Review by WiseMarosis

Reviewed: 05/17/10

This is one awesome game.

When I got my PS3, one of the first games I bought was LittleBigPlanet. I'd heard LOTS about this game, and I was expecting it to be really, really good. And this game not only met that expectation, but surpassed it. I loved it.

Story - 9.5/10

Well, you have some butler guy telling you stuff about the game, and it really makes it feel like a children's game. But his voice his gone soon enough, and you are sucked into the world called Little Big Planet. It's really epic. The missions all connect together somewhat, and you get prizes for beating each level, and more or less prizes depending on whether you beat the level without dying, etc. I haven't actually finished the story, but it is very cool.

Gameplay - 10/10

Well, the gameplay is more than just a D-Pad and the A & B button (because there is no A & B button), it uses basically all the buttons. There are three rows which you can walk along, and sometimes which row you walk along determines if you live... or die. But you respawn anyway. So it's fine. All joking aside, the gameplay is fantastic. Jumping is cool, the swinging off things propels you further through the air depending on how far you go back and when you let go of what you're holding onto. You can push and pull some materials such as sponge, and you can grab hold of stuff while you are on top of it. Achieving all this is very impressive for a 2 inch tall Sackboy or Sackgirl. All in all, the gameplay is fantastic.

Controls - 9.5/10

The controls, there aren't many. I don't think the D-Pad does a whole lot of anything in game, neither does the Right Thumbstick. L2 and R2 are used for waving your arms around for no apparent reason as if you are starting the Macarena, so the only buttons you will ever need are X, R1 and the Left Thumbstick. X is for jumping, R1 is for grabbing, and Left Thumbstick is for moving. The controls... sort of lacked in this game. It's not a major disaster, and it is a very simple game, so I am going to disregard the last comment I made and give the Controls a 9.5.

Graphics & Sound - 10/10

The HD graphics in LittleBigPlanet amazed me from the start. Mix this with the incredible variety or groovy sounds, and it just makes the game that much more fun to play.

Online - 10/10

In Online, you can make your own levels and post them online, or play other people's creations. You can heart their level, heart the author who made the level, tag the level or comment on it. Some levels are labelled "Heart4Heart" and usually involve you 'hearting' the author and the level in exchange for a heart for your levels and you as an author. Some "Heart4Heart" levels give you trophies, like 'Incredible Speed' and Incredible Height', which are achieved by going at a very fast speed and going very high in the air, respectively. There are levels where the author has just literally spammed prize bubbles into the level in order for players to achieve the 2x, 8x and 20x Multiplier trophies, which usually end up in the player getting a 100x Multiplier (you don't get a trophy for that) and 1 million points. (There is a trophy for that.) And there are much better levels, like Super Mario PS3 which is like a Super Mario level which you play through and rescue Princess Peach from King Bomb-Omb. The levels are very creative and enjoyable to play.

Replay Value - 10/10

Well, the replay value in this game is infinite. You will literally not run out of new costumes to make, levels to create, and the trophies, if you are into trophies, can be very time consuming, especially if there's a part in that level where you keep dying and spend a few minutes devising a strategy on how to get past it without dying, and if you are looking for that last sticker, decoration or prize bubble. The replay value is literally infinite, and you can play it forever and ever.

Last Word

Little Big Planet is a fantastic game, one you should definitely pick up. It has amazing gameplay, controls, graphics, sound, online and replay value. It is a very enjoyable game for all ages - kids, teenagers, adults, everyone. You will have loads of fun playing Multiplayer, and making levels together. I could not put this game down. It is just fantastic. Excellent game.

Summary of Scores:

Story - 9.5
Gameplay - 10
Controls - 9.5
Graphics and Sound - 10
Online - 10
Replay Value - 10

Overall Score - 9.8/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: LittleBigPlanet (AU, 11/07/08)

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