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"Anyone lust for gold and adventure?"

I got Conan in an effort to kick a mythology habit Ive developed recently. I love the character and so I picked it up along with Beowulf which I will also review. I was so happy to see that this game portrays Conan as the king he really is. That's not to say that the portrayal of Conan is perfect since its not and never really is though I have to say that I was satisfied with Conan and this game in general.

The game play I have to admit is very similar to god of war. Conan runs around killing things and solving puzzles and gaining a few magic spells along the way. This is not a god of war clone However, Conan deserves to stand in his own lineage which is much older and far more developed than that. Conan is a master swordsman which shows in his combat. Raw and visceral with the power to overcome soldier, beast, animal, and giant monster. There are 3 styles of attack in this game sword and shield, two handed sword, and dual wield. Each style is unique and effective against different types of enemies and each has its own upgrades to learn. These upgrades can be purchased with experience from fighting and saving women and finding gold. Once a upgrade is purchase Conan needs to use it a certain amount of times in battle to master it and once its been mastered executing to attack will net you health, magic, and experience bonuses. Along with combat there are multiple paths to explore and areas to find. The whole thing feels genuinely like your on an adventure which is a good feeling for a game to have.

Graphics are great as far as environments go but the kind of failed with the character models. That's not to say that there bad just not a superb as I would have liked. Conan visits varied lands all of which look great. Some examples include a tribal mountain, a pirates island, a haunted tower, and a crazy volcanic city. The games graphics aren't bad though they are definitely the weakest part of this game.

Sounds from this game are awesome. The voice acting here is classic. Ron Perelman plays Conan and he is absolutely fantastic as is the person who plays the female warrior who travels with Conan. Other than that there's not much to say other than tigers sound like tigers and monkey men sound like monkey men.

What I don't really like about this game is the cut-scenes. They don't really look bad nor do they really look good. My problem lies in the story. Its told and its told genuinely though I would have liked more detail in the story telling to help me avoid general confusion. Too often I found myself asking What does that mean? or What are they talking about? Though in the end it all wraps up nicely. Overall this game is a nice little romp with little to actually complain about. A great bargain bin game at a cheap price.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/14/11

Game Release: Conan (US, 10/23/07)

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