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    FAQ by kenmorebrian

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/18/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Played on XBOX 360
    by Brian DiMattia
    (XBOX LIVE ID: kenmorebrian)
    Version History:
    Version 1.0.....08/08/2007
    Created initial Guide, music, and Rookie Challenge section.
    Version 1.1.....8/11/2007
    Fixed some spelling/grammer mistakes, added onto Season makeup.  Added Home 
    Run Pinball section, pitching advice.
    Version 1.2.....8/17/2007
    Made more fixes, finished NL Season, finished guide.
    Playing the game.....[game01]
    Home Run Pinball.....[pin01]
    Rookie Challenge.....[rook01]
    ---Rookie Strategy.....[rook02]
    ---Types of Games.....[rook03]
    -------On Stealing Players.....[rook03.1]
    ---Training Challenges.....[rook04]
    ---Rookie Rewards.....[rook05]
    ---A Season.....[rook06]
    ------Spring Training.....[rook06.1]
    ------Regular Season.....[rook06.2]
    ------Road to the Playoffs.....[rook06.3]
    ------Playoffs?  Playoffs?!.....[rook06.4]
    ------World Series.....[rook06.5]
    Music in the Game.....[music01]
    Thanks and Copyrights.....[thanks01]
    *****PLAYING THE GAME.....[game01]
    Most of what you need to know about this game is included in the 
    instructions or taught as part of the gameplay.  The game goes over the 
    basics of hitting, running, fielding, stealing, etc.  I may expand this 
    later, but for now all I can really add is a few notes.
    *First, turbo is of great help in hitting, but can only reliably be gotten 
    through pitching.  You can get a little extra turbo by not swinging at balls, 
    but unless they've lost their speed pitches and are trying to nibble away 
    with off-speed stuff like curves and change-ups, computer controlled 
    pitchers don't throw many balls.
    *Second, practice small ball, at least at first.  This is scoring runs by 
    getting a series of batters to all get on base and advance one base at a time.
    If you spend all your time going for home runs, you'll lose a lot of batters 
    to "Great Catches."  If you get a pitchers timing down, however, and go for 
    a lot of singles you'll score a huge number of runs.  Wait until your best 
    hitters come up to swing for the fences.
    *Third, when you do try to go deep...aim for the best part of the field.  
    Most righty batters tend to hit towards left field, but figure out which part 
    of the park is protected from home run robbing outfielders.
    For example, Fenway Park, in Boston, has a 37' wall in left field ("The Green 
    Monster").  If you can get a good power swing on a ball with the right 
    timing, no leftfielder in the world can grab a ball over it.  In the other 
    direction, Minnesota's field has a smaller wall in right field, but still 
    one that outfielders have trouble with.  On the other hand, there's no better 
    field in the game for playing small ball, ironically enough, than San 
    Francisco. It's got a decent right field and a HUGE center field.  I had a 
    bunch of low power hitters just keep dropping shots into center and rolling 
    them to the wall for a succession of doubles and triples.
    If you don't get the timing right, it won't matter how powerful your batters 
    are.  What's worse, I've had players with five stars in both hitting 
    categories and with "Turbo" on hit a "Perfect" power shot, and still been out 
    when a fielder grabs it over a low wall.  Figuring out the sweet spots for 
    each field will help when you do try to go deep.
    *Finally, Pitching.  Mix things up!  Between high speed pitches like 
    fastballs, mid-speed like 2S Fastballs and sinkers, and off speed like curves 
    and changeups.  Also, mix up your locations.  I've found that going inside 
    with the fast and mid stuff 2/3rds of the time is good, but always work both 
    sides of the plate, high and low, to keep them guessing.
    *****HOME RUN PINBALL.....[pin01]
    There are already good suggestions at the message boards at Game Faqs and 
    achieve360points.com on how to do well at this minigame (and you need to 
    be good at it, because it crops up in your rookie season as the end of 
    regular season "New York Media Event").  I'll just mention some things that 
    work for me (keep in mind, I've just barely beaten the 500,000 mark in this, 
    so there are other sources that are going to be more helpful than I am).
    1. Make Hay.  The first few pitches are all fastballs, and then sinkers.  
    Easy to hit, so do as much damage as you can early on.  Once you get the 
    power-ups, aim for high point targets like the AL/NL signs.  When you 
    get the Power Blast...aim for the globe above those signs.
    2. Change things up.  Don't go for all power swings, especially when you 
    start getting curve balls and changeups.  Mix in some regular powered swings, 
    they'll still get you points and will avoid some of those tough change up 
    3. Go both right and left, and also straight as the light globes behind the 
    pitcher are pretty worth while.  But try to avoid the pitcher, as his 
    next pitch will be on turbo.  And he's tough enough to hit normally.
    Some promising targets:
    The vertical sign on the right side that says "Castle" is a power-up sign. 
    It can be hit with a power swing to the right and each letter is worth 10,000.
    When the whole thing is cleared, you get a power-up, usually in the form of 
    a 3x points multiplier.  You might want to save your power blast for getting 
    this, then aim for the New Year's Eve ball above the National League logo 
    (worth 50,000 points with a powered up power swing) or the green circular logo
    to the left of the 2K sign high on the right (work 20,000 points with a 
    powered up regular swing).
    The vertical sign in front of "Castle" that says "Hotel" is the same sort of 
    thing, except it can be hit with a regular swing and is worth 5,000 points 
    each.  There are equivalent signs on the left (one that is black and yellow 
    with red letters and the other which is a mockup of the real life NASDAQ 
    *****ROOKIE CHALLENGE.....[rook01]
    After winning a Rookie Challenge with the Red Sox, I decided to also play a 
    National League season with the Dodgers for gamerscore points. This guide is 
    based on observations of both seasons. 
    *****ROOKIE STRATEGY.....[rook02]
    There isn't a lot to tell you about actually designing your rookie.  Pick 
    a number, a body type, a face, a bat, etc.  Picking a position is part one 
    of good strategy, I'd recommend making them any infield position.
    Now, I haven't tried playing an outfielder at an infield position, it may 
    work perfectly well.  But if you want to get your rookie as strong as 
    possible, and look to get the gamer score points for five stars in all 
    categories, you need to work on getting them as many points as possible. 
    Most of these will come from challenges and special events like the Home Run 
    Derby and "Media Event" in New York (which is just Home Run Pinball).  But 
    to maximize the number of points you get, go for big points in the regular 
    games as well.
    *First: Position.  Make them play first base.  It doesn't matter if your team 
    has someone good at first already, they'll adapt just fine to playing second, 
    or short or third.  Putting your rookie at first means, following standard 
    baseball strategy, that he won't have to throw the ball much, only to second 
    every now and then or occasionally to home.  Nice short throws.  Therefore, 
    you don't need to put more than one star in the throwing category, and only 
    one or two stars in the fielding category (which is much more important for 
    the rest of the infield or the outfield) until the end of the season.  You 
    might want to make that three glove stars in time for the later fielding 
    challenges, but a first baseman will never need to do much in the way of 
    When you have your points and skills built up, then you can move the player 
    wherever you want.
    *Second: Skills.  For the sake of building points, there are three most 
    important categories of skill.  You get points in game by hitting.  That's 
    the easiest way to get points in games.  You can also get them through 
    stealing bases and making big plays, but hitting is much more reliable.  
    So the first category to put points/stars into is "Contact Hitting."
    The next most important category is speed.  As you get used to hitting, 
    you'll get better and longer hits on the ground in the outfield which you 
    need to be able to beat out.  Speed gets you a double instead of a single, and 
    the speed training challenges need a lot more skill in your rookie than any 
    of the others.
    The third most important category is power hitting.  Because hitting homers 
    gives you more points than any other hits, and each RBI gives you the same 
    500 points as the initial home run.  So even if you hit a solo shot, you 
    get 1000 points for the homer and your own RBI.  A three run HR is worth 2000.
    This category is third because you as the videogame player will develop the 
    most skill here by hitting regularly, and not trying to bomb everything deep.
    Besides, with the way the game loves robbing home runs, hitting long is 
    unreliable until you can get at least four and four stars.  But I'd 
    definitely try to have four and four in time for the all star break.  It will 
    make the Home Run Derby a lot easier.
    *Third: Lineup.  Basic baseball strategy says that the player who leads off 
    will get up to bat most often.  That's why the game puts you in the lead off 
    or first spot automatically.  But I'd move down to second spot, and get a 
    true leadoff hitter for first.  This is someone like Ichiro Suzuki or Juan 
    Pierre who has high contact hitting and speed.  Someone who will regularly 
    get a single or double, so that you can (almost) always have someone on base 
    to drive home.  And at the very beginning of your career, three stars in 
    contact hitting and someone with good speed on second is a recipe for lots 
    of early rookie points.
    *Fourth: Power-ups.  With the things I've suggested above, it's clear that 
    the best thing to do with power-ups like turbo are to save them for when 
    your leadoff batter is up, to insure that they are on base for the rookie. 
    Same with the guy at the end of your order to get multiple runners available. 
    I'd also suggest saving the Power Blast power-up for the rookie to almost 
    guarantee a home run, but be careful of the computer using Big Heat mode to 
    steal your points.  And note that when you are in Power Blast mode, and the 
    pitcher throws a strike they get triple turbo points.  So if you don't want 
    to see a string of turbo aided pitches coming at you and ruining your Power 
    Blast, better make contact with that first pitch.
    *****TYPES OF GAMES.....[rook03]
    Each team you play starts you off with a standard game of between three and 
    nine innings, depending on things like difficulty level and ability of the 
    team you're playing.  Then comes the "Scenario" Game, where your team is 
    in a particular situation and has to finish the game out (like up by a 
    few runs...hold onto your lead, or down by a few runs...come back).  This 
    is where the computer will start messing around with things to make it 
    tougher.  Like starting the scenario at the bottom of your order, or with the 
    opposing team having players on base already.
    Next, you will face Stat Challenges.  These require you to not only win the 
    game, but to reach a certain milestone with your rookie.  Rookie has to 
    have a hit, or three RBIs, or Steal a base, or your pitching staff needs a 
    certain number of strikeouts.
    Finally, you'll have "Steal" games.  If you win a standard game, you get to 
    claim any player you want off the other team's bench or out of their bullpen.
    *****ON STEALING PLAYERS.....[rook03.1]
    As the game keeps reminding you, there are only 10 steals available per 
    season, so you need to use them wisely.  HOWEVER...the game won't advance 
    unless you clear up all of one team and that means stealing someone.  So even 
    if you face a team that doesn't have anyone you want, take 'em anyway to 
    unlock more teams and training.  
    You don't necessarily have to use the people you take, just sit them on the 
    bench if you want.  I was pretty confident that I could win with the Red Sox 
    as is, but I couldn't resist having Ichiro Suzuki lead off, or having Johan 
    Santana coming out of the 'pen.  On the other hand, I'm looking for some 
    serious pitching help with the Dodgers.
    This isn't a comprehensive list by any means, but here are some pickups I'd 
    recommend, depending on what you want/need.  Recommendations for the 
    National League are in with the season description.
    1. Ichiro Suzuki/Seattle Mariners.  One of the best, and fastest, contact 
    hitters in the game, also has a great glove and an amazing arm.  A perfect 
    leadoff hitter, especially if you follow my advice on getting people on base 
    before your rookie (see Rookie Strategy).
    2. Jermaine Dye/Chicago White Sox. Moderate speed, decent defense, 
    incredible hitter.  I don't know why, but he seemed to hit better than Manny 
    Ramirez, who has the exact same hitting stats! 
    3. Manny Ramirez/Boston Red Sox. Who cares if Dye's slightly better?  He's 
    still MANNY!  And with five and five hitting stats, he hits a ton.
    CATCHERS (one of the weaker positions in the game):
    1. Joe Mauer/Minnesota Twins.  One of the few great catchers (in THE BIGS, 
    anyway), and the kid is VERY dangerous at the plate.
    2. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez/Detroit Tigers.  Ditto.
    1. Miguel Tejada/Baltimore Orioles.  Real strong shortstop.  And if you have to 
    take someone from the O's to move the season along, you could do a lot worse.
    2. Justin Morneau/Minnesota Twins.  Last year's MVP for a reason.
    3. Mike Lowell/Boston Red Sox.  You'll be surprised by him.  Not only 
    does he have an incredible glove at third, but despite three and three 
    hitting ratings he's a very solid smallball/singles hitter.  Another of 
    those players the game seems to favor beyond his official rating.
    1. Curt Schilling/Boston Red Sox. Great sinker, great fastball, and some 
    good offspeed stuff as well.
    2. Daisuke Matsuzaka/Boston Red Sox.  Good fastball, good curve, and the 
    mythical Gyroball.  Amazing pitch.  There's no feeling in the world of 
    videogame sports like having a good hitter down 0-2 in the count and pushing 
    a pitch at them that seems to stop in midair and then curve towards them.
    It's the kind of pitch Bugs Bunny used to throw past Elmer Fudd. Then you 
    get to scream at the TV/your buddy/some poor schlub on the other side of 
    XBOX Live "GYROBALL, MUTHA..." well, you get the point.
    3. Johan Santana/Minnesota Twins. Five stars in four pitches.  The only 
    reason he isn't listed as number one in this list is that taking him means you 
    can't take Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau or Torii Hunter.  In fact...just play 
    with Minnesota and be done with it.
    4. Roy Halliday/Toronto Blue Jays. Good pitcher, and the game seems to like 
    him.  Got to try him first in the all-star break and loved him.
    *****TRAINING CHALLENGES.....[rook04]
    There are four kinds of training challenges: Fielding, Contact Hitting, Power 
    Hitting and Running.  After your first game in preseason, the first three 
    challenges (Lvl 1 Fielding, Lvl 1 Hitting and Lvl 1 Running) unlock.
    Fielding is probably the easiest.  You stand in a big star behind second, and 
    a pitching machine at home starts shooting line drives your way.  If they 
    come right at you, wait a beat and then hit the action button to jump up and 
    catch them.  If they go to the left or right, immediately start moving in 
    that direction and then hit the button.
    Contact Hitting means you can use regular hits to turn balls around.  
    Perfect hits get a few extra points, but it's mostly about making contact 
    with every ball to build up the bonus modifier.  Just keep restarting until 
    you hit every one of the ten balls hit to you.
    Power Hitting is a little tougher, here the quality of hit matters.  You get 
    points for distance, and multiplier for successive hits, and extra points for 
    homers and still more points for Perfect hits, so you might want to restart 
    several times to get the most points out of it.
    With all three of these there will be a minimum number of points, but you 
    should aim to well exceed those numbers.  If the minimum is 25,000, aim for 
    at least 35,000.  Fielding seems to be the easiest, so aim for double the 
    minimum there.
    Running is...tougher.  You have to go through cones and jump over or slide 
    under obstacles.  There is also some turbo to help out.  I hated these, so 
    you're kinda on your own, but be ready to do this multiple times.  Once you 
    know the course you'll be ready for the jumps and know where the straight 
    parts are to use turbo.
    Towards the end of the season, when you're getting your last steal games and 
    final teams before the "New York Media Event," which ends the regular season, 
    you will unlock master challenges.  Run against Ichiro Suzuki, for example.
    *****ROOKIE REWARDS.....[rook05]
    Throughout the game, your rookie will be rewarded at different stages with 
    "Attitude" rewards.  These have nothing to do with playing the game, they 
    just make your rookie look a little cooler.  These include:
    1. Eye Black: The first reward you get, right after spring training. Your 
    rookie can wear stripes of that black...stuff under his eyes to cut down on 
    glare.  But this is just standard eye black, no fancy skull designs like 
    John Randle or that guy from "The Program."
    2. Shades: Your rookie can wear sunglasses during the day or all the time if 
    you prefer.  There are seven different styles (ranging from flip-ups to 
    wayfarers to skiing glasses) and seven lens colors (Black, Blue, Dark Blue, 
    Green, Red, White, Yellow).
    3. Nickname: Instead of the announcers referring to you as "The Rookie" 
    you can have your own clubhouse nickname.  There are 59 total options, 
    including "Showtime," "Heartbreaker," "The Hammer," "Brains" and "Stinky."
    4. Bat Graphics: Kinda cool, you can get a custom paint job on your bat. 
    There are 31 total choices,  a blue bat with a lightning bolt, several 
    national flags (US, Japan, Dominican Republic, Great Britain), a bat with 
    the top in a camouflage pattern, and a...pink bat with hearts on it.  You 
    can tie this design in with:
    5. Tattoos: There are 26 forearm tattoos that can be worn on each arm, and 
    if you're really into everything matching you can have similar bat graphics 
    and arm tattoos.  You can even have the "Bull" graphics/tattoos and have a 
    nickname like "El Toro," or set all three options to "Fireball," if you're 
    particularly anal-retentive.
    6. Batter Ditty: Plate music, a short clip of which will play everytime you 
    come to the plate.  See the music section for more details. 
    *****A SEASON.....[rook06]
    I played most of my Red Sox season before even starting this guide, so I 
    can't really go back and tell you most of what happened there.  Instead, I'll 
    give you a rundown of my National League season, where Nomah, D-Lowe and the 
    increasingly "Sonny McLean's" themed Dodgers were joined by rookie Spacer 
    Mulholland at First.
    *****SPRING TRAINING.....[rook06.1]:
    *Win a three inning game.  Lvl. One Fielding Challenge, Lvl. One Batting 
    Challenge, Lvl. One Running Challenge.  Win another three inning game.
    *****REGULAR SEASON.....[rook06.2]:
    *Home game...win a five inning game.
    *Washington Nationals...Win a five inning game. Scenario: come back from down 
    by one in the top of the ninth, five inning Steal Game.
    *Pittsburgh Pirates...Win a three inning game. Stat Challenge: Have a hit 
    with your rookie in a five inning game, five inning Steal Game.  Stole 
    LF Jason Bay
    *Distance Batting Training
    *Colorado Rockies...win a three inning game. Stat Challenge: Get an RBI with 
    your rookie.  Five inning Steal Game.  Stole Closer Brian Fuentes.
    *Cinncinati Reds...win a three inning game. Stat Challenge: Get two hits with 
    your rookie.  Steal game.  Stole Starting Pitcher Bronson Arroyo.
    *Florida Marlins...Scenario: Top of Seventh, down by two.  Stat Challenge: 
    Two team home runs in five innings.  Steal game.  Stole SS Hanley Ramirez.
    *Lvl. Two Fielding Challenge.
    *San Francisco Giants...Best of Three Series.  Stat Challenge: Steal a base 
    with your rookie.  Steal game.  Stole CF Dave Roberts
    *Lvl. Two Batting Challenge.
    *Home Scenario: Hit a Home Run with your Rookie in a 5 inning game vs. the 
    Washington Nationals.
    *Chicago Cubs: Scenario: Come back from 2 down in top of 8th.  Stat Challenge:
    Get seven strikeouts in a seven inning game.  Steal game.  Stole Pitcher 
    Carlos Zambrano.
    *Houston Astros: Stat Challenge: Get 3 team home runs in a 5 inning game.  
    Scenario: Come back from 2 down.  Steal game.  Stole LF Carlos Lee.
    *Lvl. Two Distance Batting Challenge
    *Arizona Diamondbacks: Win a five inning game.  Stat Challenge: Get 3 RBIs 
    with your rookie.  Steal Game.  Stole Starting Pitcher Brandon Webb.
    *Milwaukee Brewers: Win a five inning game.  Scenario: Up by 2 in bottom 
    of the 9th, hold on to win.  Steal game.
    *All-Star Break...Home Run Derby and All Star Game activate as soon as you 
    finish your fifth Steal Game, and supercede all other games until you're done.
    The derby is just like the one you can practice from the main menu, except 
    you face an eight hitter bracket.  So beat three other hitters to advance.  
    All Star Game is a regular nine inning game between the best players from 
    both leagues, held at a National League stadium, so no DH.  ***A good 
    opportunity to scout the rest of your league for players to use your last 
    three steals on.***
    *Philadelphia Phillies: Scenario: Up by one in the seventh, hold on for win. 
    Stat Challenge: get five RBIs with your rookie.  Steal Game.
    *Home: Best of Three Game series against the Padres.
    *Lvl. Three Fielding Challenge.
    *San Diego Padres: Win a five inning game.  Stat Challenge: Get 10 team 
    strikeouts in a nine inning game.  Steal Game.  Stole Catcher Josh Bard.
    *Atlanta Braves: Win a best of three series. Stat Challenge: Score 10 team 
    *Lvl. Three Running Challenge.
    *St. Louis Cardinals: Win a best of three series.  Stat Challenge: Get three 
    team stolen bases in nine innings.
    *Lvl. Three Distance Batting
    *Running Boss Challenge versus Jose Reyes from the Mets.
    *New York Mets: Stat Challenge: Hit four team home runs in a Five Inning 
    game.  Scenario: Down by five in the fifth...come back to win.  Steal Player 
    game.  Stole Starting Pitcher Pedro Martinez.
    *Fielding Boss Challenge versus Omar Vizquel from the Giants.
    *Batting Boss Challenge versus Miguel Cabrera from the Marlins.
    PROGRESS NOTE: By this point, my rookie was five star in Contact Hitting, 
    Power Hitting, Running and Glove, with four stars (plus all but 73,000 
    points) in Arm.  Which is fine because you now get to play Homer Pinball 
    for additional upgrade points at the:
    *New York Media Event.  Home Run Pinball.
    *Some other players I'd recommend taking: Sean Greene (RF/Mets).
    *****ROAD TO THE PLAYOFFS.....[rook06.3]
    Just when you think it's safe to actually get to the playoffs, you have 
    to face several teams all over again, but this time for only one meeting 
    *Chicago Cubs: Scenario: Down by one run in the top of the 9th.
    *Philadelphia Phillies: Stat Challenge: Get two hits with your rookie in 
    five innings.
    *Atlanta Braves: Stat Challenge: Get one Home Run with your rookie in five 
    *San Diego Padres: Scenario: Top of the sixth, down by four runs.
    *Florida Marlins: Win a five inning game.
    *Houston Astros: Win a five inning game.
    *****PLAYOFFS?  PLAYOFFS!?.....[rook06.4]:
    The playoffs are an eight team tournament.  You will have to beat two 
    teams from your own league and then win the Series against a team from the 
    other league in the World Series.  
    *First Round: St. Louis Cardinals: Win a nine inning game. Stat Challenge: 
    Get three hits with your rookie in nine innings.  Scenario: Top of the fifth, 
    down by five.
    *Second Round: New York Mets: Win a nine inning game. Scenario: Up by two in 
    the top of the Seventh.  Stat Challenge: Get two Home Runs with your rookie 
    in a nine inning game.  Scenario: Top of the Sixth, down by four, come back 
    to win.
    *****WORLD SERIES.....[rook06.5]: 
    Four events total, where my Red Sox team was matched up against the Mets, and 
    my Dodgers team faced the Twins.  
    First was a normal nine inning home game.  Second was a down by seven runs 
    in the top of the third game on the road.  Third was a "Score 5 RBIs with 
    your rookie in 9 innings" stats challenge, and the fourth was another nine 
    inning game called simply "Go Get Your Ring."
    Remember that when playing in an American League Park your team will have a 
    DH batting instead of the pitcher, whereas the pitcher will bat in a 
    National League stadium.
    *****Music in the Game.....[music01]:
    2K has licensed several songs that play in the game.  They can be managed 
    through the main screen by going under "Options" and "2K Beats."  Songs 
    can be turned off if you want, but that doesn't seem to save to you profile, 
    so if there are any particular songs in the game that annoy you and that 
    you'd rather not hear, go into the options menu and shut them off each time 
    the game starts up.
    List of Tracks:
    (No particular order, they seem to reorder on each start up)
    1. "Millenium" by Killing Joke
    2. "Down On The Street" by The Stooges
    3. "Satisfied" by Highbench
    4. "Dreamworld" by Midnight Oil
    5. "Insanity Rains" by Satellite Party
    6. "Tearing" by The Rollins Band
    7. "Plush" by Stone Temple Pilots
    8. "Somebody" by Blue October
    9. "Hung Out To Dry" by Fu Manchu
    10. "Nearly Lost You There" by Screaming Trees
    11. "Ocean Size" by Jane's Addiction
    12. "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead
    13. "Mustache Enthusiast" by Anxious Me
    14. "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie
    15. "Robot" by Anxious Me
    16. "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver" by Primus
    In addition to these, which play over menu screens, there are a few songs 
    that seem to only be plate music for your player. These include:
    17. "Bangout" by Phenomenal
    18. "The Rock Show" by Webmatic
    This isn't a full-on achievement guide, so I'll just hit some highlights.
    *Most of the achievements you will get in the course of one rookie season.
    Some others you may have to work on specifically, but they are easily do-able.
    *For full points, you need to do an American League and National League 
    season.  You also have to go through spring training in both the Grapefruit 
    and Cactus leagues (the first is teams that practice in Florida, the second 
    is in Arizona).
    It's easier to just give you a list of the teams that practice in Arizona, 
    because there are fewer of them.  In the American League they are: Anaheim 
    (Los Angeles) Angels, Chicago White Sox, Oakland A's, Seattle Mariners, and 
    Texas Rangers.  In the National League, they are: Arizona Diamondbacks, 
    Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, and 
    San Diego Padres.
    The other 18 teams play in Florida/Grapefruit.
    *The best way to get better at Home Run Pinball is to keep practicing and 
    try to target things, not just hit everything as hard as possible.
    *Since you will need to play two different rookie seasons to get the American 
    and National League points, try to set at least one team up as a speed team.
    This will make it easier to get the triples and steals achievements.  For 
    instance, my Dodgers team was already pretty fast with Juan Pierre leading 
    off and Fercal in there as well.  Stealing Dave Roberts and making a fast 
    rookie helped as well. 
    *****Thanks and Copyrights.....[Thanks01]
    Thanks to my buddy JR for getting me my 360 as a Best Man's gift.
    And for not listening to his wife who wanted him to get me a watch.
    Thanks to Blue Castle Games, 2K Sports and Take Two interactive for making 
    an enjoyable game, and thanks to the nice folks who make XBOX. They rock my 
    world on a regular basis.
    And thanks to Papi, Manny, Tek, Lowell, Youk, Coco, Drew, Lugo, DP, Schill, 
    Dice, Pap, Timlin, Beckett, Cora, Tavarez, Lester, Okajima-sama, 
    Manny DC, Gagne, Wily Mo, Hinske, Tito and all the other members of the 
    Boston Red Sox who make me believe every day.  And Trot, Millar, DLowe, 
    Nomah, Dave Roberts, Arroyo, Faulke, El Guapo, Johnny Pesky and "The 
    Teammates," Mo Vaughn, Kason Gabbard, and countless others throughout the 
    years.  And to Carl Everett for giving the Curly Haired Boyfriend his 
    nickname. And to my fellow Sox fans, just 'cause.  And to you for putting 
    up with such a ginormous acknowledgements section.
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