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"Another addictive racer from Codemasters..."

Here's my 9/10 Race Driver: GRID review ...

When it comes to race games this is the key element. If it has poor gameplay then no matter how great everything else is, the game sucks. Thankfully, GRID has excellent gameplay!

You have 3 types or areas of racing; Europe, America and Japan. Europe mainly consists of Stock cars and open wheel racers. America has mainly muscle cars and some Demolition Derby races. Japan is pretty much all about drifting with the odd Pro Louge race here or there. As you progress through the game you earn licences, each licence in each area opens up a new set of races. In all there are 10 licences.

A great feature in GRID is the Flashback System. In each race you have a number of flashbacks you can use if you mess up or crash. It can come in extremely useful! The amount of flashbacks you have during a race depends on the difficulty you play on, the higher the difficulty the less flashbacks you have.

Upon entering new events you need to buy a new car specific to the race. One way of buying cars is using eBay motors which is a nice touch, especially if you use eBay like me (: You can also sell cars on eBay motors, it makes more money than just using the Sell option.

The driver AI in this game is pretty impressive. When a driver is leading the pack you can see them cautiously defending the lead where as drivers at the back of the pack will often spin out whilst trying to improve their position.

Learning Curve
The learning curve for me was about 10 - 15 minutes, it's pretty simple to get the hang of. The game is very arcadey so if you're used to sim racers then it might be a longer learning curve.

Well, when racing there isn't any music playing, but sometimes there is <_< I really don't know how it works because during some races you have music some you don't. Maybe that's just my copy... The cars sound great though, especially the muscle cars.

Final Verdict
I love this game, it's the best racing game I've ever played... so go buy it and enjoy it for yourself! If you can, download the free demo from the PlayStation Store and check it out first.

Have fun
~ flowaz

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/16/08

Game Release: Race Driver: GRID (EU, 05/30/08)

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