Additional ArtistKeith Erickson
Additional ArtistGary Johnson
Additional ArtistDrew Scanlon
Additional EngineerAlbert Yale
Additional ProductionMichael J. Boccieri
Additional ProductionEric Eberhardt
Additional ProductionMorakoth Tang
Additional UI ArtistSeth Forester
ArtistGerald Broas
ArtistConrad Seto
ArtistRyan Shevlin
DesignerDavid Sirlin
Director of DesignKraig Kujawa
EngineerEric Foley
Lead EngineerDan Halpern
ProducerArdry Engleheart
Sound DesignerRobert Baffy
Sound DesignerRobert Thomure
UI ArtistWill Guy
UI ScriptingChristopher Joon Miller
Voice TalentRonnie Fike


Data and credits for this game contributed by _Genesis, LordAndrew, Guard Master, Blk_Mage_Ctype, discoinferno84, and Bass_X0.

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