Review by Warhawk

Reviewed: 11/22/10

A near perfect racing game

I’ve been a fan of racing as well as racing games since August 1999, and there’s been racing games that I’ve played over the years that I’ve liked even ones that I’ve disliked as well. GRID by Codemasters is one of those racing games that I like, and I don’t mean just like, I mean that I really like, almost like it’s one of those addicting games. If you aren’t real into racing games by any means I suggest that you should give this game a try and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in any means necessary. While I could go on and on about in the introduction how this game is like so addicting to some extent, I think it’s better I go about talking more serious tone about the game itself.

First off, the presentation of the game I’d say is right on the market for a game that’s made by a company that some people never tried their racing franchises, such as TOCA Race Driver. Each of the tracks featured in the game are nicely detailed, along with the cars that are licensed in the game. While this may be the first racing game that I know of in the next generation for Codemasters, but knowing how they done with previous games I never would’ve thought this game would look so nice. There are tracks in the game that I think are nicely modeled and maybe look better though this game than maybe Gran Turismo, but some would think I’m being biased. Maybe, I am but that’s how I feel about that, although many believe that there’s no racing game that compares to the looks of the Gran Turismo series. Each car though I have to state are nicely detailed and modeled very well, just like the real thing.

While I may not have played many of the other racing games done by Codemasters, so I don’t know how the difficulty of them can be throughout playing them. This game I noticed that for each race you get to choose what kind of difficulty for the race that you’ll going to be doing from Easy to Extreme. While you get to choose what kind of difficulty you want for each race depending on how well you think you’re adapted to this game at any point of the game, but when completing the game you’ll get the highest difficulty of ‘Ninja’. While I have a good feeling that difficulty puts you to the test, though Extreme don’t seem to be much of a sweat with the last race you do is on that difficulty. Though I’m saying that this game isn’t easy nor hard, it’s rather balanced out throughout the GRID world. I’m not going to say that the difficulty makes this game a challenge it’s more of the cars and how you can go about getting them around the courses throughout the game that makes this game the most challenging, like most racing games. Though in the Career (or GRID World), you have to be careful if you have a teammate that you and him can finish high enough to take the event standings for the team championship.

Now the gameplay of GRID, is the part I like the most of this game and I don’t think any game out there that can touch this game in terms of gameplay. Codemasters have perfectly blended simulation racing along with arcade racing and blended the two types perfectly for this game. I think that this is one reason that I like this game over most racing games these days cause I wonder if they can be able to put together such a nice blend of both words into one game. When I say the perfect blend of simulation and arcade, think of Gran Turismo being mixed in like that of Need for Speed and this game is like the end result of that kind of mix. While this game allows you to change the controls to make the game to feel better to your liking so that you can enjoy the great gameplay that goes with it.

Overall I feel that GRID by Codemasters, has to be one of the finest racing games that I got a chance to play over the years. While there are many things that you can do throughout the game like buying/selling cars, hiring/firing teammates, and let alone being able to be the top driver in terms of earnings and reputation. There aren’t many racing games that allow you to see how you stack up against some of the other drivers in the game. There are many things I can go about talking about with this game that makes this game that should’ve been in contention for Best Racing Game for 2008 and might’ve won it if it was. I give GRID an almost near perfect score of 9.5 out of 10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: GRID (US, 06/03/08)

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