Review by Megatheria

Reviewed: 08/28/07

The popular Tom Clancy series makes a helluva PS3 debut!

This game was a very enjoyable experience for me, although it was not without its flaws. Let's just get to the nitty gritty here.

Graphics: 8/10
I felt the visuals for this game were very well done. From the rocky textures of the Mexican terrain to the moving shadows of a spinning windmill fan, the graphics of this game do very well in presenting themselves and displaying solid PS3 visuals, which contrary to IGN are NOT washed out looking. Nope, not even just a teensy bit. The visuals live up to their 360 counterpart. As a matter of fact, I found them to be slightly better, shadows were more apparent on people and the bloom effects did not seem so over done this time around. Explosions, some of the best I've ever seen, seemed brighter and more realistic. Some details seemed better than Rainbow Six Vegas, others not so much. It would have been more interesting if the grass you crawled through would sway from your presence, or at least flatten, instead of it simply passing through you. Breakthrough like this is a big no, no with me. Still, amazing visuals sure to attract many, and for good reason.

Sound: 9/10
The voice acting is really well done and believable. Nothing sounds faked. I really like the sounds of the explosions and movements. Footsteps sound like footsteps and guns sound like guns. Well, most of them, anyway. There is a lack of any real memorable soundtrack in this game(although I do like the cinematic opera sounds when cool things happen.), but it's not like the game really requires any. Music would probably take away from many of the more stealthier parts of the game.

Controls 7/10
This may be where the game suffers most. Don't get me wrong, the standard control setup is pretty responsive. I love that I have to hold L1 in order to hold my breath to get a more steady, accurate shot off my enemies. And the cover system in this game is almost as good as Rainbow Six Vegas, although I do like that all you have to do is run up to a wall to take cover, even if there are less options than R6V. But what really suffers here are the sixaxis controls. Moving vehicles with sixaxis was not a problem, I did not mind that so much. Running and throwing yourself forward to the ground was actually pretty cool. But the other parts that involved sixaxis were not nearly as responsive. In fact, the option to make Mitchell roll left or right may have been better left out of the game. The sixaxis were horrible for that, but even when using analog it was not a whole hell of a lot better. So rolling out the way in general was bad(unless you were lying down, in which case both sixaxis and the triangle buttons worked fine.). When you try to lower or raise Scott, the sixaxis just is not very responsive. Do yourself a favor and turn that option off. It'll save you a lot of headaches and needless laughter from spectators. Bottomline score would look more like this: Analog/ normal controls 8/10. Sixaxis 6/10. I decided to go in the middle for the over all.

Gameplay 8/10
The gameplay is really good, for the most part. It plays just like its 360 counterpart, no better or worse. Although there was one or two points in the game where for a split second there was a framerate drop, but it was hardly noticable. Contrary to certain belief, I saw no screen tearing. I can't even figure out where they got this idea from. There was none. Nada. Some lip synching work needed, as well as maybe slightly better character animations. Vehicles looked a little odd sometimes when in motion, but maybe that's just me. Great gameplay over all.

Online 8/10
The game features new online modes and new maps never before released for the 360, which is a big plus here. Online does not suffer from much lag and the graphics don't downgrade too much, either. The voice chat sound comes through clearly as well. Maps are usually huge with much exploration and plenty room for hiding and ambushing your enemies. They're pretty easy to get used to as well, although the cover system has been omitted from online. My only real major gripe with online is how hard it can be to get into a session. Sometimes when I want to play Team Elimination, I may have to just settle for something else of wait a while. But it can be worth it as online can be loads of fun.

Co-op 6/10
The extra co-op features are a really nice touch to a game that already features many extras. Graphics don't downgrade as much as online, but for some reason the view goes from first person to 3rd person. Unless there is a way to fix this, the game loses points. It is made to be played in 3rd person, so playing it in 1st person is just awkward and not nearly as fun. Still, if you can get pass this inconvenience, the many co-op modes can be fun to play.

Replay Value 8/10
With its addictive online that includes many new maps, its packing co-op, friends vs. friends, and over all fun singleplayer campaign, GRAW 2 has plenty of replay value that will have you coming back for more. Although, honestly, most will be coming back for the addicting online. Have fun, and hope this review helped!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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