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    Synthesis Guide by andreameda

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    Credits and Legal Stuff

    Lists compiled, written, formatted and edited by Bellamonte (andreameda, Dominic Beaumont)

    Sources: Some drop rates Brady Games' Official Strategy Guide Item availability from Unknown_PC's Georama Unlockable List


    • Eternal_Spoon
    • pasufarin
    • AstralBlades

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    Version 1.01 (22 Fev 2010)

    • Corrected a few typos here and there
    • Removed the accessories recrafts (thanks to Eternal_Spoon)
    • Edited the shopping list
    • Added notes about Chromium Pearls in the enhancement section

    Version 1.02 (24 Fev 2010)

    • Added a few contribution
    • Major update of the material chart
      • Some harvest locations added
      • Ennemy size added
      • Quest in which you can find the ennemies added (small ennemy locations comming soon)
      • Boss checklist added in the chart


    Well here it is. The international version synthesis chart. This chart is meant for different types of people:

    • Players going for the 450 synthesis trophy
    • Players looking for materials in order to bind new items
    • Players wondering what items are needed for a given synthesis
    • Players wondering what items are needed to buff weapons for future synthesis

    However, it is not meant for:

    • Players looking for EVERY binding recipes in the game
    • Players looking for "special" item locations needed for further binding over 450 synthesis (such as coins).

    The Synthesis system

    The synthesis system in White Knight Chronicles is pretty simple. Once you get to Albana, the desert town, you will come to a point where you must act as a mailman in order to gain access to Phibianacci's place. Just before you complete the quest "The Southern Gate", you'll get access to the Binding Post, so take advantage of it.

    Now how it works. The binding post toads offer you different recipes to craft different items. To increase the variety of items the binding toad offer, you'll need to donate items in exchange of points. Those points will raise your level and unlock different binding recipes. Note that the max level is 12, and is reached with about 210 000 points.


    This guide will provide a table contaning 453 synthesis. Those have been selected among the lowest level items/armors/weapons in order to reach a total of 450 faster. See the Synthesis Lists.

    Now, the hard (and most time consuming) part will be collecting all the material needed for all those synthesis. To make things easier, I provided a structured table containing the amount of each material needed to bind the 453 recipes listed. See the Material Chart.

    You will also need to buy some weapons from shop in order to save binding material and time. See the Shopping List.

    On top of those bought weapons, you will need some others (and accessories too), that can only be acquired through binding, therefore leading to recrafts. See the Recraft Chart.

    Finally, you will need to enhance those weapons to bind them into stronger weapons. See the Weapon Buff Chart.

    The guide also provide a list of weapons sold in each city once you reach the end of the game. This list might come in handy if you're looking to buy a given weapon for whatever reason. See the Shop Weapon List.

    How does this guide work

    Here's how you should work in order to reach 450 in a structured and somewhat quick (lol) way.

    1. First beat the game.
    2. Then you need to earn money. You're free to spend it as you will, but it can easilly make binding faster and easier. The perfect goal would be to save 10,000,000G. Yes thats a LOT, but it'll also unlock the second hardest trophy in the game :P.
    3. Buy the weapons in the Shopping List. You will eventually need them.
    4. Then you need to gather the material needed to bind everything mentionned in the Synthesis Lists. In order to do so, refer to the Material Chart for location where to find items.
    5. Now you need to raise your binding post level to 12. The fastest way to do so is by donating Chromium Pearls, Guardian Pearls and Elemental Shards. Those net you lots of points and are easilly found all around.
    6. When you have the material needed, you can start binding some items. You're free to bind when you want, but the key is to keep track of what material you used. I suggest updating both the Material Chart AND the Synthesis Lists every time you bind/enhance an item.
    7. Slowly work your way till you've done all the given synthesis.
    8. Rant about your devotion to the game :P.

    Shop Weapon List

    Here is a list of the different shops you can find in the game along with the weapons you can find in them. Note that the columns are city names. This is due to the fact that for a given city, in case there are multiple shops, they will all be selling the same gear.

    ShortswordKnight's SwordEstocXiphosTalwarGrandsword
    RapierMaster BladeMaster BladeMaster BladeMaster BladeMaster Blade
    Trusty EstocKnifeBattle KnifeGladiusSaiSilver Mace
    Master BladeSilver MaceHand CleaverMaceHeavy MacheteIron Tiger
    KnifeZanbatoSilver MaceSilver MaceFranciscaZanbato
    Stone CleaverCastleguard SpearClaymoreSteel LongswordSilver MaceHeavy Axe
    Heavy MacheteHickory BowZanbatoGreatswordSeiryutoPartisan
    Silver MaceElegant BowWarrior's AxeZanbatoZanbatoCastleguard Spear
    Bastard SwordOaken StaffHarpoonBardicheHeavy AxeSilver Bow
    ZanbatoCastleguard SpearPreying MantisCastleguard SpearElegant Bow
    Battle-axeHunting BowCastleguard SpearGilded Bow
    SpearElegant BowComposite BowSilver Bow
    Castleguard SpearBone RodDragonbone BowElegant Bow
    Hickory BowElegant BowSorcerer's Wand
    Gilded BowCopper Crosier
    Elegant BowAll black glasses type
    Oaken Staff
    Eldertree Staff
    Silver Crosier

    Shopping List

    The first thing you should do when going for 450 bindings, is buy the weapons found in that shopping list. The weapons needed to crafts all 453 recipes have been compiled and that list shows the exact amount you will need in order to do so.

    A good idea would be printing the chart out and checking the weapons you buy in order to get them all in one go. You can also save the world and just copy the table in MS Excel anc virtually check them :P.

    Note: Please note that there are accessories to buy in Greede (the only items in that table you need 7 of). Buying those will save you 350 Steel Ore and 350 Crystal :P. (Thanks to Eternal_Spoon from

    CityWeapon NameAmount Needed
    AlbanaBone Rod1
    AlbanaHand Cleaver2
    AlbanaHunting Bow1
    AlbanaWarrior's Axe4
    BalandorBastard Sword5
    BalandorEldertree Staff1
    BalandorGilded Bow1
    BalandorHeavy Machete3
    BalandorStone Cleaver2
    BalandorTrusty Estoc2
    GreedeComposite Bow1
    GreedeCopper Crosier2
    GreedeSteel Longsword2
    GreedeBlack Cat-Eyes7
    GreedeBlack Glasses7
    GreedeBlack Half-Rims7
    GreedeBlack Horn-Rims7
    GreedeBlack Monocle7
    GreedeBlack Pince-Nez7
    GreedeBoxy Black Glasses7
    GreedeRound Black Glasses7
    GreedeThin Black Glasses7
    GreedeTrim Black Glasses7
    ParmaKnight's Sword1
    SincaIron Tiger1

    Synthesis Lists

    The synthesis checklists are divided into 4 categories as follow:

    • Weapons
    • Armors
    • Accessories
    • Consumables

    The game keeps track of your bindings by adding a red checkmark left of the binding recipe once you've done it once. Still, it would recommend printing the lists out and manually checking the recipes once it has been done once.

    I would also recommend updating the "Needed" column of the Material Chart every time you bind an item. That way, you will always know how many of each items you still need.

    Weapon Synthesis

    Keys for this table:

    • #: The synthesis number according to this FAQ.
    • Name: The weapon name.
    • Lvl: The level needed to equip the weapon.
    • GR: The guild rank needed to both bind AND equip the weapon.
    • Type: The weapon type, goes as follow:
      • ax: Axes
      • bo: Bows
      • ls: Longswords
      • sp: Spear
      • ss: Shortswords
      • st: Staves
    • Material 1: The first material needed.
    • Material 2: The second material needed.
    #NameLvlGRTypeMaterial 1Material 2
    1Bardiche151axWarrior's Axe+3Broadaxe+2
    2Broadaxe101axWarrior's Axe+2White Beast Skin (5)
    3Broadaxe B101axBattle-axe+3Warrior's Axe+2
    4Bullova301axGiant Tresher+1Steel Ore (15)
    5Bullova B301axHeavy Axe+3Hero's Axe+3
    6Greataxe201axBroadaxe+2Direspider Shell (5)
    7Greataxe B201axSilver Ore (10)Direspider Shell (15)
    8Greataxe C201axBroadaxe+3Bardiche+2
    9Heavy Axe251axBardiche+2Magical Seal (5)
    10Heavy Axe B251axBardiche+3Greataxe+2
    11Hero's Axe301axGreataxe+3Earth-beast Mane (3)
    12Hero's Axe B301axGreataxe+3Heavy Axe+2
    13Forest Keeper397axZanbato+5Direspider Body (2)
    14Forest Keeper B397axMassive Jaw (3)Healthy Sapling (10)
    15Castleguard Axe448axForest Keeper+5Wind-dragon Heart (2)
    16Djinn's Greataxe438axHero's Axe+5Troll-king Mace (2)
    17Djinn's Greataxe B438axBullova+5Iron Face (8)
    18Gaia's Maul499axCastleguard Axe+5Greaver Horn (2)
    19Ice Carver479axDjinn's Greataxe+5Ice-dragon Skull (1)
    20Ice Carver B479axLionheart+5Ice-dragon Scale (8)
    21Giant's Greataxe5010axIce Carver+9Troll Cudgel+ (2)
    22Bone Bow51boSharp Fang (5)Sturdy Branch (5)
    23Composite Bow151boIron Ore (10)Oak Plank (10)
    24Composite Bow B151boHunting Bow+3Wooden Bow+2
    25Dragonbone Bow201boComposite Bow+2Dragon Bone (10)
    26Dragonbone Bow B201boWooden Bow+3Composite Bow+2
    27Elegant Bow301boWind-dragon Beard (10)Treant Face (5)
    28Elegant Bow B301boGilded Bow+3Silver Bow+3
    29Gilded Bow201boSilver Ore (10)Palmwood Plank (10)
    30Gilded Bow B201boComposite Bow+3Dragonbone Bow+2
    31Hunting Bow101boThread Ball (3)Treant Mistletoe (2)
    32Hunting Bow B101boHickory Bow+3Bone Bow+2
    33Silver Bow251boGilded Bow+3Steel Ore (10)
    34Silver Bow B251boDragonbone Bow+3Gilded Bow+2
    35Wooden Bow101boHunting Bow+2Fire-Giant Anklet (1)
    36Wooden Bow B101boBone Bow+3Hunting Bow+2
    37Dark Marksman387boElegant Bow+5Basilik Head (10)
    38Heavy Bow448boWaterspider Leg (8)Iron Heart (2)
    39Sylvian Strongbow438boWind-dragon Tail (4)Balmwood Plank (15)
    40Eternity Bow499boAged Dragon Tail (2)Greaver Fang (5)
    41Shigeto Bow479boFire-dragon Wing (4)Toxic Greaver Fang (5)
    42Faerie Bow5010boSnow-cotton Boll (50)Faerie Mask (30)
    43Greede Steel Bow5010boTough Thread Ball (5)Adderpalm Plank (30)
    44Barbaroi Blade151lsClaymore+2Puppet Core (5)
    45Barbaroi Blade B151lsClaymore+3Steel Longsword+2
    46Ento Tachi201lsWodao+2Crystal (10)
    47Ento Tachi B201lsGreatsword+2Crystal (10)
    48Ento Tachi C201lsUchigatana+3Wodao+2
    49Giant Tresher301lsZweihänder+3Stone Puppet Bit (5)
    50Giant Tresher B301lsStone Puppet Bit (10)Broken Mossy Face (1)
    51Giant Tresher C301lsZweihänder+3Seiryuto+3
    52Greatsword201lsSteel Longsword+2Earth-dragon Flake (5)
    53Greatsword B201lsSilver Ore (15)Earth-dragon Flake (20)
    54Greatsword C201lsSteel Longsword+3Barbaroi Blade+2
    55Iron Tiger251lsSeiryuto+1Steel Ore (10)
    56Iron Tiger B251lsWodao+3Ento Tachi+2
    57Katana101lsBastard Sword+2Copper Ore (10)
    58Katana B101lsBastard Sword+3Claymore+2
    59Little Raven301lsEnto Tachi+3Fuelstone (10)
    60Little Raven B301lsEnto Tachi+3Iron Tiger+2
    61Seiryuto251lsGreatsword+2Magical Seal (2)
    62Seiryuto B251lsEnto Tachi+2Magical Seal (2)
    63Seiryuto C251lsGreatsword+3Zweihänder+2
    64Sleet Longsword B151lsBastard Sword+3Claymore+2
    65Steel Longsword151lsBastard Sword+2Bragon Bone (5)
    66Uchigatana151lsKatana+2Fluorite Shard (10)
    67Uchigatana B151lsClaymore+3Katana+2
    68Wodao201lsUchigatana+2Beetle Fossil (10)
    69Wodao B201lsSilver Ore (10)Beetle Fossil (20)
    70Wodao C201lsKatana+3Uchigatana+2
    71Zanbato301lsIron Tiger+1Crystal (10)
    72Zanbato B301lsSteel Ore (10)Crystal (10)
    73Zanbato C301lsIron Tiger+3Little Raven+2
    74Zweihänder201lsBarbaroi Blade+2Fire-dragon Claw (3)
    75Zweihänder B201lsWodao+2Steel Ore (5)
    76Zweihänder C201lsBarbaroi Blade+3Greatsword+2
    77Ornate Greatsword367lsSeiryuto+5Levinstone (1)
    78Rose's Thorn387lsZanbato+5Dew Drop (3)
    79Spectral Blade397lsGiant Tresher+5Earth-beast Tail (2)
    80Spectral Blade B397lsZanbato+5Garuda Plank (10)
    81Blue Wolf438lsLittle Raven+5Ice-giant Heart Bit (2)
    82Evil's Bane418lsOrnate Greatsword+5Dull Iron Lump (1)
    83Evil's Bane B418lsWind-dragon Horn (4)Earth-dragon Horn (4)
    84Sainted Claymore448lsSpectral Blade+5Dull Gold Lump (1)
    85Wraith's Blade448lsRose's Thorn+5Troll-king Claw (5)
    86Arondite499lsSainted Claymore+5Ice-dragon Horn (2)
    87Lionheart469lsEvil's Bane+5Fire-dragon Skull (1)
    88Red Wolf499lsWraith's Blade+5Fire-dragon Tail (2)
    89Swallowtail479lsBlue Wolf+5Ice-dragon Heart (1)
    90Swallowtail B479lsBlack Iron Ore (30)Ice-dragon Tail (4)
    91Agito B5010lsDevilbringer+9Direspider Claw+ (10)
    92Black Fang5010lsRed Wolf+9Dew Drop+ (1)
    93Devilbringer B5010lsAgito+9Hard Soldier Jaw (8)
    94Castleguard Spear301spHalberd+1Steel Ore (10)
    95Castleguard Spear B301spPreying Mantis+1Steel Ore (20)
    96Castleguard Spear C301spHalberd+3Partisan+3
    97Glaive151spHarpoon+2Ammonite Fossil (10)
    98Glaive B151spHarpoon+3Pike+2
    99Halberd251spTomahawk+2Mini Scorpion Tail (5)
    100Halberd B251spGlaive+3Preying Mantis+2
    101Harpoon81spCopper Ore (10)Sturdy Chain (2)
    102Partisan251spHeavy Machete+2Fuelstone (10)
    103Partisan B251spSteel Ore (15)Fuelstone (20)
    104Partisan C251spPreying Mantis+3Halberd+2
    105Pike101spSpear+2Mini Scorpion Claw (3)
    106Pike B101spSpear+3Harpoon+2
    107Preying Mantis201spPike+2Vespid Stinger (5)
    108Preying Mantis B201spSilver Ore (10)Vespid Stinger (5)
    109Preying Mantis C201spPike+3Glaive+2
    110Spear51spCopper Ore (5)Sharp Fang (5)
    111Dragonfly387spPartisan+5Soldier Jaw (20)
    112Dragonfly B387spSilver Rapier+5Scorpion Head (20)
    113Silver Lance438spCastleguard Spear+5Waterspider Claw (8)
    114Geist Pike489spDragonfly+5Fire-dragon Horn (1)
    115Iron Ji499spDragonfly+5Dull Metal Lump (1)
    116Emerald Spear5010spSilver Lance+9Rough Sapphire (25)
    117Bandit's Knife201ssRipper+3Vespid Stinger (5)
    118Bandit's Knife B201ssGladius+3Vespid Stinger (3)
    119Bandit's Knife C201ssRipper+3Gladius+2
    120Baselard301ssSai+3Gold Puppet Lump (1)
    121Baselard B301ssBandit's Knife+3Sai+3
    122Battle Knife81ssDagger+2Mini Scorpion Claw (5)
    123Battle Knife B81ssKnife+3Dagger+2
    124Broadsword51ssShortsword+2Copper Ore (5)
    125Broadsword B51ssShortsword+3Knight's Sword+2
    126Castleguard Blade201ssNordian Blade+3Silver Ore (10)
    127Castleguard Blade B201ssXiphos+3Scramasax+2
    128Crucible Sword251ssHeavy Machete+2Fuelstone (5)
    129Crucible Sword B251ssSteel Ore (5)Fuelstone (10)
    130Crucible Sword C251ssTrusty Estoc+3Sabretooth+2
    131Cutlass151ssRipper+2Lizard Fang (5)
    132Cutlass B151ssEstoc+3Katzbalger+2
    133Dagger51ssCopper Ore (5)Sharp Fang (5)
    134Estoc81ssBroadsword+1Poison Spider Fang (3)
    135Estoc B81ssShortsword+3Rapier+2
    136Francisca251ssHeavy Machete+2Mini Scorpion Tail (4)
    137Francisca B251ssTomahawk+3Heavy Machete+2
    138Gladius151ssCutlass+2Silver Ore (5)
    139Gladius B151ssKris+3Ripper+2
    140Grandsword301ssCrucible Sword+2Crystal (10)
    141Grandsword B301ssTalwar+2Crystal (10)
    142Grandsword C301ssCrucible Sword+3Talwar+2
    143Heavy Machete201ssMace+2Crystal (10)
    144Heavy Machete B201ssMace+3Tomahawk+2
    145Katzbalger101ssIron Ore (5)Copper Ore (10)
    146Katzbalger B101ssBroadsword+3Estoc+2
    147Kris101ssEstoc+1Saltpeter Shard (5)
    148Kris B101ssDagger+3Battle Knife+2
    149Mace151ssMachete+2Mini Scorpion Claw (10)
    150Mace B151ssIron Ore (10)Copper Ore (15)
    151Mace C151ssHand Cleaver+3Machete+2
    152Machete101ssStone Cleaver+2Treant Branch (1)
    153Machete B101ssStone Cleaver+3Hand Cleaver+2
    154Master Blade301ssCrucible Sword+3Gold Puppet Part (5)
    155Master Blade B301ssSilver Rapier+3Gold Puppet Lump (3)
    156Master Blade C301ssSilver Sabretooth+3Silver Rapier+3
    157Nordian Blade151ssKatzbalger+2Fluorite Shard (5)
    158Nordian Blade B151ssCursed Plaque (5)Fluorite Shard (25)
    159Nordian Blade C151ssKatzbalger+3Cutlass+2
    160Ripper151ssKris+2Lizard Fang (5)
    161Ripper B151ssIron Ore (10)Lizard Fang (20)
    162Ripper C151ssBattle Knife+3Kris+2
    163Sabretooth251ssCastleguard Blade+1Mini Scorpion Tail (5)
    164Sabretooth B251ssCastleguard Blade+3Trusty Estoc+2
    165Sai251ssBandit's Knife+3Obsidian Shard (10)
    166Sai B251ssSteel Ore (30)Mini Scorpion Tail (5)
    167Sai C251ssGladius+3Bandit's Knife+2
    168Scramasax201ssNordian Blade+3Beetle Fossil (5)
    169Scramasax B201ssNordian Blade+3Xiphos+2
    170Silver Mace301ssFrancisca+3Iron Puppet Part (4)
    171Silver Mace B301ssSilver Ore (20)Gold Puppet Part (6)
    172Silver Mace C301ssFrancisca+3Tabar+3
    173Silver Rapier301ssTalwar+3Silver Ore (15)
    174Silver Rapier B301ssGrandsword+3Silver Sabretooth+2
    175Silver Sabretooth301ssSai+3Wind-dragon Beard (3)
    176Silver Sabretooth B301ssTalwar+3Grandsword+2
    177Stone Cleaver11ssSturdy Branch (5)Rock (5)
    178Tabar301ssTomahawk+2Iron Puppet Part (2)
    179Tabar B301ssGrandsword+3Fuelstone (25)
    180Tabar C301ssHeavy Machete+3Francisca+2
    181Talwar251ssTrusty Estoc+3Basilik Pelt (3)
    182Talwar B251ssSabretooth+3Crucible Sword+2
    183Tomahawk201ssMace+2Vespid Exoskeleton (5)
    184Tomahawk B201ssMachete+3Mace+2
    185Trusty Estoc201ssScramasax+3Castleguard Blade+2
    186Xiphos151ssCutlass+2Iron Ore (5)
    187Xiphos B151ssCutlass+3Nordian Blade+2
    188Crimson Blade387ssSilver Sabretooth+5Levinstone (1)
    189Crimson Blade B387ssMini Fire Orb (5)Steel Thread (2)
    190Rogue's Shamshir377ssGrandsword+5Troll Cudgel (2)
    191Rogue's Shamshir B377ssEarth-beast Tail (3)Direspider Fang (6)
    192Silver Cleaver397ssTabar+5Direspider Egg (1)
    193Silver Cleaver B397ssTroll Mask (1)Amethyst Shard (6)
    194Valiant Sword397ssMaster Blade+5Mist Crystal (5)
    195Wind Edge387ssSilver Rapier+5White Heart (1)
    196Ancient Claw458ssSilver Dagger+5Ice-giant Eye (1)
    197Ancient Claw B458ssSpirit Sword+5Fire-giant Eye (1)
    198Holy Tabarizin448ssSilver Cleaver+5Gold Heart (1)
    199Paladin Sword418ssMaster Blade+5Purple Ore (2)
    200Paladin Sword B418ssRogue's Shamshir+5Black Ore (2)
    201Serpent's Kiss448ssValiant Sword+5Earth-dragon Heart (2)
    202Serpent's Kiss B448ssWind-dragon Skull (1)Gold Panel (5)
    203Silver Dagger428ssBaselard+5Troll-king Mask (1)
    204Silver Dagger B428ssCracked Bust (15)Waterspider Egg (1)
    205Skullsplitter428ssSilver Mace+5Fire-giant Skull Bit (5)
    206Spirit Sword438ssCrimson Blade+5Cracked Bust (15)
    207Blood Saber499ssSerpent's Kiss+5Toxic Greaver Horn (2)
    208Crystal Edge479ssSilver Dagger+5Luminous Stone (20)
    209Dark Baron489ssLightning Sword+5Knave Panel (8)
    210Hell's Cleaver479ssSkullsplitter+5Pyrestone (1)
    211Lightning Sword469ssAncient Claw+5Wind Crystal (5)
    212Maneater509ssCrystal Edge+5Fire-beast Fang (3)
    213Master Mace499ssHoly Tabarizin+5Aged Dragon Heart (1)
    214Brilliant Cleaver5010ssHell's Cleaver+9Fulgurstone (1)
    215Hellion Blade5010ssBlood Saber+9Ice-giant Heart (2)
    216Knightlord Sword5010ssPaladin Sword+9Pure Heart (1)
    217Bone Rod51stGhost Walnut (5)Bone Fragment (5)
    218Bone Rod B51stOaken Staff+3Eldertree Staff+2
    219Buster Maul301stSorcerer's Wand+3Gold Puppet Part (5)
    220Buster Maul B301stSilver Crosier+3Sorcerer's Wand+3
    221Conjurer's Staff201stCopper Crosier+2Cedar Plank (5)
    222Conjurer's Staff201stMaul+3Copper Crosier+2
    223Copper Crosier151stCopper Ore (12)Oak Plank (5)
    224Copper Crosier B151stBone Rod+3Maul+2
    225Maul101stBone Rod+3Copper Ore (10)
    226Maul B101stEldertree Staff+3Bone Rod+2
    227Silver Crosier201stCopper Crosier+2Silver Ore (10)
    228Silver Crosier B201stCopper Crosier+3Conjurer's Staff+2
    229Sorcerer's Wand251stSilver Ore (12)Crystal (15)
    230Sorcerer's Wand B251stConjurer's Staff+3Silver Crosier+2
    231Crystal Rod397stLevinstone (1)Crystal (20)
    232Earth Staff438stDull Clay Lump (1)Amber Bit (10)
    233Sage Rod448stFire-giant Heart Bit (2)Garuda Branch (10)
    234Staff Of Kukulkan458stGrey Ore (2)Rainbow Butterfly (10)
    235Ice Rod499stIce-dragon Skull (1)White-oak Plank (20)
    236Flame Wand5010stMysterious Sapling (35)Fire-eater (35)

    Armor Synthesis

    Keys for this table:

    • #: The synthesis number according to this FAQ.
    • Name: The armor piece name.
    • Lvl: The level needed to equip the armor.
    • GR: The guild rank needed to both bind AND equip the armor.
    • Type: The armor type, goes as follow:
      • C: Chest
      • A: Arms
      • L: Legs
      • F: Footwear
      • S: Shields
    • Material 1: The first material needed.
    • Material 2: The second material needed.
    #NameLvlGRTypeMaterial 1Material 2
    237Mage Robe101CEarth-beast Mane (1)Cursed Plaque (1)
    238Soldier's Armor101CCopper Ore (5)Vespid Exoskeleton (2)
    239Stylish Armor101CFire-giant Anklet (1)Plume (2)
    240Grappler Mail201CSpider Thread (5)Spider Corpse (10)
    241Lamellar Armor251CSteel Ore (5)Vespid Jaw (1)
    242Sorceress Robe251CTreant Face (1)Big Thread Ball (2)
    243Wizard Garb301CLustrous Pelt (5)Magecrystal (2)
    244Silver Chainmail301CGold Puppet Lump (1)Iron Puppet Lump (1)
    245Windwalker Coat397CWhite Pelt (5)Gold-cotton Boll (10)
    246Breker Mail387CMassive Hoof (5)Gold Ore (10)
    247Forest Armor367CDirespider Body (8)Steel Thread Ball (8)
    248Magical Robe428CTan White Beast Skin (5)Fire-giant Whisker (5)
    249Earth Mail438CDull Gold Lump (1)Iron-sand Grain (15)
    250Doom Plate418CDull Rock Lump (1)Rusted Panel (4)
    251Blue Cuirass458CBlue Ore (4)Waterspider Body (4)
    252Aeros Kirtle479CGreaver Pelt (5)Fire-beast Tail (2)
    253Queen's Mail479CAged Dragon Skull (1)Toxic Greaver Pelt (3)
    254Spectral Mail499CIce-dragon Wing (2)Toxic Greaver Pelt (3)
    255Heavy Armor489CKnave Face (5)Demon Fossil (20)
    256Animus Armor509CFire-dragon Scale (10)Fire-beast Pelt (5)
    257Elemental Robe5010CPure White Pelt (10)Luneflower (35)
    258Mystical Robe5010CEarth-beast Pelt+ (10)Tough Old Pelt (35)
    259Master Lorica5010CDirespider Body+ (4)Featherlight Ore (40)
    260Centurion Armor5010CBloodsteel Ore (50)Troll Armor Suit (5)
    261General's Cuirass5010CFeatherlight Ore (60)Sticky Web Fluid (3)
    262Soldier's Vambraces101ACopper Ore (5)Vespid Exoskeleton (2)
    263Stylish Gauntlets101AFire-giant Anklet (1)Plume (2)
    264Grappler Fists201ASpider Thread (5)Spider Corpse (10)
    265Lamellar Fists251ASteel Ore (5)Vespid Jaw (1)
    266Sorceress Bracers251ATreant Face (1)Big Thread Ball (2)
    267Wizard Bracers301ALustrous Pelt (5)Magecrystal (2)
    268Silver Guards301AGold Puppet Lump (1)Iron Puppet Lump (1)
    269Windwalker Gloves397AEarth-beast Pelt (3)Shaggy Pelt (8)
    270Breaker Fists387ADirespider Body (4)Earth-beast Claw (4)
    271Forest Gauntlets367ADirespider Claw (4)Troll Claw (4)
    272Magical Bracers428AClay Puppet Bangle (3)Ice-giant Whisker (3)
    273Earth Fists438AStone Puppet Bangle (4)Morion Shard (15)
    274Doom Gauntlets418AIron Puppet Bangle (4)Fancy Lizard Scale (30)
    275Blue Gauntlets458AGold Puppet Bangle (4)Rigid Lizard Skin (20)
    276Queen's Guards479AAged Dragon Scale (5)Fire-beast Claw (3)
    277Spectral Guards499AToxin Sac (1)Greaver Pelt (3)
    278Heavy Gauntlets489AKnave Bangle (3)Black Iron Ore (20)
    279Animus Gauntlets509AAged Dragon Horn (1)Fire-dragon Heart (1)
    280Elemental Bracers5010AMist Crystal+ (3)Tough Shaggy Pelt (35)
    281Mystical Bracers5010ADew Drop+ (2)Fine Basilik Plume (35)
    282Master Guards5010AMassive Molar (8)Hard Exoskeleton (35)
    283Centurion Fists5010ATroll Claw+ (8)Wyvern Fossil (35)
    284General's Fists5010AEarth-beast Claw+ (8)Rough Ruby (35)
    285Mage Waistcloth101LEarth-beast Mane (1)Cursed Plaque (1)
    286Soldier's Pants101LCopper Ore (5)Vespid Exoskeleton (2)
    287Stylish Breeches101LFire-giant Anklet (1)Plume (2)
    288Grappler Tassets201LSpider Thread (5)Spider Corpse (10)
    289Lamellar Cuisses251LSteel Ore (5)Vespid Jaw (1)
    290Sorceress Shorts251LTreant Face (1)Big Thread Ball (2)
    291Wizard Braccae301LLustrous Pelt (5)Magecrystal (2)
    292Silver Leggings301LGold Puppet Lump (1)Iron Puppet Lump (1)
    293Windwalker Slops397LOld Pelt (8)Basilik Plume (10)
    294Breaker Culottes387LThick Basilik Pelt (8)Scorpion Tail (8)
    295Forest Cuisses367LTroll Helm (10)Scorpion Shell (10)
    296Magical Slops428LEarth-dragon Wing (2)Tanned Beast Skin (5)
    297Earth Trousers438LEarth-dragon Skull (1)Rigid Lizard Tail (5)
    298Doom Breeches418LMossy Face (3)Green Ore (3)
    299Blue Breeches458LGold Face (3)Red Ore (3)
    300Aeros Braccae479LWind-dragon Wing (2)Sopor Sac (1)
    301Queen's Skirt479LAged Dragon Tail (2)Oil-stained Cloth (2)
    302Spectral Culottes499LToxic Greaver Pelt (2)Fire-beast Pelt (3)
    303Heavy Cuisses489LKnave Panel (1)Gallstone (1)
    304Animus Breeches509LMagic Core (1)Fire-dragon Wing (2)
    305Elemental Slops5010LBeast Heart+ (20)Centenary Branch (35)
    306Mystical Slops5010LFine Basilik Pelt (20)Possessed Petal (35)
    307Master Slops5010LScorpion Tail+ (20)Fine Basilik Pelt (20)
    308Centurion Cuisses5010LScorpion shell+ (30)Tough Old Pelt (30)
    309General's Pants5010LBloodsteel Ore (35)Fuelstone Lump (35)
    310Mage Shoes101FEarth-beast Mane (1)Cursed Plaque (1)
    311Soldier's Boots101FCopper Ore (5)Vespid Exoskeleton (2)
    312Stylish Sollerets101FFire-giant Anklet (1)Plume (2)
    313Grappler Boots201FSpider Thread (5)Spider Corpse (10)
    314Lamellar Sabatons251FSteel Ore (5)Vespid Jaw (1)
    315Sorceress Socks251FTreant Face (1)Big Thread Ball (2)
    316Wizard Boots301FLustrous Pelt (5)Magecrystal (2)
    317Silver Boots301FGold Puppet Lump (1)Iron Puppet Lump (1)
    318Windwalker Boots397FMassive Incisor (5)Thick Basilik Pelt (8)
    319Breaker Boots387FGold Ore (10)Gold-cotton Boll (10)
    320Forest Sabatons367FDirespider Leg (10)Fish Fossil (10)
    321Magical Shoes428FWind-dragon Wing (2)Ice-giant Skull Bit (2)
    322Earth Footwear438FEarth-dragon Tail (2)Troll-king Helm (6)
    323Doom Boots418FStone Heart (2)Tanned Beast Skin (5)
    324Blue Greaves458FClay Heart (2)Tan White Beast Skin (5)
    325Aeros Shoes479FToxic Gallstone (1)Ice-dragon Heart (1)
    326Queen's Boots479FDull Metal Lump (1)Sopor Sac (1)
    327Spectral Boots499FOil-stained Cloth (2)Toxin Sac (1)
    328Heavy Sabatons489FKnave Panel (3)Fire-beast Pelt (3)
    329Animus Sollerets509FPyrestone (1)Ice-dragon Wing (2)
    330Elemental Boots5010FPure White Pelt (10)Direspider Egg+ (1)
    331Mystical Socks5010FTough Shaggy Pelt (30)Tough Thread (1)
    332Master Boots5010FHard Massive Hoof (15)Tough Thread (1)
    333Centurion Boots5010FHard Massive Hoof (10)Fine Basilik Plume (35)
    334General's Boots5010FHard Massive Jaw (4)Tough Thread Ball (10)
    335Kite Shield377STroll Mask (2)Old Mask (25)
    336Master Shield408SWind-dragon Scale (25)Cloud-cotton Boll (25)
    337Hoplon438SEarth-dragon Scale (30)Clay Face (4)
    338Golden Aspis459SDull Metal Lump (1)Aged Dragon Scale (20)
    339Divine Shield489SAged Dragon Skull (1)Black Iron Ore (25)
    340Mirage Shield5010SFulgurstone (1)Bloodsteel Ore (45)
    341Dragonscale Shield5010SPure Heart (1)Fire-dragon Skull (5)

    Accessory Synthesis

    Keys for this table:

    • #: The synthesis number according to this FAQ.
    • Prefix: Color/type/prefix of the item.
    • Name: The name of the accessory.
    • Lvl: The level needed to equip the accesory.
    • GR: The guild rank needed to bind the accesory. (Thanks to AstralBlades over at for pointing out there are no GR requirements to equip accessories)
    • Material 1: The first material needed.
    • Material 2: The second material needed.
    #PrefixNameLvlGRMaterial 1Material 2
    342Adventurer'sCloak52Heavy Pelt (5)Plume (5)
    343BlackCat-Eyes17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    344BlackGlasses17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    345BlackHalf-Rims17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    346BlackHorn-Rims17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    347BlackMonocle17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    348BlackPince-Nez17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    349BlueCat-Eyes17Black Cat-Eyes (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    350BlueGlasses17Black Glasses (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    351BlueHalf-Rims17Black Half-Rims (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    352BlueHorn-Rims17Black Horn-Rims (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    353BlueMonocle17Black Monocle (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    354BluePince-Nez17Black Pince-Nez (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    355Boxy BlackGlasses17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    356Boxy BlueGlasses17Boxy Black Glasses (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    357Boxy BrownGlasses17Boxy Black Glasses (1)Amber Bit (5)
    358Boxy GoldGlasses17Boxy Black Glasses (1)Gold Ore (5)
    359Boxy PlumGlasses17Boxy Black Glasses (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    360Boxy RedGlasses17Boxy Black Glasses (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    361Boxy SilverGlasses17Boxy Black Glasses (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    362Boxy WhiteGlasses17Boxy Black Glasses (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    363BrownCat-Eyes17Black Cat-Eyes (1)Amber Bit (5)
    364BrownGlasses17Black Glasses (1)Amber Bit (5)
    365BrownHalf-Rims17Black Half-Rims (1)Amber Bit (5)
    366BrownHorn-Rims17Black Horn-Rims (1)Amber Bit (5)
    367BrownMonocle17Black Monocle (1)Amber Bit (5)
    368BrownPince-Nez17Black Pince-Nez (1)Amber Bit (5)
    369CastleguardCloak107White Pelt (2)Belladonna (10)
    370DefensorCloak2512Pure White Pelt (1)Rafflesia (10)
    371DesertCape11Dirty Brute Skin (2)Yellow Pollen (10)
    372EmbroideredCloak157White Pelt (2)Gold Cotton Boll (10)
    373Fire DragonCape2011Fire Dragon Scale (15)Rainbow Butterfly (10)
    374General'sCloak3012Dull White-Beast Skin (1)Lizard Tail (10)
    375GoldCat-Eyes17Black Cat-Eyes (1)Gold Ore (5)
    376GoldGlasses17Black Glasses (1)Gold Ore (5)
    377GoldHalf-Rims17Black Half-Rims (1)Gold Ore (5)
    378GoldHorn-Rims17Black Horn-Rims (1)Gold Ore (5)
    379GoldMonocle17Black Monocle (1)Gold Ore (5)
    380GoldPince-Nez17Black Pince-Nez (1)Gold Ore (5)
    381Knight'sCloak57Earth Brute Pelt (2)Beast Claw (10)
    382MasterChlamys1510Fire Brute Pelt (1)Explosive Walnut (10)
    383NobleCape2512Toxic Greaver Pelt (2)Cloud Cotton Boll (10)
    384PlumCat-Eyes17Black Cat-Eyes (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    385PlumGlasses17Black Glasses (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    386PlumHalf-Rims17Black Half-Rims (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    387PlumHorn-Rims17Black Horn-Rims (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    388PlumMonocle17Black Monocle (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    389PlumPince-Nez17Black Pince-Nez (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    390PurpleCloak2010Oil Stained Cloak (1)Gronwell Flower (10)
    391RedCat-Eyes17Black Cat-Eyes (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    392RedGlasses17Black Glasses (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    393RedHalf-Rims17Black Half-Rims (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    394RedHorn-Rims17Black Horn-Rims (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    395RedMonocle17Black Monocle (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    396RedPince-Nez17Black Pince-Nez (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    397Red LeatherCloak12Bristly Pelt (1)Safflower (1)
    398Round BlackGlasses17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    399Round BlueGlasses17Round Black Glasses (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    400Round BrownGlasses17Round Black Glasses (1)Amber Bit (5)
    401Round GoldGlasses17Round Black Glasses (1)Gold Ore (5)
    402Round PlumGlasses17Round Black Glasses (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    403Round RedGlasses17Round Black Glasses (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    404Round SilverGlasses17Round Black Glasses (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    405Round WhiteGlasses17Round Black Glasses (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    406SilverCat-Eyes17Black Cat-Eyes (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    407SilverGlasses17Black Glasses (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    408SilverHalf-Rims17Black Half-Rims (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    409SilverHorn-Rims17Black Horn-Rims (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    410SilverMonocle17Black Monocle (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    411SilverPince-Nez17Black Pince-Nez (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    412Thin BlackGlasses17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    413Thin BlueGlasses17Thin Black Glasses (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    414Thin BrownGlasses17Thin Black Glasses (1)Amber Bit (5)
    415Thin GoldGlasses17Thin Black Glasses (1)Gold Ore (5)
    416Thin PlumGlasses17Thin Black Glasses (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    417Thin RedGlasses17Thin Black Glasses (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    418Thin SilverGlasses17Thin Black Glasses (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    419Thin WhiteGlasses17Thin Black Glasses (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    420Trim BlackGlasses17Crystal (5)Steel Ore (5)
    421Trim BlueGlasses17Trim Black Glasses (1)Mithril Ore (5)
    422Trim BrownGlasses17Trim Black Glasses (1)Amber Bit (5)
    423Trim GoldGlasses17Trim Black Glasses (1)Gold Ore (5)
    424Trim PlumGlasses17Trim Black Glasses (1)Amethyst Shard (5)
    425Trim RedGlasses17Trim Black Glasses (1)Bloodsteel Ore (5)
    426Trim SilverGlasses17Trim Black Glasses (1)Platinum Ore (5)
    427Trim WhiteGlasses17Trim Black Glasses (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    428WhiteCat-Eyes17Black Cat-Eyes (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    429WhiteGlasses17Black Glasses (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    430WhiteHalf-Rims17Black Half-Rims (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    431WhiteHorn-Rims17Black Horn-Rims (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    432WhiteMonocle17Black Monocle (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    433WhitePince-Nez17Black Pince-Nez (1)Rough Diamond (5)
    434WizardCape102Knotty Pelt (2)Plume (5)

    Consumable Synthesis

    Keys for this table:

    • #: The synthesis number according to this FAQ.
    • Name: The name of the item.
    • Version: The version of the consumable.
    • Material 1: The first material needed.
    • Material 2: The second material needed.
    #NameVersionMaterial 1Material 2
    435Heal PotionIGhost Walnut (1)Little White Flower (1)
    436Heal PotionIIHeal Potion (1)Salmonberry (1)
    437Heal PotionIIIHeal Potion II (1)Safflower (1)
    438Godess TearIDigestive Juice (1)Scarab Beetle (1)
    439Godess TearIISticky Sap Ball (1)Stink Bug (1)
    440Heal DropIHeal Potion (1)Death Cap (1)
    441Heal DropIIHeal Potion II (1)Sopor Fungus (1)
    442Heal DropIIIHeal Potion III (1)Hexcap (1)
    443Mana PotionIMagecrystal Bit (1)Beast Blooddrop (1)
    444Mana PotionIIMagecrystal (1)Giant Blooddrop (1)
    445Mana PotionIIIMagecrystal Lump (1)Beast Biledrop (1)
    446ElixirInsect Liver (1)Cordyceps (1)
    447Revival PowderMist Crystal (1)Gromwell Flower (1)
    448Revival HerbDew Drop (1)Luneflower (1)
    449LifestoneHard Dragon Egg (1)Monster Fossil (1)
    450PanaceaBig Seed (1)Ganoderma (1)
    451Charge DrinkIYellow Pollen Grain (1)Cactus Flower (1)
    452Charge DrinkIIHoneycomb (1)Fluffycap (1)
    453Charge DrinkIIIWite Pollen Grain (1)Aromatic Herb (1)

    Recraft Chart

    The recrafts are called as such since they imply binding some items you've already bound before. If that makes sense :P. They are divided in two sections:

    • Weapons
    • Accessories

    Weapon Recraft

    Keys for this table:

    • Name: The weapon name.
    • Need: The amount of that weapon you need to rebind.
    • Type: The weapon type, goes as follow:
      • ax: Axes
      • bo: Bows
      • ls: Longswords
      • sp: Spear
      • ss: Shortswords
      • st: Staves
    • Material 1: The first material needed.
    • Material 2: The second material needed.
    NameNeedTypeMaterial 1Material 2
    Broadaxe1axBattle-axe+3Warrior's Axe+2
    Bone Bow1boSharp Fang (5)Sturdy Branch (5)
    Barbaroi Blade1lsClaymore+2Puppet Core (5)
    Ento Tachi1lsGreatsword+2Crystal (10)
    Katana2lsBastard Sword+2Copper Ore (10)
    Uchigatana1lsKatana+2Fluorite Shard (10)
    Wodao1lsSilver Ore (10)Beetle Fossil (20)
    Halberd1spTomahawk+2Mini Scorpion Tail (5)
    Pike1spSpear+2Mini Scorpion Claw (3)
    Broadsword1ssShortsword+2Copper Ore (5)
    Castleguard Blade1ssNordian Blade+3Silver Ore (10)
    Crucible Sword1ssSteel Ore (5)Fuelstone (10)
    Cutlass2ssRipper+2Lizard Fang (5)
    Dagger2ssCopper Ore (5)Sharp Fang (5)
    Katzbalger1ssIron Ore (5)Copper Ore (10)
    Kris1ssEstoc+1Saltpeter Shard (5)
    Machete1ssStone Cleaver+2Treant Branch (1)
    Nordian Blade2ssCursed Plaque (5)Fluorite Shard (25)
    Ripper3ssIron Ore (10)Lizard Fang (20)
    Silver Rapier2ssTalwar+3Silver Ore (15)
    Silver Sabretooth1ssSai+3Wind-dragon Beard (3)
    Tomahawk3ssMace+2Vespid Exoskeleton (5)

    Accessory Recraft

    Please note there used to be accessories recrafts in this section. A friend (Eternal_Spoon) over at pointed out that you can actually buy those accessories in Greede, therefore saving you 350 Crystals and 350 Steel Ore. Refer to the [Shopping List].