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    Room Of Rewards FaQ by Galadreil782

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    Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix
    Wii Version
    Welcome to My guide for the Room Of Rewards for the Game Harry Potter 
    and the Order of the Phoenix. In this Introduction I will be answering 2 
    What is the room of Rewards? - The room of Rewards is a room that Harry 
    and friends find at Hogwarts. Every time you complete a certain task a 
    trophy will be added into the Room of Rewards
    What Will you be telling us in your guide? - My guide will be telling 
    the public how to get each trophy in the room of rewards. Hopefully it 
    have all the information you want , this is my first FaQ ever so forgive 
    me for anything I do wrong :P
    So, that's it for the introduction. I hope you enjoy and quite possibly 
    learn something from my guide! 
    Win the Portrait Password Cup: 
    1) Grand Staircase to Gryffindor Common Room:  
    Just ask any Gryffindor student for this password.  
    2) Grand Staircase to Second Floor:  
    Just ask any RavenClaw student for this password.  
    3) Library to fourth floor:  
    To get the password for this portrait, go to the great hall. There, cast 
    accio on the headmaster's podium and a trio of owls will appear. One 
    will drop a daily Prophet. Pick this up and go back to the portrait to 
    gain access to this shortcut.  
    4) Grand staircase to Transfiguration Courtyard:  
    Just ask any hufflepuff student.  
    5) Grand staircase to third floor/ clock tower:  
    talk to the portrait of Gifford Abbot ( #4's portrait)  
    6)Grand Staircase to boathouse:  
    This is a long quest . First, go to the seventh floor and seek the 
    portrait of a man in a black robe. He will tell you to go and ask 
    someone called Basil Fronsac (portrait #2). He will send you to find a 
    portrait of a shepherdess, with the vague comment that she is on the 
    second floor landing. This is a bit deceptive. In fact, you need to head 
    to the second floor and onwards as if you are going to Herbology. When 
    you come to the broad stone stairway down to the greenhouses, stop on 
    the second landing down. There you should see a tall, gilt-framed 
    portrait of a shepherdess with her flock behind her. Step up to her and 
    speak to her. She will tell you to go and see Google Stump. This 
    portrait is the one that hangs to the right of the staircase in the 
    Viaduct entrance. He will then tell you to go and see Gifford Abbot 
    (portrait #4) . He finally knows the password! Now you have access to 
    this shortcut.  
    7) Herbology corridor to fifth floor:  
    Cast reparo on the suits of armor next to this portrait.  
    8) Viaduct entrance to first floor:  
    Just point your wand at the two students behind you.  
    9) Third floor to second floor:  
    Go talk to myrtle, who can conveniently be found in her bathroom!  
    10) Seventh floor to forth floor:  
    Go to the fourth floor. Up the stairs from portrait #3, move straight 
    along the  
    hall to the small wooden door and pass through it. The counterpart to 
    seventh-floor portrait is obscured by a cobweb. Target it and burn the 
    film away with INCENDIO, then speak to the revealed portrait to gain 
    access to  
    this passageway.  
    11) Grand Staircase (Dungeon level) to   Seventh Floor:  
    Go to the stairs at the end of the room and talk to the portrait at the 
    12) Dungeon Corridor  to  Dungeons:  
    Go the Gryffindor boys dormitory and take out the invisibility cloak . 
    Then go down to the dungeon corridor and you will "overhear" the 
    password from two slytherins.
    Homework Cup:  
    Professor McGonagall: This task revolves around you needing to find 
    three students. Luckily enough for you they are at the base of the 
    stairwell leading up to the Divination classroom. Talk to the kids and 
    head back to McGonagall for your reward.  
    Professor Snape: Snape requires that you write an essay, and in turn 
    you'll need to locate a VERY hard to find book. Luckily for you, we know 
    where it is! The book is located in the far left side of the restricted 
    section of the Library. It's fairly hard to notice this, so if you 
    cannot find it just run around spamming the A button until you 
    automatically pick it up. Return to Snape to end the task.  
    Professor Flitwick: For this task you need a book, and just with Snape's 
    assignment...this isn't an easy one to find if you're just wandering 
    around Hogwarts. But as luck would have it we can tell you that it's 
    located in the Great Hall near the back on the right. You'll know when 
    you're getting close as a cut scene will play giving you a heads up on 
    its location.  
    Professor Sprout: Another task, another book needed. Talk to Neville (in 
    the Room of Requirement) to discover that he actually doesn't have it on 
    him, but it's on top of his dresser in the boys dormitory area of the 
    Gryffindor Common Room. Head there, grab the book, and return to 
    Professor Sprout to finish this task.
    Friend of the year cup:  
    Item 1: Found in the Clock tower Courtyard, near the front of the 
    Item 2: This is found in the Viaduct entrance area.  
    Item 3: You'll find this in the Entrance Courtyard. Just sweep up the 
    leaves using the broom and a Wingardium Leviosa spell until you find it.  
    Item 4: The Great Hall is where you'll find this one (on a table)  
    Item 5: Located in the Library (on the table where the quill is)  
    Grand Master Cup:  
    Since I cant really tell you how to win the chess matches , I'll just 
    list out where the champions are  
    Griffindor Champion: Griffindor common room ( 7th floor)  
    Slytherin Champion: Great Hall  
    RavenClaw Champion: Library ( 1st floor)  
    Golden Gobstones Cup   
    Location of Gobstone champions:  
    Entrance Courtyard, Traditional  
    Paved Courtyard, Snake Pit  
    Clock Courtyard, Jack Stone  
    Location of Hogwarts Champion:  
    Paved Courtyard, Traditional, Snake Pit, and Jackstone (Girl standing  
    behind the two people playing Gobstones)
    Exploding Snap Cup: 
    Location of exploding snap champions:
    Hallway to the clock tower ( fifth floor) 
    Third Floor
    Win House Ghost cup:
    To get this cup you have to find all of the house ghosts. And to do this you 
    have to put back together their paintings .
    1)	There's a painting on the third floor
    2)	There's a painting on the second floor
    3)	There's a painting on the first floor
    4)	There's a painting in the dungeon 
    Win the smugglers cup:
    To get this cup you need to find all of Fred and Georges parcels.
    Boathouse- on the way up to the Paved Courtyard there is a parcel 
    on the dirt road  
    Hagrid's Hut- Cast Wingardium Levisoa on a pumpkin and throw it in 
    chimney, than Wingardium Levisoa the parcel to you.  
    Cast Depulso on the plant behind Hagrid's Hut  
    Cast Depulso on the other plant behind Hagrid's Hut   
    Cast Depulso on the plant in the path along the woods to pop out  
    another parcel  
    Cast Depulso deep within the forest to pop out yet another parcel   
    Library- Cast Depulso on the cupboard to find a parcel  
    Owelry- When climbing on the Owelry, near the top you will scare off 
    owl that will drop a parcel  
    Paved Courtyard- When climbing to get Colin's camera back you will 
    get this 
    Repair the pipe in the corner up the stairs and climb all the way to  
    the top. Grab the parcel.  
    Stone Circle- Cast Depulso on the plant near the center of the circle  
    to make a parcel come out  
    Cast Depulso on the plant on the way to Hagrid's Hut  
    Win the Ornithology Cup:
    To do this you have to find all of the flying creatures. 
    Bats-Stone bridge  
    Crows-Stone Circle  
    Doves-Viaduct bridge  
    Pixies-Defense against the dark arts classroom in desk 
    Win the Secret Statue cup:
    Find all hidden Chess statues in Hogwarts , these are usually found by 
    casting incendio on the webs on the statue or using wingardium leviosa 
    on the tapestries on the walls .
    1)	In the dungeon corridor
    2)	Another one in the dungeon corridor
    3)	On the first floor
    4)	On the fourth floor
    5)	Second floor
    6)	Another one on he second floor
    7)	Yet another on the second floor
    8)	( Do I have to say it again) There's ANOTHER one on the second 
    9)	Another one on the second floor
    10)	And there is one on the second floor again
    11)	And FINALLY there is one last one on the second floor
    12)	In the corridor right outside herbology
    Win the Characters Cup:
    There isn't much I can help you with here. As long as you meet all of 
    the important main characters then you will get this cup at the end of 
    the game. 
    Win the Architecture Cup:
    To win this cup you have to uncover all the hidden Hogwarts symbols. 
    1)	Entrance courtyard. Here you will see 4 different colored symbols 
    on the ground , ( red yellow blue and green) you have to 
    wingardium leviosa the bench with the same color symbol under it 
    onto the correctly color symbol on the ground. 
    2)	Paved courtyard, yet again you have to match the colored bench to 
    the colored symbol on the ground.
    3)	Transfiguration courtyard, just place the correctly colored bench 
    over the same colored symbol on the ground.
    Win the Studios Success cup:
    To do this you just have to get an "O" in Snapes , Flitwicks , and 
    Sprouts lessons. *** Note , you can not get this cup until after you 
    have gotten the Homework Cup** 
    Win the Witches And Wizards Cup:
    To win this cup you need to uncover all of the hidden wizard plaques 
    around Hogwarts. They are either behind 4 light bricks that you need to 
    cast accio on or behind a cobweb that you need to cast incendio on  
    1) Clock tower 
    2) Dungeon
    3) Dungeon
    4) Fifth Floor
    5) Fifth Floor
    6) First Floor
    7) First Floor
    8) Fourth Floor
    9) The corridor outside of herbology
    10) Second Floor
    11) Second Floor
    12) Second Floor
    13) Second Floor
    14) Third Floor
    Nature Trail Cup:
    To get this cup you have to find all of the animal footprints.
    1)	At hagrids
    2)	At the beginning of the forest
    3)	Just after the first pair in the forest
    Win the School Pride cup: 
    All you have to do here is light/fix/ everything. I am not going to list 
    out everything since there is 66 things. I suggest you look in the 100% 
    rooms FaQ for this.
    Win the Defense Against The Dark Arts Cup: 
    All you have to do to get this cup is cast all of your combat spells in 
    one battle.
    Thanks to...
    Josh Beebe: For making me realize the value in making this guide :)
    EA Games: For making an AMAZING game 
    J.K Rowling: For creating the world of Harry Potter, the greatest gift 
    anyone could give me 
    XPhar's 100% rooms FaQ for showing me where the last chess piece was.
    Readers: For reading this guide and showing your love for the game!
    Legal Junk/ Contact Info
    Any questions, comments , concerns or suggestions should be send to 
    tiffm2@hotmail.com . Please no spamming or asking questions that are already 
    answered in the guide. If I find I get a nice few questions I will add a 
    Frequently Asked Questions section. 
    This guide is the Personal work of Tiffany MacDonald, copyright 2007. This 
    guide is only for personal/private use only and in no way shape or form should
    be created in whole or in part without the owners consent. This guide is 
    authorized for distribution through GameFaqs and Game Spot , and hosting on
    any other website without my consent is strictly prohibited. 
    Thanks for reading my guide

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