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    Translation Guide (JIS) by Kururu

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    白騎士物語 ~古の鼓動~
    White Knight Chronicles "Part I" System/Skills/Character and Translation Guide
    Version 1.05
    FireFox User instruction:
    Click on "view" on the browser menu,
    Select "Character Encondings,"
    then find "Unicode (UTF-8)" to view the Japanese correctly.
    Chooca (Kururu)
    PSN: Tename
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    ~ Revision History ~
    - 1/09/2009 Added commentary to the different type of skills. Also fix minor
    formatting issue.
    - 1/08/2009 Completed the whole guide with ALL skills included in kanji and
    add special notes to skills with special affects. Version 1.00
    - 1/08/2009 Guide begins.
    Table of Contents:
    Introduction [INT]
    Battle Mechanics [BM1]
    - Normal Battles [BM2]
    * Basic Action Gauge and Action Pallet
    * Action Chips and Combo
    * Affinity and Weakness System
    * Enemy Types
    * Character Stats
    * Misc.
    - Knight Battles [BM3]
    * White Knight
    * Dragon Kinght
    Skills and Magic [SM1]
    - One-Hand Sword/Axe [SM2]
    - Two-Hand Sword [SM3]
    - TWo-Hand Axe [SM4]
    - Spear [SM5]
    - Bow [SM6]
    - Staff [SM7]
    - Elemental Magic [SM8]
    - Holy Magic [SM9]
    - White Knight Skill [SMA]
    - Dragon Knight Skill [SMB]
    Characters [CH1]
    - Avatar (Custom Character) [CH2]
    - Lenardo [CH3]
    - Yuuri [CH4]
    - Erudoa [CH5]
    - Kara [CH6]
    - Caesar [CH7]
    Crafting, Material, and Shops [CM1]
    - Crafting [CM2]
    - Material [CM3]
    - Shops [CM4]
    Guild Quests and Online [G+O]
    - Offline
    - Online
    * GeoNet Main Page *
    * GeoNet Main Page Submenu*
    Introduction [INT] =============================================================
    First about this guide. This is intended for people who knows basic hiragana and
    know how to at least navigate the menu, but don't quite understand the full 
    combat system because language barriers or the tutorial is just conufsing. This
    guide is created based on the Japanese version of the game, and therefore all
    translation are tentative (by me). 
    This is a guide to explain the system and is not a catalouge of equips, skills, 
    or crafts. However, I'll explain the basics of each. 
    Spoiler Warning: since this lists all the characters, there will be spoiler in
    this guide.
    Battle Mechanics [BM1] =========================================================
    The battle in this game is real-time turn based. The best illustrated example of
    this would be Final Fantasy XI. Time flows are uninterrupted by any menu 
    selection and cursor movement, and attack occurs in rounds pre-determined by a 
    set specific time. 
    You are also entitled to free movement in the battle fields, which in effect
    acts as an "escape" function as your traditional Japanese RPG.
    A side note, this game do NOT have a pause button and enemies DO respawn, so
    if you go AFK, you might come back and find yourself back at the title screen.
    Normal Battles [BM2] -----------------------------------------------------------
    Normal Battles occur when you are in engagement range. You are prompted to enter
    battle with an icon above your head with two-swords making an X. Hitting your
    confirm button will make you go into battle mode. 
    Note that your other AI controlled team mates usually do not engage the enemy
    until you start to attack, however they will engage any subsequent enemies that
    come into range automatically.
    You may switch between your active character anytime during battle.
    * Basic Action Gauge and Action Pallet *
    Once you are in battle, you'll see a circle begin to follow up and an icon in 
    the middle of the circle. Depending on your weapon type, you must be in range to
    excute an attack once your circle fills up.
    You may only use skills and magics you have equipped to your action pallet in
    battle mode. You may use magic by target your self with the D-Pad hit confirm,
    and select maigc if you are disengaged; the same for items. You may also tell
    your allie to use magic & item by following the above procedure but targeting 
    them. However, you may only do this when you are disengaged.
    The Action Pallet consists of 3 rows and 7 cells like macro rows in MMORPG. The 
    4th rows is reserved for Item, Target Change, Defense, and Transform (only 
    available to select characters).
    * Action Chips and Combo *
    Once you have fought for a set amount of tiem you'll notice blue square begin 
    to light up on the bottom left of the screen, they are called - Action Chips.
    Action chips are required to perform some skills, all combos that consist more 
    than the basic attack of each weapon, as well as knight transformation.
    At the time of this writing, Action Chips fill at an unknown rate. However, it
    is related to your frequency of battle, and the frequncy of being attacked.
    Staff, 2-Hand Sword, and Spear have skills that increase AC.
    Combos can be created via the main menu which you can access outside of battle
    by pressing triangle, and go to "Battle Setup." The length of the combo is 
    determined by:
    1. The type of weapon you want to creat the combo for and its respective mastery
    that you have leveled.
    2. The total amount of AC you have.
    Combos are restricted by the following:
    1. You may not make a combo that require more than the max amount of AC you
    2. You may only create combo within the same weapon tree, together with the 
    elemental magic tree.
    3. You may not use the same skill twice in the same combo.
    4. Aerial combo may only be performed by either launching the enemy yourself
    with a launcher skill, or the enemy is tall enough that you can directly perform
    on it. (i.e. trolls's torso part).
    Combos can be created freely as you like if you met the condition for each
    skill, and once it's completed, you can give it a name, then you must equip it
    to your action pallet to use it in battle. All combo requires 1 pallet no matter
    the length.
    To perform combo in battle, you must:
    1. have the proper amount of Action Chips (AC) require by the combo. usually the
    longer the combo the more AC it requires.
    2. meet the proper condition, you may not launch enemy in constricted places,
    and you may not use aerial moves on grounded opponents (except big enemies).
    * Affinity and Weakness System *
    There are three type of physical affinities, and 4 type of elemental properties:
    Physical Affinities are slashing, smashing, and piercing;
    Elemental properties are: fire, water, wind, earth.
    Elemental weakness in this game isn't much a wheel as in counters:
    Fire <-> Water
    Wind <-> Earth
    All physical attacks in this game have affinity, and some carry elemental 
    properties. Weapons also have natural affinity for certain types of attacks.
    When your combo have 10 or higher affinity in an area, at the end of the combo, 
    there will be additioinal damage called "Combo Finish."
    Weapon's natural affinity are added to each of your attack and to each combo. 
    You can determine what type of affinity your weapon and how much affinity it has
    by going to the weapon's user and use creat combo. Before you select any skills
    for the combo it'll always show some affinity already, and that's your weapon 
    affinity. Weapon's affinity differs in weapon type, and even within each type,
    different tier of weapon have different amount of affinity: usually the higher
    level the weapon, the more affinity it has.
    Slashing weapons
    1-Hand Sword (non rapier type)
    2-Hand Sword 
    Great Katanas
    1-Hand Axe
    2-Hand Axe (non hammer type)
    Piercing Weapons:
    Daggers (very pointed type)
    Smashing weapons
    1-Hand Mace
    2-Hand Mace
    2-Hand Swords (a very select few)
    Most monster have weakness to a certain type of physical attacks, and most if
    not all have some elemental weakness. Use this to your advantage. There are
    skills which will show you enemy information such as 
    「みやぶる」 of the bow tree.
    * Enemy Types *
    Enemy basically comes in two flavors: small enemy with single point of impact,
    and multiple point of impact enemies. The latter are what you'll see on huge
    enemies, and most bosses.
    Small enemies can be hit by all normal attacks except aerial attacks until they
    are launched into the air.
    Huge enemies can not be launched, and most melee attack can only hit parts that 
    are closest to the ground which usually have higher defense and less weakness.
    However, aerial combo can be executed directly on them most of the time. To do
    this just switch over to your aerial combo (must be one without a launcher, and
    only consist of aerial skills), and the game will auto target suitable parts.
    Different parts of these huge enemies also have different weakness, and you must
    analyze individual parts to know its weakness.
    * Character Stats *
    Characters have HP and MP, as well as 6 stats. The six stats are (in order
    listed on character stats screen):
    強さ - strength, 1 point translate into 1 attack point.
    守り - vitality, 1 point translate into 1 defense point.
    賢さ - intelligence, 1 point translate into 1 magic attack.
    精神 - mind, 1 point translate into 1 magic def.
    素早さ - reflex, affect evasion, 
    器用さ - dexterity, affect accuracy
    Attack speed and casting speed are not affected by any stats in this game.
    (the rate your circle fills)
    They are determined by the type of weapon you are using, the type of armor 
    you are using, and the type of shield you are using:
    Fast -> Slow
    Barefist > Knife type = Bow type > 1-hand sword/mace = spear = staff >
    2-hand sword and axe
    No armor > cloth > light armor > heavy armor
    No shield > small shield > large shield
    note that each of these factors DO STACK and each individual piece of armor
    also carry individual speed value. For example, wearing 4 piece of heavy
    armor, is slow than 3 piece of heavy armor and 1 piece of cloth. And of
    course the fastest would be barefist, with no armor, and no shield.
    「クロックアプ」 and 「Gクロックアプ」 are 
    "haste" spells which increase your actual attack speed (the rate of the action
    circle is filled). The difference between the two is single-target and AOE.
    They are from the holy element heal/buff skill tree.
    HP and MP can be increased as you level up and learning passive skills. 
    The stats can be boosted via passive skills as well.
    * Misc. *
    - To switch character in battle, hit select, and choose the first option.
    - Enemies' attack can not be evaded by "running out of range," they track;
    enemies AOE CAN BE evaded by running if you are not its central target.
    - R1 is Defense in battle mode. To defend, your action circle must be filled,
    and after one attack, you'll be force out of defense, and your circle begins
    filling at a faster rate. This rate is also affected by your equipment.
    - L1 is target change. You can either hold it to change to the nearest target
    or pres it and use D-pad to choose target. The new target must be in engagement
    - Spells CAN be interrupted in this game.
    - "Fast Recovery" can be done by quickly hitting defense button once being hit
    by a knock down attack. This requires you to have a filled action circle.
    - Offline play allows 3 member party sometimes with an additional 4th guest
    character which you can not control; online allows 4 player parties.
    - all visible equipments carries a durability bar, and you'll be prompted to
    repair when their respective icon appears next to your HP on the upper right
    hand corner. You can repair at any armory/equipment vendor.
    Knight Battles [BM3] --------------------------------------------------------
    Lenardo and Caesar will gain the ability to transform into huge knights through
    the story. Lenardo is White Knight that uses sword and shield, and Caesar is
    a Dragon Knight who uses a lance.
    To transform into these knights Lenardo or Caesar must have at least 7 AC, and
    transforming at 12 AC and 15 AC will allow the use of additional abilities.
    All of the knights' attack cost at least 1 MP, which acts as a "time limit" to
    the knights.
    Knight restrictions:
    1. Will revert once MP runs out.
    2. MP will decrease if attacked.
    3. Will revert if no more enemy in engagement range.
    4. Can die, and not revert once HP runs out.
    5. Can not transform in places where you can not perform aerial combos.
    * White Knight *
    White Knight have bit tad more HP and MP because its shield bonus. The White
    Knight have 3 diferent swords, and each new sword grants additional attacks and
    discards some old ones.
    * Dragon Knight *
    Uses lance, thus good for enemies weak against piercing. Has two lances, and
    grants different attacks while discarding some old ones.
    Skills and Magic [SM1] =====================================================
    The following is the COMPLETE list of skills in Japanese, I'll only make note
    of some important skills, and notation used in the games so you'll know what
    they mean. You can use the following list to compare the kanji with the games.
    If someone want to provide the romaji readings, please send me an email listed
    at the top of this guide.
    I'll give special translation to attack/skills/magic that have affects other
    than just damage; but for the vanilla stuff, I think the legend is enough.
    Some skills are multi-hit but in this game they are treated as a single
    attack so it doesn't make a big difference besides their affinity and AC
    * General Notes *
    Skills are unlocked as you learn more skills, the exact order I did not
    document so I can't provide a complete tree diagram of the the skill paths.
    About the Aerial Series attacks, launcher are treated as ground attack,
    aerial attack and aerial finish can only be used while in air.
    You may not add any attacks after Ground Special and Air Finish in a combo.
    Bow and Magic have different properties which I'll explain in their respective
    ALL passive of the same thing stacks. Strength Lv 1 of Swords tree, will stack
    with Strength Lv 1 of 2-Hand Swords tree. Passive are the only skill that are
    added to you regardless of weapon. Active skills may only be used when you have
    its respective weapons used. For example, Provoke of the 1-hand sword tree
    can not be used when you use a spear, even though it makes logical sense that
    it should.
    Masteries are important as they add new skill as well as the number of attack
    you may have in a combo for that weapon type.
    Core series are usually representive attack of its weapon type, and expanded
    series are usually of different affinities.
    The following are important legends for reading attack. Each Attack will have
    some sort of the following with a + x, which means the amount of a certain
    type of affinity this attack has in a combo:
    斬撃 zangeki = slashing (half circle icon)
    刺突 togetotsu = piercing (arrow head icon)
    打撃 dageki = smashing (exploding icon)
    炎 honoo = fire (red flame icon)
    水 sui = water (blue water drop)
    風 kaze = wind (green wind)
    土 do = earth (brown rock)
    One-Hand Sword/Axe [SM2] ---------------------------------------------------
    One-Hand Sword/Axe is a balanced tree with a lot of combo options especially
    air series. It has average to fast attack speed depending on the type of
    one-hand weapon. Also the option to use a shield makes this a great choice
    for players who would like to be a tank.
    Knives in the later level also carry MAtk bonus which makes this great for
    player who likes the "Red Mage" class from Final Fantasy XI, part melee DD, and
    part magic DD.
    * Core Series *
    * Expanded Series *
    * Aeriel Series *
    Airial Attack
    Airial Finish
    * Ground Speical*
    ソニックエッジ - range
    トライソニック - range
    ストームソニック - range
    * Status Change Attacks*
    挑発 - Provoke
    毒突き - chance poison
    封魔突き - chance silence
    シェルブレイク - chance defense down
    アームブレイク - chance attack down
    マジックイーター - Mp drain
    護身の構え - Def up/Atk down
    封魔の構え - M.Def up/ M.Atk down.
    剣狼の構え - Atk Up/Def down
    * Passives *
    Strength Up
    Refelx Up
    Dexterity up
    Two-Hand Sword [SM3] -------------------------------------------------------
    Two-Hand Sword is a very offensive physical tree. This tree has some elemental
    propertied attacks which make this a very versatile offensive melee class. 
    However, it has less aerial time than one-hand sword. The ability,
    明鏡止水 is an AC recovery skill which makes
    this tree one of the most used tree online and for doing the GR3 quest -
    Revenge of the Red Giant.
    2-hand sword and Great Katanas are on the slow side.
    * Core Series*
    * Expanded Series* 
    * Aerial Series *
    Aerial Attack
    Aerial Finish
    * Ground Special *
    真空撃 - Range
    真空双撃 - Range
    真空裂衝撃 - Area of Effect
    氷刃裂衝撃 - Area of Effect
    背水の一撃 - Consume HP
    * Status Change Attacks *
    オロチの牙 - HP drain
    魔力払い - Chance M.Atk Down
    魔力砕き - Chance M.Atk Greatly Down
    精神払い - Chance M.Def Down
    精神砕き - Chance M.Def Greatly down.
    明鏡止水 - AC Recovery (2 AC recovered)
    狙者の波動 - Acc. Up/Eva. Down
    戦士の波動 - Atk. Up/Def. Down
    鬼神の波動 - Atk. Greatly Up/Def. Down
    * Passives *
    HP UP
    Strength UP
    Vitality UP
    TWo-Hand Axe [SM4] ----------------------------------------------------------
    This tree focuses on ground melee; it doesn't rely on long combo but short
    and strong combos. This tree's passive are a must have for any physical
    attacker. This weapon is one of the slowest weapon type in game.
    * Core Series *
    * Expanded Series *
    * Aerieal Series *
    Aerial Attack
    Aerial Finish
    * Ground Special *
    ヘビーキャノン - Range
    フルバースト - Area of Effect
    メテオバースト - Area of Effect
    * Status Change Attack *
    踏ん張る - greatly ups Atk. of next attack
    腕割り - Chance Atk. Down
    腕砕き - Chance Atk. Greatly Down
    鎧割り - Chance Def. Down
    鎧砕き - Chance Def. Greatly Down
    畏怖の衝撃 - Chance daze.
    デッドスイング - High Acc. Attack
    怒りの咆哮 - Atk. Up/Def. Down
    獅子の咆哮 - Atk. Greatly Up/Def. Down
    破軍の咆哮 - Area of Affect Atk. Up.
    * Passives *
    HP UP
    Strength UP
    Accuracy UP
    Spear [SM5] ----------------------------------------------------------------
    One of the most defensive single tree path. It has a lot of very defensive
    skills and even have group protection skill making this one of the best
    tanking tree skill in the game. Spear's mobility also rivals one-hand
    swords, it also have good aerial combo choices.
    Like 2-Hand Swords, the spear also have an AC recovery skill, 練気.
    However, the spear tree isn't as strong as the 2-hand sword tree making this
    a less attractive option for running the GR3 quest solo.
    Spear attacks are of average speed.
    * Core Series *
    * Expanded Series*
    * Aerieal Series*
    Aerial Attck
    Aerial Finish
    * Ground Special *
    ソニックマグナム - range
    フリーズマグナム - range
    * Status Change Attack *
    レッグスライサー - Chance Eva. down
    麻痺突き - Chance paralysis
    闇突き - Chance accuracy down.
    威嚇する - provoke affect, draws attention
    練気 - AC recovery
    守護の陣 - Atk. Down/Def. Up
    不動の陣 - Atk. Down/Def. Greatly Up
    魔壁の陣 - M.Atk Down/M.Def Up
    砦の陣 - Area of Effect Def. Up
    - The following attack requires user to have a shield -
    フィジカルガード - Area of Effect, Physical damage taken reduced.
    マテリアルガード - Area of Effect, magic damage taken reduced.
    マイティガード - Area of Effect, all damage taken reduced.
    * Passives *
    HP UP
    Vitality UP
    Mind Up
    Bow [SM6] ------------------------------------------------------------------
    Unlike other physical attacks, bow don't have aerial combo per say, but bows
    can hit airborne enemies none the less. What makes bow a little different is
    that bow have a dedicated elemental series of attacks. 
    With the nature of bow, the bow user also makes great back-line support healer
    and magic user.
    Unlike most other RPGs, bow have surprisingly high attack speed, however, bow
    tends to be on the weaker side and requires a lot of passive and buffs to be
    an effective damage dealer. Therefore, bow is not very ideal for soloing.
    * Core Series *
    * Aerial Series *
    * "Ground Special Series" *
    レインアロー - Area of Effect
    裁きの矢 - I think this pierces through enemies
    * Bow Elemental Series *
    * Status Change Attacks *
    スモークショット - chance Acc. Down
    ダークショット - chance Acc. Greatly Down
    レッグショット - chance Eva. Down
    アキレスショット - chance Eva. Greatly Down
    みやぶる - Analysis, scans enemy for weakness/resistant info.
    気配を消す - Eva. Up
    カモフラージュ - Enemy aggro rate down.
    タカの眼 - Eva. Down/Acc. Up
    千里眼 - Eva. Down/Acc. Greatly Up
    狙う - Next attack very high accuracy
    引き絞る - Next attack 100% Critical
    毒薬を仕込む - Next attack chance poison
    忘れ薬を仕込む - Next attack chance silence
    マヒ薬を仕込む - Next attack chance paralysis
    眠り薬を仕込む - Next attack chance sleep
    * Passives *
    Intelligence UP
    Reflex UP
    【素早さ】 Up Lv.1
    【素早さ】 Up Lv.2
    【素早さ】 Up Lv.3
    【素早さ】 Up Lv.4
    【素早さ】 Up Lv.5
    Accuracy UP
    【器用さ】 Up Lv.1
    【器用さ】 Up Lv.2
    【器用さ】 Up Lv.3
    Staff [SM7] ------------------------------------------------------------------
    Staff in this game is primarily taken up by full-time magic users. Although it
    has physical attacks, and great elemental property driven attacks, most staff
    in this game have their Atk halved in favor of giving MAtk bonus.
    Interestingly, the staff is one of the few trees that also have AC recovery
    option, 祈る.
    Staff has an average attack speed.
    * Core Series *
    * Expanded Series*
    * Launcher *
    * Staff Elemental Series *
    * Status Change Series *
    睡魔の印 - chance sleep
    吸魔の印 - MP drain
    自然回帰の法 - Regen
    マジックハイド - Eva. UP
    マジックスティール - Steals
    祈る - AC Recovery
    スペルブースト - M.Atk Up/M.Def Down
    マジックブースト - M.Atk Greatly UP/M.Def Down
    スペルバリア - M.Atk Down/M.Def UP
    マジックバリア - M.Atk Down/M.Def Greatly UP
    炎の精霊憑依 - Raise Fire Affinity
    水の精霊憑依 - Raise Water Affinity
    風の精霊憑依 - Raise Wind Affinity
    土の精霊憑依 - Raise Earth Affinity
    * Passive * 
    MP UP
    Intelligence UP
    Mind UP
    - Elemental Magic [SM8]
    Elemental magic in this game can be learned by anyone, which gives a character
    something to fall back on if the enemy resist physical attacks. However, do know
    that only some knife class weapons, and staff carry MAtk bonus, so to fully
    utilize this tree, it's best to carry a knife or staff around as well.
    Chanting speed is based on your equipment.
    * Fire Series *
    Single Target Offensive (Small, Medium, High DMG)
    Group Target Offensive
    フレイムカース - Medium damage AOE + chance Silence
    フレイムウォール - Small DMG AOE
    エクスプロージョン - Medium DMG AOE
    クリムゾンフレア - High DMG AOE
    フレイムバリア - Single Target Fire Resist UP
    Gフレイムバリア - Group Fire Resist UP
    * Water Series *
    Single Target Offensive (Small, Medium, High DMG)
    Group Target Offensive
    セイレーンズティア - Medium DAMGE AOE + chance sleep
    グラシアルホーン - Small DMG AOE
    ブリザード - Medium DMG AOE
    ダイダルウェイブ - High DMG AOE
    アイスバリア - Single Target Water Resist UP
    Gアイスバリア - Group Water Resist UP
    * Wind Series *
    Single Target Offensive (Small, Medium, High DMG)
    Group Target Offensive
    パラライズウィンド - Medium DMG AOE + chance paralysis
    サンダーストーム - Small DMG AOE
    テンペスト - Medium DMG AOE
    ライトニングフレア - High DMG AOE
    ウィンドバリア - Single Target Wind Resist UP
    Gウィンドバリア - Group Wind Resist UP
    * Earth Series *
    Single Target Offensive (Small, Medium, High DMG)
    Group Target Offensive
    ポイズンブロウ - Medium DMG AOE + chance poison
    アースブレイク - Small DMG AOE
    コメットブレイク - Medium DMG AOE
    メテオブレイク - High DMG AOE
    アースバリア - Single Target Earth Resist UP
    Gアースバリア - Group Earth Resist UP
    * Status Change Attack*
    スリープ - Sleep magic
    * Passives *
    炎の魔印 - Fire MAGIC Attack UP
    水の魔印 - Water MAGIC Attack UP
    風の魔印 - Wind MAGIC Attack UP
    土の魔印 - Earth MAGIC Attack UP
    精霊魔法の知識 - Offensive Elemental MAGIC MP consumption down
    MP UP
    Intelligence UP
    Reflex UP
    Holy Magic [SM9] ------------------------------------------------------------
    This is the healing and buffing tree of WKC. These skills can be used by anyone
    carrying any type of weapon. However, the more effective options in this class
    require a good amount of investment in skill points, so it may not be suitable
    for all players, and it's better left to more dedicated holy magic users.
    * HP Recovery Magic Series *
    Single Target HP Recovery (Small, Medium, High)
    Area of Effect HP Recovery (Small, Medium High)
    * Status Recovery Magic Series*
    Poison (Single/AOE)
    Stun (Single/AOE)
    Paralysis (Single/AOE)
    Sleep (Single/AOE)
    All Status (Single/AOE)
    Revive (Single Target Small/Full Revive)
    * Buff Series *
    Attack UP (Single/Group)
    Defense UP (Single/Group)
    Haste/Speed UP (Single/Group)
    天使の加護 - One time Nullify Magic Damage
    戦神の加護 - ONe time Nullify Physical Damage
    * Debuff Series *
    Attack Down (Single/Group)
    Defense Down (Single/Group)
    Slow/Speed Down (Single/Group)
    Silence (Single/Group)
    * Passives *
    神聖魔法の知識 - Holy Elemental MAGIC MP consumption down
    MP UP
    Vitality UP
    Mind UP
    White Knight Skill [SMA] ---------------------------------------------------
    白鉄の剣 (White Steel Sword - Default)
    AC 7
    AC 12
    AC 15
    ソードオブマリア (Sword of Maria)
    AC 7
    AC 12
    ソニックブレード - range
    AC 15
    雷帝剣 - Area of Effect
    グランサー (Granser)
    AC 7
    AC 12
    ソニックブレード - range
    AC 15
    - Dragon Knight Skill [SMB]
    ラ-ヴェイント (Raveinto)
    AC 7
    AC 12
    AC 15
    ソニックスピア - Range
    魔槍シュマーグナ (Magic Lance Shumagna)
    AC 7
    AC 12
    ソニックスピア - Range
    AC 15
    Characters [CH1] ============================================================
    You will gain allies as you progress through the story. There are total of "6"
    playable characters including your own "avatar." The party at the end of the
    game consist of 5 characters with Kara unavailable although all her equipemtns
    are retained in her inventory tab.
    Only your custom character may participate in guild quests. During offline
    play you can only solo the mission with your avatar (at the time of this 
    writing, there are no other ways to use AI in guild quests... hopefully 'fixed'
    by the NA release).
    Story character CAN NOT learn all skills available to them thus you should
    choose their skills carefully. And I'll make some suggestion what you should
    Avatar (Custom Character) [CH2] --------------------------------------------
    Your custom character is the first thing you creat when you start a new game.
    You may have multiple custom character but you must save at a different slot,
    and you must complete all quests and levels for each custom character you have.
    You may not transfer anything between custom characters unless you have 2x PS3
    and 2x game, however only consumables may be transfered via online play.
    custom character may also reincarnate once you have beaten the game.
    Reincarnating at level 50 will revert your character back to level 35, without
    any skills, but have 35 level worth of skill points as well as an additional
    40 skill points for EACH reincarnation. These bonus skill points are cumulative.
    Thus your custom character is the only character which can learn EVERY single
    skill in the game. The number of required reincarnation is about 8 x lv 50
    reincarnation and then level to 99. There is no difference between Lv 50 and
    Lv 99 reincarnation. The bonus is the same, and you'll always be at Lv 35.
    You can access reincranation by moving to シン力村 
    (the last town before the final dungeon).
    Since your custom character can potentially learn all the skills, I'll not 
    make any suggestion for your custom characters since it's YOUR character
    Lenardo [CH3] --------------------------------------------------------------
    Unavailable Skill Trees: Staff and Spear
    Leanardo have available to him 2 of the best and strongest physical trees:
    the 2-hand axe, and 2-hand sword. Since passive stacks, it's a very good
    idea to learn all the Strength UP passives from those two trees as soon
    as possible. Although you don't get a 2-hand sword or axe early in the game, 
    with stacked passives from those two trees, you basic 1-hand sword slash damage
    will keep up until you get Erudoa who joins you early and have 2-hand sword
    You can also make him an Archer. Stacking a bow with the two offensive passives
    makes him extremely efficient boss killer since you can go straight for their
    face otherwise unreacable with a melee weapon until they lose balance.
    He does not make a good magic user since he has not access to staff tree;
    although he can wield a staff for M.Atk bonus, it's a waste that he can't
    learn anything from the tree.
    He is best as all-out offensive.
    Yuuri [CH4] ----------------------------------------------------------------
    Unavailable Skill Tress: 2-Hand Axe and 2-Hand Sword
    Sadly, opposite of Lenardo, misses out two of the strongest physical trees.
    However, she makes an excellent tank, or magic knight. Since higher level
    daggers often come with M.Atk Bonus, it's not a bad idea to make her use
    1-Hand Sword and learn holy and elmental magic. 
    Though she lacks physical offensive strength, she has unmatched physical
    defensive skill from spear. She isn't bad as a spear using tank as well. The
    only downside to her defensive capability is the lack of HP UP skills but
    it shouldn't hurt too much. 
    She is best as a physical support/tank.
    Erudoa [CH5] ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Unavailable Skill Trees: 2-Hand Axe and Spear
    I think he is really crappy... He lacks half the good physical offensive tree,
    and lacks half the good physical defensive tree... However, he has access to
    Staff, and bow, which makes him not too shabby as a range fighter/magic user.
    He is best as long-range wizard/healer type.
    Kara [CH6] -----------------------------------------------------------------
    Unavailable Skill Tress: 2-Hand Axe and 2-Hand Sword
    She is a carbon copy of Yuuri, however, let me warn you that she WILL leave your
    party at the end of the game. However, her item slots are still reseveved in
    your item page, which makes me believe she might make a come back in the second
    Caesar [CH7] ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Unavailable Skill Tress: Bow and Staff
    You can build Caesar like Lenardo, except that he can't use bow. So he is stuck
    with melee stuff. He isn't half bad as a spear using tank either since he has
    good mix of offensive/defensive trees.
    He is best as spear using offensive/defensive balance type.
    Crafting, Material, and Shops [CFT] =======================================
    Throughout the game, collecting new equipment, and enhancing equipment is a big
    part of the end game, which give the game a very MMO feel to it. The following
    section I'll explain how each of these works, and their functions.
    Crafting [CM1] ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Crafting is unlocked once you finish the story at the desert town. Once 
    unlocked synthesis shop will be available in almost all the city/towns tended
    by a frog looking creature. 
    There are five menus when you talk to those frog looking creatures:
    アイテム合成 - Craft consumables
    武器合成 - Craft weapons
    防具合成 - Craft armor
    アクセサリー合成 - Craft accessory
    納品する - Item Trade-in
    All crafting are done via the formula of:
    A x + B y = C
    A = material A
    x = amount of material A required/amount of upgrade required *
    B = material B
    y = amount of material B required/amount of upgrade required *
    C = resulting item/equipment
    * for certain synthesis which requires weapon as a base material, the number
    DOES NOT mean the amount of sword required but rather a sword that has been
    upgraded THAT many times.
    The forumla for synthesis is automatically shown to you when you choose the 
    desired end result item. The number of recipe is dependent on your crafting
    rank, and you can raise your crafting rank through Item-Trade In options.
    Item Trade-in
    Every single item in this game except some key item, and character specific item
    can be traded into shops. Each item carry different values. If you have a lot of
    Gilda, you can simply purchase stuff from shops and raise your crafting level.
    If you decide to buy equip/item for trade in the following can help you:
    Equipments trade in is about 10 Gilda : 1 points
    Synthesis items are about 5 Gilda : 1 points
    Consumables are about 10 Gilda : 1 points
    Materials [CM2] --------------------------------------------------------------
    Materials needed for crafting and upgrade can be gathered via different sources;
    the primary sources that you can get materials from are:
    1. Monster Loot
    2. Harvesting/mining/scavening areas throughout the game
    Other sources for materials is:
    1. Desynthesis
    Getting loot from monster is easy enough, just kill them. Note though, that 
    attacking different parts of the huge enemies can yield different items, like
    Monster Hunter Portable style. Also, different level of the same monster can
    have different drop rate and may drop different things altogether.
    Harvesting/mining/scavening area is pretty simple as well. When you see some
    spots on the field that are shiny or out of ordinary, chances are you can search
    at that place for things ranging from ores, to insects, like Monster Hunter
    Portable series. Also, the same type of spot at different level area can also
    yield diferent results.
    Desynthesis comes from the break down and destruction of equipments. Only body
    armor, weapon, and shield are available for desynthesis. Item, and accessory
    are not available for desynthesis. Desynthesis can be access via the armory
    throughout all the towns in the game.
    Shops [Cm3] --------------------------------------------------------------------
    One of the most important shop in the game besides your crafting place is the
    armory/equipment vendor. When you visit the vendor you'll be greeted with these
    買う - buy
    売る - sell
    装備品の修理 - repair
    装備品の強化 - upgrade
    装備品の分解 - desynthesis
    The first two is easy enough to understand. The third is for repairing your
    equipment that are worned out on your journey. If you decide to upgrade, there
    is no point to repair then sell. Almost broken and brand new armor sells for
    the exact same amount; they also trade in at the exact same amount.
    The 4th option, upgrade means taking your pre existing equipment, and enhance
    one of its following stats:
    1. Atk, and M.Atk where applicable
    2. Fire Element Enhancement
    3. Water Element Enhancement
    4. Wind Element Enhancement
    5. Earth Element Enhancement
    The first is easy enough to understand, the other 4 is basically adding an
    element to your weapon. Note that you can only have ONE element at a time. If
    you decide to change element, all upgrades will be lost on your other element,
    and you will not get back any Gilda or item that you used for the previous
    Materials required for the upgrade is shown when you select the desired status
    to upgrade. 
    Upgrade of the basic offensive or defensive power (option 1 above) ALWAYS
    require a catalyst of a certain grade:
    刃金の珠玉 [x級] - Weapon upgrade catlyst;
    守護の珠玉 [x級] - armor upgrade catalyst.
    Lowest to Highest Grade (Top to bottom)
    九級 - Grade 9
    八級 - Grade 8
    七級 - Grade 7
    六級 - Grade 6
    五級 - Grade 5
    Upgrade of elemental properties always requires elemental catalysts, they come
    in these flavors:
    x are its properties prefix:
    火 = fire
    水 = water
    風 = wind
    土 = earth
    y is the grade of the elemental catalyst Lowest to Highest (Top to bottom):
    欠片 - Fragements
    小円石 - Small Cocoliths?
    小輝石 - Small Pyroxene?
    小星石 - Small Starlet?
    小魔石 - Small Magical Stone
    In addition to these catalysts, you also need additional materials ranging
    from common tree branches, bronze ore, to rarer material like gold ores, and
    such. Rarer materials can only be found on high rank guild quests, which will
    be explained in the following section.
    The highest upgrade is 5 at the moment.
    Guild Quests and Online [G+O] =================================================
    Guild quests are available early in the game. You first need to purchase the
    quests from the guild shop, and once you access the world map, it'll prompt you
    where the new quests take place.
    At the time of this writing, there are 12 guild rank levels. With more quests
    per level as you level up.
    To advance in rank, you must first earn enough guild points by completing 
    quests the you have purchased. All the quests can be completed more than once,
    and they can be played either offline or online. When you select the quests on
    the overall map you'll be prompted with 2 choices:
    ひとりでプレイ - play by yourself
    だれかとプレイ - play with someone
    * Offline / play by yourself *
    Offline quests can only be attempted alone by your custom character, you can
    not receive any help from the story characters. (I hope this changes in the
    near future...)
    * Online / play with someone *
    To play online, you must first have an active internet connection and you are
    signed into Playstation Network. Once you are in-game, there is an option in
    the main menu (either in town, or overall map, or when you access save point)
    called:  ジオネット (GeoNet)
    When you select ジオネット you'll be prompted with 3 choices:
    ジオネットに入る - enter GeoNet
    オンラインステータス - Online Status
    フレンドリスト - Friend List
    To participate in White Knight Chronicles Online, you must first attach your 
    PSN ID to your GeoNet handle. To do so, click the first option to enter GeoNet
    then follow the instruction. You'll be prompted to add a suffix to your name
    which is used to identify your handle.
    To actually begin playing online with someone, you can either do a quick
    matching for the quests that you want by selecting the quest on the world map,
    and select play with someone. THis will automatically search for others who are
    also interested in the quests, if it fails to find one, you'll be prompted if
    you want to create a new one. (Hosting the quests).
    * GeoNet Main Page *
    To play with friends, you need to meet up with him/her via GeoNet's MyTown. To
    do so, enter GeoNet after you register. Once you are past GeoNet update news,
    and all that stuff, you'll be brought to your personal page. There are 5 
    diffrent options on the left side:
    トップページ - top page, this is your main page
    冒険日誌 - your adventure diary
    マイタウン - MyTown, basically your mission counter
    フレンド - Friends
    冒険者達の日誌 - other's diary
    Top Page - this is your basic profile page
    Adeventure Diary - this is basically where you can advertise your own personal
    profile to others, so people can come to your "Town" to party.
    MyTown - your mission counters. you have 20 rooms that can fit 12 each. You
    can buy/sell/repair equipments via the NPC stationed in there; there are also
    some equipments that you can ONLY purchase from here that you can't otherwise
    buy offline (You can still craft them though).
    Friends - this is your friends page, you can add new friends by searching
    people's PSN ID. フレンド登録 is the otpion.
    Once you register their name, and they appear on your list, you can go to
    their profile freely as you wish. the next tab over on the same page are
    adventures met: 「冒険者仲間」
    you can also go to their profile page from here.
    Other's Diary - is basically other people's listing of what they'd like to do.
    you can visit their pages from this option. The most noticeable ones are
    ones named with 「続・白騎士運営チームより」
    These pages are basically profile pages from the White Knight Chronicle dev.
    They usually have a lot of people in them.
    * GeoNet Main Page Sub-Menu *
    Besides these 5 options on the left, there is a sub menu that you can
    bring up by pressing triangle. The menu items are:
    戻る - back (basically same as back as internet browsers)
    進む - forward (same as internet browser forward)
    ホーム - access your home page
    ビグロ通信 - your GeoNet mail box
    お気に入り - favorites
    お気に入り追加 - add to favorites
    訪問者履歴 - visitor'slog
    更新 - refresh
    マイページの設定 - MyPage's setting
    ヘルプ - Help
    ジオネットの終了 - End GeoNet
    Most of these are self explanatory and the stuff inside of each of these 
    options are easy enough to understand. THe only one that needs bit 
    explaination is MyPage's settings.
    Inside MyPage's settings, there are several things you should know, the
    menu options in the setting page are:
    マイページの編集 - Edit MyPage
    マイページの画像の設定 - MyPage's picutre setting
    テーマの設定 - Theme Setting
    ジオネットの設定 - GeoNet Setting
    オンラインID - Online ID
    ブラックリスト - Black List
    Edit MyPage gives you the option to change your handle suffix, the
    middle block is your gretting comment, and the last is make your
    diary public or private (to friends only).
    MyPage's picture setting can change your background picture, you can
    either select from preset or you can use pictures you have taken with
    your crystal shot ingame.
    Theme setting for your MyPage
    GeoNet setting allow you to toggle displaying their World Name(handle
    name) or their PSN ID. The second is toggle for your friend's page's
    display of avatar or not.
    Online ID does nothing except give you some EULA.
    Black List is self-explanatory.
    Now that you are familiarized yourself with the menu, to start questing with
    friends you need to gather at some designated quest counter a.k.a.
    MyTown. The best way to do this is both of you guys register each other,
    and just go to one of you guys/gals' MyTown. 
    If the room is empty, you'll be prompted to create a room, you get the option 
    to add some sort of comment for this room. This really doesn't affect
    the gameplay in anyways so just choose one that look pretty to you if you
    dont' understand Japanese. This is mandatory
    The second option is to put a password for the room, this is completely
    optional. Once you are done with these hit the bottom button:
    After a little bit, you'll be taken to an enclosed grassy field with some
    NPCs. The ones undert he tents are NPC vendors. The guard at the gate lets
    you leave this space. The other guard by the billboard lets you make/join
    quests that has been created, the different option for this quest guard are:
    クエストを作る - create
    クエストに参加する - join
    やっぱりやめる - stop it!
    If you are the creator of the quest you'll first need to pick a quest from
    the available ones you have on the world map. Your buddy also need to have to 
    have the quest purchased and high enough rank to participate. When creating
    the quests you'll also be given some option to choose from:
    参加人数 - number of players allowed
    オートマッチング - make this available for automatching?
    待機時間 - start wait time
    パスワードの設定 - password setting
    あり - yes
    なし - no
    The first one is self-explanatory
    The second one is basically if you want to make this available to other people
    who are seeking for people for this quests directly from their offline worldmap
    and not logged into GeoNet.
    The third one is basically the wait period before the quest force to start.
    This is the time you have for people to join.
    Password is self-explanatory.
    Once you set these up, and is at the quest waiting area you have several things
    you can do as a host; by pressing select you get your usual choices and 2
    クエスト開始 - start quest (host only)
    クエストから抜ける - withdraw from quest (anyone)
    You can either choose to start, or wait for more people. Well that's about it
    for the guide, and hope you enjoy the Japanese White Knight Chronicles until
    the English comes out!

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