"All-Madden, or all hype?"

Hello football fans!

Welcome to ANOTHER addition of Madden NFL football.

If haven't played a single Madden game in the series, or don't know jack about football, than this game will be even worse than the review states. Mainly because us veteran Madden players have gotten used to the lack of features and disappointing additions.

Gameplay 5/10

It's almost as if they don't want to make the game better. The gameplay is simplistic and not much different from the past Madden games. Find a receiver, throw the ball, whatever. Run the ball, whatever. It's all good right there. But there are so many things that take away from the game.

1. The glitches. My god, I don't think there are too many games that can beat this in terms of glitchiness. The original version already came with crippling bugs. The updated versions are not much better. There were bugs that prevented you from training your characters, continuing past 3 or more seasons in franchise mode, and cloning characters. Some players will randomly disappear, mainly punters and kickers. There even bugs when your on the field of play. Throwing backwards, diving backwards...EVERYTHING BACKWARDS. The physics in the game are just all messed up.

2. The AI. I didn't think they could make it even worse, but they did. On offense, the blocking is atrocious. On defense, everything is atrocious. Of course, I'm only referring to the human AI. Your blockers on offense will just run straight by the closest defender, allowing you to get clobbered about 90% of the time. Your defenders will sit there aimlessly just letting a runningback go by, waiting till they are about 2 steps on them. Your cornerbacks will oddly enough make more tackles than your linebacker, despite having no hitting power.

3. Easily exploitable. You can easily run the table on offense if you train your players to 99 speed. Seriously, thats all you need. You don't need to be able to catch good, or break tackles. You just need separation. You can have a 60 OVR rookie, and have him run from 2,000+ yards if he has 99 speed. Hell, you have a WR with 50 CTH (catching) get about 120 receptions. Just as long as you have speed. Nothing else really matters. You can do this with any team, no matter the run blocking. That is, if you can even get across the line of scrimmage.

4. The "Superstar" mode in this game is decent (although, kinda boring). The only dumb thing here is that your drafted superstar is ALWAYS on the first team. You are never a backup, no matter how bad your superstar starts off. It's unrealistic, and takes away a promising feature (the ability to rise through the ranks of your team to become a superstar....DUH!).

5. Online mode. Just the same as every other game. Play against other people. Fun, fun. Also maddening. Because of exploits, you face really cheap people. But thats more of a nitpick, because thats pretty much all online games.

Sound 5/10

Same old, same old stuff. Sound effects are decent I guess, nothing that will really stand out though. The music selection is absolutely awful, just like the past games. Well, the only decent tracks are the ones with no lyrics. The blend of crappy rock bands and hip-hop get really old, really quick. Hell, just turn of the music and play your own. Heck, who even listens to game soundtracks after the first week or so of playing?

Controls 7/10

Not to many squabbles with the controls. They don't the ability to slide-protection, which was a very useful feature in the past madden games. The game takes advantage of pretty much the entire pad. The huge thing about controls, however, is they...LAG. This shouldn't be happening in a PS3 game. The lag is minimal (About a 0.2 second delay), but that can be crucial while your playing. Passing and intercepting get messed up a lot. The timing gets way off, and gets really annoying.

Replayability 9/10

The saving grace. As flawed as the game is, it is still playable. The game never really ends, so you can keep playing franchise forever (as long as it doesn't glitch up). You can play with friends, edit the rosters to your liking, and what not. Online mode also boosts this. Although most people online are cheap, they can provide a much more challenging experience.

Overall 6/10

If you like Madden, you can probably play this game and not have to many troubles. If you aren't too familiar with Madden or football, you should probably avoid this game and wait for the next version. You have to get passed the flaws to enjoy the game, which really shouldn't be an issue.

EA Sports needs to quit shelling out flawed products and provide us with a complete game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/19/08

Game Release: Madden NFL 08 (US, 08/14/07)

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