Cannot Start Game after Setup, is it a graphics card problem?

  1. I just installed Tomb Raider Underworld on my Laptop. It successfully got installed with all the files and shortcuts in place.
    Now, when I start the game by clicking on the shortcut or the original Icon, it tells me to insert the graphics settings.
    I tried almost all the combinations but I am not able to start the game.
    I get an error saying:
    "Failed to initialize Direct3D with current settings.
    Do you have any solution for this?
    My PC configurations are as follows:
    3GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Intel Core2Duo 2.2 GHz, 256MB graphics card of ATI Radeon Xpress 1200 Series

    Please suggest me something effective.
    Also if my graphics card is not good enough, what should I do?
    Wat does update graphics mean: update the drivers, or buy a new one with higher features?

    User Info: murtuza89

    murtuza89 - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. "Failed to initialize Direct3D with current settings" generally means your PC doesn't meet minimum specs to play the game.

    You can try updating to the latest drivers for your graphics card, but I can't give you much hope that will help.

    It looks like you're trying to play the game on a laptop. I can't see that working out.

    This is a pretty involved question. Please bring it up as a topic on the board and I'll try to be more helpful.

    User Info: JoveHack

    JoveHack - 8 years ago 1 0

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