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    Boss FAQ by BlackKnight92

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 05/26/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of contents
    1. Versions				[W01]
    2. Disclaimer				[W02]
    3. About				[W03]
    4. Re-routing power			[W04]
    5. Iron Man's Upgrades			[W05]
       1. Repulsor..................[501]
       2. Ballistics................[502]
       3. Explosives................[503]
       4. Armor.....................[504]
    6. Bosses				[W06]
       1. Stolen Helicopter.........[601]
       2. The Dreadnaught...........[602]
       3. Whiplash..................[603]
       4. Whitney Frost.............[604]
       5. Titanium Man..............[605]
       6. The Controller............[606]
       7. Titanium Man..............[607]
       8. The Melter................[608]
       9. Iron Monger...............[609]
    7. Contact				[W07]
    8. Credits				[W08]
    1. Versions				[W01]
    V.1 - Started writing on Monday, May 05, 2008, 4:30 PM
    V.2 - Finished on Thursday, May 11, 2008, 10:05 PM
    2. Disclaimer				[W02]
    The only web site that this guide may be posted on is GameFAQs.com. This may
    NOT be reproduced under ANY circumstances except for personal, private use. It
    may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly.  Use
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  All trademarks and
    copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark
    and copyright holders.
    3. About				[W03]
    This is my first FAQ ever. I hope you like it!
    Also know that this FAQ has SPOILERS in it! Don't say I didn't warn you!
    4. Re-routing power			[W04]
    A. Propulsion
       Control - LEFT on D-pad
    When you re-rout power to propulsion, you go MUCH faster in flight mode than
    normal. That's really all it's good for.  Only use this mode when wanting to
    quickly move to a far objective.
    B. Armor
       Control - UP on D-pad
    When you re-rout power to armor, you take damage MUCH lower than normal. You
    are almost literally Iron Man.  Your melee damage also increases in this
    mode.  Useful if you're taking heavy fire.
    C. Weapons
       Control - RIGHT on D-pad
    When you re-rout power to your weapons, the Unibeam replaces the repulsor.After
    fully charging it, release the fire button to fire a VERY powerful shot.
    Notethat you must remain stationary in order for it to charge.  The repulsor is
    re-activated if you re-rout power to another system, or reset the power
    D. Even
       Control - DOWN on D-pad
    This resets all systems to even power distribution.  Probably the most
    frequently used mode.  I would recommend this mode almost always, unless you
    NEED one of the above.  Once you're done with that, though, reset to even.
    5. Iron Man's Upgrades			[W05]
    1. Repulsor			[501]
    1. Repulsor Technology		- Your starting repulsor.
    2. Repulsor Longer Range 	- This lets you fire your repulsor farther than
    3. Improved Build-Up 		- Allows you to charge the Unibeam faster.
    4. Improved Damage Level 	- Increases the damage done by your repulsors.
    5. Unibeam Extra Range 		- This lets you fire the Unibeam farther than before.
    6. Energy Generator 		- Although you still lose energy from the "Weapons"
    section in the bottom left of the screen, this lets it recharge faster
    than before.
    7. Improved Thermal Switch 	- When you re-direct your energy, it takes awhile.
    This increases the speed at which energy is re-routed, allowing you to
    quickly move from one task to the next, such as, switching from armor to
    weapons, or vice-versa
    8. Optimal Beam Damage 		- This gives your repulsors their max damage level.
    2. Ballistics 			[502]
    There is a difference between the gatling gun and pulse rifle.
    Gatling G. is faster, less damage, more ammo.
    Pulse R.   is slower, more damage, less ammo.
    1. Light Gatling Gun		- Useful against enemies with low armor (Standard
    2. XL360 GG556mm		- Allows you to carry more ammo for your Light Gatling Gun.
    3. XL360 GG556mm V2.0		- Higher accuracy, nothing else.
    				# After upgrading this, the Ares Pulse Rifle becomes available
    4. XL360 GG556mm V3.0		- This does more damage than normal, also allowing you
    to damage heavy targets, but not very well.
    5. Ares Pulse Rifle		- This has a slower rate of fire, and less ammo, but more
    damage than the Gatling Gun.
    				# This is a weapon system seperate from the Gatling Gun
    6. Hermes LR Pulse Rifle	- Longer range of effectiveness, nothing else.
    7. Hades LC Pulse Rifle		- Higher damage and ammo, but still a slower rate of
    8. Zeus EMP Pulse Rifle		- Makes this weapon disable mechanical enemies.
    3. Explosives 			[503]
    Know that missiles are different from rockets in the fact that missles can be
    charged up to release more of them
    1. Excelsior Rockets 		- Effective against heavy armor and clumps of infantry.
    2. Excelsior 2.0 Rockets	- Allows you to carry more rockets than you used to.
    3. Meteor MH Rockets		- These are unique in the fact that after the initial
    rocket explodes, three more discharge from it! One example I know of is
    while fighting a helicopter, if you miss with the initial rocket, it
    automatically explodes, releasing the 3 other rockets, 				  damaging the
    helicopter more than the initial rocket! The 3 additional rockets do slightly
    more damage than the initial 				  	  one.
    				# After upgrading this, the Bloodhound Missiles become available
    4. Thunderbolt EMP Rockets	- These have a built-in EMP that disables mechanical
    enemies temporarily. Useful against Battlesuits and Tanks. Only
    the initial target is damaged, all others surrounding it are merely
    disabled for a short time.
    5. Bloodhound Missiles		- Basic missiles, useful against armored enemies. If
    you charge any type of missle (except rockets) to it's fullest, you can
    move targeting reticule over up to four targets, each gets their own
    				# This is a weapon system seperate from the Rockets
    6. Bloodhound 2.0 Missiles	- Allows you to fire more missles simultaneously if
    you charge them longer.
    7. Sunspear Missles		- Cool name, huh?  Anyways, I THINK these auto-target
    enemies in front of you. At any rate, they are better than Bloodhound
    2.0 missles, of course.
    8. Sunspear 2.0 AGMS		- These are more "nimble" missiles than normal Sunspear
    				# If you know what AGMS stands for, let me know
    4. Armor			[504]
    1. Floor Punch			- If you fly high enough (just holding L1), when you press L2,
    you will make a shockwave when you land, killing nearby 				  soldiers.
    2. Power Stomp			- If you cut your thrusters while high above a vehicle, you
    will drop right through it, instantly destroying it!
    3. Electro Punch		- Increases the damage done by your melee attacks.
    4. NanoTech Knitters		- Increases the rate at which your armor replenishes.
    5. Repulsor Floor Punch		- Larger and more damaging shockwave when dropping
    from a greater height.
    6. Turbo Boost			- Increases your overall speed while hovering and in
    afterburner mode.
    7. Kamikaze			- After re-routing power to propulsion, you can instantly kill
    all enemies in your path.
    # Dependeng on the type of enemy, your suit will take a certain amount of
    8. Anti-Missle System		- Automatically destroys any missiles near you at 1 per
    second.  This consumes little energy while in use. The BEST upgrade 				  in
    the game!  You should know that after getting Kamikaze, you will not get this
    on your next mission.  I think it requires 				  you to get 300-400 Armor EXP
    before this is unlocked (Any help on this would be appreciated).
    6. Bosses				[W06]
    1. Stolen Helicopter   		[601]
    Mission			: First Flight
    Recommended Weaponry	: Repulsors
    Difficulty		: 1/10
    This is an easy boss.  Engage hover and fly around the boss while constantly
    firing your repulsors.  He'll be down in no time.
    2. The Dreadnaught              [602]
    Mission			: Fight Back
    Recommended Weaponry	: Repulsors, Rockets
    Difficulty		: 3/10
    This isn't TOO bad.  First, do what Jarvis says and destroy the turrets.  Once
    those are gone, focus on the main body.  When the boss stops, and a little
    part of it glows blue, GET AWAY FROM IT.  It will fire an EMP that, although it
    won't mess up your systems, it still does a good amount of damage.
    And if you are REALLY close to it, the EMP will hit you twice!  If your armor
    isn't full, it probably WILL kill you.
    3. Whiplash (Mark Scarlotti) 	[603]
    Mission			: Weapons Transport
    Recommended weaponry	: Repulsors, Melee
    Difficulty		: 4/10
    This boss will start by activating his shield.  Run around until he drops it,
    then,depending on how close you are, attack him with either your repulsors or
    punches(re-rout power to armor first).  After taking enough damage, Whiplash
    will hide in the ceiling (I know that sounds wierd). Whilst he is in the
    ceiling, a blue marker will appear on the ground. This iswhere he will attack.
    To avoid this, simply don't stop running. After awhile, he will drop to the
    ground, and the process repeats.  An easy way to defeat this boss is to have
    the electro punch upgrade. Simply re-rout power to armor, and you can damage
    him through the shield!  Well, on easy anyway.  I'm not sure about the other
    modes, though.....>_>
    4. Whitney Frost    		[604]
    Mission			: Maggia Compound
    Recommended Weaponry	: Repulsors, Unibeam, Rockets, Gatling Gun (for soldiers)
    Difficulty		: 5/10
    You start off behind a pillar.  Wait for one of the statues to fire, then move
    to the next pillar up.  Now, soldiers will occasionally fire from small windows
    near the ceiling.  Kill them with the gatling gun.  Next, focus your attention
    on the 3 statues at the end of the room.  Re-rout power to weapons, and, when
    you have a clear shot, fire the unibeam at ONE OF THE SIDE STATUES.  You cannot
    destroy the middle one until you have destroyed the other two.  An easy way of
    doing this is to stay between the statues' line of fire and a pillar.  This
    will allow you to make "cheap shots" on the statues until they are destroyed.
    Note that once you destroy a statue, a hole is made in the wall, and soldiers
    will constantly come through them.  Defeat them with the gatling gun, then
    immediately focus your attention on the statues again.  Once the middle one is
    destroyed, go through the opening to win.
    5. Titanium Man   		[605]
    Mission			: Nuclear Winter
    Recommended Weaponry	: Repulsors, Melee
    Difficulty		: 3/10
    Simple.  When Titanium Man has his shield up, run in circles around him to
    avoid his shots, and when he stops, and his shield is up, GET AWAY FROM HIM!
    Similar to the Dreadnaught, a large radiation blast will emit from him.  Once
    his shield is down, hit him with everything you've got.  His shield will go
    down after either 16 shots, or he emits the large blast again.  Once his shield
    goes up again, rinse and repeat. Know that you have to PROTECT the nuclear
    containers.(I thought you had to destroy them.  Heh, I learnt my lesson after I
    got a game over =P) Titanium Man also uses these containers to regenerate his
    health. When he does this, punch him a couple of times to make him stop.
    6. The Controller     		[606]
    Mission 		: Frozen Ship
    Recommended Weaponry	: NONE
    Difficulty 		: 7/10 (Annoying)
    Not really a boss, per se, but he does annoy you three times with a little
    mini-game.  You have to use the right analog stick to line up the two images on
    the screen.  The controls are semi-backwards during this.  I think up & down
    are the same, and left is right and right is left. If you are sucessful all
    three times, he will compliment you(not).  He just says: "How can you resist my
    power?" or something like that. If you fail any of the three times you are
    "challenged", all of your directional controls will be reversed for a short
    time.  This mini-game becomes easier once you get the hang of it.
    7. Titanium Man (again)   	[607]
    Mission			: Home Front
    Recommended Weaponry	: Repulsors, Melee
    Difficulty		: 6/10
    Same stratagy as before, except instead of the nuclear containers, you now have
    a larger battlefied, along with Soldiers, Tanks and Helicopters to fill it.
    Oh, joy!
    8. The Melter (Bruno Horgan)	[608]
    Mission			: Island Meltdown
    Recommended Weaponry	: Repulsors, Missiles
    Difficulty		: 8/10
    This boss constantly fires his weapon at you, so don't even think about using
    the Unibeam. Instead, CONSTANTLY move while firing your repulsors and missles
    (charge them on-the-go first). The difficulty in this boss is that he keeps
    firing at you. The shots go pretty fast, and do a decent amount of damage, too.
    9. Iron Monger (Obadiah Stane)	[609]
    Mission			: Showdown
    Recommended Weaponry	: Repulsors, Unibeam, Sunspear 2.0 AGMS
    Difficulty		: 10/10
    To start with, don't stop firing your repulsors!  Iron Monger has a LOT of
    health, so this will take awhile. If Iron Monger runs to the side of the street
    opposite the tanker, immediately engage hover,and be prepared to dodge.  He
    will pick up a car and throw it at you.  No matter how many cars you destroy,
    he will always be able to throw one at you, but he has to go to that side of
    the street to do it.  After that, hit him with, at most, 2 hits of the unibeam
    (if you're on the other side of the street, next to the tanker).  Iron Monger
    also has a machine gun that does small damage, and a missile launcher that
    fires as fast as the one on the flying fortress. The anti-missle system helps
    out enormously here.  If you punch him, after a little bit he will pick you up,
    and you will have to repeatedly press circle to avoid being crushed.  You can
    also charge up the missles to damage him (not much,though). After taking enough
    damage (roughly half-health), he will move to a different area, as will you.
    In this new area above Stark Tower, Pepper will eventually activate a switch
    (avoid Iron Monger until then). This will cause the center of the building to
    glow brightly. Lead Iron Monger into this to cause a considerable amount of
    damage. Do this one to two more times, depending on if you've damaged him more
    (only use your repulsors for this).
    6. Contact				[W07]
    If you want to let me know something, just make a topic on the message boards
    with the topic being: "ATTN: BlackKnight92", or something along those lines.
    You will be given full credit for your contribution. There are a few things I
    need, though:
    - Confirmation on the "cheap" Whiplash strategy
    - The Controller's identity
    - And any & all tips you guys can give for these bosses!
    7. Credits				[W08]
    Myself 					- For writing this
    Marvel 					- For creating Iron Man
    A2M					- For making the game
    Everyone else who 			- Helped make this game
    Everyone else who 			- Helped make Iron Man
    Laya Maheshwari a.k.a Lazy Garfield              -Helped clan up my guide
    And last but most certainly not least	- YOU, for reading this

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