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Reviewed: 10/29/08

LittleBigPlanet - Play, Create, Share.

Little Big Planet is one of the simplest games out there. What you do is start at one point, end at another. It is a platformer, much like Mario and Sonic.

In this game you'll find the controls are pretty simple, X to jump, R1 to Grab, and L stick to run. That's pretty much all you need to know. You can also edit your face expressions using the digital pad, or move your arms using the R2 and L2. That's all the controls.

In the story of the game you'll find many levels, approximately 40-50. The length of these levels is pretty good, approximately 10 minutes in length, maybe 15 if you feel like trying to find all the rewards. You see, every main level has stickers, materials, and items to use.
These items can be used for many diffrent purposes.

The biggest strength about this game is the ability to create your OWN levels, you can put and create anything in it. You can make your level just an ordinary level, or you can make a race, involving custom made vehicles, or a mini game. All you need is time, and a creative mind. For those without "creative minds" don't worry, you will get ideas from other people's levels that will help you make yours.

Yes, I said other people's levels.. You see, your created level can be published online for others to play. And so can they. New levels are always being added, some in range of being a bad level, to some good levels, and occassionally some spectacular levels. It is really fun to publish your own level online, for others to play, but it is even funner playing other people's levels, especially with others online, or with your friends, it is truly a great experience on its own. You can even rate others' levels, post a comment, and tag it based on its genre!

So, towards my conclusion, I will say that if you have a PS3, this is one of those must have games to get. It is truly an amazing title and shouldn't be overlooked. This game's story alone will keep you busy for just around 10 hours, but more than that if you would like to collect every reward in the game, which is fun to do. Online is an even greater experience, infinite replayability. Creating your own levels is also a fun gaming experience. Even if you don't have online, the story in this game is still very fun, it might be short, but the story in this game is "short and sweet." For those that are intimidated by this game, sort of based for "children," well let me tell you this. It definitly is a childish based game, but that doesnt mean it is only for kids. It is based for every age, and is equally fun to every age... If you disagree on this, at least rent the game, give it a try, It might change your decision.

I really wanted to give this game a 10/10, but the reason I did not is that the camera angles can be annoying sometimes when creating a level, Also, they could have given online some more options to organize levels, such as recently added levels, popular levels, top rated levels, etc. Then again, these are very minor flaws and do not impact the game at all. I would give this game a 9.9/10, but since I cant, I give it a 9 because I have yet to see a PERFECT game.

My final verdict is, if you have a PS3, this is a pretty much must-have game, for those not sure about purchasing this, at least rent it, give it a shot, Little Big Planet is a game that should not be overlooked.

Thanks for reading!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: LittleBigPlanet (US, 10/27/08)

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