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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dnextreme88

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    FAQ / Walkthrough:
    Name of Game: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008
    Platform: PS2 / PSP
    By: dnextreme88
    Table of Contents:
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    1. Introduction.........................................................[Intro]
    2. Version History.......................................................[Hist]
    3. Copyright Information.................................................[Copy]
    4. Main Content
            A. About WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008................................[ABT]
            B. Controls.......................................................[CON]
                    - In-game controls......................................[CON-1]
                    - Controls if you're not yet starting a match...........[CON-2]
                    - Controls when selecting a superstar...................[CON-3]
            C. Options........................................................[OPT]
                    - Match Rules.............................................[RUL]
                    - In-Game Options.........................................[IGO]
                    - Custom A.I. Settings....................................[AIS]
                    - Sound Settings..........................................[SND]
                    - Save Options............................................[SAV]
                    - Cheat Codes.............................................[CHT]
            D. Exhibition.....................................................[EXH]
                    - One on One matches......................................[ONE]
                    - Two on Two matches......................................[TWO]
                    - Triple Threat matches...................................[TRI]
                    - Fatal-4-Way matches.....................................[FAT]
                    - 6-Man matches...........................................[SIX]
                    - Handicap matches........................................[HAN]
                    - Royal Rumble matches....................................[ROY]
            E. 24/7 Mode......................................................[SEA]
                    - Superstar Mode..........................................[STM]
                    - General Manager Mode....................................[GMM]
                            - Rosters.........................................[ROS]
                            - Reports.........................................[REP]
                            - Mail Folder.....................................[MAI]
                            - Schedules.......................................[SCH]
            F. Tournament Modes...............................................[TOU]
            G. Hall of Fame...................................................[HOF]
                    - Ranks...................................................[RNK]
                    - Unlockable Arenas.......................................[ARE]
                    - Hall of Fame challenges.................................[CHL]
                            - January 22, 1995..............................[CHL-1]
                            - March 31, 1996................................[CHL-2]
                            - March 23, 1997................................[CHL-3]
                            - April 13, 1997................................[CHL-4]
                            - June 28, 1998.................................[CHL-5]
                            - August 27, 2000...............................[CHL-6]
                            - March 26, 2001................................[CHL-7]
                            - April 1, 2001.................................[CHL-8]
                            - April 3, 2005.................................[CHL-9]
                            - April 3, 2005................................[CHL-10]
                            - May 25, 2006.................................[CHL-11]
                            - June 12, 2006................................[CHL-12]
            H. WWE Shop.......................................................[SHO]
                    - Legend Superstars.......................................[LEG]
                            - PSP-exclusive superstars........................[PSP]
                    - Another Superstar.......................................[SUP]
                    - Another Costume.........................................[COS]
                    - Legend Championships....................................[CHA]
                    - Miscellaneous...........................................[MSC]
                    - Starter / Premium Kits..................................[KIT]
                            - Starter Kits....................................[STK]
                            - Premium Kits....................................[PMK]
            I. Create Modes...................................................[CRT]
                    - Create A Move-set.....................................[CRT-1]
                    - Create A Stable.......................................[CRT-2]
                    - Create A WWE Superstar................................[CRT-3]
                    - Create An Entrance....................................[CRT-4]
                    - Create A WWE Championship.............................[CRT-5]
    5. Contact Information................................................[Contact]
    6. Permitted Sites......................................................[Sites]
    7. Credits...............................................................[Cred]
    1. Introduction [Intro]
    Hi and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the game WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008.
    This is my second FAQ for the game. My third FAQ for the WWE series. And also
    my first FAQ for the PSP platform. I hope you find this guide useful.
    The guide covers about most of the aspects of the game. The only aspect that I
    haven't really touched well is the GM Mode.
    WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 is owned by THQ. All trademarks are subjected to THQ.
    Copyright (c) THQ.
    2. Version History [Hist]
    Version 1.0 - Mar 18, 2009
    = Submitted the FAQ.
    Version 1.1 - Mar 20, 2009
    = Changed submission date for "Version 1.0" as I put Mar 10 2009 by mistake.
    = Added the description for "Delete" in "Save Options".
    = Words enclosed with single quotation marks (") are now replaced with (“”).
    Version 1.2 - Aug 22, 2016
    = Revival. Re-structured the document. Corrected some grammar errors.
    = Changed all section codes so that search is easier.
    = Renamed the "Basics" section to "Options".
    = The sub-sub section for showing controls during superstar selection and the
    PSP exclusive superstars are now sub-sections.
    = Fixed the graph settings in "Custom A.I. Settings" sub section so that they
    are all properly aligned.
    = Added section codes for "Starter Kits" and "Premium Kits" sub-sub sections.
    = Added a description in the "Unlockable Arenas" section. In addition, the
    unlockable arenas are presented into tables instead of lists.
    = Added the "Miscellaneous" sub-section under "WWE Shop" section.
    = Corrected the price of "Shane McMahon" unlockable to be $110,000 instead of
    $210,000. In addition, the price of each unlockable championships in "Legendary
    Championships" sub-section have been added.
    = Interchanged the section places of "Options" and "Controls".
    Version 1.3 - Aug 28, 2016
    = Added control for picking random superstar.
    = Added "Ranks" sub-section.
    = Superstars in "Legend Superstars" sub-section have their proper unlockable
    requirements set.
    = Added strategies for each challenge in "Hall of Fame challenges" sub-section.
    = Added the missing price of "Bret Hart" unlockable.
    = Added descriptions for each option in "In-Game Options" sub-section.
    Version 1.4 - Sep 12, 2016
    = Added missing ranks in "Ranks" sub-section (from Midcarder to Hall of Famer).
    = Changed the descriptions of "Rope Break", "DQ", "Interference" and "Escape
    from Cage Door" options in "Match Rules" sub-section.
    = Renamed "Cellphones" to "Mail Folder" in General Manager Mode section.
    = Roster, Reports, Mail Folder and Schedules under "General Manager Mode"
    section are now sub-sections. Descriptions for each of the items found under
    the sub-sections have now been filled up.
    = Added "Cheat Codes" and "Superstar Mode" sub-sections.
    = Added "24/7 Mode" section. "General Manager Mode" (and all its sub-sections)
    is now a sub-section under this section.
    = Added "Create Modes" section.
    = Corrected the typo in "WWE Shop" section that mentioned Season Mode instead
    of 24/7 Mode.
    3. Copyright Information [Copy]
    No part of this FAQ may be produced or published in any form or by any means,
    electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information
    storage or retrieval system without the permission in writing from the
    copyright owner.
    Copyright (c) dnextreme88
    4. Main Content
    A. About WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 [ABT]
    WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 (often shortened to WWE SvR 2008 or SvR '08), is a
    professional wrestling video game developed by YUKE's Future Media Creators and
    released on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation
    Portable and Nintendo DS video game consoles by THQ in November 2007.
    The game is the ninth edition of the long-running WWE SmackDown vs. Raw video
    game series based on the professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling
    Entertainment (WWE). It is the sequel to 2006's WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007,
    succeeded by WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009, and is the first SmackDown game to
    include the promotion's ECW brand. It is also the first WWE game to be
    available for all seventh generation game consoles.
    | SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SVR_2008 |
    B. Controls [CON]
    These are the controls for the game. I have divided the controls into groups.
    - In-game controls [CON-1]
    - Move - Any directional button
    - Strike Attack - [] button
    - Quick Grapple - O button + any directional buttons
    - Strong Grapple - Hold [R] button + UP/DOWN d-pad + O button
    - Ultimate Control Grapple - Hold [R] button + LEFT/RIGHT d-pad + O button
    - Run (uses your stamina) - Hold [L] button + any directional buttons
    - Counter strike attack of your opponent - [L] button
    - Counter grapple attack of your opponent - [R] button
    - Store signature move - L2 button + R2 button
    - Signature move (must be stored) - /\ button
    - Finisher (must have full momentum) - /\ button
    - Irish Whip - [R] button + X button
    - Pick/Drop weapon - X button
    - Strike with weapon in hand - [] button
    - Pin opponent - DOWN + O (approach a downed opponent)
    - Taunt (increases momentum for SHOWMAN wrestlers) - Any directional buttons
    using the analog stick
    - Ring-in/Ring-out (should be closed to the ropes or to the ring) - Any
    directional buttons + X button
    - Pick up a downed opponent - O button
    - Climb up the cage/cell - Any directional buttons + X button
    - Pause the game - START button
    - See status of wrestler (should be in a match) - SELECT button
    - Controls if your not yet starting a match [CON-2]
    - Select - X button
    - Back/Cancel - O button
    - Goes back to home menu - HOME button
    - Scroll down - DOWN d-pad
    - Scroll up - UP d-pad
    - Toggle options - LEFT/RIGHT d-pad
    - Controls when selecting a superstar [CON-3]
    - Select - X button
    - Back/Cancel - O button
    - Pick superstar at random - [] button
    - Show help menu - SELECT button
    - Switch fighting styles - LEFT/RIGHT directional buttons
    *- Show attributes of selected wrestler/diva - [R] button
    *- Show finishers of selected wrestler/diva - [L] button
    * - pressing the same button again will alternate and show the opposite
    attributes or finishers. So for instance, if you press the [R] button that lets
    you show the attributes of "Undertaker", you pressed [R] button again. This
    will now display the finishers of "Undertaker". The same pattern goes for
    showing the finisher then to attributes.
    C. Options [OPT]
    In this section, I will explain the match rules, AI settings and other things
    found in "Options".
    - Match Rules [RUL]
    All match rules are set to default. These match rules are the official rules
    just like in real life WWE. All options (except for Ring Out Count) are toggled
    using the ON and OFF options.
    Entrance: ON
    > Enables superstars' entrances before the match starts.
    K.O: OFF
    > Allow winning matches through knockouts. Certain moves has an ability to
    knockout an opponent.
    Give Up: ON
    > Allow winning matches through tap outs. Struggle Submission (SS) moves has an
    ability to tap out an opponent.
    Rope Break: ON
    > When enabled, pins and submission moves to an opponent near the ropes are
    DQ: ON
    > When enabled, use of weapons to an opponent or to a referee will not result
    to a loss in the match. DQs don't apply to Hardcore matches, as weapons will be
    allowed to use.
    Ring Out Count: 10
    > Allow winning matches through count outs. This is when the referee starts to
    count on you when you are outside the ring for the first 5 seconds. The
    wrestler who is in the ring before the 10 count wins. This applies for single
    matches. For tag team matches, at least one of the tag team members who are
    outside the ring after the 10 count will have an automatic win against the
    opposing team.
    Ring Out: ON
    > Enables superstars from going in and out of the ring.
    Interference: OFF
    > Enables a run-in from a stablemate during a match. This only applies to
    normal matches (not a TLC, ladders etc.) and if the wrestler has at least 1
    stable member formed in "Create a Stable".
    Escape from Cage Door (Steel Cage): ON
    > Allow winning matches by escaping from the steel cage door. This only applies
    to Steel Cage matches. You can still climb up the cage to win though.
    Over the Top Rope: OFF
    > Enables elimination of opponents over the top rope.
    Pin and Give Up (Steel Cage): OFF
    > Allow winning matches by pins and submissions in a Steel Cage match.
    - In-Game Options [IGO]
    Difficulty: NORMAL
    > Sets how hard the opponents are. Values ranged from Easy, Normal, Hard and
    Momentum Bar Charge Speed: NORMAL
    > Sets how fast the momentum bar fills up when performing moves. Values ranged
            NORMAL: Momentum bar fills up at a moderate speed.
            FAST  : Momentum bar fills up at a faster speed.
    HUD: ON
    > Toggles whether to always show display information during a match.
    Targeting Indicators: AUTO
    > Toggles the superstar's targeting HUD to show on screen or not. This option
    refers to a small visual for selecting a target that appears above the
    superstar during a match. Values ranged from:
            ON  : Always shows the targeting indicator.
            OFF : Doesn't show the targeting indicator.
            AUTO: Only shows the targeting indicator when the superstar changes 
    Camera Cuts: ON
    > Toggles whether to show a short scene when performing a superstar's signature
    move or finisher.
    Stamina System: ON
    > Toggles whether to show a stamina bar below each superstar's HUD during a
    Reversal Help Indicator: ON
    > Toggles whether to show a reversal indicator below each superstar's HUD
    during a match. This option appears when a move can be reversed.
    - Custom A.I. Settings [AIS]
    This is the settings where you can edit how the CPU acts, moves and its
    difficulty. The graph (- <|=====     |> +) is where you will set the parameters
    to your liking. Decrease the rate using the - sign and increase the rate using
    the + sign.
    Frequency of COM's usage
    Standing Strike Reversal Rate:        - <|=====     |> +
    Standing Grapple Reversal Rate:       - <|=====     |> +
    Ground Strike Reversal Rate:          - <|=====     |> +
    Ground Grapple Reversal Rate:         - <|=====     |> +
    Finisher Reversal Rate:               - <|=====     |> +
    Object Attack Reversal Rate:          - <|=====     |> +
    Damage Balance
    Finisher Attack Power:                - <|=====     |> +
    Object Attack Power:                  - <|=====     |> +
    Game Balance
    Standing Strike Reversal:             - <|=====     |> +
    Standing Grapple Reversal:            - <|=====     |> +
    Ground Strike Reversal:               - <|=====     |> +
    Ground Grapple Reversal:              - <|=====     |> +
    Finisher Reversal:                    - <|=====     |> +
    Object Attack Reversal:               - <|=====     |> +
    Momentum Rate Fighting Style Actions: - <|=====     |> +
    Momentum Rate Attacks:                - <|=====     |> +
    Momentum Rate Taunts:                 - <|=====     |> +
    Stamina Rate:                         - <|=====     |> +
    - Sound Settings [SND]
    Music Volume:                        - <|==========|> +
    Entrance Music Volume:               - <|==========|> +
    SFX Volume:                          - <|==========|> +
    - Save Options [SAV]
    > Save - saves the game to your memory stick. Remember, this overwrites the
    previous save not unless you have a different memory stick.
    > Load - loads previous saved game from the memory stick.
    > Delete - deletes your WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 saved game in your current 
    memory stick.
    Autosave: OFF
    > Autosaves the game. Toggle whether the game saves automatically or not.
    - Cheat Codes [CHT]
    The following codes are unlockable attires. The codes are case-sensitive.
    |      CODE      |                    UNLOCKS                  |
    | KellyKG12R     | Kelly Kelly's alternate costume.            |
    | DXCostume69K2  | Triple H's & Shawn Michaels's D-X costumes. |
    D. Exhibition [EXH]
    This section will list all of the matches in the game (which are found in
    Exhibition). For matches with an asterix, here is a rundown of what they mean:
    *   - Appears on Exhibition but is hidden/not playable in GM Mode.
    **  - Matches that appear on both Exhibition and GM Mode.
    *** - Appears on GM Mode but is hidden/not playable in Exhibition.
    Other matches without an asterix means that they appear on both GM Mode and
    Exhibition and they are playable.
    - One on One matches [ONE]
    > Normal Match
    *Buried Alive Match
    > First Blood
    > Hardcore
    **Hell in a Cell
    > Ladder
    **Last Man Standing
    > Normal Submission
    > Ultimate Submission
    > Table
    > TLC
    > Steel Cage
    > Parking Lot Brawl
    *ECW Extreme Rules Match
    - Two on Two matches [TWO]
    > ***Normal Match w/Manager vs. w/Manager
    > Tag Team
    ***Hardcore Single w/Manager vs. w/Manager
    > Hardcore Tornado Tag
    > Hell in a Cell Tornado Tag
    > Ladder Tornado Tag
    > Steel Cage Tornado Tag
    > Table Tornado Tag
    > TLC Tornado Tag
    > Tornado Tag
    > Elimination Normal Tag
    > Elimination Tornado Tag
    *Elimination Table Tornado Tag
    *ECW Extreme Tornado Tag
    - Triple Threat matches [TRI]
    > Normal Triple Threat
    > Hardcore Triple Threat
    **Hell in a Cell Triple Threat
    > Ladder Triple Threat
    > Steel Cage Triple Threat
    > Table Triple Threat
    > TLC Triple Threat
    *ECW Extreme Triple Threat
    - Fatal-4-Way matches [FAT]
    > Normal Fatal-4-Way
    > Hardcore Fatal-4-Way
    **4-Man Battle Royal
    **Hell in a Cell Fatal-4-Way
    > Ladder Fatal-4-Way
    > Steel Cage Fatal-4-Way
    > Table Fatal-4-Way
    > TLC Fatal-4-Way
    *ECW Extreme Rules Match Fatal-4-Way
    - 6-Man matches [SIX]
    > 6-Man Battle Royal
    ***Tag Team No Manager vs. w/Manager
    ***Tag Team w/Manager vs. w/Manager
    > 6-Man Normal Tag
    > Elimination Tag
    ***Elimination Chamber Normal 6-Man
    ***Elimination Chamber Tornado 6-Man Tag
    **Armageddon Hell in a Cell
    ***Money in the Bank
    > 6-Man Tornado Tag
    > 6-Man Elimination Tornado Tag
    > Hardcore Triple Threat Tornado Tag
    - Handicap matches [HAN]
    > ***Normal Match No Manager vs. w/Manager
    > One on Two
    > One on Tag
    > One on Three
    > One on Trio
    *Tag on Trio
    ***Hardcore Single No Manager vs. w/Manager
    - Royal Rumble matches [ROY]
    > *10-Man Royal Rumble
    *20-Man Royal Rumble
    *30-Man Royal Rumble
    E. 24/7 Mode [SEA]
    This mode comprises two sections: superstar mode and GM mode. The 24/7 mode is
    accessible under Game Modes then WWE 24/7. You're actually given a choice
    whether to play as a WWE superstar, a created superstar or as a general
    manager. I've broken down the first two into "Superstar Mode" and the last as
    "General Manager Mode" below.
    - Superstar Mode [STM]
    This is actually career mode of the previous games in the series. In this mode,
    you can play as either a WWE superstar or as a created superstar that you
    created in Create a Superstar mode. You can set the difficulty to either Easy,
    Normal, Hard or Legend. The mode is played with only a handful of superstars
    from SmackDown and Raw only. ECW superstars aren't playable here. No divas
    though. There are a total of 19 superstars that can be played. Here is a list
    of them:
    > Batista
    > Carlito
    > Chavo Guerrero
    > Chris Masters
    > Edge
    > Jeff Hardy
    > John Cena
    > Johnny Nitro
    > Kane
    > King Booker
    > Matt Hardy
    > Mr. Kennedy
    > Randy Orton
    > Rey Mysterio
    > Ric Flair
    > Shawn Michaels
    > Triple H
    > Undertaker
    > William Regal
    Once you picked your superstar, you may use his original attribute settings
    or start from scratch, usually with an overall of 36. The idea of the game is
    to get your superstar to legendary status. There is a legend progress bar at
    the top right of the screen and you will work your way up to make it to 100%.
    Just keep winning matches and you'll eventually get to 100% in no time.
    The mode is packed with cutscenes. You'll get cutscenes backstage but you won't
    be able to roam them freely. You'll cut your own promos, backstage or in the
    ring. You'll be faced with decisions along the way and it will affect the
    story. Superstars will react differently with each response and you'll soon
    build camaraderie or foes along the way.
    - Magazine
    Your current storyline can be checked by selecting the magazine stack. You can
    read it by pressing the X button. Check this area often should you be unsure
    on your storyline.
    - Laptop
    The laptop has WWE shop, Power 25 rankings and health report. If your superstar
    got an injury, you can still wrestle your matches (when you shouldn't). If you
    do, you start the match handicapped. Depending on your injury, certain body
    parts will be damaged. For example, concussions gets you a yellow health on
    your head part.
    - Mail Folder
    One tip though, check your messages regularly by selecting the cellphone. Your
    rivalries will send you messages from time-to-time and it's worth checking out
    and see the current status of your storyline too. Messages will either be
    voiced or just plain text. You will receive messages from:
    > The general manager. Jonathan Coachman (if your superstar is on RAW) or Teddy
    Long (if your superstar is on SmackDown) sends you updates and help should you
    require one.
    > Other superstars. Usually, these are your rivals on the current storyline.
    > Vince McMahon. Occasional, yet important.
    - Calendar
    The calendar is where you spend most of your time. You manage your daily
    schedule here, from training, improving skills etc. Your rest days will be the
    days your show doesn't fall at. Weekends are day offs. During your opposing
    show's day, you can invade the brand and get a popularity boost. This strategy,
    though, will get you fatigued but it's worth it if you wanna throw dirt to the
    other show, right?
    > Training exercises - mini-matches that improves your superstar's stats by
    completing a task such as performing a number of taunts within the time limit
    etc. Training can be done 3 times in a day: morning, afternoon and evening. You
    may manually finish them or simulate it. 
    > Skill improvement trainings - cost money but these are helpful for gaining
    bonuses done in events and activities. Skills include mic work, improving as a
    clean/dirty superstar, training fatigue so that lesser fatigue is used during
    matches etc.
    > Events and activites - miscellaneous activities your superstar can partake
    in. They can boost your popularity, have photo shoots, recover fatigue by
    taking rests, do hero/villain movies etc. Not all activities give positive
    results. For example, taking a rest to recover fatigue loses 30 popularity,
    invading the other show can backfire.
    - General Manager Mode [GMM]
    As you start the game, you get to select which GM you'd like to play as. Take
    note that each show has their own championships. Here's the list:
            GM:            Tommy Dreamer
            Championships: ECW Title.
            GM:            Theodore "Teddy" Long
            Championships: World Heavyweight Title, WWE Tag Team Titles, United
                           States Title and Cruiserweight Title.
            GM:            Jonathan Coachman
            Championships: WWE Title, World Tag Team Titles, Intercontinental
                           Title and Women's Title.
    After selecting your GM, you get these options:
    Draft New Rosters - select your own superstars and divas. First draft selection
    will be chosen at random and will alternate between the brands. Cruiserweights
    will be in blue while the divas will be in red. You start out with $10,000,000
    Each superstar and diva will have a corresponding contract to hire. They range
    from 5 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year. After selecting your
    roster, you set them as clean/dirty (faces and heels) as well as selecting the
    champions of your show. Major championships (ECW title, World Heavyweight title
    and WWE title) gives +5 to popularity and all the rest gives +3 to popularity.
    You need to have a good number of clean and dirty superstars because this is
    the basis of your rivalries (which is used to garner higher ratings).
    Use WWE Roster - use the default roster of the game. The default roster is:
    > CM Punk
    > Elijah Burke
    > Johnny Nitro
    > Kelly Kelly
    > Marcus Cor Von
    > Ashley
    > Batista
    > Chavo Guerrero
    > Chris Masters
    > Edge
    > Finlay
    > Gregory Helms
    > Kane
    > Kenny Dykstra
    > Mark Henry
    > Matt Hardy
    > Michelle McCool
    > MVP
    > Rey Mysterio
    > Ric Flair
    > The Great Khali
    > Torrie Wilson
    > Undertaker
    > Bobby Lashley 
    > Candice Michelle 
    > Carlito 
    > Jeff Hardy 
    > John Cena 
    > JTG 
    > King Booker
    > Mr. Kennedy 
    > Melina 
    > Mickie James 
    > Randy Orton
    > Sandman
    > Shad
    > Shawn Michaels
    > Snitsky
    > Triple H
    > Umaga
    > William Regal
    Edit Available Roster - toggle whether superstars/divas are available for hire.
    Created superstars and legends (once you purchased them) are seen here.
    Import Stables - import stables found in "Create A Stable" for use in GM Mode.
    - Rosters [ROS]
    Accessed by selecting the stacks of magazines.
    - View Roster
    Check your current roster of superstars along with their popularity, overall,
    fatigue bar and mood. You can also re-negotiate their contracts so that they
    can stay longer at your show. You can also check their profile, which would
    include their bio, weight class, morale comments, match records and skills.
    Morale of each superstar will change as weeks go by. Eventually, they'll ask
    you for title shots, among others. Morale is also important in keeping them
    from your show. Morales include:
    > no problems. The superstar is very satisfied and is happy working with you.
    > The superstar wants a title shot. This is usually the case when the superstar
    is in Top 10 of the Power 25.
    > When the superstar has been losing for at least 3 matches straight. You need
    to let him win.
    > You may also get messages for recent pushes and that he wants a new contract.
    > The superstar wants a contract re-negotiation immediately.
    > The superstar wants a title shot immediately.
    > The superstar threatens you that he will leave the show.
    - Health Report
    Check which of your superstars/divas are currently injured, fatigue level,
    injury frequency, injury name, injury severity and length of recovery. If a
    superstar has been injured before, an entry in its Injury History will be
    filled up along with the time it was injured and when it ended. Injured
    superstars can still be assigned to matches, but you'll risk your superstar
    from having worst injuries, sidelining them for a couple of months.
    - Current Champions
    View the current champions of your show. If you trade your champion to a rival
    GM, the title will be vacated and you can assign another superstar to be
    champion. You can only assign superstars who doesn't have a title yet. If you
    want a superstar to hold two titles, you have to assign it to a title match
    against the champion in your match card.
    - Rivalries
    See superstars/divas involved in rivalries, storyline used, rivalry length and
    fan reactions. You can also end rivalries here.
    - Propose Trade
    Propose a trade with a rival GM. You have up to 3 slots to trade at a single
    time. For some reason, rival GMs only accept the trade if you're trading your
    superstar who has a higher popularity than the superstar you want from the
    other show or if you offer more superstars.
    - Free Agency
    See which superstars and divas can be assigned to the shows. Expired contracts
    of each superstar from the brands can be hired again as long as you pay the
    required cash to hire them. This option is not selectable if there are no
    superstars to hire.
    - Storyline Writers
    Purchase your rivalries here. You can see the description of each storyline,
    star rating and the number of superstars/divas that will be involved. You have
    to purchase the storyline from the writer before you can use them. When you buy
    a storyline, all other storylines from the same writer are bought as well. The
    first 3 writers are already available for use.
    David Fifield (costs: $10,000)
            Jealous Friend          : 1 star
            Stalker                 : 3 stars
            Ungrateful Rookie       : 2 stars
    Wesley Bunn (costs: $20,000)
            Rookie Partners         : 1 star
            Legend Killer           : 5 stars
            Outnumbered             : 3 stars
    Jaime Jensen (costs: $110,000)
            Faction                 : 4 stars
            Patriotism              : 4 stars
            Patriotism Tag Team     : 4 stars
    Tracy Williams (costs: $120,000)
            Kidnapping              : 4 stars
            Returning Legend        : 5 stars
            Battle of the Titans    : 4 stars
    Kristina Kirk (costs: $80,000)
            David vs. Goliath       : 4 stars
            Cheating Girlfriend     : 5 stars
            Freak Show              : 1 star
    William Schmitt (costs: $30,000)
            Betrayal                : 1 star
            No Respect              : 2 stars
            Winning a Diva's Heart  : 3 stars
    Steve Dauterman (costs: $50,000)
            Humiliation             : 1 star
            Loser Leaves the Brand  : 5 stars
            Trashed Locker Room     : 1 star
    Jessica Peters (costs: $70,000)
            Greatest of All Time    : 5 stars
            Injury Revenge          : 3 stars
            Cruiserweights Collide  : 2 stars
    Jon Rowe (costs: $40,000)
            Against All Odds        : 3 stars
            Student Turns on Teacher: 3 stars
            GM Kiss Up              : 2 stars
    Bert Farache (costs: $90,000)
            Diva Faction            : 3 stars
            Classy vs. Trashy       : 3 stars
            Diva Jealousy           : 3 stars
    David Daniels (costs: $100,000)
            Divas Team Up           : 2 stars
            Number One Contender    : 4 stars
            Hungry Challenger       : 4 stars
    Mitchell Cameron (costs: $60,000)
            Undisputed Champion     : 5 stars
            Wealthy vs. Poor        : 1 star
            Team Canada             : 3 stars
    - Edit Available Roster
    Toggle whether superstars/divas are available for hire. Created superstars and
    legends (once you purchased them) are seen here. Toggle their status to ON so
    that they'll appear at the Free Agency area. Created superstars' popularity
    starts at 20.
    - Reports [REP]
    Accessed by selecting the laptop.
    - WWE.com
    Check the highlights from the last PPV, if there is a new champion, fan change
    updates, show ratings for the week etc. You can read each article by pressing
    the X button.
    - Fan Support
    See the graph of fan support from each brand. Fan support changes every Monday
    of the week and it depends on how each brand fared well. An increase in fan
    support means that your show did well on that week and you beat your rival GMs.
    The minimum fan support increase or decrease is 10,000 viewers.
    - JBL's Reports
    See a list of how PPVs went and some other things.
    - Financials
    See the list of things you have spent, revenues earned etc.
    - Power 25
    See the superstar rankings from superstars and divas of all brands.
    - Progress Support
    This is where you check your progress for the GM of the Year award. By
    achieving the GM of the Year award, you unlock the alternate attire for Vince
    - WWE Shop
    Access the WWE shop to purchase extra content for the game. See the WWE Shop
    section for the list of unlockables.
    - Options
    Toggle superstar injuries, superstar morale, set the difficulty etc. If you
    select Re-run under Play Options, your match card from last week will be
    carried over to the next week.
    - Save
    Save your game to the memory stick.
    - Mail Folder [MAI]
    Accessed by selecting the cellphone.
    This is where you received mails from different kinds of people. You get mails
            > you proposed a trade with a rival GM.
            > your superstar is unhappy or wants a title shot.
            > a superstar sustains injuries or recovers.
            > the chairman, Vince McMahon e-mails you.
            > your brand's color commentator (Jim Ross for RAW, JBL for SmackDown!
            and Tazz for ECW) e-mails you on tips.
    Don't delete tips. These are helpful when you're losing fan support.
    - Schedules [SCH]
    Accessed by selecting the calendar.
    This is where you will setup your weekly shows. Along with that, you can see
    your show's previous ratings in your past shows. You can also view the show
    rating of your rival GM's as long as there is a match setup for that week.
    On days before your show starts, you can do a number of activities:
    > Training Exercises - improve a superstar's attributes. There are 3
    activities: morning, afternoon and evening. You can start each training or
    simulate them. Changes in attributes here will only be applied to GM Mode.
    > Skill Improvement - improve your mic skills, promos and interviews etc.
    > Events & Activities - anything not covered above. You can increase your
    superstar's popularity, earn cash, remove superstar's fatigue etc.
    Each week, you set up your match card that you will put up to compete with
    other brands. At the end of your show, you get to see individual match ratings
    as well as the show's rating for the week.
    In order to win the GM of the Year Award, you have to push its progress to 100%
    before the END OF THE YEAR (on WrestleMania 23). To do that, there will be a
    list of things that you need to accomplish. Refer to pmattingly's 24/7 GM Mode
    FAQ on GameFAQs for the list of those challenges along with the percent that
    you get for completing it:
    | SOURCE: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/938802/51163 |
    You can also find more info, how to setup your matches weekly, how to win show
    ratings weekly and many more on his FAQ.
    F. Tournament Modes [TOU]
    This is another feature added by THQ for this game. The Tournament mode is
    accessible under Game Modes then Tournament Modes. Make up tournaments for
    non-title matches, championships or simply for fun.
    > King of the Ring - select a superstar and go defeat other superstars to
    become the "King of the Ring". Matches here are all Single matches (Normal
    Match). This doesn't feature a championship tournament. It's just a normal
    non-title singles tournament.
    > Beat the Clock Sprint - this is similar to King of the Ring except that you
    have to beat your opponents to a quicker and faster time. This feature has a
    time limit and you can set which championship is up for grabs.
    > Quick Play Tournament - automatically sets a tournament. Here, matches are
    preset. However, you can change the match types at will. But you cannot change
    your wrestler here. You can also change your opponents.
    > Create Tournament - this is where you can set your own tournament. You have
    free control of what you want to put on your tournament. You can hold a
    tournament for championships, the tournament type (King of the Ring, SmackDown
    vs Raw, Road to WrestleMania, Money in the Bank and Custom Tournament), number
    of participants (4, 6, 8, 12, 16, being 8 as the default) and Iron Man Mode.
    > Load Tournament - load a previously saved tournament. It can be a King of the
    Ring, Beat the Clock Sprint or your own Custom Tournament. There are 3 slots to
    choose from.
    G. Hall of Fame [HOF]
    This is where you will unlock arenas that are locked in the game. This is a
    collection of some greatest matches in WWE history that you can relive by
    playing the actual match with the superstar(s) involved.
    - Ranks [RNK]
    As you complete a certain number of challenges, your rank will change. Here is
    a list of the required challenges to complete along with the name.
    | Jobber         | 0 challenges           |
    | Curtain Jerker | 1 challenges           |
    | Rising Star    | 3 challenges           |
    | Midcarder      | 5 challenges           |
    | Main Eventer   | 6 challenges           |
    | Veteran        | 7 challenges           |
    | Hall of Famer  | 8 challenges           |
    - Unlockable Arenas [ARE]
    This is where you unlock additional arenas for use in Exhibition and GM Mode.
    Complete a certain number of challenges in Hall of Fame mode and they will be
    unlocked immediately.
    | No Way Out arena             | 5 challenges           |
    | Vengeance arena              | 6 challenges           |
    | ECW One Night Stand arena    | 7 challenges           |
    | December to Dismember arena  | 8 challenges           |
    | New Year's Revolution arena  | 9 challenges           |
    | SummerSlam arena             | 10 challenges          |
    | WrestleMania 23 arena        | 12 challenges          |
    - Hall of Fame challenges [CHL]
    Challenges can be done in any order. The Hall of Fame mode is accessible under
    Game Modes then Hall of Fame.
    - January 22, 1995 [CHL-1]
    > Arena: Royal Rumble
    > Date: January 22, 1995
    > Goal: Using any superstar in Exhibition: 30-Man Royal Rumble mode, arrive 1st
    in the ring and then win on Legend Difficulty.
    > Introduction: In 1995, Shawn Michaels made sports entertainment history by
    entering the Royal Rumble match as the 1st participant, and outlasting 29 other
    Superstars to stand victorious in the end. The Showstopper was the first
    first Superstar to ever achieve this feat, and in doing so, gave a new
    definition to the term intestinal fortitude. Now its your turn to follow his
    Strategy: I suggest using any Super Heavyweight superstar to ease out this
    challenge. After picking that Super Heavyweight Superstar, select all the Light
    Heavyweight superstars from the Royal Rumble superstar selection screen. Pick
    Rey Mysterio, as he is the only Cruiserweight superstar in the game. After all
    Light Heavyweight Superstars are all selected, go with the Heavyweights.
    In the match, try to let other superstars beat each other up before eliminating
    them. Outlasting 29 other superstars is hard so stay in the corner as much as
    possible so you could take a break. Eliminate the last superstar to win.
    - March 31, 1996 [CHL-2]
    > Arena: WrestleMania
    > Date: March 31, 1996
    > Goal: Using Shawn Michaels in Direct Challenge Mode, defeat Bret Hart in a
    One on One 30-Minute Iron Man Match on Legend Difficulty.
    > Introduction: In WrestleMania XII, The Heartbreak Kid and The Excellence of
    Execution delivered what would come to be known as the greatest WrestleMania
    match in history. Test your Endurance and recreate this legendary battle by
    fighting your way through to the very end.
    Strategy: For me, this is the first challenge I took. This is simple. The Match
    Rules that you set in the Options Menu will affect this challenge so I suggest
    you use weapons. I usually forgot to set the DQ off so I have to fight Bret
    Hart without the use of weapons. The strategy here is to punch him when Bret
    Hart is about to grapple you. Make good use of Shawn Michaels' speed, as he's
    one of the fastest wrestlers in the game.
    - March 23, 1997 [CHL-3]
    > Arena: WrestleMania
    > Date: March 23, 1997
    > Goal: Using Bret Hart in Direct Challenge Mode, defeat Stone Cold in a
    Submission match on Legend Difficulty.
    > Introduction: At WrestleMania 13, Bret Hitman Hart and Stone Cold Steve
    Austin squared off in a brutal submission match that helped user in the
    Attitude era of World Wrestling Entertainment. Experience this confrontation
    again as somebody is going to tap... will it be you?
    Strategy: This one is also easy because Bret Hart is a Submission superstar so
    you can't get off the ring just like there in SvR 2007. Stone Cold won't be a
    nuisance superstar so try your best to beat him. Use diving moves as much as
    possible. Target his legs so that he could easily tap out to your Sharpshooter.
    - April 13, 1997 [CHL-4]
    > Arena: ECW
    > Date: April 13, 1997
    > Goal: Using any Superstar, defeat Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and Sandman in ECW
    Extreme Rules match of Fatal 4-Way at ECW arena on Legend Difficulty.
    > Introduction: On April 13, 1997, ECW kicked the door open and burst onto the
    national wrestling scene by putting on their 1st PPV event. Now it's time for
    you to step into the ring with three ECW Originals and enter the House Of
    Strategy: This is maybe a bit hard because all of the superstars that you will
    be facing are all Hardcore experts! Pick out any superstar that has high
    overall like John Cena (has the highest overall in the game). I picked Edge
    here and put the title on the line because he is a hardcore expert too. Use
    Edge's Hardcore Resurrection to heal part of your limbs whenever necessary.
    - June 28, 1998 [CHL-5]
    > Arena: Vengeance
    > Date: June 28, 1998
    > Goal: Using Undertaker in Direct Challenge Mode, defeat Mick Foley in a Hell
    in a Cell match on Legend Difficulty.
    > Introduction: There is no introduction needed for one of the most famous
    matches in WWE History. Dare to climb into the sadistic Hell in a Cell
    structure and experience this legendary bout for yourself, but be forewarned...
    you may not walk out the same man.
    Strategy: At the start of the match, get out quickly of the ring. Push the door
    so that you will be outside the cell. Quickly go up and wait for Mick Foley to
    go up also. When you're both there, quickly put him down the cell by doing any
    slam or some lift up attacks on the middle of the cell. There are two of them
    so after the first cell is done, you should arrive at the ring because you fell
    down. Now you can do your Rampage and do it to Mick Foley. The Rampage lets you
    endure the attacks without falling to the ground. Use it when you get the
    chance and win.
    - August 28, 2000 [CHL-6]
    > Arena: SummerSlam
    > Date: August 28, 2000
    > Goal: Using any two Superstars, defeat The Hardys in a Two on Two TLC Match
    in SummerSlam on Legend Difficulty.
    > Introduction: Matt & Jeff Hardy made a name for themselves by constantly
    putting their bodies on the line, paving the way for a new daredevil style of
    in-ring performance. Do you have what it takes to go up against Team Extreme in
    one of their trademark TLC matches?
    Strategy: I don't have a good strategy here. Pick on Matt Hardy because his
    overall is lower than his brother Jeff. Basically, diving moves works better on
    Jeff as well but be forewarned, he will counter almost every diving move you
    make. Use weapons at your advantage to deal massive damage to the brothers.
    - March 26, 2001 [CHL-7]
    > Arena: None
    > Date: March 26, 2001
    > Goal: Play in GM of WWE 24/7 Mode and obtain GM of the Year award.
    > Introduction: On March 26, 2001, Vincent Kennedy McMahon shocked the sports
    entertainment world by purchasing World Championship Wrestling and ending the
    Monday Night Wars. Make Mr. McMahon proud by demonstrating once again that he
    who laughs last, truly laughs best.
    Strategy: Achievable in GM Mode. You can put your second player controller to
    either RAW or SmackDown!. The first controller should choose either the three
    brands before the second controller does or Vice-versa. The Match Card will
    only be filled with 5 slots this time unlike there in SvR 2007, which has a
    total of 6 slots. Now just go up until you reach WrestleMania and get that
    championship belt or defend it to that same brand Superstar to complete this
    - April 1, 2001 [CHL-8]
    > Arena: WrestleMania
    > Date: April 1, 2001
    > Goal: Using Stone Cold in Direct Challenge Mode, defeat The Rock on Legend
    > Introduction: The Texas Rattlesnake and The Great One added another chapter
    to their long running feud, this time in front of 67,925 fans. Relive this epic
    encounter from WrestleMania 17.
    Strategy: This is a bit of a challenge. The Rock will always counter the
    attacks your attacking him with. Stone Cold has a lesser Overall than The Rock
    so just pick him up with submissions or weapons. It doesn't matter. The Rock
    will always do his The People's Elbow when your down.
    - April 3, 2005 [CHL-9]
    > Arena: WrestleMania
    > Date: April 3, 2005
    > Goal: On Legend Difficulty, create a Money in the Bank match with Mr.
    Kennedy, Edge, Matt Hardy, Finlay, Jeff Hardy and defeat them with any
    remaining Superstar.
    > Introduction: WrestleMania 21 showcased the first ever Money in the Bank
    Ladder Match, that quickly became a staple at the The Granddaddy of Them All.
    Now, battle it out with all three past winners and grab that briefcase!
    Strategy: It's a tough battle so I suggest leaving this for awhile. Pick out
    any superstar who has an excellent Overall and use him to brawl one superstar
    at a time. I picked Undertaker and tried to pick Jeff Hardy out. He is easy to
    defeat. So I picked Finlay as second, then Matt Hardy, Edge and Mr. Kennedy as
    the last. Usually, it doesn't have to be in this order though. When in doubt,
    take a rest outside the ring and let the opponents brawl each other. It took me
    only 20 minutes to finish up this hard challenge.
    - April 3, 2005 [CHL-10]
    > Arena: None
    > Date: April 3, 2005
    > Goal: Create a WWE Championship title and raise its prestige to the highest
    possible value.
    > Introduction: When John Cena won the WWE Championship title at WrestleMania
    21, he wasted no time putting his own spin on sports entertainment's richest
    prize by creating his very own custom Championship title. Now its up to you to
    do the same.
    Strategy: This challenge is pretty simple. Earn at least $50,000 cash or more
    then go to Create a WWE Championship belt under Create Mode. Just purchase the
    most expensive items you can afford on. Then go back to Hall of Fame to get a
    message "April 3, 2005 was cleared".
    - May 25, 2006 [CHL-11]
    > Arena: None
    > Date: May 25, 2006
    > Goal: Using any Superstar, win the King of the Ring Tournament of Tournament
    Mode on Legend Difficulty.
    > Introduction: The King of the Ring Tournament has launched the careers of WWE
    greats Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Triple H and Edge. The contest returned in 2006
    where Booker T was victorious. Can you become The King of the World?
    Strategy: Any Superstar will do here. Just win the match. I used King Booker.
    Pick out Light Heavyweights first so that when you face them, you can just win
    the match quickly.
    - June 12, 2006 [CHL-12]
    > Arena: RAW
    > Date: June 12, 2006
    > Goal: Create a Stable and max-out its Teamwork Attributes. Then use this
    Stable to defeat D-Generation X in a Two on Two Tag Team Match on Legend
    > Introduction: The June 12, 2006 edition of Monday Night RAW featured the
    return of arguably the most popular stable of all-time, D-Generation X. Now,
    build up a Tag Team Stable of your own and show Triple H and Shawn Michaels
    that D-Generation X is a thing of the past.
    Strategy: You can just spam them both with some weapons and put one of them in
    the announcers table to damage all of the limbs. Toe Kick usually works here
    because it damages all of the enemy's limbs. Pick weapons and bash them with
    it. Win the match by pinfall or submission.
    H. WWE Shop [SHO]
    Here is where you can use your WWE cash obtained in WWE 24/7 Mode to purchase
    unlocked items like superstars, costumes, championships, move-sets and kits for
    CAWs. The WWE Shop is accessible under Game Modes then WWE Shop.
    - Legend Superstars [LEG]
    > The Rock - In Hall of Fame mode, defeat him as Stone Cold on Legend
    difficulty. Then purchase for $210,000.
    > "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - In Hall of Fame mode, defeat him as Bret Hart on
    Legend difficulty. Then purchase for $210,000.
    > Mick Foley - In Hall of Fame mode, defeat him as Undertaker on Legend
    difficulty. Then purchase for $210,000.
    > "Ravishing" Rick Rude - Purchase him in WWE Shop for $210,000.
    > "Rowdy" Roddy Piper - Purchase him in WWE Shop for $210,000.
    > Terry Funk - Using any superstar, defeat Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and Sandman in
    an ECW Extreme Rules Fatal-4-Way match on Legend difficulty. Then purchase for
    > Sabu - Purchase him in WWE Shop for $210,000.
    > Bret "Hitman" Hart - In Hall of Fame mode, defeat him as Shawn Michaels on
    Legend difficulty. Then purchase for $210,000.
    - PSP-exclusive superstars [PSP]
    If you have the PSP version of the game, you get these unlockables exclusive
    for the PSP only.
    > Sgt. Slaughter - Purchase for $160,000.
    > Eddie Guerrero - Purchase for $160,000.
    > "The Anvil" Jim Neidhart - Purchase for $160,000.
    | SOURCE: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/code/938804.html |
    - Another Superstar [SUP]
    > JBL - Purchase for $110,000.
    > Shane McMahon - Purchase for $110,000.
    > Vince McMahon - Defend or win a championship in 24/7 GM Mode. Then purchase
    for $110,000.
    - Another Costume [COS]
    > Triple H (D-X) - In Hall of Fame mode, defeat Triple H and Shawn Michaels on
    Legend Difficulty. Then purchase for $60,000.
    > Shawn Michaels (D-X) - In Hall of Fame mode, defeat Triple H and Shawn
    Michaels on Legend Difficulty. Then purchase for $60,000.
    > Vince McMahon (Bald) - Obtain the GM of the Year award in 24/7 GM Mode. Then
    purchase for $60,000.
    - Legend Championships [CHA]
    To purchase each of the legend championships, obtain the rank "Hall of Famer"
    in Hall of Fame Mode then purchase for $20,000.
    > The Million Dollar Championship
    > Hardcore Championship
    DEFAULT CHAMPION: Tommy Dreamer
    > WWE Attitude Heavyweight Championship
    DEFAULT CHAMPION: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    > WCW Classic World Championship
    - Miscellaneous [MSC]
    Items that doesn't fit anywhere else.
    > Moves set 1 - Purchase for $15,000.
    > Moves set 2 - Purchase for $15,000.
    > Moves set 3 - Purchase for $15,000.
    > Preset move-sets - Purchase for $15,000.
    > Triple H's D-X entrance animation - Purchase for $15,000.
    > Shawn Michael's D-X entrance animation - Purchase for $15,000.
    - Starter / Premium Kits [KIT]
    These items in the WWE Shop are the only items that can be bought multiple
    times not unlike other items which are buyable one-time only. All the items'
    "Increase a created Superstar's attributes."
    - Starter Kits [STK]
            STR:     65
            SUB:     50
            DUR:     60
            TEC:     50
            SPD:     50
            CHA:     50
            HRD:     60
            STA:     50
            OVERALL: 59
            STR:     60
            SUB:     50
            DUR:     60
            TEC:     50
            SPD:     50
            CHA:     50
            HRD:     60
            STA:     60
            OVERALL: 60
            STR:     60
            SUB:     40
            DUR:     60
            TEC:     50
            SPD:     50
            CHA:     50
            HRD:     70
            STA:     60
            OVERALL: 60
            STR:     50
            SUB:     50
            DUR:     50
            TEC:     50
            SPD:     70
            CHA:     50
            HRD:     50
            STA:     70
            OVERALL: 60
            STR:     75
            SUB:     40
            DUR:     75
            TEC:     40
            SPD:     50
            CHA:     50
            HRD:     60
            STA:     50
            OVERALL: 60
            STR:     60
            SUB:     50
            DUR:     60
            TEC:     50
            SPD:     60
            CHA:     50
            HRD:     50
            STA:     60
            OVERALL: 60
            STR:     50
            SUB:     70
            DUR:     50
            TEC:     60
            SPD:     50
            CHA:     50
            HRD:     50
            STA:     60
            OVERALL: 60
            STR:     50
            SUB:     50
            DUR:     50
            TEC:     70
            SPD:     60
            CHA:     50
            HRD:     50
            STA:     60
            OVERALL: 60
    - Premium Kits [PMK]
            STR:     75
            SUB:     70
            DUR:     80
            TEC:     70
            SPD:     70
            CHA:     60
            HRD:     80
            STA:     70
            OVERALL: 78
            STR:     75
            SUB:     70
            DUR:     75
            TEC:     70
            SPD:     70
            CHA:     60
            HRD:     80
            STA:     80
            OVERALL: 79
            STR:     75
            SUB:     60
            DUR:     80
            TEC:     65
            SPD:     70
            CHA:     60
            HRD:     90
            STA:     80
            OVERALL: 80
            STR:     70
            SUB:     70
            DUR:     70
            TEC:     70
            SPD:     90
            CHA:     60
            HRD:     65
            STA:     90
            OVERALL: 80
            STR:     90
            SUB:     60
            DUR:     95
            TEC:     60
            SPD:     70
            CHA:     60
            HRD:     80
            STA:     70
            OVERALL: 80
            STR:     75
            SUB:     70
            DUR:     80
            TEC:     70
            SPD:     80
            CHA:     60
            HRD:     70
            STA:     80
            OVERALL: 80
            STR:     70
            SUB:     90
            DUR:     70
            TEC:     80
            SPD:     70
            CHA:     60
            HRD:     65
            STA:     80
            OVERALL: 80
            STR:     70
            SUB:     70
            DUR:     70
            TEC:     90
            SPD:     80
            CHA:     60
            HRD:     65
            STA:     80
            OVERALL: 80
    I. Create Modes [CRT]
    Customize your WWE experience in this mode.
    - Create A Move-set [CRT-1]
    Modify a superstar's movesets. This ranges from strike attacks, grapples,
    ultimate control grapples, corner moves, diving attacks, signature moves,
    finishers etc.
    - Create A Stable [CRT-2]
    View your teams here. Teams formed here can interfere in Single matches. You
    must turn the Interference to ON in the Options menu for this to work.
    - Create A WWE Superstar [CRT-3]
    Manage your created superstars here. You can create a new superstar or diva
    from scratch or you can use a template as well. Modify a created superstar
    using the Edit option. Replicate the same created superstar using the Copy
    option. Remove a created superstar using the Delete option.
    - Create An Entrance [CRT-4]
    Modify a superstar's entrance. Fireworks, lightning 
    - Create A WWE Championship [CRT-5]
    Make your own WWE title in this mode. You can create a single title or a tag
    team title. You can also view the list of championships you've created.
    When creating a title, you'll have to name your championship first. Next,
    you'll create the look of your title. From the center plate, to the side plate,
    to the name plate. Different designs and patterns can be used here. You'll be
    using your WWE cash for the creation of your belt (which is gained from 24/7
    Mode, played as a superstar).
    5. Contact Information [Contact]
    If you have any questions, suggestions or some corrections, feel free to e-mail
    me. My e-mail is
    Replace "[at]" with "@" and "[dot]" with "." (remove quotation marks). Please
    put the subject as "WWE SVR 2008: General Walkthrough FAQ" to remind me that
    you are not spam. If not, the subject should be at least close to the previous
    one and I will try to answer you back.
    6. Permitted Sites [Sites]
    If you posted this on your website without my supervision, it is a violation of
    the copyright. The following sites have MY PERMISSION to post this FAQ to their
    If your site isn't listed above, email me first. Never and never post this FAQ
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    7. Credits [Cred]
    I would like to thank the following:
    To GameFAQs, SuperCheats and Neoseeker for hosting the FAQ.
    To THQ for making the game.
    To you, as the reader.
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