacks use that to beat these guys. Now use the
    key on the double gate.
    Take out more shadow fiends once youre inside and then save your game. Head up
    the path towards the altar hall. Take out all the shadow fiends here using the
    same tactics and then take the door to the right side of the room into the 
    Archives Room. Kill off the ninjas in here, being very careful since theyre
    harder for Rachel than Ryu, and then go up the stairs.
    Chapter 6
    Save your game and open the chest. Now make your way out of the bar by jumping
    down off the roof (same place where Gamov lept off). You will have to fight off
    some more Motorcycle enemies here, take them out using the same method as you
    did before. Use the save point and leave this street.
    Grab the Kunai scroll that Ayane throws at you. She informs you about the
    hidden weapon which is the Windmill Shuriken. You will need to wall run along
    the blue lines repeatedly until you reach the end. It will make your life a lot
    easier to get up there if you perform a dashing attack while airborne. Grab the
    Windmill Shuirken and then jump down. You now need to make your way back to the
    Bronze Lily. 
    Head on through the door and kill off the soldiers. Continue down the alleyway
    and kill off the enemies that come after you. Follow it until you get through
    the zigzagging passage until you reach a save point. Save and go up the stairs
    to find your way to Drawbridge Square. 
    Kill the motorcycle soldiers in here and then go through the blue door. Take
    out the enemies and continue until you see a chest. Grab the Pegasus Key from
    it. Make your way back to Moat Road and kill off the ninjas again. Now use the
    Pegasus Key on the gate, go inside and pull the lever. This lowers the bridge
    in Drawbridge Square. Save and head across the drawbridge. Go up the stairs
    to the save point, kill the ninjas that pop out and then save the game. Use the
    Muramasa statue and then head down the stairs into Monastery Plaza.
    The gate will lock you in and soldiers will start jumping down. Take out the
    soldiers here and the gates will unlock. Continue forward and ignore the front
    gates of the monastery. Go around the side and kill off the ninjas who will
    try to ambush you. Search the area for a chest, grab the items from it. Now
    continue ahead until you are locked into another area.
    Kill off the motorcycle soldiers who come out, use the same strategy as before
    to take them out. Watch the cutscene and now its time for a mid-boss who will
    become a regular enemy later on.
    Mini-Boss: Red Dinosaurs
    These guys are really fearsome looking but they arent all that hard. You can
    block or roll away from all of their attacks with relative ease. There are two
    simple ways to take them out, one being a bit more dangerous than the other.
    If you are feeling like taking a risk then heres what you do; get into their
    face and let them attack you. Block the attack and then hit them with a two or
    three hit combo. Immediately roll away and then attack again if possible or
    block if he starts a combo. You might need to run away every so often since
    there are three of them and coming from the front isnt always easy.
    The other way to go about this is to keep your distance and let them charge at
    you. When they do so dodge at the last second and they will ram into the wall.
    From here you can pull off at least one good combo before they arent staggered
    any more. They will do a spinning tail whip when they turn around so be careful
    of this. Either way you go about it, they arent all that hard.
    Boss: Hydracubus
    This guy is pathetically easy so long as you know two key things: one, if you
    stay close to him he will not use his dangerous acid ball attack which is good
    and two, you can block his tentacles but they will break your block. That means
    that you have to roll away immediately or get hit. So the trick here is to stay
    right on top of him and block when youre not attacking, simple.
    Use the flying swallow attack to sever his two tentacles, simply spamming the
    attack repeatedly until he loses both of them. Now absorb both essence and
    unleash the attack on him, this should devastate his health. Now combo him over
    and over until his tentacles grow back. Now repeat the tentacle loppind and he
    will die soon enough. Dont even use any Ninpo on this dork, its a waste.
    Chapter 7
    Open the chests to grab a Life of the Thousand Gods and then save your game. Go
    up the stairs and open the chests here to find more items. Proceed towards the
    archway and kill off the enemies who come after you. Jump down to find a
    Muramasa statue, restock and then continue on outside. Grab the item from the
    chest nearby and then make your way towards the Monastery entrance. Take out
    the Shadow Fiends who come after you and then use the save point near the
    entrance. I suggest opening the double doors here, it will lead to fighting
    some more fiends but thats a fair price.
    Enter the Monastery and go up the walkway. Search the area for chests, ignore
    the alter and then open the door on the right. You are locked in now, so kill
    off the enemies as quickly as possible. Now head up the stairs and search the
    floor for items. Now wall jump up to the top floor to find a golden scarab. Use
    the Incendiary Shurikens to break open the wall up here. This brings in another
    wave of enemies so take them out and head on out of the room using the door.
    Go after all the chests up here and then take the door at the other side of the
    balcony. Read the book on the desk in here and use that to open the safe. You
    can tell if youre doing it right by the lights turning blue. Grab the Book of
    the Eons from the safe, kill off the enemies who ambush you and then jump down
    back into the Altar Hall. Place the book on the alter to open up the path and
    then kill off the enemies who come out.
    Jump down, kill off the bats and search the dead body. Grab the Map for this
    place from the chest, grab the golden scarab and kill any enemies you must. Now
    save the game and proceed on through the gate nearby. Use an Incendiary
    Shuriken on the wall nearby to start an Indiana Jones style sequence. You will
    need to jump over spikes in your path but you can move a bit faster if you use
    wall runs when possible. At the end of this you will see Ryu leap to a metal
    bar, so youre good. Move across the bars until you can reach the save. Save thy
    game grasshopper.
    Start to descend the spiral ramp, using the Windmill shuriken to kill enemies
    as you go. When you reach the dino bones kill off the Shadow Fiends and take
    note of the altar. Go through the metal gate and kill off the wasp fiends.
    Search this room to find golden scarabs and a life of the gods. Leave and go
    to the save point, save your game and keep going down. At the bottom you will
    fight some more enemies, kill them off and use the Muramasa statue to refill
    on your supplies.
    Move into the Tomb of Eons and you will find a circular platform. Use a ground
    pound attack to make this thing start moving. You will need to kill off some
    Shadow Fiends as it descends, so keep killing until the platform stops moving.
    Exit through the doorway, open the chest nearby to find the Vigoorian Flails
    and then save your game. Go through the opposite door to find some fun.
    Kill the wasps in here and then its time for new enemies. These zombies are a
    major pain, they take a fair amount of damage and theres almost always an
    archer with them. Get to the archer, kill him off (his arrows hurt like hell)
    and then take out the rest of them. You will need to kill a bunch of these
    guys, including four archers to end this. Grab the Holy Grail when all is said
    and done and leave the room.
    You might want to ignore the enemies that appear in your path, kill them or not
    its up to you. Get back to the circular platform and hit it to start it moving
    again. You will have to kill zombies as you go up and especially the zombies
    who make it stop part of the way up. Kill enough of them and it will start to
    move again. Make your way back to the save point (killing enemies as you go)
    and then head back to the altar near the giant dead dino. Use the Holy Grail on
    it to start your next boss fight.
    Stage Boss: Dead Dragon
    This guy will be hard at first but he gets easier with practice. First thing
    first is to learn how to stop its attacks. He has a bite attack but its
    negligably easy to dodge this with a roll. When it throws bone pieces at you
    block one and then roll before blocking again. That should handle two of them
    at a time. He will pull off a tail sweep so just time your jump over it. You
    dont want to wall jump over it because, while that is safer, he will sometimes
    do the sweep three times. If you wall jump you will get plastered by the second
    hit. Keep jumping over it until he stops.
    To hurt him you need to wait for him to put a limb up on the ledge you are on
    and then run over to it. Hit it with your strongest combo as much as you can.
    If it raises the limb up, roll away and wait for it to put it back. If you stay
    there he will slam you with it. As soon as its back on the ledge move in and
    start htiting it again. You need to bust all the limbs (he will roar out when
    you do this) to make him die. Simply keep doing this and watch out for him to
    attack you and this should be easy.
    Chapter complete!
    Chapter 8
    This mission is really short but it is hard as hell thanks to the boss. Grr...
    Anyways use the Muramasa statue and save your game before you do anything else.
    Head out of the Monastery back towards the plaza. Follow the path, eliminating
    all the soldiers that come out after you. Head towards Drawbridge hill and save
    your game there. When you reach the lever, pulling it will lower the bridge but
    there are going to be Red Dinosaurs on the other side. Killing them nets Rachel
    a new spell. Either kill them or avoid them but use the Blue door to get to the
    next area.
    Kill the enemies in this area and then go to the end of the path and open up
    the wall with an attack. Grab the items from the chest and head to the other
    gate. Make your way towards the Military Gate to end up in a Fiend Challenge.
    Kill off the Red Dinosaurs and the Shadow Fiends (use counters on the shadows
    and use charged up attacks on the dinos) and that will be that. Head towards
    the Bronze Lilly Door, killing off enemies in your path before you save your
    game. If you take the other path, through Great Bridge Square you have to fight
    a really cheesy and annoying boss so avoid that.
    Chapter 9
    Grab the Lives of the Gods item and head your way back to the save point at the
    Inner Econtra and save your game. Now you can hop down to where the Bone Dragon
    did all that dying. Enter the next room from here, killing off the enemies that
    lurk inside. Go into the next room and use the Muramasa statue before going to
    the next room and saving your game (grab the map from the chest!). Time to go
    to a new area, through the next door!
    Dont walk on the bridge right now, just drop straight off to one of the sides,
    it will come in handy later. Kill the enemies down here and go through the Blue
    Door first. Kill the archers nearby and then kill the archers across the ways
    (the dead body has arrows if you need it). Now shoot the Glowing Icon to reveal
    the path. Go across it and avoid the pendulums to reach the Blue Eye button.
    Press it and leave this room, you need to go into the Red Room now.
    To spare yourself agony in this room, you can either try to snipe off the
    archers from a distance (bad idea) or you can run like hell across the water to
    kill them (good idea). Either way kill them and press the Red Eye button to
    open the big door in the outside room. Go on out.
    Mid-Boss: Hydracubus, round 2
    Meh, Im just going to copy paste the above strategy to spare time, he is the
    same except a bit stronger and he has more health. He is still a pushover.
    This guy is pathetically easy so long as you know two key things: one, if you
    stay close to him he will not use his dangerous acid ball attack which is good
    and two, you can block his tentacles but they will break your block. That means
    that you have to roll away immediately or get hit. So the trick here is to stay
    right on top of him and block when youre not attacking, simple.
    Use the flying swallow attack to sever his two tentacles, simply spamming the
    attack repeatedly until he loses both of them. Now absorb both essence and
    unleash the attack on him, this should devastate his health. Now combo him over
    and over until his tentacles grow back. Now repeat the tentacle loppind and he
    will die soon enough. Dont even use any Ninpo on this dork, its a waste.
    Blah, boring.
    Yeah, if you thought he was too easy, he is. Things are going to get really bad
    and really fast soon so be prepared.
    Grab the Lives of the Gods item and head outside to the Suspension Bridge Room. 
    Use the wall jumps to make your way to the top and go back across the bridge to
    save your game (see why now?). Now continue moving forward and you will reach
    another save point as well as some enemies. On a dead body you will find the
    Art of the Ice Storm Ninpo. Keep going down the corridor.
    Kill the bats however you please and go into the next chamber. Ignore the
    sarcophagus and use a wall run on the left ledge, landing on the large pressure
    plate. The statue will lower allowing you access to the Wolf Deity Statue and
    the Skull Key. Use the key on the nearby door and follow that path, killing the
    bats as needed until you get a cutscene. Afterwards swim until you see the
    Elevator, a sunken tunnel and a Muramasa statue in the area. 
    Forget the elevator for a moment and swim through the tunnel to reach a save
    point. Use it and then go up the elevator. Kill the ninjas who try to ambush
    you, read the item on the desk to get the safe combination (poor guy) and then
    take the item from the safe. Go to the Main hall to fight the hardest boss in
    the freaking game.
    Stage Boss: Alma, Hell Incarnate
    This fight is going to sound ungody simple when I describe how to beat it but
    this will take you forever to truly master much less survive. Staying on your
    toes and moving constantly is how to best avoid her moves. To dodge when she
    starts to throw the pillars rolling and jumping works best. Avoid letting her
    get close while flying because she can grab you and bring some serious pain
    down on you. She can also hammer you with a melee strike while she is on the
    ground, so basically staying near her is a bad idea.
    The only way to really hurt her is to avoid her attacks and then crack her with
    a Flying Swallow. If you hit her she will be rendered vulnerable for a few
    seconds. This is the time to perform a serious combo (bring your best) and then
    book it away from her as fast as you can.
    Shoudl you miss the Flying Swallow, or she decides to dodge you, you will have
    to move as fast as possible away from her (preferably by roll-jumping). If you
    do not she will hammer you like theres no tomorrow. Simply put some space
    between the two of you and then do the attack again. You should get it sooner
    or later.
    Thats all there is to it but its a serious pain in the butt to do. Good luck!
    A well earned victory!
    Chapter 10
    Go back into the monastery and search for the warhammer, it should be at the
    back of the Altar Hall. Grab it and go out, using the Muramasa statue and save
    point out here. Head on out towards Monastery Plaza. As soon as you arrive here
    more soldiers will attack you and the gates will lock. Kill them off and then
    continue towards Drawbridge Square, killing any soldiers who come out after you
    while you move. Avoid the bombs along the way and flip the lever to lower the
    drawbridge. This will net you some more soldiers to fight, so beat them before
    you try to continue on.
    Use the save point down the stairs and continue down the tunnel, killing any
    soldiers who come out. Continue making your way towards the Bronze Lilly door
    killing off soldiers and avoiding bombs along the way. Pass through the door,
    kill off more soldiers and then save the game.
    Go up the stairs and through the next path. Kill off the soldiers and grab the
    Stone Tablet Top from the chest. Now go upstairs, heading towards the Military
    Gate. Once there use the Skull Key to open the Skull Gate (should be obvious)
    and pass through. Use the muramasa statue and explore the area for some items
    and a golden scarab. You can either continue forward or leave and save your
    game wherever you choose, its your decision.
    Go to the Military Gate area now. Youwill have a bunch of soldiers to wipe out
    here, incendiary shurikens are your best bet so get to it. Once they are dead
    take out your bow and snipe the soldier trying to blow you up with a rocket
    launcher. This will net you a new weapon (Strongbow), congrats.
    Stage Boss: Alternator
    While he is much the same as he was the last time you fought him he has a few
    surprises in store for you. First off he doesnt use his grab, Ive never seen
    him do it and if he has it he doesnt use it much. He does still have his other
    attacks but he also has an attack chopper supporting him.
    The best way to handle him is to stay near to him and block his melee strikes.
    You will lose a bit of health each time but its nothing you shouldnt be able to
    deal with. Block his hits and then counterattack, its that simple. If he tries
    to grab you, roll away. The chopper will drop bombs at times but it seems to do
    it less if you are near him, thus staying as close to him as possible is what
    works best.
    Battle over! Yay!
    Now that hes dead head on through the gates to exit the chapter.
    Chapter 11
    This chapter is pretty rough so get ready and buckle yourself in. Go back to
    the Muramasa statue before you do anything else and stock up on missile
    weapons. Go back through the gate and continue to the door at the end, using it
    to get to a new area. Three armed soldiers wait here, take them out however
    you like. The next area has a bunch of soldiers and twi gunners shooting at
    you. Take them out however you like (I suggest explosive arrows since there is
    a crate with a supply of them in it near the door). Grab the Warehouse key and
    go into the warehouse.
    Run up the stairway on the left side and go to the second level. Some sentries
    will come after you here. Take out the bow and use APFSDS cores to take them
    out (there is a crate with a supply of them in here). If they are too close
    use the Windmill shuriken to be safe. Once theyre dead its all clear in here.
    Go up to the third floor and flip the switch to activate the lights and the
    platforms (a change from the XBox version).
    Go back down to the second level and jump on the moving platform and from there
    to the train roof. Now jump from there to the next platform and then to the
    small ledge. Go up to the third floor and into the office. Grab the Supply Base
    Map and Shutter Control Key Card before you hop back down. Scour the room to
    find any items you want before you use the key card on the controls. This is a
    one way trip sadly.
    Kill off the soldiers who ambush you and go towards the large doorway. Save the
    game and use the statue as you please before you head through the metal doors.
    Mid-Boss: Twin Tanks
    This is another boss fight that is going to sound way simpler than it really
    is. You will have to fight two tanks in succession although they do provide you
    with the ammunition to do so. The key here is to use the bow and APFSDS cores
    to take out this sucker. What you want to do is wait for it to start firing at
    you, roll jump to the side and then shoot it with them. This wasnt possible on
    the XBox but it is now. If you are feeling lucky you can wait for it to finish
    a barrage, enter first person and then shoot at the gunner. This will make the
    tank stop for a few moments letting you unload on it.
    Other than that there isnt much you can do. If you run out of arrows switch to
    the explosive ones and keep going. You want to avoid doing anything other than
    attacking it if you can help it. Once you destroy the first you should have an
    idea as to how to fight it so take out the second one with that same strategy.
    Also, do not bother with Ninpo here its really a waste.
    Easy? I think not.
    Restock your arrows and then go up the elevator and save your game. Head on
    forward and kill off the soldiers who bother you. Time for another boss fight.
    Stage Boss: Tomahawk Helicopter
    The trick to this fight is learning how to dodge his attacks and to get your
    own chance to hit him with APFSDS arrows. As soon as the fight starts you have
    a few moments to shoot him so go into first person and pop him a few times.
    Now he will start to fight back so block his bullets (yes you can block his
    machine gun bullets, good thing too). Now you basically need to stay on the
    defensive and not even try to attack it until it leaves itself open. If it
    starts shooting missiles at you the only way to dodge them is by carefully
    timing your jump rolls to evade them at the last second. Its hard but it can
    be done.
    There is one moment you are looking for, when it flies under the bridge. When
    it does this it will slowly come up on the other side before it starts shooting
    at you. As it comes up begin to shoot it with cores and then go on the defense
    once the counterattack from it starts. Once the bullets stop flying hit it with
    arrows as much as you can and then go back on the defensive. Thats about the
    only way to beat this sucker.
    Another hard earned victory.
    Go back and save your game and then use the crates to restock on ammunition.
    Now head up for the rooftop and prepare for what might as well be a boss fight.
    Kill off the soldiers who come out after you (explosive arrows a good idea, you
    dont have much time). Across from you is the Radio Tower. To take it out you
    need to bust the spotlights but there are rocket launcher soldiers on the tower
    to complicate things. Go after them first, theres one on each level I believe.
    Take them out and then bust the lights to destroy it.
    Now head through the other door, taking out the enemeis in here. Go into the
    next room and kill off the rocket launcher soldiers. Take the other door and
    you will be back outside. Take the stairs down and use the elevator, kill the
    soldiers and take the elevator back up (need a key, yay!). Kill the rocket
    soldiers again and grab the key. Now go to the control room, use the key and
    pull the lever to end this mission. 
    Chapter 12
    Open the chest to find a Life of the Gods item. Now exit the area and unlock
    the metal door. Head into the next area and wait until two Shadow Fiends ambush
    you. Kill them  off and go down the manhole into the Aquaducts. Kill the bats
    and then save your game. Head on into the next area, killing the shadow fiends
    in here as well. Move on through the next door, kill off the fiends and then go
    down the stairs. Go right to find a dead body with a map for this area on it
    and then go to the left. Hop down through the open area in the walls.
    Kill off the Shadow Fiends that appear here and use the save point. Now take
    the elevator down and grab the item from the chest here. Beetles will attack
    you so take them out and go back upstairs. Head through the large door into the
    Hall of Balance. Use the Muramasa statue if you like and then wall run to get
    to the chest on the ledge above said statue. Get the Key of the Insect from the
    chest. Now make your way back to Aquaduct level 2 and use the key you just got
    on the Orange door.
    Kill the fiends in here and then enter the nearby door to start a boss fight.
    Mid-Boss: Electric Worm
    This guy is very simple to fight once you get used to him. What you want to do
    is stay to one of the sides of the room and wait for him. You will need to move
    fast to avoid his electric blasts and since youre not near the middle you will
    not be hit by his bite attack.
    Wait until he attempts to do his body sweep attack and then jump to the wall
    and leap off of it. If you do this right he will miss you entirely and you can
    now counterattack. Hit him with whatever you like, I prefer the bigger weapons
    for this even if they are slower. Just keep it up and it will die soon.
    Easy peasy.
    Grab the Art of the Inazuma scroll and then start making your way through the
    hallways to reach the Hall of Balance. You will be on an upper ledge so grab
    the items here now (including the key item, the Red Tablet). Go back to the
    Aquaduct level 2 and save your game before you take the right passage. Keep
    following that path until you reach a doorway with a woman engraved on it, go
    on head inside.
    Defeat the fiends that try to ambush you here. Now stand near the door and use
    the wall jumps to reach the top of the room. Search the room for a chest that
    contains a Spirit of the Devils (more ninpo). Go into the next room (has a
    grate in the floor). Place the Red Tablet on the pedestal and kill the enemies
    that attack you. I suggest heading to that save point on level 3 to be on the
    safe side of thinsg.
    Leave and head to Aquaduct level 2. Take the path to your left and enter the
    door. Grab the Water Statue from the pedestal and head back to the save point
    on level 3. Now head back to the Red Reservoir Room and enter the nearby area
    to find a dead body. Get the item off it and go to the door. When you use the
    Water Statue on it, it will open up so go on through. Hop down to find a
    Muramasa statue. Use it and grab the nearby golden scarab.
    Mid-Boss: Electric Worms
    This is essentially the same fight except you have to keep your eyes open for
    what they are doing. One might do the sweep while the other tries to hit you
    with the electric blast so stay on your toes. Otherwise the same strategy will
    apply here.
    This guy is very simple to fight once you get used to him. What you want to do
    is stay to one of the sides of the room and wait for him. You will need to move
    fast to avoid his electric blasts and since youre not near the middle you will
    not be hit by his bite attack.
    Wait until he attempts to do his body sweep attack and then jump to the wall
    and leap off of it. If you do this right he will miss you entirely and you can
    now counterattack. Hit him with whatever you like, I prefer the bigger weapons
    for this even if they are slower. Just keep it up and it will die soon.
    Twice the easy.
    In the left passage is a Golden scarab and the right has a Life of the Thousand
    Gods item in it. Grab them and then take the middle passage to find yourself in
    a rock area. Go to the top and kill off the fiends. Head on through the doorway
    when youre done getting the items in here.
    Follow the path and enter the next area (killing the bats all the while). Take
    out the enemies in this room and then open the chest to find the Blue Tablet of
    the Stream. Back to the rock room and then go to the next area. Take out the
    bats and fiends and search the body to find Incendiary Shurikens. Keep going
    until you find a large crack in one of the walls. Bust it open to find yourself
    back with the Muramasa statue from earlier.
    Make your way back to the save point and save your game before you head to
    Aquaduct level 2 and go through the Orange Door. Head through to the metal door
    at the other side of the room and go up the stairs. Place the Blue Tablet of
    the Stream on the pedestal to drain the water. Jump down and enter the doorway.
    This is a fairly easy fight. Take out either the Dabilharo or your best weapon
    and start using counterattacks on the fiends. Once one dies use a charged hit
    to take out another or two. Keep this up until they are dead, grab the life of
    the gods from the chest and head on. You will find a pressure plate switch
    that you must activate to get out of here. Make your way up using wall jumps
    and then slam down on it to open the door.
    Take out the bats here and then exit the room using the double doors. Kill the
    Shadow fiends and then go through the open doorway to your left. Grab the
    golden scarab and arrows. Now use a wall run going from one wall to the next,
    starting from the right side of the entrance, to get yourself out of here. At
    the top use your bow and arrow to hit the shining emblem across from you to
    drop a chain wall. Wall run across that to reach the ledge and then take the
    stairs up. open the chest and then jump towards the branch and swimg on over to
    the next ledge. Grab the Brand of Valor and then save your game.
    Hop on down and place the Brand of Valor on the engraving in the Sanctuary area
    to trigger a boss fight.
    Stage Boss: Paz Zuu
    Big bird = Bad news, just so ya know. You will need to know how to dodge its
    attacks to survive this sucker. When it fires its laser at you, jump or roll to
    the sides to spare yourself damage. When the lasers come from the sides you
    need to roll forward or back (see how this works). Keep your distance to avoid
    his wing strikes. 
    Now you can either try to use explosive arrows and APFSDS cores to take him out
    with repeated head shots or you can use a more dangerous strategy. For some
    reason when you stand close to him he will jump up and down. This can knock you
    back when youre in front of him but if you are behind him then he cannot hurt
    you. So start whaling on his behind while he is on the ground. Should he jump
    again just wait and hit him again. If he happens to fall down run forward and
    combo him in the face once before running back behind him.
    I first did this by accident and then read about it on the GameFAQs boards. I
    dont know why it works but it works in all three games so abuse it. This isnt
    entirely foolproof, sometimes he will sprint across the room instead of staying
    there so you will have to run over to him and get behind him again.
    Chapter done, yay!
    Chapter 13
    Grab the map and items from the chests nearby and save yoru game. Now kill off
    the enemies in the water (stay on the solid ground if you need to). Go under
    the water when theyre dead and swim through the broken grate. Go up, kill off
    the enemies and go through the underwater tunnel. Once through this tunnel hop
    out of the water and use the Muramasa statue. Grab the Spear Gun from the dead
    body, equip it if you like and then its back into the water and through the
    next tunnel.
    Yeah... beware of the spikes in this place. When you reach the other side there
    are enemies you will need to take out, so do so however you please. Go on 
    through the next tunnel and you will find a save point. Kill the enemies, save
    your game and use the next underwater tunnel.
    Get out of the water and move towards the locked door, you will need to come
    back here later. Kill off the enemies and then swim under the metal grate to
    find your way to the sunken ship. Once more wipe out the enemies and then go up
    onto the ships deck. Use the crank here and go back into the water. A hatch
    will have opened up at the back of the ship so swim into the hatch and grab the
    Oxygen Cylinder out of the chest. Now you dont need to worry about your breath
    supply anymore, thank god. Now swim upwards to reach an upper deck where you
    can find the Triton Key in a chest. Either explore the area to find a bunch of
    items, including a Golden Scarab or head back to the locked door from earlier.
    In the new area you will have a bunch of enemies to take out, the windmill
    shuriken is probably your best bet, anything else is too weak (or a waste).
    After yo uhave killed them all swim towards the open space under the water. You
    will end up in the Tomb of eons near the Bone Dragons body. Hop out of the
    water and use the Muramasa statue. 
    Now hop back into the water and swim through yet another gap to reach another
    cavern. Go to the very end of it and swim down to reach a new chamber. To make
    your life easy avoid the enemies here and swim straight to the elevator and use
    it. You will be back in the monastery and are going to be jumped by some of the
    enemy ninjas. Kill then and examine the desk to find a combination for the safe
    (it has a Jewel of the Demon Seal).
    Now go back into the underwater area and swim to the Junction Chamber. Save the
    game and then use the platform to take you to the stadium and Doku.
    Stage Boss: Doku
    This fight is essentially the same as before, as such I have repasted my combat
    strategy from earlier.
    Realistically this fight is pretty direct. None of his moves should be too hard
    to avoid especially if you are good at rolling away from attacks by now. The
    bulk of what you need to do here is to let him attack you and then you roll out
    of the way, then move in and pull off a three hit combo. As soon as  your third
    hit connects roll away. Repeat this as necessary,
    In addition to this he has a grab move, much like Murai did in Chapter 1. You
    will need to keep your distance to avoid this move. Other than that Doku is 
    actually fairly simple once you learn how to fight him. Its more a matter of
    patience and timing than anything else. This fight will take some time so dont
    try to rush it.
    That wasnt that bad!
    Chapter 14
    Save your game and head past Great Bridge Square towards the alley that Doku
    used. You will encounter some Zombie Soldiers who are seriously bad news. Fight
    them off however you have to and approach the large building with the glowing
    portal in it. Use the portal and end up in Hayabusa village. Run straight down
    the hill and save. Youre going to need to make your way back towards the
    entrance to the village, killing off the enemies as you do so.
    Head towards the shrine with the stone tablet in it and bash it to reveal the
    Mysterious Stone Tablet. Snatch it and hop down, placing it on the pedestal. Go
    on through the portal that opens up.
    You will appear with a horde of Shadow Fiends, so use counters to take them all
    out. An ogre will come out with shadow fiends. Keep your distance from the ogre
    and kill off the fiends and then use their essence to kill off the ogre with a
    charge attack. Otherwise its going to be you dancing around him while he tries
    to bash you with his mace. Once theyre dead use the portal. Chapter done!
    Chapter 15
    Grab the Kitetsu, you now have two options; navigate the floating ledges to
    get the treasure chests in here or just leave. The lever to leave is near the
    rear wall, flip it and leave if thats your choice (this same switch activates
    the ledges). Leave the stadium.
    Go down the hill and you will fight some fiends. Take them out and continue on
    the path until you reach a large tree. Hop on over and you will be near a save
    point. Search the body near the save point to get the map. Go into the cavern
    and head all the way to the end before hopping down. Kill the ghost fish and 
    then dive into the water, going under to get to the other side. Slide down the
    slope here to enter the Ice caverns.
    Kill the shadow fiends and red dinosaurs before wall leaping off the wall to 
    get to the top ledge. Open the chest to grab a Life of the Gods. Now head into
    the next area to find a save point and a big doorway. Save and then jump down,
    killing off the enemies here. Head right, climb up and head right again and
    then break the ice. You will be in a small area with more enemies, so kill them
    and then jump up to the top level.
    Grab the shield of vigoor and head back to the door near where the save point
    was. Use the shield to open it and you will be in the magma area. Head on over
    to the globe to gain the Stone Tablet (left). I prefer to use the ogres to kill
    off the enemies down here for safetys sake. Use the wall run across the gap to
    reach the other side. Run up to the end of the platform and grab the small
    ledge. Shimmy past the rising smoke, being careful not to get hit and then hop
    down on the other side. Kill the ogres here and then continue on.
    Slam down the step button to reveal floating platforms. Jump onto them and move
    to the end of this area as fast as you can. Use the muramasa statue and save
    your game. Make your way into the area with a see-saw. Stand on it to make it
    drop down all the way to the bottom before you even attempt anything. Once it 
    does so, start runing up it and jumping into the other room as fast as you can.
    Kill the ghost fish and exit. Go to the large pot and make it pour out some hot
    iron ore. Now you can leave. Save your game at the magma lake and head back to
    the room in the Ruins where you got the shield of vigoor. You can retrieve the
    Cog of Vigoor from here now.
    Save your game and then bust the ice chunk to enter a new area.
    Stage Boss: Yotunfrau
    This fight is fairly simple but that doesnt mean that it is easy. What you are
    going to want to do is take whatever opportunity you can get to unleash a
    combo on this mass of ugly. As soon as the fight starts you have a few moments
    where you can unleash on him so do that and then retreat.
    From here he isnt all that much harder to defeat. What you need to do is to
    keep letting him attack you and then either dodging and countering it. Watch
    for what he does; if he raises both hands do a backflip and move away quickly.
    If he raises his left hand, this is your chance. Roll your way behind him and
    start to whale on him. If he flips over get ready to block his attacks or to
    move out of the way quickly. If he does an Ice attack then move away from him
    as fast as you can.
    Simply keep moving and dont get lazy and you should have no problem. If you
    start to get lax in your paranoia he will devastate you super fast. 
    Fin of the ugly beast!
    When he dies he drops an Eye of Ice, grab it and use it to get out of the room.
    Make your way to the save point in this area, use the Muramasa statue and save
    the game. Place the cog on the door and you get to fight a fun boss fight.
    Mini-Boss: Flame Worms
    These guys are easy to beat so dont sweat it. This is the same fight as the
    Electric Worm fight but they have the ability to expel a flame ring. When they
    use this attack jump straight up to avoid it. You are waiting for them to do
    a sweep attack, wait for this and then pound on them with the Dabilharo. You
    only need to deplete one health bar so this isnt that bad.
    Nothing to it.
    Grab the eye of flame and head on out. Restock at the muramasa statue and use
    the save point again. Across from you should be a ledge with a door that has a
    face on it. Slam the step button to raise the flaoting platforms and then jump
    towards the door. Put the eyes of fire and ice into the door to make it open.
    Grab the Devil Deity statue off the pedestal and its time for yet another boss.
    Stage Boss: Smaugan
    Meh, another easy boss. This guy was hard the first few times I fought him but
    after that he becomes something of a pushover. He is going to move his head in
    your direction as soon as the fight begins, hack into it with your preferred
    weapon and he will retreat. Go onto one of the press buttons and slam down into
    it to make the platform rise up.
    This is super cheesy but move to the leftmost corner of the platform and you
    are effectively invincible. His bites will not be able to hit you while you are
    here so you can basically laugh at him. When it attempts to spit flames at you
    all you need to do jump out of the way (JUMP not roll!). When it does its wing
    attack you have to roll out of the way, but the timing is so insane dont feel
    too bad if youre having hell actually dodging it.
    Essentially, so long as you stay on the upper platform you should only get hit
    very little and he will lean in occasionally so hit him. If you are getting
    really hurt you can use Ninpo to help you dodge his wing attack and fire some
    arrows at him while he is back away from you (works well during the bite).
    Blah, blah, super easy.
    Dead dragon is a good dragon.
    Run onto the dragons body, grab the Lives of the Gods item and head through the
    exit to end this miserable chapter.
    Chapter 16
    Go into the caverns and start killing off the bats. Head into the save point
    room and save your game. Head to the shaft and use the wall to wall run to get
    to the top, killing off any wasps that bother you. Head on into the aqueducts
    and kill all the enemies you encounter as you head back to the streets of
    Tairon. Kill the zombie soldiers on thes treets and use the Muramasa statue.
    You are heading towards Drawbridge Square. Lower the Drawbridge and prepare for
    some fun.
    There are three purple zombies over here that are super deadly. They are slow
    as all the other zombies but they pack a mean punch and they have some really
    long health bars. The best way to take them out is to use the Dailahro and
    charge up the attack to smash them. If you can avoid getting caught in close
    range with them you should be fine. Kill them off and go through the Blue door.
    Head on towards Twin Serpents Plaza where you need to place all three Tablets
    on the pedestal to activate the portal. You will end up in Hayabusa Village.
    Go down the path towards the graveyard to trigger a cutscene. You now have the
    True Dragon Sword, which is in my opinion the best sword in the game. Now find
    the other portal and head on through it, killing any enemies along the way, and
    you will end up in the Monastery. Go from portal to portal until you emerge in
    an open field with a Pyramid in the distance. Save your game and head on in
    that direction to start a boss fight.
    Stage Boss: Alma Awakened
    With enough practice you should be able to beat this fight without much of any
    problem. As before Alma is going to be flinging fireballs and pillars at you.
    You will need to do rolling jumps to get out of the way of these, so keep your
    distance so you can see it coming. Keep away from her while she is in the air
    since she can pound on you pretty badly if you let her get close. Wait for her
    to land and then perform a Flying Swallow to stagger her. Hit her with your
    best combo while she is down.
    If you dont time the attack properly she is going to whale on you, thats bad.
    There isnt all that much that you can here which is where the practice comes
    into play. You cant really do all that much else to her, so you will just need
    to play the waiting game and pray for the best.
    Chapter 17
    Head on up to the temple and take out the Dabilahro. Bust open the large crack
    to reveal a doorway leading into the temple. Enter and go down the stairs to
    fight a new enemy, the Knightmare. You will need to take out three of these
    obnoxious SoB's before this place is done.
    Mini-Boss: Knightmare
    You will have to fight three of them so just use the same general strategy to
    do so. Keep the Dabilahro out and let them come to you since they are super
    aggressive. Thier regular attacks cannot break your block so what you need to
    do is to counterattack them with the Dabilahro. If you try any other method of
    combat you are going to have some problems, so just use this and you will be
    fine. Just keep using this tactic, even when they transform and you should have
    no problem. If youre feeling adventurous then try something else and see how
    quickly they can hurt you.
    Fight done with, congrats!
    Head back on out and take the path towards the open doors. Ignore the Griffon
    Door and head through the open door with the save point. Save the game and use
    the Muramasas statue. Go through the glowing portal to a fun new area.
    You will have to kill off some of the Shadow Fiends here, nothing too dangerous
    especially after the Knightmares. Kill them all and grab the Griffon Key out of
    a chest here and then teleport out of there. Go back to the Griffon door and
    use the key to gain entry.
    Take out the flails as soon as you enter and start killing off the ghost fish
    as they appear. Theyre something of a pain to fight here but they shouldnt be
    too big of a problem. Go up the stairs all the way up to the top, search the
    body and head past the Lion Door. Head all the way down the path until you see
    a lone chest. Grab the Lion Key out of the chest and you will get jumped from
    behind by a swarm of ghost fish. Take them out and you will be attacked by
    three catwomen. 
    Take them out using explosive arrows and then head on out. You will be attacked
    by some catwomen and a crab fiend, use the explosive arrows to make short work
    of them. Head on over to the Lion Door and go on through.
    Head ot the right and go up the stairs to find a save point. Use it and head
    down the long path to the right. Head that way killing all of the ghost fish
    and you will find a Muramasa statue. Move down the thin alley like passage and
    you will fight yet more ghost fish. Kill them all and then go to the chest at
    the very end of the path to find the Lioness Key. Head back to the save point,
    killing off any ghost fish in your way and then enter the wide open area. The
    Lioness Door is located here. You will be attacked by ghost fish and crab
    fiends when you enter. Kill the fish with jumping attacks before you use charge
    up attacks to take out the crabs (or use explosive arrows in a pinch). Go to
    the save point and save your game before going through the Lioness Door.
    Stage Boss: Spectral Doku
    Okay, ya know what? Team Ninja has officially entered the realm of cheesy with
    this fight. This is essentially the same as the last fight except that now Doku
    likes to float around and spam his slam attack which is nearly impossible to
    reliably dodge (even when rolling away). The trick here is try and dodge his
    attacks until he performs a charge attack. 
    When he does the charge attack roll away and then perform a two hit combo to
    counter it. This will push him back a bit, so roll away and then prepare for a
    waiting game. If you are feeling a bit more like a risk taker you can perform
    the flying swallow attack and try to dive at him. You are more likely to miss
    than you are to hit him. But if you do hit him you will leave him vulnerable
    for a moment. This should be enough of a chance to hit him a few times before
    you have to run from him. This doesnt always work but its a bit easier than
    sitting there and waiting for Doku to give you permission to hit him.
    Took long enough, no?
    Chapter 18
    Kill off the ghost fish and grab the Raptor Deity statue. This will show you
    how to get out of the labyrinth. Use the save point and then proceed. You will
    find a dead body with a map, grab it and continue forward. Kill off the enemys
    and then head for the Whirling Path to get to the Imperial Palace. You need a
    key to get in so head through the large gateway and slaughter the ghost fish. 
    Open the door to trigger another cutscene.
    Now search the dead body to get an item. If you need to save or use Muramasas
    shop do it now before you head back to the Imperial Palace. Enter it with the
    decayed key and be ready for some fun.
    Kill off the Red Dinos in here and used the Wolf Diety statue on the mantle. Go
    out through the door and kill your way through the ghost fish before climbing
    up the stairs. Open the chest and then enter. This room is the same as the one
    you were just in; kill the red dinsoaurs and then place the Devil Deity statue
    on the mantle. Exit through the door, kill the fish and then go into the next
    room on the upper floor.
    This room will have Crab Fiends in it, so kill them off using either explosive
    arrows or the True Dragon Sword before you place the Serpent Deity statue on
    the mantle. Now head on out through the door and kill off some more fishies. Go
    on up to the fourth floor and enter. Now you have to contend with Crab Fiends
    and Red Dinosaurs beasts. Kill them off and place the Raptor Deity statue on
    the mantle. Once more exit through the door and head on up the stairs killing
    off the ghsot fishies. You are on top of the palace core now. Use the save
    point, open the chests and head on through the portal.
    This area sucks. You will have to fight off the shadow fiends in a veritable
    horde. Counterattacks and charged up Ultimate Techniques are your friends right
    now. You will have to fight the Hyrdracubus once this is done but he is more or
    less a pushover now. Kill him the exact same way and you will be transported
    back to the previous area. You will have to contend with shadow fiends while
    Marbus is hurling fireballs at you. He will throw them when he laughs so keep
    that in mind while you deal with the shadow fiends. Once you kill them off you
    will have to fight Yotunfrau again... yay... Beat him the same way you did
    before and then its time for you to actually face Marbus.
    Mini-Boss: Marbus
    Marbus is fairly simple once you realize how you need to beat him (which took
    me at least four tries). First off you can only actually block one of his 
    attacks, the move where he lands and then charges you. Otherwise he will knock
    you down if you try to block him, to say nothing of you getting really hurt. To
    avoid his fireballs you will need to roll and jump to get the hell away from
    them without getting blasted to bits.
    The move you want to wait for him to do is the dive attack. He will go up into
    the air, spin around and then dive at you. Roll away just before he hits you
    and he will slam into the ground. Attack him with a combo and then roll away to
    avoid his counterattack. Essentially this is what you need to do to beat him.
    Eventually he will start to summon in shadow fiends. I suggest that you kill
    them and use the air-charge up Ultimate Technique trick to pull the energy in
    and unleash it on Marbus when he is close. This is your only other way of
    dealing appreciable damage to him. So long as you keep up avoiding the diving
    attacks and counter attacking he will go down (even if it takes awhile). When
    he dies you will get the Demon Deity statue.
    Battle Over!
    Now that you have the Demon Deity statue, you can make it into the deepest part
    of the palace to see the emperor. Save your game (and run to Muramasas place if
    you need to) and then head up the stairs until a cutscene plays. Its time to
    spank the Emperor.
    Stage Boss: Vigoorian Emperor, Stage 1
    Now here is a super easy boss. You can control the ledge you are on by blocking
    and using the left analog stick. In desperation you can leap off the platform
    entirely and you will resurface on another.
    You will need to use the platform to dodge his laser beams and close in on him
    before you unload on the orbs on his shoulders and chest. This fight is really,
    really easy and you just need to practice it a bit to get used to navigating
    the platform between his energy blasts. Since you can basically use the combo
    of your choice the Emperor couldnt be any easier.
    Stage Boss: Vigoorian Emperor, Stage 2
    This guy is really easy so long as you still have your APFSDS arrows and some
    ninpo spells left. As soon as the fight begins, take out the Strongbow and
    shoot the APFSDS arrows at the bosses "skull" body. You should be able to do
    some damage to him before he starts to shoot skulls at you. Either dodge them
    or use the Vigoorian Flails to chop them out of the air.
    The Emperor will now send his head after you, trying to bite the hell out of
    you. Activate any of the Ninpo to totally avoid this attack and inflict some
    damage to him. Now this will repeat itself, so start shooting arrows at him
    again and using the Ninpo to totally avoid the head biting at you.
    Soon enough he will jump onto the rocks, this is the most important time in the
    fight. Leap to be near him and begin pounding on him with the True Dragon Sword
    since it deals the msot damage to him. This shouldnt take much longer, just
    anihillate his health as quickly as possible and that should end this fight.
    Chapter 19
    Save the game! This next area is not fun. Jump up the ledges and then use the
    wall jump to reach the top. Head across the other two ledges to reach the Dark
    Dragon Blade. Once the cutscene ends jump to the top of the fallen stalactite
    and run and jump towards the first branch and swimg to the next two. Leap from
    here and wall run to the next ledge. Head from the next branch to the ledge and
    then to the top. Wall run across the next wall to reach the top ledge before
    going all the way to the left and then climb up.
    Now hop down to the ledge beneath you and then hop towards the last ledge. From
    here its a leap of faith as you jump towards Rachels line. If you make it then
    you get to fight the final boss, if you dont then its time to start over. I
    really suggest not messing up here.
    Final Boss: Dark Murai
    This little bastich is going to get whats coming to him. To beat him you more
    need to learn how to dodge his attacks, attacking him back is secondary to 
    this. If you die here its back to the beginning of the stage so lets not have
    that happen more times than it needs to.
    Rolling will help you avoid most of his melee attacks except for his tackle
    type maneuver. When he does this, dodge it and hit him with a two or three hit
    melee combo. If he gets staggered hit him again, if not then move the heck away
    from him. When he summons a dragon to the battlefield the only way to dodge it
    is to wait for it to attack you, wall run and jump over it or you will get
    plastered by it. His shuriken attacks can be dodged with rolls much like the
    melee attacks.
    Another way to beat him is to wait for him to be between moves and perform the
    flying swallow attack. This should stun him and let you hit him with a combo
    attack. However you need to move away as soon as you finish hitting him or you
    will get plastered. Simply keep switching between hitting him with this attack
    and letting him miss his tackle attack and he will die in no time.
    Congrats! You completed the game!
    7. About the Author
    My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in New London, Connecticut and I am 24 years 
    old. Im a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much 
    anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs
    as well.
    So far Ive written the following FAQs: 
    Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3
    Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - PS3
    Bloodrayne 2 Boss FAQ - Xbox
    Sims 2 Career FAQ - PC
    TES IV: Oblivion - PS3
    Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3
    Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Boss FAQ - PS2
    Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony - PSP
    Brave Story New Traveler - PSP
    Super Star Soldier - Wii
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma - PS3
    Lair - PS3
    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army - PS2
    Dawn of Mana - PS2
    Two Worlds - XBox 360
    Conan - PS3
    I am currently working on:
    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 - PS2
    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - PC
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