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"A big step up from Madden 2007"

This years Madden NFL 2008 is a big step up from 2007. Finally there is alot more meat to the game. Still more development is needed to get this game to PS2 standards but what is presented is very good. The new features are awesome.

Graphics: (8.25/10) Graphics are improved over Madden 2007. There is more detail to players and stadiums. I like how the weather appears in the game as well. Graphics are very crisp. The only down side is that EA dropped the ball by not making this run at 60fps but instead at 30fps. But the frame drops only come up when the whistle is blown. Over all this game looks a lot nicer then the previous version. The fans can be a bit blurry at times. But my bigger beef is that you cannot see your far wide outs at the line. Also I'd like to see Referees and possibly Cheer Leaders on the side lines.

Game play: (8.25/10) This game play is classic Madden. The new weapon system makes the star players even more dangerous. The hit stick really adds to the games appeal. Problem I noticed were the number of fumble and interceptions encountered on both sides of the field. But this is resolved by adjusting the AI slide bars. I do notice the 30 sec clock some time starts at 20 secs. That can be bad. Hopefully the up coming fix will correct this. Other problems encountered are with the wide side of the field not being in view. This needs to be resolved other wise throwing to these receivers can be limited to guess work. This game is a big improvement over its 2007 version.

Sound (8/10)- 8 Sound is standard. I like the wizzing sound of the ball when kicked/thrown. On field chatter and hits sound great. The loud speaker voice calling the game is average at best. You would figure with that ESPN license they would get better color commentary. EA needs to step up here as well.

Other (5/10) - In this category the game gets a bit hammered. While the instant replay feature is a nice start it needs to be more fleshed out. NFL 2K5 used the ESPN license well for half time shows. Madden should follow this model. How about instant replays from not only your game but from other games during your week. An how about an options to save you instant replays.

Also missing is the lack of a play designer program. Plus no PSP link support. What were they thinking. And why does the Super Bowl in this game stink. Its like every other game you played during the season. But atleast you can import your NCAA players. Drafting is fun too.

Overall I'm happy with this release of Madden 2008 for the PS3. It needs a bit more innovation for a next gen game. Let hope they make this adjustment in the next installment.

Reviewer's Score: 8.25

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/28/07

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