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"Little Big Planet: Create, Play, Enjoy"

Little Big Planet, in my opinion is the best rated E game for the PS3 that came out in 2008. I would very strongly recommend it to all children, teens and even adults. It is ever lasting fun. All of the aspects of the game are flawless and whenever any one comes over to my house I let them play LBP and every time they love it.

Graphics- The graphics in LBP are absolutely stunning it shows so many little details and extends the PS3 graphics to there highest quality. You can see how much work Sony tm and Mm tm really put into this game.

Game play- Although at times it is challenging each level if you concentrate you can get past. The game play is fluid and smooth every thing is natural.

Controls- The controls are very simple and easy to pick up for anyone X is jump and that's the same for every game on Playstation left stick is to move, square is to open Popit menu and R1 is to hold on to things. And that is all you need to know told you it was simple.

Levels- There is many levels for you to enjoy and they also about have double the mini levels. You can also make your own levels which are fun but I would just recommend it 10 year olds and up because it can get frustrating. You can also play other peoples levels online and that is very exciting.

Online- You can play online with other people in Little Big Planet but first you have to hook the PS3 to the internet but that is no problem because the PS3 has Wi-Fi which means no wires. And you can talk to your friends with Bluetooth and complete levels with them if you need help. And you can play other people levels that they make which makes for endless fun.

Storyline- The story line is great and it is very well thought out. And every time you start a new section of levels you have to help another character then at the end they all get kidnapped and you have to save them it is very entertaining.

Items/Accessories- You can get items like clothes and stickers and you put them on your sackboy or girl and dress them up and make them look how you want them to.

Bottom Line- Little Big Planet is what can seem hard at times but you can play there levels and then create your own levels and then you can play on other peoples levels using the World Wide Web. You can make new friends and you can accessorize by putting on new clothes and change your hair and facial hair. You can basically do whatever you want. When you finish the game you can try to ace it or play mini games or you can make your own level or play with friends. You will be able to play for ever and not get bored the really is everlasting fun in a box.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/28/09

Game Release: LittleBigPlanet (US, 10/27/08)

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