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"Most frustrating racing game I've played!"

I've raced go-carts when I was younger and cars in real life and won championships in my class at SCCA events a few years back. I've also played racing games since Enduro(?) on the Atari 2600. I guess that hints to my age. ;)

I know this game isn't as realistic as GT and the racing is arcade-ish but fairly fun. There is no(or I haven't looked hard enough) sensitivity adjustments, and the cars steering is very sensitive. Which is good and bad. In the turns it help with drifting and in the straights it help with losing control.

The things I liked about the game are going flat out and hitting the apex and/or taping the brakes and drifting around corners. I actually did fairly well in the drifting events, which I've sucked at in other games. That might also have to do with the arcade style and driving assists. The graphics are pretty good, I liked the night driving and the glow from the headlights on reflective surfaces. There seem to be a lot of cars to choose from. But, as far as I know the only options are colors and graphics. No modifying cars, which can be a good thing. And the endurance races are not hours long like they are in GT. The damage of the cars was pretty good, but the only game I can compare it to(that I've played) was on the PC and it just sort of wrinkled the car a little bit. I did enjoy the playback of my 100MPH head on collision in the F1 car! 105G impact!

But the thing which makes this game so un-fun for 'me' is the AI. I can smoke the competition in the turns, have them off the radar map, and what do you know? Here they come flying by me in the straights! I've even had a car the flipped and crashed catch up to me when I had a quick spin on one turn. Or I'll get out in front on the first lap and on the final lap, final turn there they are to hit my car and spin me out. I think I came in 1st only two times. It's hard enough to just finish a race(I guess that makes it somewhat realistic, but not fun).

For a racing game it's very frustrating, but if you like racing and smashing cars and tracks to pieces I guess this is your type of game. But for me that got old VERY quick.

Steve B

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/10/08

Game Release: GRID (US, 06/03/08)

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