How do I beat (Sand Dragon)?

  1. Hi, I'm stuck on the statue and don't know how to get to the top so I can start the 3rd and final battle w/ the Sand Dragon. I've opened the treasure chest and continued up the ramp. At the end of the ramp, I sometimes die by falling off the ramp, or I can jump to a narrow ledge to the left of the end of the ramp, where the Dragon's head is, but that is as far as I can get. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. This is my first game on any system and I totally stink at it.

    User Info: qcia1

    qcia1 - 8 years ago


  1. Well, first thing beat the dragon. After some time he ill give you some time to go toward the right part of the screen and break the wooden thing there. Then make the huge pillar to fall down. Be quick 'cause the dragon will come back. Re-beat him. Then again, go toward the left part of the screen. There's a crank. you have to rotate it but after some time you have to re-beat the dragon for the third time. Quick go back to the crank and finish the work! Enjoy the happy ending...

    User Info: cazzcloud

    cazzcloud - 8 years ago 0 1

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