Why the hell is this game so hard?????

  1. I have the difficulty level set on one and every time i try to attack the opponent all they ever do must be heavy punches or something cuz i seriously cant even land a single attack much less win a round and im 21 and have been playing the series for a long time, and i certainly remember beating this on sega genesis

    User Info: superkal388

    superkal388 - 8 years ago

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  1. On Easy (as established from all previous versions of almost any MK), the computer starts out dumb and learns REALLY FAST. On harder levels, the computer stays difficult but doesn't "learn" form you so much.

    On your first opponent, you can basically hold down the whole time and hit him with uppercuts for the whole thing (while on easy). It's also very apparent when you select a new character to continue. The computer needs to learn your tendencies and since you are a new character, you may be able to easily beat him.

    Just keep it mixed up. Don't do the same combos and don't let them get close to you.

    User Info: xymbalreborn

    xymbalreborn - 8 years ago 1 0

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