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"Who wants it more? Not me."

I think it's time for Madden to retire. He's getting old, feeble, and downright boring. Before I explain in detail why this game sucks like the next Hoover vacuum, I just want to say that I really, really looked for ways to make this particular game enjoyable. I.. don't know… I just feel like I've been conned in some way. Yup, this game fails.

Graphics: (6/10) Good, not great, and yeah, could be better. I'd say a moderate improvement from last generation's (PS2, Xbox) Madden. Moderate and I mean not a penny above moderate. Just look closely at the character models from both versions. I emphasize closely! Yup, looks great on the PS2 version, too right? It seems that they added wrinkles to the clothing and made the player “bigger” while adding some minor details on the field. Everything looks crisp, sure, but it's a football game, and you'll only be focusing on the players on the field, right? The players look nice and the field looks nice, but the crowd looks literally like crap. The crowd looks like something from the Sega Genesis console. But you don't pay attention to cheerleaders, field goal nets, crowds, photographers, or second-string players clapping like idiots from the bench, now do you? Anyway, it's not what's on the outside, it's how it plays, amirite? But hey, graphics don't make the game, the game play does.

Story: (.0001/10) Now you must be asking why I included a rating for the story. Hey, it's not my fault; EA Tiburon's the one that tried to push it. At the intro, you can hear a fellow Eagles teammate exclaim, “Can you feel it!? Can you feel that thing beating in your chest? Can you feel it!?” Uh, yeah, it's called a heart. Then they go on to make it all dramatic like by writing “It's not about who's stronger.” They then proceed to show a dramatic close up highlight of a player's face. “It's about who wants it more.” After playing this game, I've gotta say, no I don't want it at all. But I'm not gonna include this in the average. The score's low enough as it is.

Game play: (4/10) I remember when Madden used to be fun. Quick, fast paced, fun, and energetic (sort of, except you're sitting on the couch with a controller, but you get my point). Yeah, back in 2004. Frankly, I'd say Madden sucks now. Geez, there's just so many things wrong with this as a football game that I don't know where to start. Okay, you start off either kicking the ball or receiving the kick. I'll start with receiving the kick. Boom!! Everything from the kickoff looks good, but it's coming your way and… you've got it! Let's press turbo and run with the blockers. Okay, great, you just got tackled by two defenders at the 25 yard line. It's time for offense. “Set. Hut.” Jake Delhomme drops back to pass… Wait, why is Jake Delhomme taking baby steps while dropping back!? Oh crap, the RE is coming your way! Bam! Playing with the A.I. is ridiculous. On harder settings, even with a good offensive line, the defensive line will rip right through your O-Line faster than you can say “EA”. I love a challenge and I always play on All-Madden back in the PS2 days, but why does your O-Line severely suck at higher difficulties in Madden 08? You basically cannot allow your plays to develop, so you must throw it as fast as you can. What makes this even worse is that your QB always takes SLOW “baby steps” while manually dropping back to pass or getting in a position for your blocker to get the defender. You can use turbo on the QB if you want, but whatever direction you move, he'll face that way and throw the worst passes you ever did see. Sometimes, even with your feet set in, even the best Quarterbacks will just throw way, way, WAY off into the hands of a defender. I mean, what gives!! There is no excuse for this, not at all. Let's go on defense. On harder difficulties, it's just the opposite, your d-line sucks, while their o-line is like a brick wall. Also, when swatting a ball, there's about a one second lag that makes all the difference! Oh yeah, also, according to the laws in the Madden universe, an interception=touchdown.

Sound (6/10)- Don't even get me started. Radio guy? I mean, EA has a title called Madden and a random radio guy is narrating? Is this a joke? But tackles sound crunchy so that's a plus for me. But no audio for audibles?

But like they say, if you don't like it, don't buy it. Yup, I suggest you don't buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/24/07

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