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    Elevated Risk FAQ/Walkthrough by sk8terguyjake

    Version: .2 | Updated: 03/21/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Guide
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. General Tips and Strategies (Single Player)
    IV. Full game Elevated Risk Walkthrough with Videos
    ACT 1
    a. You need your cajones son
    b. Knockem dead
    c. Unpleasant Surprise
    d. This place is an inferno
    	ACT 2
    e. You'll be inserted Solo
    f. The Price of Peace
    g. On your own
    h. Failure is Not an option
    i. Get me Rosen
    j. Who the Hell are these guys? 
    ACT 3
    k. Codenamed Farallon
    l. Just shut up and do your job
    V. Copyright and legal info
    VI. Acknowledgements and Contact info
    I. Introduction
    	This is my 6th walkthrough for gamefaqs.com that I've done.  I hope I'll
    be able to help you out in this game.  I have full video walkthroughs for every
    level of the game, all done on elevated risk, or the hardest difficulty.  This
    game is an awesome example of the 360's power, and I think such an awesome game
    deserves an awesome guide.  If you want to contact me you can contact me at
    bigbadblubanana, which is my gamertag.   bigbadblubanana is my gamertag, don't
    ask.  You can also email me at boardslide30@yahoo.com.   If you just want to
    compliment me on my guide, or if you have a question or some helpful info just
    contact me there.  Alright, with that let's get started.
    II. Version History
    Version .1 March 13, 2007
    Finished filming for all of the levels.
    Version .2 March 21, 2007.
    Finished the entire guide
    III. General Tips and Strategies
    1. Use your squad!!!
    This is a pretty obvious tip that most of you guys out there probably didn't
    need to be told.  It goes without saying that you're going to need your squad
    for this game.  Your squad can do anything from supress the enemy position, to
    lay down accurate sniper fire.(if you have a marksman).  You can even have a
    medic heal you if you're losing health.  Use your squad to keep the enemies
    heads down so you can flank.  
    2. Use the Cover System
    This is another pretty obvious tip, but I just thought I'd like to tell you.
    Using cover is awesome because it allows you to see enemies when they can't see
    you.  Then you can pop right out and nail them.  Granted the cover system isn't
    as natural as in Rainbow Six Vegas, or Gears of war, but it's still something to
    3. Use Your Tactical Map!!
    Whenever you're having trouble with an area, chances are that you're not taking
    the right route.  Look on your map and see what you can find.  The reason being
    that in GRAW 2 there are a lot of opportunities to flank and go different paths,
    so take advantage of that.  Another thing is to give orders to your team or
    support through the Tactical Map, which allows you to basically look at your
    battlefield on paper and play the role of commander.
    4. Choose the right squadmates!!
    I prefer marksman over medic, but it's up to you.  Some levels are going to
    require a lot of long range shooting, or will provide you that opportunity. This
    is when you're probably going to want to have a marksman.  If it's more close
    range, then you're probably going to want to go medic.  Also, if you're going to
    have a lot of vehicles then having a grenadier over a gunner is probably smart.
    5. Just because you don't see red diamonds, doesn't mean there's no one there!
    This is a pretty self explanatory tip, but I find it true.  Often I'll just
    briefly scan an area and nothing red comes up.  Then I run out and get shot up.
    It happens all of the time.  I strongly recommend that before you enter an area
    that hasn't been cleared that you scope in and really make sure there's no one
    there, or even better use your UAV Drone.
    IV. Elevated Risk Walkthrough (Elevated risk = hardest difficulty)
    A. You Need your Cojones Son
    Hostiles: Low Density; Lightly Armed
    Battlefield: Open, Mountains. Overhanging Positions
    Miscellaneous: Recon Operation, Be stealthy.  Reconnaissance support will be
    granted if needed.
    When you begin start running through the desert towards your objective with your
    allies until you get to the clay huts.  Now run over to the second little set of
    clay huts and look over the horizon.  You should see a guy on top of the clay
    huts in the distance to the right.  Pop this guy off.  Now tell your allies to
    stay in that general area, so that they can basically stand where you did when
    you nailed that guy.  Now what you're going to notice is that by the village is
    a huge rock formation.  Swing around the left flank of that rock and give your
    order to your allies to start moving in from where they are.  Then you'll easily
    be able to surround and take out any of the tangos in the area.
    Now you should head to one of the "positions of access" which was your
    objective.  I went to the one on the right, so that's what my walkthrough will
    consist of.
    UAV Drone support is granted!!!  Now continue down the path that you're going
    and then get to the point where there is a bridge and a dirt path leading down
    to an artillery piece.  Don't take the bridge, take the path.  Send your newly
    acquired drone to go down and scan the artillery piece that is at the base of
    that path, which is to the right.  Here's what I found when I scanned: 2 enemies
    right in front of the artillery piece, so I could hit them pretty easy, and 1
    guy behind the artillery in the background.  Anyway continue down the path till
    you see a big rock in the middle.  Stop here and peek around and start shooting
    up whoevers on the ground.  You'll probably be able to take out the 2 guys in
    front of the artillery pretty easy, just shoot them up.  The last 2 guys though
    will be a little harder.  There is the one that you got on the scan who is kind
    of to the left, way behind the objective.  Now keep in mid that once you start
    to enter the clay buildings there is a guy that is in a trench to your very
    right, on the hillside.  He's just sitting there and he'll shoot you up.  Now
    destroy the artillery piece.
    Youtube video walkthrough link:
    Now send your UAV drone over to the other objective and take a quick scan of the
    area.  Here's what I found: 3 guys outside of the artillery piece.  The
    artillery piece is located inside of this little cave, and the enemies are just
    hanging back there.  Now start to climb up the hill, but don't go down the
    little cave to the right, do that later.  There is an overhanging position to
    the left, and you'll probably be able to pop off a couple of guys down there. So
    when you're up there you can keep the enemies heads down, then send your allies
    in.  If that sounds like too much work, then you can probably just run through
    the area and gun down the guys in there.  Then plant some C4 on the Artillery
    and get the hell outta there.
    Ok so now the order comes in that you have to go towards this bridge and clear
    out all of the guys on it so you can get extracted.  Start heading towards your
    objective, which will lead you up this big hill and lead you to an overhanging
    position over the bridge.  Start popping the guys that you can get on the
    bridge.  Now once you get a couple of the guys then continue up the top of the
    hill that is to your left.  Then you'll have an awesome view of the bridge and
    anyone on it.  Prone over this area and a transport truck should dump off some
    guys.  Just start to mow them down as they start to move out.  If you need help
    start to get your allies over there and if you have a marksman then start to
    give the sniping order.  Once everyone on the bridge is dead then they'll tell
    you that you need to be extracted, then go to that spot and you're good to go.
    			Youtube Video Walkthrough Link:
    	So once you get out of the humvee start heading down the path.  You're
    going to see a beat up enemy apc soon as well as a few rebels right next to it.
    Whip out your gun and shoot those guys up.  Once you clear out the little
    clearing there a mule will be granted to you.  Go ahead and re equip and get
    your intel.
    	So now you have a counter sniper weapon.  This is an awesome gun for
    taking out dudes at crazy ranges.  Once you have your equipment start heading
    towards your objective which will lead you to this hillside.  There are some
    clay ruins of buildings off to the right, and there are guys in there.  You need
    to take them out, you can use your sniper rifle to shoot through the clay if you
    have to as well.  Then head down towards the base of the hill, and hug the big
    rock formation.
    	So now we have another huge area.  I strongly recommend sending your drone
    into the area and scanning it.  Here's what I got: 2 guys up in the bombed out
    building to the left, with the sandbags in front of it.  This place is located
    on a big hillside.  Now there is also a guy on the other side, the right side
    along the horizon.  Snipe this guy as well.  Once this huge area is cleared then
    there are no enemies between you and your objective, which is to gain entrance
    to the enemy camp.
    	Now continue down the path until you see a huge crack that's in the rock
    to your left.  This crack will look down on the enemy encampment.  Start popping
    the guys, mainly the three guys that are grouped together.  Just start looking
    over the ground and popping the guys.  You can take out all of the guys from up
    there, so you should do just that.  Then you're going to get another checkpoint
    as you'll move to the newly formed rally point.  I recommend you get a marksman
    as an ally.
    	Now that you've got your allies, health and geared up you're all ready for
    the last part.  Now start moving across the open ground and you're going to be
    engaged by mortars.  Start heading towards the cave so you can be protected from
    the mortars.  Now granted there is at least one guy on your way there, so be
    ready to shoot him.  Now in this cave area you're going to see some big crates
    to hide behind.  I strongly recommend that you do that.  You're going to see
    that there are probably ten guys within that encampment.  Get your allies in
    that cave with you and let your marksman start shooting them up.  Also send your
    drone over there so you can get some intel.  What I started to do was flank
    around the left side while my allies kept them busy.  Once I felt like I had
    killed some I told my guys to start moving in, then I went into the encampment
    from the side and took the remaining guys out.  Once they're all dead then just
    go to the extraction point and you're done.
    					Youtube Video Walkthrough link:
    Intel: This is a helicopter mission, so none.  Only  thing is that visibility is
    	This is a really simple level, just shoot up all of the guys on the
    ground.  At the very beginning you're going to have a bunch of trucks to shoot.
    Blast these things up.  Keep an eye on the bars in the bottom right corner.  If
    it's all green and you're full then that means that you're gun is cool, if it
    gets lower and gets orange it means your gun is overheating.  After your initial
    combat you're going to have a break and you'll be able to watch a little "tv".
    Then your pilot will say: "we're closing in on the camp" then you're going to
    fly low into this camp and then you just have to start shooting everything up.
    Some APCs will come driving in and you should take them out.  One tip I have is
    shoot the transport c ars, because when they blow up you'll kill nearby foot
    	Once the camp is cleared out you have to take out a convoy which consists
    of transport trucks and APCs.  You have to take out most of them, so get on it.
    I recommend targeting the APC gunner vehicles first as they can shoot back at
    	Once they're all dead then you pull on another camp and do the same thing.
    Be ready to strafe into the area with your guns blazing.  Once the camps cleared
    out then you're all done.
    				Youtube Video Walkthrough:
    D. This Place is an Infierno
    Battlefield: Suburbs.  Low Visibility.
    Hostiles: High density.  Heavily armored vehicles
    Miscellaneous: for close range combat pull out secondary gun.
    Okay, so as soon as you boot up this mission you should run across the grounds
    slide behind these pipes that are laying on the ground.  Now you're going to
    think, why do that, there are enemies just to your left?  Well, there are guys
    that you'll be facing over in the middle, to the right of the guys on the left.
    You have to do what I call "securing a flank" which is when you take on a force
    and you chip away at one of the flanks.  Once the guys ahead of you are done,
    then you can go back and focus on the other guys.
    Once that first initial courtyard is cleared out, then you can start to head
    towards your objective.  Now remember those first rebels you took out that we're
    straight ahead of where you started? The rebels on the right flank that you were
    concerned about?  Well now go back that way and flank around the objective.  Now
    send your allies to where the enemies were on the left.  Basically pull up the
    tactical map and send your allies one way, and you go the other.  This will be
    enable you to flank the guys and send your allies in.    Watch me do it on my
    walkthrough.  Anyway
    Now you have to grab a ZUES rocket launcher, and a secondary weapon.  Start
    heading towards your objective with the ZEUS in hand.  Now walk towards the
    street where your friendly tank is located, but look up the street onto the
    bridge.  There is a tank there.  Shoot a rocket at it, then jump back into cover
    and get to where the shell the tank fires won't kill you.  Then pop out again
    and shoot the tank again.  If you're having trouble shooting the tank, you can
    also use the bombed out building next to the street with the stairs leading up
    to it.
    Once the tank is done you get a checkpoint.  Go up the bridge and take command
    of your APC Stryker.  Tell it to move forward until you start to take fire. Make
    sure to stay right behind the APC stryker.  Now once you start taking fire try
    and take out who you can, then head towards the buildings that are to your right
    and you'll see a little alley.  Take this alley way and use it to flank the
    enemies that your allies should be engaging right now.  Now be careful because
    there are other enemies on the other side.  There should be an enemy marksman up
    in one of the buildings to your right, when you exit the alley way, so be
    careful of that guy too.
    	Keep heading towards your objective an get your allies up to speed with
    you.  There will be a bunch of enemies in the street around the objective area,
    so get your allies over there and put your marksman to work.  There are a couple
    of cars that are on fire that you can take cover behind, so utilize these and
    get your allies behind them.  From then on it's just a matter of shooting up the
    remaining guys until your next checkpoint.  I recommend using the burnt out bus
    as cover, that's an excellent source of protection.
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    				***CHECKPOINT***  (Rally point = re-equip)
    	Okay, so now we're going to head out onto this big bridge, and what I
    recommend doing is just sprinting down the bridge, even after the explosion and
    diving behind the car at the far end of the bridge.  From here you're going to
    have a great view of all of the rebels in the area.  What you're going to see is
    a clump of rebels running across the open ground, to regroup with their allies.
    The rebels will come to your left, so you can probably hit a few of them before
    they make it.  Once the initial area is cleared, then move up to the next car.
    Just keep doing this, just move up from car to car until you get a great view of
    the rebels.  Now what I did with my squad was put them up in the little building
    to the right.  You'll see it, it has steps that lead up to it, it's built with
    arches, like an open ampitheatre.  So move your guys up there and have them so
    they are hitting the rebels  farther down.  Now you stay where you are and do 
    the job of sniper.  Now soon enough a tank is going to come rolling in.  I got
    one word for you, RUN!!  Get behind cover and stay there.  You will be granted
    Air Strike Support, then you should air strike the tank.  Now you're going to
    encounter a few APC's and whatnot, but you can still use your airstrike on them,
    so they won't be a problem.  Then just get your marksman to work to finish off
    the last guys in the area.  Once all of the rebels are dead then you're good for
    the objective and done with the mission.  You just need to extract.
                           Youtube video walkthrough link:
    				END OF ACT 1
    E. You'll be inserted Solo
    Hostiles: lightly armed.
    Battlefield:low visibility. Urban. Roof Acess. 
    Miscellaneous: Operation behind enemy lines. Alone
    Ok so now you're on your own.  As soon as you land and are ready to go start
    heading to your right and go through the stairs.  Then continue down the roof
    and go up some more stairs.  Then on this roof there will be a tango to take out
    so be ready for that.  Then to the left of where you killed the guy is a ramp
    that leads down to another roof, which in turn leads to another roof.  Now there
    is a rebel on this roof so get ready for that guy.  Now when you get near this
    guys now dead body, make sure to look to the right.  Up in this church steeple
    or whatever should be another rebel, so make sure you drop him.  You're going to
    have to shoot him over this wall.  Now below the tower is another courtyard
    which has another rebel in there as well, so get him.  Now to the left of the
    first guy you killed, the guy on the roof, is a ramp that leads around to the
    other building.  Take this ramp, but be careful because there are 2 guys that
    are waiting for you in the next building, so be really careful, use your night
    vision.  Then shoot those guys, and just keep continuing down through the area.
    Onto the next roof we go, and there is at least one guy there, maybe two so be
    ready for them, keep using your night vision.  Once you pop those guys take the
    ramp all the way down until you're at your objective.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link for part 1:
    	So you're now being told that rebel reinforcements are coming, and that
    you have to hold all of them off.  See the sandbags?  Take cover behind those
    and you'll be just fine.  There will be a couple transport trucks that come
    through, but one will just drive off and the other will actually dump guys off.
    Just mow all of them down.  Make sure you use your gun camera, because that's
    the big advantage you have.  Also, USE YOUR NIGHT VISION!!  That makes it so
    much easier.  Once all of the rebels are dead then you get a checkpoint.
    	Ok, so now start heading towards your objective.  It will lead you past
    this old style looking gate and into a cemetery.  Before you step foot in the
    cemetery, try and take out any guys you can.  Turn on your Night Vision and
    start lighting them up.  Once you've gotten all the guys you can from that spot,
    start working your way down the ramp, and into the actual cemetery.  Be careful,
    there are 2 rebels in the first courtyard that you enter, which you should be in
    right now.  Take them out, then continue down the other ramp into the main
    	Now beware, because there are rebels in this area so you have to be
    careful.  Use the tombstones and mausoleums for cover, and keep advancing.  You
    have to watch your right flank, because rebels will often be hiding in the
    vegetation, so be careful when you're moving up.  Once you start to get near the
    objective things really start to heat up.  Just take your time, use your night
    vision, and take out the rebels in the area. Remember they will be anywhere from
    the vegetation, or in the cemetery itself.  Just keep going until you get down
    to your objective.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Now walk out into the street and take cover on the street corner to your
    left.  There will be rebels to your left, so stick on your night vision goggles
    and take them out.  Once you take them out then continue down the street and go
    to the mule and gear up, and grab your intel
                      Hostiles: Expect Snipers
                      Battlefield: Low Visibility. Urban. Roof Access.
                      Miscellaneous: use the mule to change weapons.
    	Now continue up into the street and there will be a set of stairs to your
    left, take these stairs and you'll gain roof access.  Once you're up there start
    scanning the objective area with your drone.  Once you locate the guys you
    should start to open fire.  There is one marksman up by the billboard
    silhouetted against the sun.  Take him out, then start working on the guys who
    are below him.  Once the initial guys are taken out, then start working your way
    to the fallback position, aka the objective area.
    	Now the first big street you're going to encounter off of the fight you
    just had is a big apc and a bunch of soldiers in the area.  I strongly recommend
    using a grenade and then do a clean up job on whoevers left.  Be aware though of
    the marksmen who are in the area.  That's why I strongly recommend scanning the
    ground area around your objective as well as the buildings around it.  Once you
    take out who ever's left, then get to the objective zone.
    	Now start heading towards your objective, go up the stairs and you're
    going to be on a balcony overlooking a huge area.  Start scanning the area and
    then get your sniper rifle to work.  There is one guy up on the top of the
    building slightly to the right.  There are a couple of guys inside the buildings
    in the area.  You might have to attract their attention first by shooting a
    couple of rounds, then they'll pop out of their hole.  Once they're gone and
    taken out then go to the objective area and you're all taken care of for the
    			Youtube Video Walkthrough:
    F. The Price of Peace
    	In this level you are paired with your ghost squadmates, as well as a
    couple loyalist mexican soldiers.  The loyalists control the same way as the
    ghosts do.  Sometimes you'll have to revive them as well if they get knocked
    down, so be ready for that.  Okay, let's get going
    	So when you start the mission you're still going to have your sniper rifle
    with you.  So your allies are going to have to be the main assault dudes, at
    least until you get to the rally point.  Ok at missions start  you should
    immediately look straight down the street and wait a couple of seconds.  Chances
    are that a few rebels will come wandering out.  Then you know what to do.  Now
    on the left side of the street are these buildings, one of them has a marksman
    in them, so be sure to take out the marksman.  Once you take out those guys, now
    take cover behind the parking barrier, and start ordering your squadmates into
    the courtyard at the right.  Here's what I would do.  You have the courtyard, so
    have the ghosts attack it from the courtyards left side, or the side that the
    street is on.  Have the loyalist soldiers attack the courtyard head on.  So on a
    compass if the courtyard was in the middle, then the ghosts would attack from
    the west, and the loyalist soldiers from the south.  Then you just keep sniping
    and taking out the rebels inside.  I recommend using grenades as well.  Then you
    just have to get to the rally point where you'll get equipment, allies, and
    			Hostiles: Unknown
    			Battlefield: Urban, ruins. Uneven. Low visibility.
    			Miscellaneous: Highly dangerous area.  Enemies everywhere.
    	Now you're standing next to the truck look down the streets, because there
    will be guys there.  Look down the street that is to the left of your objective
    and the one leading right to it.  If you see anyone then just take them out.
    Then start heading towards your objective, down the street.  Once you get to the
    intersection then make a left and get ready to go around the corner.  Move your
    guys up behind some cover in the street around the corner, and then look in the
    ruined buildings to the left.  There should be some rebels in that building, so
    get ready to take them out.  Once they're gone, then start moving down the
    	Now get ready for some action.  Be weary of enemies in the ruined area,
    and actually on the street, there is a building to the right with a couple of
    rebels inside of it.  Get ready to take them out as well.  Now what I do is have
    my allies start moving down the street, then I work my way through the ruined
    area on the left.  That will take out any guys who are in the street in this
    area.  Now once you get up to the intersection go left until you get to a big
    clearing area, near an area that looks like a football stadium.  Then continue
    down the road near the AA gun (objective) that is on the right.  There is
    another street that you can send your guys into.  So send in your squadmates so
    that they engage the enemies there head up, then you should go all the way
    behind the AA gun and shoot up the tangos from there.  Then set a C4 charge on
    the AA gun and blow it to kingdom come.
    	Now start to head towards the other two AA guns.  You will be lead to a
    huge clearing inhabited by a few terrorists.  Be ready to take them out.  Use
    the parking barriers to work your way towards the objective, and pop enemy
    rebels that you can get.  Once you clear out the main courtyard then start
    heading out of the area, that is towards the objectives.  There will be a corner
    you're going to have to cross, and there will be 4 or 5 rebels right there.  So
    poke your head out and nail those guys that you can get.  If you can't get all
    of them quick enough, then keep an eye on where they are, then move your allies
    into the area, behind a car or other cover.  There will be a bunch of guys right
    next to the AA gun, so throwing a grenade in there wouldn't be a bad idea.  Just
    keep moving your guys around the area, and then get ready to take out any bad
    guys you come across.  Then waltz right in there and plant some C4 on that bad
    boy.  (AA GUN)
    	Okay, start heading towards the third and final AA gun.  You probably took
    out all of the rebels because the second AA gun and the third one are right next
    to each other.  Just make sure though, clear the area out, then set a charge and
    blow up the AA gun.
    			Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Now just head towards the rally point where you are going to re equip and
    get some intel.
    		Hostiles: Expect Heavy Armored Vehicles
    		Battlefield: Urban. Open. Uneven
    		Miscellaneous: Enemy reinforcements are converging on your position
    Ok. So what I do is get behind some cover, and Infantry are going to begin to
    rush you.  Start taking out whoever you can, but as soon as the Tanks come, you
    got to get to safety.  You're going to notice a tunnel that leads underground.
    Once the tanks show up get down there and just sit tight.  You will be granted
    Air Strike support soon, and once you get that, well, you know what to do.  Just
    start blowing up any of the tanks or vehicles in the area, as well as APCs or
    other vehicles.  Now once all of the tanks are taken care of, stick your head up
    and do a real quick clean up job, just take out any enemy rebels that might
    still be up.
    	Now all you have to do is reach extraction.  Easy right?  Well, not quite.
    There will still be rebels that you have to take out, so be ready for that.  You
    will encounter these enemies once you cross the bridge and are right next to the
    church.  What I recommend doing is diving behind these little curb/side walk
    like structures next to the church, and get you squadmates behind a car.  From
    here you just keep taking out any rebels that you can.  If you have a marksman
    on you then that's great, because you'll now be able to take out guys a lot
    easily from long range.  Once you clear it out then move towards the extraction
    point, but you won't get extracted...
    	Immediately get behind one of those big things with the plants in them.  I
    can't think of a good word to describe them but that's it.  So have your allies
    take one flank, and you hang back in the rear.  Just take out the enemies that
    you can get.  A lot of guys will come from the left side and try to pierce
    through the center, so you have to stop them.  Again, you don't need to take out
    all of the guys, you basically just need to stay alive, because some guys is
    going to swing by in a Hummer and pick you up.  So just make sure that you kill
    enough rebels so that you don't get killed running to the humvee.  Once you do
    get in the Humvee, you're good to go.
    				Youtube Video walkthrough link:
    G. On your Own
    	This is a level that is done, well, on your own.  The first thing you
    should do is take cover behind the car that is to your left.  Now start shooting
    whoever you can on the left flank.  A transport truck will upll up, and it
    recommend shooting it up or throwing a grenade at it, the reason being that when
    it blows up, it will kill any enemies in the area.  There will be a few guys
    that will run out into the open, and will make pretty easy targets.  Don't even
    worry about the enemies on the right flank.  Once you take out a bunch of the
    guys on the left side, then go down the road on the left side and flank around.
    You're going to now see a huge road.  Now scope in on the car that is to the
    left.  You should see a rebel run in there.  Shoot him up, and then get up to
    that car.  Now start peeking around the car and see if there is are any other
    rebels that need a bullet in the face.  If not then look to your right, up on
    the little hill.  There is a big mass of tarp, concrete, and other construction
    materials.  Run up to this and dive behind it.  Now from here prone, and start
    to peek around and pop the rebels.  There is a big wooden fence that should be
    opposite of where you are.  Now look at the cars that are right next to it.
    These cars are most likely sheltering rebels, so shoot the cars up, or just pick
    off the rebels behind the cars if you see them.  There might be some rebels near
    the houses as well, so take them out if you see them.
    	Once the rebels in this courtyard are gone, now head around the corner and
    start to head up the hill.  Now you should see a rebel sprinting across open
    ground.  Just drop this guy, then head into the shanty town.  There might be a
    rebel or two, so again be ready to take out any guys in there.  Then head
    towards the objective which is the mule, and then re equip.
    				Youtube Video walkthrough link:
    				http://youtube.com/watch?v=sNH8PnRas5c ( skip to about 2
    and a half minutes because the first 2 and a half is when I died)
    			Hostiles: Unknown
    			Battlefield: Hilly. Desert. Uneven.
    			Miscellaneous: You mustn't be captured. Extract at all costs
    	Ok. As soon as you've geared up, start to head up the hill.  Now prone
    about halfway through, then crawl all the way up.  You will see two guys just
    sitting down beneath you.  You can throw a grenade, use your Zeus or just shoot
    them up.  Once they're dead mortars are going to start crashing down on you.  So
    sprint down the road and get underground into that little parking lot thing.
    Continue into the parking lot, and you'll get a checkpoint.
    	So now you're being informed that a couple of enemy birds are coming your
    way and that you need to take them out.  Wait for the helicopters to fly by your
    position, then go out and get ready to greet them.  Take cover behind a pillar
    or something, and then take aim and hit them.  A little tip I have is that if
    you're scoping, then put the scope up by the rotary blades because the rocket
    always goes less than the scope says it will.  Be quick to shoot, because there
    is a guy on each of the choppers who is gunning you.  Once you take out both of
    the choppers then get to the extraction point and you're done.
    					Youtube video walkthrough link:
    H. Failure is NOT an option!!!
    	This is another helicopter gunner mission, and a pretty easy one at that.
    One tip I really have for you is shoot up all of the transport trucks, because
    then the truck will blow up and kill any soldiers inside or around it.  There
    are some soldiers on the roofs.  Make sure to target the Anti Tank gunners
    first, then take out the others.  After the first couple of roofs you're going
    to have to take out a transport truck, so do that.  Then your helicopter is
    going to start going by more roofs with more rebels on them.  Then you're going
    to have to take out nother truck, then another set of roofs.
    	Now you're going to enter into a big courtyard with trucks driving
    through.  Your mini gun will just shoot up any trucks that you run into.  Once
    the trucks are taken out, then just shoot up random rebels until you pull out of
    the area.
    	Now you're going to have to protect a convoy.  So the main thing to do is
    take out all of the APC's and armored vehicles.  The reason is that they pose
    the most threat to your convoy.  Another thing is that they'll blow up any
    nearby rebels.  So just keep shooting them up, and if you can take out some
    rebels.  Just switch between looking at the leader and the guy in the back, and
    if any enemies come for either of them then just take them out.  Most attacks
    are going to come from the back, so be ready for that.  
    	Now your convoy is going to enter a clearing and this is when the most
    intense attack comes.  There are going to be a bunch of enemy vehicles coming
    for you convoy, so just shoot them up.  Then you're going to have to take out a
    couple of enemy choppers, but only one at a time.  So just shoot up the choppers
    and you're good to go.  One tip I have for that is if the chopper is really far
    away, and you're getting near overheating, you should let the gun cool instead
    of continuously shooting.  Just shoot up the choppers and the missions over.
    				Youtube Video Walkthrough Link:
    				End of Mission
    i. Get me Rosen
    Hostiles: Lightly Armed. Expect Snipers.
    Battlefield: Open Hilly.
    Miscellaenous: Recon Operation. Be stealthy
    	Okay, so at the start of the mission sprint up towards the hill and crawl
    up it.  Now scope in off to the right.  There should be two guys walking
    together, so pop them off real quick.  Once they're gone look down to the big
    tree past the barnyard.  There should be two guys about 20 feet apart, so pop
    those guys off.  Now you should get off of the hill, run down and take a right
    into the little canyon area.  Now be ready though, because when you get near the
    exit of the canyon there will be a marksman on the hill opposite you.  Make sure
    you pop him in the head.  Now continue around the bend and you'll be looking
    into the courtyard you were just looking at over the hill.  Basically from here
    you just have to shoot up the guys in the area.  Whip out you MP5 if you have
    to, and just shoot up the guys in the area.  Now be careful, because there are
    guys inside of the barn as well, so I recommend throwing grenades into the barn.
    Use the big Oil cylinders in front of the barn as cover and move in there with
    your MP5.  Once the barn is clear then set some C4 on the Helicopter, get the
    hell outside and watch the fireworks.
    	Ok, so now you should choose one of the objectives to attack.  I chose the
    left one, so let's do that one.  Start heading towards the objective, until you
    get into a large clearing by a road.  Then whip out your UAV drone real quick
    and scan the entire area.  Now you should see a couple of guys inside of the
    buildings, one of them will be standing on the wall.  Take out this guy.  Then
    start to take out the guys on the road behind the car, on your right flank. Then
    you're going to hear a transport truck, this is your cue to high tail out.  Try
    a grenade or two, see what you can get.  Get behind that big rock formation so
    that you're facing the rear of the truck.  Lob some grenades over there and see
    what you can get.  Then just whip out your sniper rifle and start chipping away
    at the guys by the truck.  Take out the guys behind the car, and just work your
    way up.  This part takes a while.  You just have to be patient.  
    				Youtube Video Walkthrough Link:
    	Now one thing to keep in mind is that while your working over here, a
    couple of enemy soldiers might stray from the other zone near you, so look over
    your back every now and then.  Once the transport truck area is clear, then move
    up to it and take cover behind it.  From here you have a great angle of attack
    to the main zone.  From here you just have to take cover and shoot up who you
    see.  Use your sniper rifle if necessary, although you might be able to get some
    MP5 kills.  Once the zone is cleared, then you get a checkpoint.
    	The second zone is a lot easier.  Start heading towards it, and once you
    get relatively near it, then whip out your UAV drone and scan the entire area.
    Now once the scan is done and you know where they are then head into this little
    opening in the rock formation.  Get your sniper out and ready and start popping
    the guys.  If you have to use your MP5 then do it, but use your sniper rifle
    when you can.  Grenades can also be effective.  Once the area is cleared then
    you'll have to move to a rally point and get a checkpoint.  Get a marksman by
    the way.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Now start heading to your objective, head towards the right and then once
    you get to the top of the hill and near some cattle fences, and you see arches
    in the distance, then whip out your UAV drone and scan the entire area.  Now
    you're going to probably find some enemies inside of the arches building, so get
    your marksman to work.  Once you take out who you can, then start to move into
    the arched building.  There will be plenty of rebels for your marksman to shoot.
    Once you're in the arched building make sure that there isn't anyone in there.
    Now exit out of the building the way you came, and look to the left, into the
    ruined buildings.  Take out any guys you see in there, once that's take care of
    go back into the arched building.  Be careful because there is a chain fence on
    the right, and there still might be guys in there.  Once the arched area is
    clear, then go right up toe the other side and take cover against it.  Now clear
    out any enemies that you see on the ground right in front of you.  There might
    be a couple of guys at the top of the buildings in the distance, so take any of
    those guys out as well.  Once that area is clear, then scan the next area.
    	Now continue down nearer to your objective until you meet stiff
    resistance.  Have your allies take cover behind one of the plant things.  There
    will be a bunch of rebels on the tops of the roofs, so have your marksman start
    popping guys, and you can probably do a lot of damage yourself.  Once that area
    is clear head inside the building right next to the objective and clear it out.
    Find Rosen, who you've been trying to rescue and then you're objective is going
    to be complete.
    				Youtube Video Walkthrough link:
    	Now head to the top of the building and take cover up there.  Leave your
    allies down at the bottom, behind cover obviously, and go to the top.  From here
    you're going to be rushed by a bunch of guys.  You just need to hold your
    position for a couple of minutes then you get extracted.  Just sit tight.  Use
    short and controlled bursts when firing, and try and hit the rebels when they're
    running across the open.  Not a whole lot to say, but just stay in cover and
    you'll be fine.  Once the chopper comes, then move to extraction.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    J. Who the Hell are these guys?
    At the start of the level you have control over an APC Stryker.  So what you're
    going to be doing a lot of is having the APC move up until you start to take
    fire, then you take cover behind it and shoot up the guys.  Rinse and Repeat.
    Now at the start have your APC start driving down until you encounter some
    serious fire.  Then take cover behind it and start taking out the guys on the
    right side.  There will only be a couple of guys on the right, and they'll be in
    the open.  Now look to the left and there will be some sandbags and some rebels
    will be in there so take them out.
    Now start heading down the street and you're going to see a bunch of rebels down
    the street.  Get your Marksman to work, as well as the APC Stryker.  Now have
    that stryker move down that really long street, and you're going to be right at
    the first objective, the AA position.  Now stay behind your APC because there
    are a lot of guys right in the trench where the AA is.  Make sure your allies
    are with you and start shooting the guys up.  Your APC will do really good too
    so use that against them.  One thing to keep in mind is that the guys right next
    to the AA gun are some Anti Tank gunners, who will seriously hurt your APC.
    There is also a couple of guys above you, on the balcony so be ready for them
    too.  Once the area is cleared out then set some C4 on the AA gun and then get
    the hell outta there.
    	Now start to have your APC continue down, and it's going to make a U turn,
    and then it's going to make a right turn.  Now let it continue down until you
    see a couple of rebels.  There will be a guy on the roof as well.  Just take out
    the rebels, and then continue. Your APC will make a left turn and will lead you
    into a little clearing.  There will be guys on the balconies, as well as guys on
    the ground.  To the left is a burnt out car.  Have your allies take cover behind
    it.  Then focus on the guys on the balcony to the very right.  Once they're
    taken out then take a look to the left and take out whoevers left.  Once they're
    all dead then set some C4 on the AA gun.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Now we're being told that we need to head to this rebel HQ and take it
    out.  Start heading towards it, and you're going to go up a hill, and then there
    will be a balcony like overhanging position over the HQ.  Start shooting the
    guys up.  Once all of those guys are taken care of then go down the ramp to the
    right and get right up to the HQ.
    	Now you have to defend your position against an enemy rush.  Get behind
    one of the big cement blocks, and make sure your allies are behind one as well,
    and start hitting the rebels as they run.  One big tip I have is make sure that
    they don't get to your left, because then you have two flanks to cover.  Just
    shoot them up before they get all the way to your left side.  They'll have to
    run across a bunch of open ground, so hit them there.  For some reason at this
    point in the level a lot of the rebels are running across open ground.  As
    always, your marksman will make a huge difference.  Once you hold the area for
    long enough, then you have to go to the rally point. 
    				Hostiles: High Density. Expect RPGS
    				Battlefield: Urban, Ruins, low visibility.
    				Miscellaneous: Join operation with bravo team.
    	Now order your tank to move forward until you get into an area filled with
    enemies.  Start taking them out.  Also, use your little bird, which is a little
    chopper.  The chopper is great for taking out infantry, because it has miniguns
    on it.  There aren't that many, but soon enough you're going to encounter a APC.
    Have your tank take it out, then have the tank continue down the street.  You're
    going to get to an area where there is a bombed out building to the right.  Take
    cover right next to it and start shooting up the guys in there.  There will be a
    couple rebels in the balcony, as well as a couple on the ground level.  Use your
    little bird to take out the balcony guys.  Once that building is cleared, as
    well as the surrounding area then head through the building and outside.
    				Youtube Video Walkthrough Link:
    	Ok.  Have your tank continue through.  You're going to go a little ways,
    but there won't be many rebels.  Soon enough you're going to see a large
    pillared area to your left.  Go into here, leave your squadmates in the street,
    and start shooting up whoever's in this little alley.  Now continue through the
    alley, and go around the corner.  There is going to be another little alley
    place, so make sure you take out whoever's in there as well.  Make sure you have
    your squad moving down with you in the main street.
    	After the second tunnel is clear walk up to the corner but don't go around
    it.  An APC will be there as well as a Troop transport.  This is hog heaven for
    your littlebird, so have your little bird get some work done.  Once all of the
    vehicles are done then go around the corner and take cover against the burnt out
    car to the left.  Basically from here it's a clean up job.  Just shoot up
    whatever rebels are left, or let your little bird do it for you.  Once they're
    dead go up and regroup at the blackhawk.  Now you're going to get some shooting
    	Now you're the gunner of this helicopter.  You're going to pull over what
    looks like a huge parking lot, and all of these rebels are going to come
    running.  Just shoot them up.  Now what's cool is that you're going to be given
    support of an air strike, so just if you see a vehicle, get an air strike on it
    and it will kill all rebels in the area.  This will allow you to focus on the
    infantry, which there will be plenty of.  What's fun and interesting about this
    level is that the rebels come in droves, meaning that they just come in huge
    packs.  It's like fodder for your cannon.
    	After a while an enemy helicopter is going to come, and you have to take
    it out.  It's really easy though because the enemy chopper doesn't really shoot
    at you, so just shoot it up.  Then you're actually done with this level.
    				Youtube video walkthrough:
    					END OF ACT 2
    K. CODENAMED: Farallon
    Hostiles: Expect Mercenaries, heavy weapons
    Battlefield: Suburbs, high visibility
    Miscellaneous: Battle on US soil
    	Ok, so at the very start of your mission whip out your tactical map.  The
    area that you're going to attack actually has two places you can come from. 
    There's a place to the left and right.  You'll see it on my video.  Anyway have
    your squadmates go to the right, go ahead and keep your infantry with you.  Have
    your squad mates go through the opening, and scan the area.  From here you and
    your infantry should go to the left, and you'll basically be attacking the huge
    courtyard from two sides.  Be aware of marksmen, because there are a lot of them
    on the tops of the buildings and such.  I strongly recommend taking out the
    marksmen first, then start working on the guys on the ground.
    	Once all of the guys are taken care of then regroup with your allies and
    head to your objective.  There are a couple of guys on the top of the building
    right behind the large bus.  Be careful of those guys.  As soon as you walk into
    the area there will be a huge ambush, so take cover.  I took cover behind some
    garbage cans to the right, still in the alley in the upper right corner.  There
    is plenty of cover.  Most of the rebels are to the left, so what I did is move
    my allies up to the left of the bus, then I flanked around the right and shot up
    the rebels, because my squadmates caused a distraction.  After the entire area
    is clear then just go to the complex and you're good to go.
    	Ok so now a bunch of guys are going to come from the left.  Take cover
    behind one of the plant holder things, and get your marksman to work, assuming
    you have one.  Scan the area as well, and start working away from there.  Use
    your tactical map to give your marksman orders.  There is a lot of open ground,
    so it's not hard to finish up whoevers in the open.  Once the area is clear then
    go up to the complex area and then get a checkpoint.  Beware, there still might 
    be guys up there.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Now from here your marksman has a good vantage point.  Scan the objective
    zone, and then give your marksman the snipe order on who ever you can kill.
    Once you've gotten who you can, then bring your squadmates down with you and
    start to continue down the stairs and towards your objective.  An enemy
    helicopter is going to land, and then drop off 4 or 5 guys.  SO take cover and
    then shoot up the guys.  Then proceed.  Now you're going to get near the fire
    zone.  What I did was you're going to notice a bunch of buildings to your right.
    Pull up your tactical map.  Now look at the buildings to the right.  You'll see
    a little alley going through them, so have your infantry go through one of them.
    Now have your squad mates just go around the normal way, have them take cover.
    Now what you do is go to the left.  See those cars?  Go through those, and then
    the little building surrounded by stairs to the left?  Go in there.  Now make
    sure that you clear out the back area, because there is a little area behind
    this building.  You'll see what I mean.  Now look out the windows and start
    shooting up who ever you can.  Once the courtyard is cleared then go into the
    building just across from you.  You need to clear this area out as well.  There
    will be some guys to your right, up in the balconies, as well as a couple of
    guys directly to your left.  
    	Once that area is cleared out then go back into the building you were just
    in and go up that ramp.  There should be some guys on the top of the building as
    well as on the ground.  Now take cover.  A bunch of rebels should start popping
    their heads out of the windows.  Start shooting them up.  Work your way from one
    side.  Like if you're taking cover on the left side, then shoot the guys at the
    right and work your way across.  
    	Once you've killed the guys in there, then go into the building and start
    clearing the inside of it.  This is kind of like rainbow six, because you're
    going to be clearing the inside of the building and going up stairs at the same
    time.  Just be real careful, and if you have to send your guys in on a suicide
    rush up the stairs.  That will some times work.  Once you get up to the top
    you'll get a checkpoint.
    					Youtube Video walkthrough link:
    	Now look around.  There will be a bunch of LMGs and grenade launch guns
    laying around.  What I do is pick up a grenade launcher.  Head to the roof.  Now
    you're going to need to shoot up a couple of choppers, and the launcher will
    make short work of them.  Once you run out of grenade ammo, then go back down
    into the room and pick up an LMG.  There's not a whole lot of strategy, just hit
    them with your LMG/Grenade launcher.  You can also give your squad the order to
    attack them.  Your gunner will do well because he has an LMG, so you can do that
    as well. 
    	Once the choppers are taken care of then just head out to extraction.  Now
    all we got left is one level.  We're on the home stretch.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    L. Just shut up and do your job
    	Ok, so as soon as the level starts take cover behind the burnt out car,
    then move over to the right, until the right.  Take cover behind the plastic
    stuff, then move to the next one, and then take cover behind the wooden little
    wall.  From here you can hit the guys to your left.  Now leave your allies where
    ever they started.  Once the guys to your left are taken care of then you can
    start to focus on who ever is at the top of the hill.  Once you've gotten who
    you can then head up the hill.  Now beware, there might be a guy to the left at
    the top.  Now send your guys around on the right side, and you take cover at the
    corner to the left.
    				Youtube video walkthrough link:
    	Now stick your head around the corner and shoot up who ever you can.  If
    you can't get anybody else, then take cover behind the burnt up car.  From here
    you should take cover on the left side of the car and take out the guys on the
    left.  Then start moving inward, as in take out the left most guy, then start
    shooting the other guys to the right.  Now if you need help, then pull up your
    tactical map and have your guys move opposite of you, on the other side of the
    building.  Like this:     a () b. a=your position ()=building b=squad mates
    position.  Hope that wasn't to confusing.  Your allies will be able to hit them
    from this side.  Once that area is clear then start heading towards your
    	You're now going to start heading down a hill, and an APC is going to
    drive by you.  Now what's going to happen is it's going to go around the
    building and come behind you.  So get in a good position.  Just take cover, and
    then whip out your LMG and shoot it up.  You can use a grenade as well.
    	Once the APC is taken care of then start going back down that hill.  There
    is a little kiosk like thing that I recommend you take cover behind.  Now get
    your allies in a good position, because rebels are going to come from
    everywhere.  Just hang tight, they're mainly going to come from the left side.
    Just sit back and keep nailing the guys as they come in.  Once you've held your
    position then you'll get a checkpoint.
    	Now you're being told that you have to hold another position.  The
    difference is that there are turrets provided.  So make sure that you order a
    squad mate onto the one turret, and you man the other.  From here it's basically
    just shooting up the enemies as they come.  I don't really know what to tell
    you, but target APC's more than infantry, and then take out whatever rebels are
    left.  Once they're dead you get a checkpoint.  Then move to the rally point to
    get another checkpoint.  
    		Hostiles: High density, heavily armed. Lightly armored vehicles
    		Battlefield: Suburbs. Large
    		Miscellaneous: Failure is not an option.  (on other missions it was)
    	Now you're being given control over a tank and little bird, so use them as
    you did on the who the hell are these guys level.  Have your tank move up to the
    top of the hill.  Then have your tank blow up the APC's at the base of the hill.
    Once the area is clear move up under the bridge and you get a checkpoint.
    	Have your abrams tank move up a little bit, until you see a bunch of
    enemies.  You're going to see a lot of infantry as well as APCs.  So have your
    tank take out APCs, and have your little bird take out the infantry.  Now
    underneat this little connector between two buildings is some infantry.  Whip
    out your scoped gun and finish them.  Now you're going to see a little truck to
    the right.  Head over there, and then give your squad the order to start moving
    up the little ramps.  They're going to get busy fast.  Go up the ramp to join
    them and while you're heading up you're going to see some guys at 3 oclock and
    guys at 1 oclock.  Get ready for these guys.  There are some oil barrels that I
    recommend taking cover behind. What I did was take cover behind the barrels that
    were right up against the railing, then shoot the guys that were straight ahead.
    Take them out real quick, and then take out the guys who are to the left. That's
    all there is to it.  Now what you do is head to the top of the little hill where
    you just shot a bunch of the guys.  Take cover behind the oil things, and an
    enemy chopper is going to ride right up to you.  Just stay behind cover, and
    either shoot up the chopper, or shoot the gunner.  If you shoot the gunner the
    chopper will leave.  Once you've dealt with the chopper then sit tight, and
    you'll be given Air strike support.  Air strike the objective and get the hell
    outta there.  Once the air strike is landed, that's it.  You're done with the
    				Youtube video walkthrough:
    				End of mission
    				END OF ACT 3
    				END OF GRAW 2 Campaign
    V. Copyright and Legal Notice
    This guide may not be reproduced, copied, changed, altered or posted in any way
    shape or form without prior consent.  This guide may not be copied unless for
    private use.  If you do post this guide on a site without prior consent I will
    prosecute.  You can get my consent at boardslide30@yahoo.com.  
    			Copyright 2007
    			Jake Parker
    VI. Acknowledgements and Contact info
    	If you have any questions to ask, comments or compliments, (no hate mail
    please) single player or multiplayer then go ahead and email me at
    boardslide30@yahoo.com.  My gamertag is bigbadblubanana as well, if you want to
    contact me there.  Please, no random friend requests.  I'm cool with adding you,
    but I need a message, or something, not just a random request.  I can't
    guarantee I'll add you, but I just might.  Anyway I'd just like to thank my
    family for being awesome, my computer for taking my abuse, and my xbox 360 for
    not crashing on me, as well as my family not going crazy while I filmed.   I'd
    like to thank gamefaqs.com for being an awesome gaming site.  The best!!!
    Lastly I'd like to thank you the reader for reading through this.

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