How do I get past (after i killed the elphent)?

  1. I just beat the elephant, saved and advanced to the next level. You start
    The next level at the front of a boat. You go up a couple of steps, and
    Come to a place where you have to jump and climb up and jump again to
    Get to a ledge. Underneath you is a lower level with a rune and a chest.
    You can see two other runes, one on a ledge across and above you, and one
    To your right on a far distant ledge. That one I,m sure is the way out of
    This place, and should be the last one to stick your sword into, however I cannot get Conan to either one as it seems too far to jump, and nothing to
    Push on or go onto to cross over to the ledge across and above you. Any
    Help will be greatly accepted from any members or staff. Thanks, G.

    User Info: x_player8

    x_player8 - 9 years ago

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  1. Heh.. I remember this part because I got kinda mad getting those runes because I was trying to do it out of order. From the Starting area make your way to the first ledge. You just jump out to the first haning thingy and pount (O) to get up it. Then leap over to the ledge. From there you jump to the ledge on the left. From there you can make it to another overhang and then to the ground below. I hope you can understand that... it's hard to explain without visuals.

    User Info: Zioralsa

    Zioralsa - 8 years ago 1 0

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